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Panamericana Newsletter Oct 08


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Published in: Education
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Panamericana Newsletter Oct 08

  1. 1. Volume 49, No. 3 October 2008 P ANA MERICANA FIRST YEAR STUDENTS ENJOY EXPERIENCE AT PAN AM By Kate moved back to Kingsville Nicaragua, Thailand, Peru Thompson, Senior in August and is living on and the United States, spe- A LOOK INSIDE For 17-year-old Meaghan campus. cifically cities in Texas such President’s Corner, 2 Pesqueira, coming to Presby- “I came back because I as Corpus Christi, Victoria, terian Pan American School didn’t like it there,” he said. McAllen and Houston. Scholarship Profile, 2 from the seventh largest city “I didn’t speak Spanish and Many attend to learn or Alum Spotlight, 3 in the country--San Antonio, my classes were difficult for improve their English, re- Alum Website, 3 has been nothing short of me. I felt out of place. At ceive an American diploma Student Spotlight, 4 different. PPAS, we are a family and I and/or attend a U.S. college. Honor Roll of Donors, 5 “I come from this big have friends here.” Recently more native Eng- city and now I am in the Rodrigo Palmas, 17-year- lish speakers are joining the Staff Spotlight, 6 middle of nowhere,” said old senior, said PPAS is PPAS family. Pesqueira, junior and first “I speak English and Board of Trustees year student, “But I like it.” Spanish, but it doesn’t hurt Pesqueira’s parents did not to come and improve my Dr. Eugene F. Tims, Chair want her to attend a public skills,” Palmas said. Mrs. Patricia Turner, Secretary school and wanted to pre- Pasqueira, Palmas, and Mr. Dennis Whitley, Treasurer pare her for her future. Ortiz agree that it was dif- Mr. Ruben Armendariz “It is hard to be away from ficult at first, but have come Mrs. Patricia Booth my family,” Pesqueira said. to enjoy their experience. Dr. Crayden Dennard “But I like how everyone is “At first it was hard mak- From Left, Meaghan Pesqueira, Mr. Mike Douglas treated equally and everyone Christian Ortiz and ing my bed every single day Mr. James Hanna is friends here. It was noth- Rodrigo Palmas but now I have to or else, I Ms. Edna Jackson ing like that at my other get my roommates and my- Mrs. Barbara Kiser different from his former school.” school in McAllen. He is self a low grade,” she said. Ms. Jean Poe PPAS’ student body is “But I really like it here— Rev. Frank Seaman a first year student and is small but has grown since originally from San Luis having a roommate, eating Ms. Lidia Serrata it first started in 1912. The here and being responsible Mr. Clifford H. Sherrod, Jr. Potosi, Mexico. His parents school receives an average decided to move back to for myself.” Dr. Janice K. Smith of 20-40 new students each Along with school, Mr. Stanley Cobbs San Luis Potosi but Palmas year, said Joe Garcia, Direc- wanted to stay in the U.S. so these students are involved Rev. John Ed Withers tor of Admissions. in athletics and plan to Pbto. Hazael Campuzano he transferred. “I like that it is a small “There are no clicks here, participate in clubs and Mr. Jorge Duran school. We are like a family,” organizations on campus. Mr. Louis Stripling everyone gets along with said Christian Ortiz, 15-year- every one,” Palmas said. “I am in cross country and old sophomore and first year “And I like living here with a dual credit student. I love student. to be busy,” Palmas said. Please Ortiz is from Kingsville all my friends.” Palmas is enrolled in Students at PPAS are Consider a and attended Memorial from different parts of American government and Contribution to Middle School but moved the world, but most from English 1301 at Coastal to Valle Hermosa, Mexico Mexico. The school also Bend College in Kingsville. PPAS when he was 13. His father Ortiz plays soccer and has students from South Desiree Gutierrez, Editor took a job there so Ortiz Korea, Taiwan, Costa Rica, hopes to be a part of an- lived there for two years. He India, Ethiopa, Guatemala, other state championship. 1
