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Astronaut Passenger List Spaceship Two Virgin Galactic


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The astronaut passenger list of Spaceship Two from Virgin Galactic is still a secret. Yet a few names are known. This is the most comprehensable list on the internet. As the first launch date nears I hipe to add more names.

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Astronaut Passenger List Spaceship Two Virgin Galactic

  1. 1. Who will travel with Spaceship Two from Virgin Galactic into suborbital space ? Some secrets of the astronaut passenger list revealed… Picture: spaceship one - creative commens wikimedia Latest Update: November, 2, 2016 See Slide 20 Craig J Horsley (USA) added
  2. 2. Introduction • The passenger list is a secret. Yet a few names are known (see References). This is the most comprehensive list on the internet and I hope I will be able to complete it over the next couple of months. If you come across any passengers names or corrections please send an email to or leave a note in the comment section of this slideshare. • Join the Spaceship group on Linkedin with over 1500 members - where spaceship travelers and people from the spaceship industry meet: • ack=%2Egdr_1234293976205_1 • Or read (free): The Spaceship Weekly Blog: Spaceship Travel • Note: This is work in progress and no guarantee that all the information in this presentation is correct
  3. 3. The Test / Commercial Pilots • David Mackay (Scotland): will be the captain on the first official flight Interview and Picture • Brian Binnie (Scotland): Test Pilot at Scaled Composites – the manufacturer of Spaceship Two Article and Picture • Keith Colmer (USA): future commercial pilot so called astronaut pilot Article and Picture • Pete Siebold #Ref • Mike Alsbury #Ref • Rob Bendall (Canada) #Ref
  4. 4. Co-Pilots • Nicki Lauda (Austria) • 16 Flights to carry all 100 Founders (the first 100 who paid full deposit of 200 000 USD for their ticket) in a period of 8 months. This means 4 of the founders act as copilots otherwise a minimum of 17 flights would be required. Reference: Virgin Galactic announces its first 100 space tourists
  5. 5. The First Flight • Sir Richard Branson #Ref • Sam Branson #Ref • Holly Branson #Ref • Anousheh Ansari • • • Chief Pilot: David Mackay • Co-Pilot: Keith Colmer
  6. 6. Whiteknight carrying Spacehip Two – creative commons – Jeff Foust
  7. 7. The Founder Flights (1-100) the first 100 who paid full deposit of 200 000 USD for their ticket 1) Ken Baxter (USA): Real Estate Marketing Executive Travel Agent: Sir Richard Branson 2) Victoria Principal (USA): Actress 3) Bryan Singer (USA): Hollywood Director 4) Princess Beatrice of York (UK) 5) Ibrahim Sharaf (UAE – United Arab Emirates): Sharaf Group President 6) Chief Pilot: David Mackay Co-pilot: Sir Richard Branson
  8. 8. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Sigourney Weaver (USA): Actress __) Loretta Hildago Whitesides (USA): Director of US Operations, Space Generation Advisory Council __) George Whitesides (USA): Executive Director at National Space Society __) Matthew D. Upchurch (USA): Virtuoso CEO Travel Agency:Virtuoso __) Alan Walton (USA) __) Stephen Hawking (UK) Chief Pilot: David Mackay Co-pilot: Keith Colmer
  9. 9. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Matthew Pritzker (USA): Owner of Venture capital firm __) Lina Borozdina-Birch (USA): Chemist __) Dr. Alan Finkel (Australia): Chairman of Luna Media Pty Ltd and Cosmos Science Magazine Editor __) Wilson da Silva (Australia): COSMOS Science Magazine Editor __) Glenys Ambe (Australia): Fashion Retailer __) Jackie Maw (New Zealand): Realestate Agent Pilot: Co-pilot:
  10. 10. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Igor Kutsenko (Russia): Owner Advertising Agency __) Sergei Tyaglov (Russia): Owner Advertising Agency __) Craig Burkinshaw (UK): Audley Travel Boss __) Alan Watts (UK): Managing Director GE – the first one to trade inh is 2 Million Virgin Flyer miles to fly into space __) Trevor Beattie (UK): Advertising __) Bill Cullen (Ireland): Reality TV Show host #Ref Pilot: Co-pilot:
  11. 11. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) John Taylor #Ref Pilot: Co-pilot:
  12. 12. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Rubens Barrichello (Brazil): Formula 1 Pilot __) Xavier Grabiel (Spain): Lottery Vendor __) Sonja Rohde (Germany): Entrepreneur __) Peter Ulrich von May (Switzerland): Asset Manager #Ref __) Noriaki Inami (Japan): Systems Engineer __) Santosh Kulangara (India): MD of Labour India Group Pilot: Co-pilot:
