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Panamericana Newsletter April 09

  1. 1. Volume 50, No. 2 April 2009 P ANA MERICANA PAN AM REMEMBERS ELENA REISNER Elena Reisner, 86, the brand new reversible black and wife of the late Sherwood green winter jacket, which kept A LOOK INSIDE Reisner, the first headmaster me warm the three following President’s Corner, 2 of Presbyterian Pan American years that I lived at Pan Am. I School, passed away March have always said that most of Scholarship Profile, 2 2, 2009 in Falls Church, what I do today is due to the Alum Spotlight, 3 Virginia. great influence which Pan Am She was born on June 1, had on my life while I loved, Chapel Offering, 3 1922 in Inverness, Scotland studied and worked there, Student Spotlight, 4 to John A. Mackay and Jane and especially Mrs. Reisner, Honor Roll of Donors, 5 Mackay. who was like a mother for Mrs. Reisner grew up in me. I thank Mrs. Reisner for Staff Spotlight, 6 various parts of South America her influence in my younger and Mexico until her family years,” he said. Board of Trustees settled in Princeton, New Car men L. Gonzales will live on in my creations. I Jersey, where she graduated graduated from Pan Am in Dr. Eugene F. Tims, Chair am so grateful that she cared,” from high school. 1968 and returned to take on Mrs. Patricia Turner, Secretary Suzanne said She received degrees in the role of school secretary in Rita Naranjo Gonzalez, Mr. Dennis Whitley, Treasurer English from Wellesley College 1974. In 1988, she became the Class of 1960, said that and Columbia University. Mr. Ruben Armendariz business manager. Mrs. Reisner taught through She was married for 44 years “The only thing I can say is Mrs. Patricia Booth religious literature, hymns, to Mr. Reisner, who served as that I regret not being able to Dr. Crayden Dennard and prayer. President for Pan Am from say goodbye to Mrs. Reisner. Mr. Mike Douglas “Mrs. Reisner encouraged 1956 to 1980. He passed away She was my teacher, my boss, Mr. James Hanna and taught correct posture, in 1990. but most important my friend. Ms. Edna Jackson dress, and table manners. Mrs. Reisner ser ved as She was one very special lady to Mrs. Barbara Kiser As seniors, we dressed and interim president for Pan Am me and my family. She gave me had tea at the President’s from 1990 to 1991 and lived in Ms. Jean Poe my bridal shower, my first baby house. She was a wonderful Kleberg County from 1957 to Rev. Frank Seaman shower, and never forgot my role model who continued 1999. She was an Elder in the birthday. I will always feel that Ms. Lidia Serrata to teach by example. I knew First Presbyterian Church of I never thanked her enough for Mr. Clifford H. Sherrod, Jr. her for many years and she Kingsville. all the things she did for me. I Rev. John Wurster never stopped teaching, or When thinking of Mrs. will always think of her as one Mrs. Junie Ledbetter that is how I saw her. She Reisner, prepositions class of the best friends I ever had,” Mr. Stanley Cobbs was my teacher, my friend,” sticks out the most for Suzanne Carmen said. Rita said. Rev. John Ed Withers Morales, Pan Am Class of Mrs. Reisner is survived Rita was invited by Mrs. 1973. Pbto. Hazael Campuzano by her daughter Ruth Brock Reisner in 1990 to return to “I will remember Mrs. of Falls Church, Virginia Mr. Jorge Duran Pan Am as the girl’s dorm Reisner and prepositions. She and her son James Reisner Mr. Louis Stripling parent. The two worked hard made her mission clear. She of Plano, Texas, along with and long hours that year, Rita was going to do whatever it four grandchildren and six Please said. would take to get her students great grandchildren. She is Consider a Leopoldo Rodriguez Ardon, to understand. She jumped also survived by two sisters, Class of 1974, came to Pan out of the classroom, under Isobel Metzger of Princeton, Contribution to the desk, on the chair, in the Am from the tropical country New Jersey and Ruth Russell PPAS of Honduras. closet, all for the sake of of Columbus, Ohio and a “I or my parents didn’t our understanding. What an brother, Duncan Mackay of think that I would need any Desiree Gutierrez, Editor amazing teacher. I am one of Washington, D.C. winter clothes. It was Mrs. the seeds Mrs. Reisner sowed Reisner who gave me my first in her lifetime. Her teachings
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S CORNER ~DR. JAMES MATTHEWS for a while.” And the orthopedic T his past month has been a surgeon who sewed the tendon back particularly challenging time for me. together said “big life-style changes” Needless to say, with the economy in and I now realize he meant changes the tank the school is struggling, but for the rest of my life. raising money to support this mission It may have been foolish of me to work has always been a challenge…and be cavorting around in a young man’s from all indications it always will be a arena, but it would be even more challenge. And needless to say, any foolish not to learn something from time you are faced with an accreditation this injury…something about my own review there are pressures that take a personal limits to be sure, but even toll on anyone in a leadership role, on more profoundly about God’s timing. their patience and sense of humor. So can’t prove it, I probably