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From the Dealer, Auto Group, Regional, or OEM level, FUSION™ Websites provide the automotive industry with the most complete digital marketing solution available. The vision for FUSION™ was to provide a platform that combined the core components needed to be successful when advertising on the web into one seamless solution designed exclusively for car dealers and the automotive industry.

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Fusion Platform Wp Overview (041311)

  1. 1. Internet. Solved. ™ 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  2. 2. Your dealership The Splinternet FUSION gives theis in an online gives shoppers an advantage backbattle against unfair information to your Internetthe Splinternet. advantage online. Department.The Internet has become the Splinternet technology such The FUSION PLATFORMSplinternet as technology as Smart Phones, Twitter and manages the Splinternet forchanges and evolves faster Facebook provide customers you to ensure your dealershipand faster. And technology with unprecedented access to has the right message in thedoesn’t fight fair. Dealers information without any rules right place at the right timeneed help to win this battle. or formal sales engagement. for the right audience. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  3. 3. FUSION offers 8 solutions to manage your Internet Marketing. One company. One platform. One vision. FUSION is powered by FUSION is built to manage The “Big Boys” in this ClickMotive. With over all aspects of your Internet industry seem to act like 2000 dealers switching to Marketing from a consolidated Microsoft. ClickMotive is FUSION in just a few years, platform. Even better, it is more like Apple. We’re we’re the fastest growing created to rapidly adapt and innovative. We listen. We Internet Marketing Company change to also manage the care about your success. that offers the most complete “next big thing” for your And we use technology to solution to the Splinternet. Internet Department. make complex things simple. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  4. 4. Brand yourself. Convert shoppers. And win at SEO.FUSION WEB offers powerful custom branding while holding true to ourconversion-oriented design philosophy and award-winning SEO success. WEB WEB Core™ Pro™ Included Products Core™ Pro™ ADMIN Core™ INVENTORY Core™ SEO Core™ (SEO FastStart™) SOCIAL Core™ (Social Toolbar) VIDEO Core™ (New & Used) Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Inventory Manager Home Page Manager Specials Manager Departments & Staff CRM Tool Integration SEO-Friendly Design Custom Design Libraries Custom Pages & Backgrounds Custom Offers & Specials Custom Branding Concierge More branding. More leads. Banner & Video Uploads We take dealer branding Our design philosophy starts Interactive Social Toolbar seriously, and FUSION WEB with a focus on conversion Automated Specials & Lots is built to offer dealers the rates. Forms and phone Model Videos & Used Videos highest level of branding numbers are everywhere on Phone Number Tracking Monthly Reporting Review with powerful Admin Tools. a department specific basis. Unlimited Consulting Popular Add-Ons More search. More sales. LiveClick™ Chat Tools Every single page is 100% FUSION targets low-funnel, LiveClick™ Phone Calls indexed with award-winning geo-targeted customers with SEO. Dynamic deep-linking, their “wallets out” that are 15-Minute Demo? friendliest URL strings, 301 more likely to convert from 888-518-5513 redirects, title tags and more. a lead to an actual sale. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  5. 5. Mobile has grown to 10% of traffic. 50% is coming.FUSION MOBILE offers more custom branding, better mobile SEO, higherconversion, dynamic mobile deep-linking and more supported devices. MOBILE MOBILE Core™ Pro™ Included Products Core™ Pro™ ADMIN Core™ INVENTORY Core™ SEO Core™ (MSEO) VIDEO Core™ (New only) Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Inventory Manager Specials Manager New, Used & Certified CRM Tool Integration SEO-Friendly Design Mobile Design Library Custom Header Graphic Custom Splash & App Icon Automated Specials & Lots Model Research & Videos Departments & Staff 1000% growth. 