  13. 13. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Namira Salim (Pakistan): Artist and Humanitarian #Ref __) Doug Ramsburg (USA): Ticket winner of a space flight with Virgin Galactic __) Philippe Stark (France): Designer – in exchange for work __) Maureen Gannon (USA): #Ref __) PJ King (Ireland): President PJ King Investments 93) Richard Laronde (USA): owner of an event planning business #Ref Travel Agency: ASA in New York Pilot: Co-pilot:
  14. 14. The Founder Flights (1-100) __) Tim Higgins (Ireland): Irish Psychics Live Boss __) Mark Rocket (New Zealand): Avatar Ltd __) Jens Kyllönen (Finland): Poker Player #Ref __) Edwin Sahakian (Armenia) __) Sarah Brightman (UK): Singer #Ref __) Jann Bytheway #Ref Pilot: Co-pilot:
  15. 15. Resources • Showing some of the founders after the training at NASTAR. Video • One of the founders in the centrifuge training. #Ref • More faces of the founder astronauts. #Ref • A picture of about 35 plus founders in front of Whiteknightone and below in Sweden 24 founders in the snow #Ref • Do Virgin Galactic future astronaut believe in UFOs ? See Video and more questions that were asked #Ref • Another Pictue of the future astronauts #Ref
  16. 16. Spaceship One landing at Mojave Spaceport– creative commons – lkluft
  17. 17. The Pioneer Flights (101-500) passengers who deposited at least 100 000 USD 128) Edward Roski Jr (USA): Real Estate Developer Travel Agent: Crack Buck – San Diego 144) Yanik Silver (USA): Founder Maverick Business Adventures #Ref 161) Diana Cloud (USA): #Ref 182) Grant Roberts (Scotland): Entrepreneur #Ref 187-192) The Lupton Family see next slide 195) Bob Kulick (USA): owner of pizza chain #Ref 205) Richard Burr (UK): property developer #Ref 329) Marcia Fiamego: COO The Federations of Galaxy Explorers #Ref 499) Shervin Pishevar (USA): childhood friend of Ashton Kutcher #Ref 500) Ashton Kutcher (USA): Actor #Ref
  18. 18. The Pioneer Flights (101-500) 187) James Lupton (financier) 188) Béatrice Lupton (teacher) 189) Belle Lupton (TV presenter / producer) 190) Tor Lupton (theatre / art production) 191) Milla Lupton (teacher) 192) Sam Lupton (student) Pilot: Co-pilot: NEW: September, 16 2013 A whole Family together in Space
  19. 19. The Pioneer Flights (101-500) passengers who deposited at least 100 000 USD __) Paris Hilton (USA) __) Tom Hanks (USA): Actor __) Angelina Jolie (Canada): Actress __) Brad Pitt (USA): Actor __) Michael Schumacher (Germany): Formular 1 Pilot #Ref __) Marc Hagle (USA): CEP Tricor International #Ref __) Sharon Hagle (USA) #Ref __) Vesa Heilala (Finland): #Ref __) Piers Linney (UK): CEO Outsourcery #Ref __) NASA #Ref : Booked three flights on Spaceship 2 SS2 #Ref __) Tom Cruise #Ref __) Justin Bieber #Ref __) Scooter Braun (Manager of Justin Bieber) #Ref __) Katy Parry (USA), #Ref
  20. 20. The Voyager Flights (501-) passengers who deposited 10 % of the ticket prize = 20 000 USD __) John Criswick (Canada): CEO Magmic Games Picture __) Franz Kaiser (Switzerland): Travel Agency: Deluxetargets __) Per Wimmer (Denmark):Investment Bank Owner Picture __) Parents of Igor Kutsenko (Russia) __) Timur Artemyev and his wife (Russia) 552) Scott Borden (USA): Space Agent at Virgin Galactic Travel agency: 610) James Clash (USA): Adventurer and Journalist #Ref __) Ann Klefbom (Sweden) #Ref __) Kate Winslet (UK): Actress #Ref Recieved ticket as a gift for saving Richard Branson’s mother from a house fire in 2011 __) Sara Ainslie Picture __) Alan Stern Picture __) Leonardo DiCaprio, Reference __) Vasily Klyukin together with Leonardo DiCaprio, Reference 599) Craig J Horsley (USA), Accountant, New York, Ticket bought June 2014 600) Marsha Waters (UK) Reference (In total 98 women of 600 Astronauts) __) Sandro Salsano Reference email __) Cameron Winklevoss Reference (ticket paid with bitcoin (digital currency)) __) Tyler Winklevoss Reference (ticket paid with bitcoin (digital currency)) __) Lady Gaga Reference (will perform one song in space)
  21. 21. Whiteknight– creative commons – D. Miller
  22. 22. Who were the first space tourists ? • 1990 Toyohiro Akiyama (Japan) #Ref • 1991 Dr. Helen Sharman (UK) #Ref • 2001 Denis Tito (USA) #Ref • 2002 Mark Shuttleworth (South Africa) #Ref • 2005 Greg Olsen (USA) #Ref • 2006 Anousheh Ansari (Iran) #Ref • 2007 Charles Simonyi (USA) #Ref • 2008 Richard Garriot (USA) #Ref • 2009 Guy Laliberté (Canada) #Ref • 2009 Charles Simonyi (USA) #Ref
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