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S CORNER ~DR. JAMES MATTHEWS We take it for granted that when we hit a pothole or two in the last few “ Fo r n o o t h e r f o u n d a t i o n turn on the tap, water will be there. days. And if you own a house, you can anyone lay than that which We assume that when we flip a switch, no doubt have felt the pocket- is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” the lights will come on. Systems that book crunch caused by a leaky A few decades ago, our nation are absolutely necessary for mod- roof or worn out water heater. celebrated two hundred years and ern existence – water, sewers, gas, What’s all this have to do with a we spent some time and money fix- electricity, roads, bridges, telephones mission school in South Texas? AB- ing things. We beautified the road- — are so invisible that we do not SOLUTELY EVERYTHING! The ways and cleaned up the canals, but even think about them…until they campus built by Dr. Reisner and a wouldn’t you know things didn’t stay aren’t there. Just try navigating in group of dedicated Presbyterians in fixed. In a few years, Presbyterian most cities with the traffic lights off. the late 1950s is showing its age… Pan American School will celebrate Even worse, imagine the confusion cracks have appeared in some brick one hundred years and we are very that occurs when telephones or com- walls, fences do not always keep conscious that things need to be puters go down…we are paralyzed. the cows in, and the sewers from fixed up too. This fall, in fact, we will Seems like we hear a lot lately about time to time even stop flowing. hear the roar of heavy equipment INFRASTRUCTURE. A bridge in We don’t have bridges in danger of digging ditches for new sewers, new Minneapolis falls down and everyone falling down, simply because we don’t water pipes and gas lines. In order talks, at least for a few days about the have any bridges, but our campus to rebuild the campus to meet the need to fix our aging infrastructure. infrastructure is in about the same needs of students in our second In physics it’s called “entropy” which shape as our nation’s infrastructure. century we must first attend to the simply means all systems run down. In I Corinthians, when the Apostle very unglamorous business of redo- At some point, usually when people Paul compared himself to a builder ing the infrastructure. And as we do quit counting birthdays, our bodies laying a foundation, he was talk- that we must keep our eyes fixed on start showing the signs of wear and ing about infrastructure, about the the Master Builder who alone tear…joints creek and muscles sag. invisible system which supports guarantees that while all earthly sys- If you drive much, you’ve probably structures which are seen. tems run down, God’s Word endures. SCHOLARSHIP PROFILE ~JAVIER & HECTOR VILLEGAS Junior and I, we make a good couple. We Although the two have time before J a v i e r understand each other.” they graduate, both have set goals for Villegas Hector, who is in his second year at themselves. Hector wants to study and young- Pan Am, has been playing basketball engineering while Javier simply wants er brother for 10 years. Javier, a third year student, to continue his education. Hector, is the 2008-2009 junior class president, “I want to go here in the U.S. if it’s both stu- volleyball manager and is also a cross God’s will,” he said, “but if not, I’ll go dents at country runner. back home. I want to make an impact Presbyterian Pan American School, The Villegas brothers, who found out in this world. I want people to remem- resemble each other in appearance and about Pan Am through their church, ber my name and change the world for personality. both agree that their favorite part about good. I want to put the name of God, The Mexico City natives both share a the school is the people. family, and school on high. I want to passion for basketball, family, friends “After a period of time, you become become a good man.” and religion. closer so they become like your fam- Religion definitely plays a part in the Javier, 17, and Hector, 16-year-old ily,” Javier said. “You care about them, lives of the Villegas’. sophomore, are both on the school’s you love them.” “I try to be a better person everyday” basketball team. Javier has described his experience Javier said. “I have God in my heart; “I love the sport,” Hector said. “I at Pan Am as a blessing for him and he allows me to share his love with have a lot of fun playing. I love to win, his family. It’s been great and the best everybody. Be brave and strong and that’s the best thing. And my brother experience ever, he said. trust the Lord.” 2