40% conversion. Phone Number Tracking Thanks to smart phones, FUSION MOBILE has been QR-Code Deep-Linking mobile usage has grown averaging 40% to 60% Monthly Reporting Review from only 1% to 10% of all conversion rates on mobile Unlimited Consulting web traffic, and experts visitors to mobile leads for predict it to rise to 50%. hundreds of our dealers. Popular Add-Ons LiveClick™ Phone Calls Text campaigns? Used car videos? Mobile Text Campaigns Mobile Used Videos Ask about optional texting We also offer optional used Non-FUSION Dealers campaigns that include one vehicle videos of your entire exclusive texting keyword, pre-owned inventory that are 15-Minute Demo? short code & campaigns. formatted for Smart Phones. 888-518-5513 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  6. 6. Pure SEO. Professional SEM. Rise to the top.FUSION SEARCH is built from the ground-up to beat the competition.No weaknesses. Nothing but consistent award-winning search results. SEO SEO Core™ Pro™ Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support SEO FastStart™ Process 100% Page Indexation Friendliest URLs & 301s Titles Tags & Headers 3rd Party SEO Integration 100% Managed SEO Custom URLs & Title Tags Custom Back Linking 301s Custom Geo-Targeted Pages Monthly Report Review SEM SEM Core™ Pro™ Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support 100% Managed SEM Keyword Generation Google, Bing & Yahoo Award-winning. Low-funnel. Bid Management FUSION is an award-winning We use search to effectively Deep-Linked Clicks search platform that has target low-funnel customers Monthly Report Review received awards and praise with their “wallets out” that Custom FUSION Microsite from many search experts. are ready to buy! Google-friendly. Penny-pinchers. We meticulously follow every Our SEM Campaigns will one of Google’s published include a full accounting of 15-Minute Demo? set of search best practices every penny we spend for 888-518-5513 to be 100% Google-friendly. you and how we performed. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  7. 7. It’s not about selling cars. It’s about selling loyalty.FUSION SOCIAL is designed to integrate in real-time with leading socialwebsites while building loyalty to increase sales and service opportunities. SOCIAL SOCIAL Core™ Pro™ (Beta) Included Products Core™ Pro™ ADMIN Core™ INVENTORY Core™ SEO Core™ (SSEO) VIDEO Core™ (New & Used) Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Covert not overt. Viral spiral. You must resist the temptation Social lets you listen to Fanatical Support of overtly trying to sell cars on what your customers say Custom Social Toolbar Custom Social Integration social websites. You should be about you. Of course, so Custom Social Affiliates subtle and more covert about can their friends, and so Social Page Sharing it with a customer-centric on. This viral spiral either Social Consultation loyalty focus that is editorial. works for you or against 100% Managed Social Customer loyalty is priceless. you, but it is never neutral. Custom Facebook Site Custom Twitter Sites Fans not friends. Fixed-ops focus. Facebook Inventory & Videos Increasing Facebook fans and Our philosophy is simple. Facebook Service Scheduler Twitter followers is an art not You buy a car today. You Facebook Staff & Specials Facebook & Twitter Postings a science. Like it or not, it can buy another car in four Scheduled Blog Postings only be accomplished with a years. The interval between Reputation Alert System consistent monitoring and these transactions is the Competitor Alert System engagement effort by humans. perfect place for social Manager Phone Hotline That’s where we come in. media to pay off for you. F&I Department Opt-In Loyalty Building & Coupons Phone Number Tracking Monthly Reporting Review Unlimited Consulting 15-Minute Demo? 888-518-5513 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  8. 8. Video SEO. Google Video. YouTube Channels.FUSION VIDEO increases conversion and engagement. TV has finally mergedwith the computer, and shoppers expect all your products to have videos. VIDEO VIDEO Core™ Pro™ Included Products Core™ Pro™ SEO Core™ (VSEO) Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Requires FUSION WEB Model Research Videos Used Inventory Videos Sister Technologies Video Custom Dealer Videos Video Script SEO (VSEO) Video Upload Tools Video Scheduling Tools 100% Managed Video Custom YouTube Channel Video SEO. More leads. Custom Video Wrappers Google is making it more Our research clearly shows Upgraded VSEO Process and more important to use that video on your website 3rd Party Site Video Feeds TrueVoice™ Voice Overs videos as