even sleep You see, at exactly the time we have why is this month any more difficult hard, which is to say full speed ahead. had to face reality and slow down our than any other month in the past Literally speaking, my Achilles heel capital expansion campaign, God put twelve years? Figuratively speaking, turned out to be my Achilles heel, me on ice in order to give me a clearer everyone has an Achilles heel. Mine which I tore completely a few weeks sense of things. has always been moderation, especially ago diving for a shot on the racquetball I will never forget, as long as I live, with regards to physical activity. I seem court. At that moment I learned a new something a student said in prayer incapable of doing things leisurely speed – STOP. My doctor told me to during my first year at Pan Am. “Thank or sedately: I walk leaning ahead; I “put it on ice” and I don’t think he You Lord for problems, for without ski straight downhill; I fish with total just meant the foot. My secretary just them we would not know you and intensity. My children claim that I have chuckled and said “no more racquetball your power.” two speeds…fast and sleep. While I SCHOLARSHIP PROFILE ~REYNALDO TORRES “The pastor told me Jesus is “It’s a universal language and As a sopho- connected with the life of everybody, important to get a job and have many more at not only me, but everybody,” he said. “I opportunities in the future,” he said. Presbyterian feel better with myself when I go and Reynaldo is the youngest of Rolando Pan American comfortable singing to praise God .” and Rosario’s four children. All reside School, Although, Reynaldo has two years two hours away in Valle Hermosa, Reynald before he graduates, he knows that he except for Reynaldo’s oldest sister, who Torres, 16 of wants to major in chemical engineering lives an hour away in Corpus Christi. Valle Hermosa, in the U.S., obtain a law degree and Reynaldo’s father is a farmer and his Tamaulipas, study classical music to one day become mother, a homemaker. has been a choir director. At Pan Am, Reynaldo enjoys his named to the President’s List twice Reynaldo, like the majority of math class and spending time with his for maintaining an average of 95 or students, earns good grades, stays friends. His favorite, though, is singing better. active and works six hours a week on as a tenor in the school’s Morris Chapel Both times, he was the youngest campus, to maintain his scholarship, Choir. on the short list of four students–the allowing him to receive his education “I like to sing and I am learning how others being seniors. at Pan Am. to breathe correctly to demonstrate “I am focused on goals and tasks. “Those that support the school in good notes while singing,” he said. Being in school, studying and getting order for us to receive financial assistance Reynaldo not only enjoys singing but good grades is one step closer to a gives us students opportunities,” he listens to a variety of genres as well. good future. School always comes said. “We are the future and they Music helps him relax, he said. first,” he said. make it possible for us to become Before Reynaldo came to Pan Am, Reynaldo is spending his first year at something.” he was not a frequent churchgoer but Pan Am and like many other students, that soon changed. came to learn English. 2
  3. 3. ALUM SPOTLIGHT BARBARA ACOSTA ROZO premedical school orientation, Barbara him. His answer was, ‘Let’s try it for a Since a young age, Barbara Acosta transferred to Dordt College in Iowa year, if you still want to go home by Rozo, had longed to study abroad to her sophomore year. then, you may go back,’” Barbara said. learn about different cultures and visit That Christmas, Barbara visited home “When my dad left, my perception of new places. and her father suffered facial paralysis Pan Am slowly started to change. I got Barbara, who was originally from caused by stress. She decided to rethink used to the hotness of the summer, but Colombia but moved to Honduras, was her life priorities—putting her family far more important, I got to know the told about Presbyterian Pan American first. heart of Pan Am—its people.” School by a co-worker of her mother, Barbara is currently in her fifth year Barbara’s experience at Pan Am Leopoldo Rodriguez, Pan Am Class of medical school in Honduras, close became an unforgettable one, she of 1974. to her family and studying hard to be said. “My family always saw Pan Am as the best doctor she can to serve her “I learned to appreciate my family, to a blessing, an answer to our prayers,” people, she said. be thankful for all the blessings I had, Barbara said. “It was the perfect “I remember my experiences from to share with others and to seek God’s place to live and learn in a Christian abroad as enriching. The people I met, guidance everyday,” she said. “Leaving environment, an opportunity for me the places I visited, all of that makes one’s family at a short age is hard, but to grow as a person far from home but me a better person, a well-rounded sharing that with a hundred other kids close to home at heart.” individual,” Barbara said. “But I am creates a special bond between them.” But when Barbara arrived to Pan thankful to the Lord for making me After Barbara graduated from Pan Am, she had changed her mind. She