  3. 3. PAN AMERICAN SCHOOL ALUMNI ~Paul Morales & Norma Gutierrez de Morales After more than Communication 30 years apart, two Arts and Spanish. Presbyterian Pan In college, he was American School part of yearbook, graduates and high tennis, cross coun- school sweethearts try, drama and the reunited on class- newspaper staff as m a t e s. c o m a n d Sports Editor. started their rela- From left, Priscilla Diaz 73’, Fernando Norma attended tionship where they left off in 1974. Montalvo and his wife Roxana, 74’, Blanca college at Instituto Tecnologico y “We dated my senior year, it was Avendano 73’, Ana Elsa Ruvalcaba de Estudios Superiores de 74’, Paul & Norma, Edna Rangel 74’, Monterrey and majored in busi wonderful,” said Paul Morales, Class Suzanne Morales, Clelia Lopez de Moreno of 1974. “I knew then that she was 74’, Max Avendano 73’. ness administration-accounting. the love of my life, but distance and She attended for three years, married separation kept us apart.” she said. “And having friends from and had three children. Paul dated Norma Gutierrez, Class Mexico helped a lot.” After Paul graduated in 1980, he of 1975, who was a year younger. While attending Pan Am, Paul par- went to Nashville, Tennessee for Paul first came to Pan Am when he ticipated in drama, soccer, basketball, management training at the United was 14 in 1970. choir and track and field. Methodist Publishing House, where “I really was scared to be leaving After Paul graduated, he got a sum- he has been employed for 28 years. home, but also looked forward to the mer job in Brownsville to be close to Paul and Norma began dating new opportunities and challenges be- Norma but his family moved back again in November of 2006 and fore me,” he said. “The student body to the U.S. and their relationship married July 12, 2008 in Monterrey, was small but it made it feel like one ended. Mexico where several former Pan Am big family of brothers and sisters.” Paul started at Midland Lutheran classmates attended. The couple now Norma came to Pan Am in 1972. College in Fremont, Nebraska, resides in Sun City, Arizona. “I was very excited to study there,” where he double majored in PAN AMERICAN SCHOOL REACHES OUT TO ALUMNI Twenty years after graduation, ter to the website, which has received We Need Your David Franco, a member of the Pres- 114 hits since this past July. David Help! byterian Pan American School Class will continue to post the newletters We are updating our database and want of 1982, felt cut off from his friends as well as the school’s student news- to be able to share and classmates. But as an IT profes- paper, The Eagle X-Press. news about Pan American School sional he knew exactly what to do. He Currently, the most used feature of with our alums. But, we have lost created a website, a website dsigned the website is the “private message” track of many of our former explicity for PPAS alumni. students and need your help in portion which allows members to finding them. David began by contacting a few of send messages back and forth to one his closest friends, who helped him to another. Do you have names, e-mail spread the word. If you are not already a member, addresses, mailing addresses, or The site has now grown to over 370 please visit phone numbers for friends and former classmates that you would members. be willing to share with us? If so, David has also posted the most please email this information to recent PanAmericana school newslet- Melissa Windham at 3
  4. 4. STUDENT SPOTLIGHT ~ELISA GODINEZ In May of 2008, at Presbyterian Elisa left her parents, Santiago, an And religion plays a very impor- Pan American School’s graduation engineer, and Blanca, a homemaker, tant role in Elisa’s life, who attends ceremony, Elisa Godinez, a junior along with brothers, Santiago, 21, service on campus and at First then, was named Student of the and Samuel, 12, but joined her sister Baptist Church in Kingsville Year. Raquel, who is a year older. “I like Church because I get to “When I was announced Student praise my God and savior. It keeps of the Year, I couldn’t believe it. I my spiritual life growing,” she said. was overwhelmed with so many “I love God, he is everything for emotions. I felt really happy and me and he deserves my praising. I proud of myself,” said Elisa, now dedicate my life for him. I live for a senior. “That was a way to praise him.” God and to thank my parents for For Elisa, the donors who give all the things that they have done financial gifts for Pan Am’s annual for me and for giving me the op- budget are also important to her but portunity to be here. I was glad that to countless students, faculty, fami- all my effort, work and time were lies and Christians in general. rewarded.” “Maybe it is their, the donors The award is typically presented calling from God,” she said. “And to a student who is not a senior–one I would