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Magic Systemic weight change management motivation slides


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Magic Systemic Automatic Feng Shui Diet - how to make weight loss automatic and keep the new weight and still enjoy life.
Motivational Slides to stay engaged.

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Magic Systemic weight change management motivation slides

  1. 1. «What we envision and write it down – we do» My personal motivation slides to stay mindful with my diet each day. 99 Reasons to enjoy life and food and manage my weight. The Magic Systemic Diet Peter Palme Selma Blair - Actress Magic Systemic Weight Loss – Inspiring Slides
  2. 2. I have children and I want my children to stay healthy and live longer than I do. Therefore I want to be a role model and show that I control my diet and reduce my weight. When they see me taking care of myself they will learn. Robin Corps
  3. 3. Public Domain My children love me and are happy if I am healthy and slim. Therefore I will be mindful about what I eat and will weigh less in one year from now.
  4. 4. My wife loves me and is happy if I take care of myself. She finds me attractive if I weigh less. Therefore I take care of my nutrition and reduce my weight. Mario Caputa
  5. 5. Pixabay I love hiking in the mountains. I have pain in my knees due to my overweight. Therefore I will watch my food intake and thus reduce my weight.
  6. 6. I enjoy life and together with friends and family. If I feel healthy I feel good and I like to be with people. Therefore I take care of my diet. I know that I can control my portions and what I indulge in. I will not feel guilty if I enjoy good food and wine with friends and therefore will stay relaxed and willlnot overeat more due to frustration. There is a next day when I need less food because I had more on the day before. Also I will be more active the next day. I will just continue being mindful about my diet and not give up completely. I will cherish these setbacks.
  7. 7. If I stop caring about my eating and give up on it, each year I will add consistently more and more pounds. I do not want to wake up when it is too late. Therefore I am watchful what I eat now so that I can enjoy my life now and do not have to alter something drastically and change my diet completly later. James Heilman, MD
  8. 8. I am looking forward to my next holiday on the beach with my family. I would like to weigh less in the holidays than I do now. Therefore I will look after myself and reduce my weight.
  9. 9. My wife also likes to control her weight and have it at a healthy level. Therefore I am mindful about my diet, because this help her to reach the weight she wants to have. Pixabay
  10. 10. I like my Jeans and I hate it if they don’t fit comfortably. Therefore I am considered about my food and I will reduce my weight to al level where I feel comfortably in my clothes.
  11. 11. Many More Reasons For Being Mindful With Food • 107 Reasons To Mind Your Weight • 12 Serious Reasons To Lose Weight • Tumblr Blog on Reasons To Lose Weight