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Innovative business ideas 2013

Innovative business ideas 2013

  1. 1. Our project deals inbitartrate salts.We find an innovative idea,new, little exploited in thearea and we have easyaccess to raw materials.
  2. 2. iBabies is a business idea thought so work heartily.iBabies is a creche for children of 0 and 3 years old.The business idea doesn´t seem very innovative, butwe include services, for example:- Variety of languages.- Didactic dining hall.- Bus service.- Workingwith new technologies.- Respect to the environment.This services make the creche be diferent business.
  3. 3. The reason why we have chosen this idea (Biomass heaters)is because we have more information about it than aboutthe rest of them, since one of the enterprising persons in ourgroup, Silvia, has one of these heaters at home and canprovide us with information about suppliers, its working, aswell as its maintenance and quality.Besides, we have found this idea more interesting andeffective, as in the area where we live we can findconsumable material for the heaters, such as olive stones,almond shells, pellets, and sawdust.
  4. 4. In short, we consider it the most complete idea, the one that is going to putin play the most when it comes to doing the project and, even though it isnot a very innovative idea, we can use what we already know andinvestigate the way of discovering or improving new methods.Moreover, this is the most profitable system and the one that is beingcarried out the most, since firewood heaters, electric or gas heating involvea great expenditure and consumption in short periods of time, and they donot give the same calorific value, therefore we thought it would be a betteridea.In the same way, although we take into account that for many people itmeans a very high initial expense, our goal will be to make them see that inthe long term it will be worth getting this kind of heating in their homes.
  5. 5. From a t-shirt up to thousand posters, passing through the design ofyour website, our slogan "Imagine, we create it" gives us a dimensionof the breadth of business lines that we have.InnovationsIs an innovative idea thanks to the multiple lines of business that wehaveNeedsFocused on graphic design, our company relies not only in this area, wehave the most modern machinery in digital printing, we work in smalland large format, personalized gift, stationery, web design, lettering ofvehicles and interiors, silk screen printing...MarketDesigned to do advertising of small and medium companies, also wetreat with the needs that any citizen can haveInvestmentBetween 15.000 € and 30.000€ it depends on if we buynew machinery or is for renting.Source of informationKnown and Internet person
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