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Brand Identity Project for BSB class at Full Sail University

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  • Padilla patrick brand_identityproject

    1. 1. Brand Identity Patrick Padilla Full Sail University
    2. 2. Brand NameMusicGigDirectory.comMusic -The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, asthrough melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.Gig - A term commonly used by musicians with reference to their performances.Directory - A Web directory organizes Web sites by subject, and is usually maintained by humans instead of software.
    3. 3. Reasoning for Name ChoiceThis name was chosen for the brand because of it’s simplicity. The customerwill know the purpose of the company and it’s main focus by seeing the brandname alone. The company is about creating a live music directory for the U.S.and the name states the direction of the brand in terms most will understand.This will deter any confusion between this company and others, while focusinginternet web searches easily on the domain name.This brand name falls under the category of “Descriptive” according thearticle Pursuing Strong Brand.
    4. 4. StrengthsEasily searched for on the internet and search enginesSimple and descriptiveAppeals to a large demographic of customers withoutalienating any by using indiscernible slang
    5. 5. ConcernsToo generic and not abstract enough to gain the attention ofcustomersToo descriptive and not easily protectable by the USPTO.govEasy for competitors to create brand names that mimic ormirror and could vie for potentialcustomers
    6. 6. LogoThe logo is a graffiti style concert speaker with the companyname written below.This kind of logo represents the grittiness and attitude of thecompany, while showing an artistic approach to the logoitself.
    7. 7. Logo Cont.The logo adheres to basic laws of shape and color - The brand name is clearly legible - The logo itself is horizontally constructed The color scheme chosen is to counter the main market share leaders Live Nation uses a red and black color combination to attract customers, while has chosen to entice business by using cooler colors and a blue based color scheme
    8. 8. Logo Cont.
    9. 9. Logo Cont.The logo for Live Nation is simple, but conveys strong attributes of the company The read and black coloring draw attention and focus The person with their hands up symbolizes the feeling of winning and excitement the customers experience The name Live Nation sums up the company in simple descriptive terms that appeals to all customers
    10. 10. Logo Cont.Target is a company that maintains a logo that I believe is one of the strongest logos in any market Simple colors and symbol along with the brand name is recognized anywhere Not overly abstract but distinctive Reaches many demographics with just a picture
    11. 11. Corporate is a company that has been created for the concert fan,we will cater to these fans and take the stress and leg work out of findingconcerts and attending their favorite actsThis company is built on customer service and will take the time and effort forall customers to feel important and appreciatedAn example is offering incentive programs and randomly awarding upgradedtickets for customers who provide the site with the most feedback andconstructive criticism
    12. 12. Mission Statement“’s mission is alleviate the stress of finding live events for the concert fan so that they maymaximize the fun and enjoy the show. We are company focused on serving our customers to our utmost ability withall the energy and excitement the live show they about to see will provide.”This mission and mantra will be provided for the customer to see on the website and highlighted so that they knowthis is what we believe and this is how we operate. The employees will receive this on the first day in a small bookwith all of the companies corporate culture points and significant company facts that they are expected to have withthem everyday to drive home what this company stands for.This mission speaks directly to the customer and lets the employees know that this is what we expect to provide thecustomer and this is what the customer will expect from us.
    13. 13. TaglineTagline - “Live Music Here and Now”This line speaks to the customer by telling them that this is the site for livemusic and we are up to date and ready to provide them with the concertinformation they seek right nowThis is a descriptive tagline that reiterates the company mantra and keeps thecorporate culture on the forefrontThis tagline is simple positive and easy to remember so that it may bereinforced into the minds of our potential customers and catchy enough todraw business from our main competitors