understand there is more to life than Am in 2003, she attended College of would be alone and she wanted to go growing as a person, because we achieve the Southwest in New Mexico, majoring back home. nothing by growing if we do not share in biology because she wanted to “I remember sitting at the gazebo our growth with others, especially our attend medical school. Since College with my dad and turning to him in loved ones.” of the Southwest did not have a tears, asking him to take me back with YOUTH GROUP DONATES TO THREE CHARITIES The youth of Presbyterian Pan programs that alleviate hunger and Pastor Josyph said. American School have requested that poverty. Pennies for Patients is a program for $500 of the offerings received at chapel “They chose the Heifer project because schools nationwide to raise funds to help each Sunday be sent to each of the the family that receives the heifer must cure leukemia and other blood-related following three charities, Heifer Project learn how to care for it and once that cancers. It is a two-week campaign in International, Mission Presbytery and heifer has her first calf, then that calf is which students of all ages are encouraged Pennies for Patients, on their behalf. passed on to another family and the cycle to donate spare change to The Leukemia “They have chosen these particular is repeated,” Pastor Josyph said. & Lymphoma Society. ones because they all represent mission Mission Presbytery is planning a Pastor Josyph said the students chose opportunities that continue to give mission trip in July to build a church, Pennies for Patients because the search beyond their one central gift and represent no bigger than a three-car garage, in the for a cure for Leukemia is an ongoing the most people touched with their gifts,” village of Candelario in Guatemala for battle and affects so many. said Pan Am Pastor Josyph Andrews. 104 church going Mayan men, women “I am so very proud that the students This year, the youth group consists of and children, who have no church chose to give some of their money to 40 students. to worship in. Mission Presbytery, better the lives of others,” said Ellie “It feels good to help other people,” Committee for Service and Support to Perez, Pan Am Counselor. “It came from said Youth Member Jimena Hernandez, the Maya Quiche and the Guatemala their heart and for that I am proud to 17-year-old Junior. “We wanted to Partnership Team are asking for support be part of the PPAS family. I thank the contribute and help more than one to fund the estimated cost of $29,000 to students for being so loving.” charity so we chose three and they all get build the church, which will be named For Youth Member Ilse Ibarra, Pennies the same amount.” Divino Libertad. for Patients is close to her heart. Heifer Project International is an “The gift to the Mission Presbytery “Those kids may not have the resources organization that helps impoverished Summer Project is a portion of a gift and maybe we can make a dream come families worldwide through livestock to build a chapel in a remote village in true,” said Ibarra, 17-year-old Junior, and training. Heifer International works Guatemala where there are over 100 “and we can make a difference.” with livestock and agriculture to develop believers with no place to worship,” 3
  4. 4. STUDENT SPOTLIGHT ~TANIA MARISOL BARREIRO In her first year at Presbyterian but religion also plays an important Pan American School, Tania role in her life. Marisol Barreiro, 19, formed “When I got here, I became more friendships quickly with her connected with God. Everyone outgoing personality and even may have different ideas, but it’s the earned the title of Cheerleading same— it’s God, its faith. Captain. Pan Am thrives on their mission “My father is in the Mexican to build young Christian leaders Navy so I moved around a lot,” she and for Marisol, it does just that. said. “We moved every two years so “It’s a great school and the I learned to make friends fast.” mission is something that we need While Marisol was in elementary for a better standard of life,” she school, she changed schools every Marisol shares the largest suite said. “The institution helps you year. In the fourth grade, she in the girl’s dormitory with four not just in academic life but also attended a school in San Antonio other senior girls. Marisol keeps prepares you for real life.” and in Maryland, both for four busy with her academic schedule Marisol is ready to start her future months. In middle school, she including classes such as history, after she graduates in May of 2009. attended four different schools. biology and math, which happens She has been accepted to the Marisol, as she is known at Pan to be her favorite. In addition University of Texas-Pan American Am, graduated from high school in to the cheerleading squad, she is in Edinburg, Texas and hopes to Mexico, where she managed to stay also part of the school’s choir and take courses that will certify her all four years, but enrolled in Pan youth group. to become a flight attendant for a Am as a senior to learn English. “It was a surprise for me because major airline in Mexico. As the oldest of three, she left I didn’t expect to get that position And thanks to the donations her home in Mexico City, where but it