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Best Vacuums for the Elderly


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Vacuuming can be quite a chore for the elderly – especially if arthritis or another medical condition is in the picture. Whether you are searching for a vacuum for yourself, or for a loved senior citizen, it’s important to keep a lot of things in mind.

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Best Vacuums for the Elderly

  1. 1. vacuum re vie ws.sit e m m/best-vacuums-fo r-the-elderlyBest Vacuums for the ElderlyVacuuming can be quite a chore f or the elderly – especially ifarthritis or another medical condition is in the picture.Whether you are searching f or a vacuum f or yourself , or f ora loved senior citizen, it’s important to keep a lot of things inmind.Let’s f ace it, when you’re getting up there in years, you don’twant to lug around a heavy vacuum all over your home – andit’s quite possible that you CAN’T do that either.Let’s talk about vacuum options f or those with limitationsand/or in their Golden Years.Table of Contents – Info Found On T his Page Lightweight Vacuums Stick Vacuums – Best f or the Senior Citizens Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner f or the Elderly What Type of Flooring? Best Stick to Handheld Vacuums Consider Cost Vacuum Reviews Resources: Top 3 Best Rated Vacuums f or SeniorsLightweight VacuumsT he weight of the vacuum needs to be top-priority when researching. T here are many lightweight vacuumoptions f or you to consider as you f igure everything else out. Some of them weigh as little as 4 pounds f or af ull-sized stick vacuum and are rated very well. T his popular lightweight stick vacuum has over 590 reviews andis loved f or it’s ease of use.T he stick vacuum is probably going to be your best option, but this doesn’t narrow down your list all the wayjust yet. In f act, the next thing you need to think about is what type of f looring you have. If you have tons ofcarpet, you might just want to reconsider that stick vacuum. However, you would want to look f or a lightweightf ull model vacuum.Stick Vacuums – Best f or the Senior CitizensIf you do get a stick vacuum because it can handle your f loors, then you need to think about what all it comeswith. T his cordless lightweight stick vacuum also changes into an easy-to-use handheld “dust bust” typevacuum which makes it not only easy to use, but very convenient. Some of them also come with swivel heads,
  2. 2. so that while the vacuum is still in stick f orm, you can maneuver in tight corners and small spaces.Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner f or the ElderlyT his upright vacuum is very lightweight – weighs only about 4 pounds – and works great. It’s a f avoriteamong seniors and those with restrictions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel. It also changes into a dust bustertype hand held vacuum making it very versatile and great f or those with vacuuming restrictions. If you’rewondering what kind of vacuum to get your grandmother, this is probably your best bet.See the pictures of it below and you’ll see how simple it is to use and it’s small (click any picture to see upclose or read reviews).What Type of Flooring?Is the vacuum gentle enough to where you can move it across hardwood f looring?T his can help simplif y cleaning and make it to where you get more out of yourmachine as well. T he best vacuums f or the elderly allow people to get the mostamount of vacuuming done with less ef f ort. Make sure you pay attention to otherf eatures that can help make this happen as well.Not everyone can pay f or a house cleaning person to come by and do everything f orthem. T hat is why it’s essential that you think about what type of vacuum you needto get the job done. You also have to think about other things that are in yourhousehold and what changes might occur. For instance, if you’re used to using ahose attachment f or your drapes, but your new vacuum doesn’t have a hoseattachment, what are you going to do?Best Stick to Handheld VacuumsWell, f irst of all, that problem can be solved by getting a stick vacuum that turns intoa dust buster like the one mentioned bef ore. Each issue that you notice around yourhouse should be addressed bef ore you make a decision. You have to make sure you don’t put yourself in abind trying to get things done.Consider CostOf course you’re going to have to consider cost. T he great thing about this is many of the top-notch vacuumscome with a payment plan. T his also has much to do with where you shop f rom. Of course, the model youselect might not be available f rom the store or online store that is most convenient f or you to do yourshopping based on price and payments. T his is why you need to keep track of your research ef f orts as youlook into this. You’re going to have to combine your notes on each point to make sure you get the rightvacuum.T he best vacuums f or the elderly are def initely out there, and you just have to f ind one that is right f or you.Another thing is ideally you want to try out the vacuum in person. T his doesn’t mean you use it in person, but itwould help to be able to grab the vacuum and see how it f eels. Also, this gives you a chance to f ully look itover.Vacuum ReviewsAnother thing you should do is to make sure you check reviews f rom other elderly people who have used
  3. 3. certain vacuums.If you notice a consistent response about certain vacuum models, whether good or bad, then you can prettymuch expect the same experience. You’re not going to want to buy a vacuum that isn’t doing the job f or others.It won’t change its mind f or you!Some other things to consider when checking out the best vacuums f or the elderly are cord length, bagless orcanister, and f iltration and handling allergens. As you look f urther at the models available, you’ll start to noticeperks f or certain models that you didn’t even think about at f irst.You are going to have your own thoughts about everything as well as you f ind out more. You might realize thatbagless is an option you haven’t considered in the past but would like now. T his will open up your options moreto newer and more lightweight vacuums.See what your f amily and f riends have to say when checking reviews. You can trust their advice. Maybe yourolder f riends have already made the vacuum switch and can give you some solid advice. Either way, the moreyou look into it, the better of f you’re going to be. Remember the ideas presented here that you’ve read.Resources:1. Best Canister Vacuum f or the Edlerly/Senior Citizens – this vacuum is less than $150 and weighs less than10 pounds. T he suction is great f or a small vacuum and it’s easy to maneuver.2. Best Lightweight Upright Vacuum f or the elderly – weighs 6 pounds and works great. Priced less than $30.3. Oreck Canister Vacuum Reviews – “purchased this as an easy to use model f or my elderly mother. Sheloved it. Light and easy to move.”4. Best cordless upright that changes into a handheld - Weighs right at 6 pounds, cordless, bagless, andchanges into a lightweight handheld “dust buster” vacuum unit.5. See All Top-Rated Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaners – Current list of the most highly rated and bestlightweight vacuums.Top 3 Best Rated Vacuums f or SeniorsIf you’re wondering which vacuum other grandmothers really want, these are the Top 3 Lightweight vacuumcleaners that seniors request most of ten. T he #1 best-rated is the cheapest (under $30) but the #3 ratedvacuum is also quite af f ordable (under $40). And while the #3 rated is still under $200, it has well over 1700reviews and close to a perf ect 5-star rating. All are f antastic vacuum choices f or the elderly and would beMUCH appreciated if given as a gif t. # 1 RatedDirt Devil All-in-One Stick Vacuum CleanerREAD REVIEWS
  4. 4. # 2 RatedHoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerREAD REVIEWS # 3 RatedEureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 96HREAD REVIEWSphoto by: david_shankboneRelat ed Post s Shark Pet Perf ect Vacuum – Is It Really *Perf ect*? Best Vacuums f or Dorm Rooms How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last? T he Answer Vacuum Cleaners – A Weird Obsession Hoover Max Extract Carpet Cleaners Best Vacuums f or Allergy Suf f erers Bissell ProHeat 2x Deep Cleaner Reviews