like to give a thousand who best represents the mission of thanks. God Bless You all. If it Presbyterian Pan American School. weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. This student demonstrates stability “I have always felt at home at Pan God will pay you back.” in academic endeavors, leadership Am. It was easy for me because my After Elisa graduates in May of in worship, responsible citizenship sister was here,” she said. “And it 2009, she plans to study architectur- in the Pan American community has been a great experience. It is al or civil engineering in the U.S. She and leadership in activities that en- something that happens once in a has narrowed her choices to Texas hance the lives of all the members lifetime and I take advantage of it A&M University-College Station, of the Pan Am family. and enjoy every minute of it.” Texas A&M University-Kingsville The 17-year-old Matamoros na- Although Elisa keeps busy with or the University of Texas-Austin. tive does demonstrate the mission her class schedule including chem- “Pan Am changed my life,” she of the school, specifically forming istry and newspaper which are the said. “It made me realize about a young Christian leaders because most fun for her, she still manages bunch of things like the value of Elisa hopes to work in ministry to make time for athletics including our families back home. It helps after college. sports such as volleyball, basketball to realize what you have, to make “It is God’s will. My future is up and cross country. Elisa is also part yourself a responsible person and to God. I lay my life with him,” she of Pan Am’s John A. Mackay Na- to make decisions by yourself, on said. “And I want a job that I love, a tional Honor Society Chapter and your own. It is the greatest expe- job that would not be like a job but this past summer, she joined the rience I’ve ever had and the best a hobby for me. If I am doing what lifeguard team. She is also an alto three years of my life.” I love, I will never get tired of it.” on the Morris Chapel Choir and Elisa first came to Pan Am in July Worship Committee. of 2006 to receive an education in “I love music so I play the piano the United States and learn English. and sing whenever I can,” she said. 4
  5. 5. HONOR ROLL OF DONORS JUNE-AUGUST 2008 Brenham Presbyterian Elizabeth H. Ballard Ms. Laurentina Ramos ConocoPhillips Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Barrera Ms. Mary Reyes Covenant Presbyterian Men’s Mr. and Mrs. William H. Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Richards Fellowship Boeker Jr. Greta Sabin Covenant Presbyterian, Charlotte Mrs. Gloria S. Box Mrs. Eva Salinas Covenant Presbyterian, Lubbock John R. Bradshaw Mrs. Eva Sanchez El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Ms. Shirley T. Brueggerhoff Mae Dell Schiller First Presbyterian, Alice Mrs. Reili Cantu The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Seaman First Presbyterian, Bay City Mr. Albert A. Carillo Rev. Edward B. Seeger First Presbyterian, Beeville Ms. Lucile O. Cowles Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Sherrod Jr. First Presbyterian, Cameron Dr. Crayden Dennard Judith K. Spanyers First Presbyterian, Corpus Christi Mrs. Jeannette M. Early Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stevenson First Presbyterian, Crowley Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. Ehrhardt Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer First Presbyterian, Dallas Rev. and Mrs. David Evans Mr. Don Turner First Presbyterian, Georgetown Mr. Robert Fee Rev. Joe and Mrs. Pat Turner First Presbyterian, Kingsville Ms. Myrthala L. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Villalpando First Presbyterian, Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Albert Garcia Mr. Richard C. Wilshusen First Presbyterian, Midland Mrs. Beatrice Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Bud Windham First Presbyterian, Odessa Mr. Charles R. Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wolter First Presbyterian, Refugio Dr. and Mrs. David R. Gifford Ms. Marlene Zamora First Presbyterian, Tonkawa Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Glass Mr. and Mrs. Raul Zavala Grace Presbyterian, Corpus Christi Ms. Adelfa R. Gonzales In Memory of Dr. Jorge Highland Park Presbyterian Ms. M. Paloma Gonzalez Lara-Braud Hope Presbyterian, Austin Ms. Araceli Gonzalez Rev. and Mrs. Clarence M. Bassett Island Presbyterian, Corpus Christi Mrs. Petra Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Cobbs Kingwood Presbyterian Men Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Green Mr. and Mrs. Roy Craig McCracken Electrical Service Mrs. Desiree Gutierrez Winton and Tavita Dorow New Braunfels Presbyterian Church David C. Henny Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Goodson Northwood Presbyterian, San Mr. T.H. Hensley Rev. Michael and Mary Murray Antonio Bruce and Cara Herlin Louisa S. Sarofim Parkway Presbyterian, Corpus Mr Carlos Hernandez Mrs. Virginia C. Stotts Christi Mr. Ross W. Hester Elliot J. Trester Pines Presbyterian, Houston Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hunt In Memory of Nancy Phaup Presbyterian Women, Beeville Mr. David C. Ingraham Jr Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bean Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Ms. Edna Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis Kleberg Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Bill Johnston Dr. and Mrs. Camp Gilliam Spring Branch Presbyterian Mrs. Sandra S. Keiser Mr. and Ms. Jim Ham St. Paul’s Presbyterian Mrs. Anita S. Kibbe Ms. Goldia B. Hubert Synod of the Sun Mrs. Marjorie Kramer Ms. Helen M. Johnson The Nor’Kirk Presbyterian Dr. James H. Matthews Mrs. Olan E. Kruse The Trull Foundation Mrs. Marilyn Duncan McCulloch Dr. and Mrs. Francisco Lopez- Tom Currie Bible Class Dr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Miller Herrera University Presbyterian Rev. Lorna Jean T. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Fred McFaddin Westlake Hills Presbyterian, Austin Mrs. Lucy B. More Ms. Brenda D. Melendy Westminster Presbyterian Church Mr. Roberto Moreno Ms. Kathleen Schmeler of Austin Mrs. Flor Nanez Mr. Dale L. Schruben and Westminster Presbyterian, Odessa Mr. Edgar Ortega Ms. Nancy A. Nagy Elsie N. Alcocer Mr. & Mrs. James Pate Mr. and Mrs. Lauren H. Seiler Mr. Wen Almanza Mrs. Eloisa Perez Ms. Edna W. Ybarra Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Alsmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Perkins Mr. Charles N. Zucker Mr. Ruben Armendariz Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ramirez 5
  6. 6. PRESBYTERIAN PAN AMERICAN NON-PROFIT ORG SCHOOL U.S. POSTAGE P. O. BOX 1578 PAID KINGSVILLE, TEXAS 78364-1578 CORPUS CHRISTI, TX PHONE: 361.592.4307 PERMIT NO. 8 FAX: 361.592.6126 STAFF SPOTLIGHT ~ELLIE PEREZ For Ellie Perez, of Edinburg, accept- university coursework.” she said. “I ing the position of Counselor and Test- wish these students the best of luck ing Coordinator at Presbyterian Pan throughout their college success.” American School was her calling. This year, Ellie has taken on the role “I wasn’t even searching for a job. I of cheerleading coach, which she is don’t know what had me apply. It was familiar with because she cheered for nothing I was seeking, it just fell into TAMUK in 2000. my lap,” she said. When Ellie is not at school, she can The 2003 graduate of Texas A&M be found with her two horses. She also University-Kingsville received her enjoys hunting, fishing and camping bachelor’s degree in speech. She has with her husband and family. a master’s degree in education with “The staff and students have one “A good school is one whose main certification in special education and vision and that is to help students focus is teaching kids and putting them counseling and guidance. She is a succeed,” Ellie said. “The students are first,” she said. “It is when the students certified diagnostician and is working academically driven, well-mannered, are the emphasis and the priority to towards her doctorate. and respectful and have a go-getting everyday teaching. Pan Am is a good She began teaching four years ago at attitude when it comes to education.” school, from worship in the evenings, Driscoll Independent School District Part of the counseling department’s to athletics, to weekend activities, to as a special education teacher and then responsibility is handling the dual credit 24/7 dorm staff and the unconditional started at Pan Am in July of 2006. program, which includes 14 students love from our teachers and administra- “What sold me were the students,” this year taking classes at Coastal Bend tion. And as long as I am working here, she said. They were all hugs and kisses. College in Kingsville. I will continue to enforce the mission They are so loving and caring.” “Dual credit provides academic of building young Christian leaders. I At Pan Am, Ellie especially enjoys opportunities to high school students am truly trying to live up to that.” the unity of the school. who are ready for the challenges of 6