was a great experience provided by the churches and her family currently resides. and sometimes I had more individuals who generously support “I knew it was a great opportunity responsibilities than the others,” Pan American School, Marisol was for me to come and I was excited she said able to attend and have better about the new experience,” she Out of a 16-member cheer squad, opportunities. said. “And although I was sad the Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico “Those who donate to the school because it was the first time leaving native was chosen. are helping students like me to my family, growing is a part of Choir is fun for Marisol, she prepare for a better future. Thank life.” said, although it is not new to her. you for making dreams possible,” Marisol came to Pan Am in July She was in choir at her previous she said. “It’s amazing these days of 2008 for Intensive English schools. Being part of the youth that good people still exist. They Program and started the fall group, however, is new to her. are angels on Earth.” semester in August. “It is amazing how you can be Tania Marisol Barreiro and “I like living here on campus. It’s with God and have fun and the many others students at Pan Am, great. It’s quiet and peaceful—a same time,” Marisol said. “I learned thanks to our supporters, are change from Mexico City, where how one or two hours on Sundays preparing themselves for lives of it’s noisy. It is the most amazing is nothing, compared to all the Christian leadership, to take their experience being here and I’ve blessings that God is giving us.” places in God’s world and to do learned to be more tolerant, Learning English and being so for His glory. punctual and respectful,” she said. independent is essential to Marisol, 4
  5. 5. HONOR ROLL OF DONORS JANUARY-MARCH 2009 Brenham Presbyterian Judge and Mrs. B.F. Coker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matthews Covenant Presbyterian, Lubbock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Coughlen Dr. James H. Matthews Faith Presbyterian, Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cross Ms. Jean McIntyre, In Appreciation of Michael Murray Mr. Carlos O. Cuellar In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Finley Ewing Family Fund Dr. Crayden Dennard Ernest McNealey PhD and Earnestine First Presbyterian, Bay City Ms. Sarah J. Dorna G. McNealey PhD First Presbyterian, Cisco Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Dreyer W.T. Miller First Presbyterian, Corpus Christi Mrs. Jeannette M. Early Dr. and Mrs. Pedro R. Miniel First Presbyterian, Dallas Anne and David Eaton Mr. and Mrs. James N. Murray First Presbyterian, Georgetown Rev. and Mrs. Charles R. Ehrhardt Mrs. Flor Nanez First Presbyterian, Kingsville John C. Eisele, Mrs. Evelyn C. Nicol First Presbyterian, Livingston In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nuss First Presbyterian, McAllen Rev. and Mrs. David Evans Mr. Edgar Ortega First Presbyterian, Mercedes Ms. Eunice Fernandez Dr. and Dra. Samuel Ortega First Presbyterian, Norwalk OH Mr. and Mrs. David Frazier Ms. Zoe Ann Palmer First Presbyterian, Odessa Mr. Barton W. Freeland Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Parker First Presbyterian, Refugio Ms. Myrthala L. Garcia Mrs. Eloisa Perez First United Presbyterian, Pemberville Rev. and Mrs. Osvaldo B. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Perkins Goliad Presbyterian Ms. Myrthala L. Garcia Mrs. Maurine D. Pettus Grace Presbyterian, Houston Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garner, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Phillips Iglesia Presbiteriana Getsemani, In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mrs. Olive Jean Poe In Memory of Zulema Leos Mrs. Elizabeth M. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ramirez Island Presbyterian, Corpus Christi Mr. Charles R. Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ramirez Jackson Woods Presbyterian Dr. and Mrs. David R. Gifford, Ms. Laurentina Ramos Korean Church of Corpus Christi In Memory of Mr. Perry Reed, McCracken Electrical Service Elena Mackay Reisner In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Music Club of Kingsville, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Glass Ms. Mary Reyes New Braunfels Presbyterian Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Grant Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Richards Northwood Presbyterian, San Antonio Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Roger O. Green Ms. Myra B. Robinson Pines Presbyterian, Houston Mr. William A. Grun Mr. Louis Rochester Presbyterian Women - Circle 112, Marsha and Harvey Haack Mr. Robert W. Ruf In Memory of Mrs. Nancy Francisco Mr. and Mrs. James Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Bob Russell, Presbyterian Women, Bay City Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Hanna In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Presbyterian Women, Cameron Mr. and Mr. Paul D. Hanna, Jr., Mrs. Eva Salinas Preston Hollow Presbyterian, Dallas In Memory of Paul D. and Nina F. Hanna Mae Dell Schiller San Pedro Presbyterian Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hauenstein, The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Seaman Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Rev. Edward B. Seeger, Spring Branch Presbyterian Ms. Catherine C. Henry, In Honor of Rev. L.J. Miller St. Mark Presbyterian, Boerne In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Ms. Lidia Serrata, St. Mark Presbyterian, San Angelo Bruce and Cara Herlin In Memory of Joel Armendariz Rugerio Westlake Hills Presbyterian, Austin Mr. Ross W. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Sherrod Jr. Westminster Presbyterian, Odessa Mr. and Mrs. Noe Hinojosa Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sparkman Mr. Wen Almanza Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hunt Mrs. Louise Stockton Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Alsmeyer, Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Huser Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mr. David C. Ingraham Jr Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Tims Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ambs Ms. Doris V. Jamison, Rev. and Mrs. Jerry R. Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. Josyph A. Andrews In Memory of In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mr. Ruben Armendariz A.E, Eva S. and Barbara J. Jamison Mr. Don Turner Elizabeth H. Ballard Dr. and Mrs. Bill Johnston Rev. Joe and Mrs. Pat Turner Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Barrera Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Karlos Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Villalpando Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Bast, Mrs. Tita Ketola Mr. Jay Philip Werner In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Whitley Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brock Mr. and Mrs. Don Kiser Elizabeth C. Williams Mr. Felix Calvillo Jr. Mrs. V. Elizabeth Ledbetter and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Windham Mrs. Reili Cantu Gaston M. Broyles Rev. and Mrs. John E. Withers Albert A. Carrillo Ella L. Mastin, Mr. Lawrence W. Wolter Mr. and Mrs. William Clark In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner Mr. and Mrs. Willis Raymond Woolrich III Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Cobbs, Rev. Carla and Danny Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yeager In Memory of Elena Mackay Reisner In Honor of Claudia B. Harrel Mr. and Mrs. Ben W. Young 5
  6. 6. PRESBYTERIAN PAN AMERICAN NON-PROFIT ORG SCHOOL U.S. POSTAGE P. O. BOX 1578 PAID KINGSVILLE, TEXAS 78364-1578 CORPUS CHRISTI, TX PHONE: 361.592.4307 PERMIT NO. 8 FAX: 361.592.6126 FACULTY SPOTLIGHT ~MARY REYES Mary Reyes is not only familiar with Mary also has expectations for her teaching Bible and Spanish at Presbyterian students. “I want students to stay in Pan American School but has become school, apply the Biblical concept they acquainted with the students because of have learned to their daily lives and her job as girls’ dorm director. challenge them to graduate and pursue The only difference—Bible and Spanish higher education,” she said. class ends after 45 minutes and the To Mary, a teacher is a person that responsibilities of being a parent to 55 wants to impart and share knowledge girls does not. with a willing student and sees the results “I felt that I could do a good job as a and changes in the students as they apply Before coming to Pan Am, Mary was dorm parent,” Mary said. “And it’s tiring at their knowledge to their lives. the International Student Development times but rewarding and satisfying too. It “Teaching is an inward calling,” she Coordinator for Valley Baptist Academy gives them a homelike atmosphere.” said, “and a good teacher is one who in Harlingen. She came to Pan Am three Mary, of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has sees the fruits of his or her labor being years ago. been teaching for 33 years. She attended applied in their lives of students in “I prayed to the Lord to come to Mary Hardin Baylor University, Ibero positive ways.” a wonderful place like this,” she said. American University, University of Madrid Every summer for the past 28 years, “The campus is a unique place. The and Southwestern Baptist Theological Mary has taken students to Israel and faculty is friendly and easy to work with, Seminary. She holds a bachelor’s degree Europe. This year, some Pan Am students and they share common interests. The in Bible and Spanish and a master’s in will go to England, France, Switzerland, administration is cooperative, fair and Spanish and religious education. Italy, Greece, Greek Islands and Turkey stands behind you.” “I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction for 20 days. Mary is currently teaching two classes of contributing to students’ future “I fell in love with traveling,” she of the New Testament and sets goals for Christian development,” Mary said. said, “and I will go to great lengths to herself. “Some of the students are different to further my students’ understanding of “I strive to be the best teacher possible, teach sometimes, but the potential they the teachings of the Bible. I have done a positive influence to the students and be represent is a daily challenge and I’m also everything that I’ve ever wanted to do there for their problems and concerns,” glad to be a part of their growth.” because of the Lord.” she said.