an SEO tool to will increase conversion, VShoc™ Video Showcase get on the first page. We increase page views, add VidMap™ Google Postings call it VSEO. Our VIDEO more time on site and help Mobile Used Videos Pro™ product submits your engage customers. And you Embedded Quote Forms inventory videos to Google. simply receive more leads. Monthly Reporting Review Unlimited Consulting YouTube. Stickier. Popular Add-Ons Let us manage a private One of the great things Mobile Used Videos YouTube Channel for you about video is that your (Included with VIDEO Pro™) along with video feeds to 3rd customers are more likely party websites like Cars.com, to remember both the car 15-Minute Demo? AutoTrader.com, Craigslist, and the car dealership 888-518-5513 eBay, Facebook & Google. when viewing your videos. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  9. 9. The most popular inventory management tools.FUSION INVENTORY puts you in complete control of your inventory withpowerful tools that extract, improve, publish and manage every vehicle. INVENTORY INVENTORY Core™ Pro™ Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Inventory Management Pricing Management Image Management Comment Management Content Management New & Used Inventory Certified Inventory 3rd Party Inbound Feeds Multiple Daily Pulls Frequent Data Updates Unlimited Photos HomeNet IOL Lite Tools Real control. Media manager. HomeNet IOL Pro Tools Our inventory management FUSION allows for flexible DELIVER Pro™ Syndication tools are the most popular pricing rules, unlimited 3rd Party Outbound Feeds in the automotive industry. photos, video & media Vehicle Valuation Manager We offer frequent daily management, easy-to-use Pricing Analysis Tools extractions, data cleansing, bulk upload tools, comment Pricing & Discounting Rules automation, publication and editors, content tools and Auction Manager Tools easy-to-use inventory editing. complete control. Window Sticker Tools Craigslist/eBay Tools Upgraded Reporting Suite Syndication? Pricing analysis. Upgraded Analysis Tools We offer an optional product The optional vehicle pricing called DELIVER Pro™ that will matrix allows you to check Popular Add-Ons syndicate your inventory to your vehicle pricing against DELIVER Pro™ many popular 3rd party sites. other similar local vehicles (Included with INVENTORY Pro™) INVENTORY Pro™ already to maximize your profit and includes cost of DELIVER Pro™. minimize days in stock. 15-Minute Demo? 888-518-5513 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  10. 10. Unescorted shoppers? Sunday shoppers? Solved.FUSION TAG is a patent-pending mobile window sticker for each car that isdeep-linked using QR Codes to a mobile website about that vehicle. TAG TAG Core™ Pro™ Included Products Core™ Pro™ ADMIN Core™ INVENTORY Core™ Required Products Core™ Pro™ MOBILE Pro™ (FUSION Mobile cost not included) Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Powered by AutoTag™ Zebra TLP 2844-Z Printer Weatherproof Labels Premium Glossy Labels Online Printing Center Mobile Window Stickers Digital Business Card Tags Departments & Staff Photos Create Tags for any Page Ad Agency Print Ad Tags Monthly Tag Reporting Unlimited Consulting Put your product QR Code usage in their pocket. is up 1000%. Your customers will be able QR Codes are already used to scan any vehicle in seconds on virtually every product to view vehicle display pages in Japan and Europe. Now for each car with all the they are sweeping across information, photos, videos, America as the next big 15-Minute Demo? specs, prices and more from thing. Get ahead of the 888-518-5513 your mobile website. curve with FUSION TAG. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311
  11. 11. Everything you want. Easy-to-use. Total control.FUSION ADMIN is the easiest-to-use and most intuitive dealer admin tool.We put you in total control. And it comes standard with fanatical support. ADMIN ADMIN Core™ Pro™ Primary Features Core™ Pro™ Fanatical Support Reporting Dashboard Real-Time Reporting Multi-Site Management Design Selector Tools Banner & Video Uploads Content Scheduling Home Content Manager Page Content Manager Aisle Image Manager Special Offers Manager Inventory Manager Department Manager Control panel. Digital dashboard. Staff & Jobs Manager FUSION ADMIN tools were We believe our dealers and CRM Tool Lead Delivery designed by working closely account consultant teams Upgraded Admin Tools with dealers. We built the should be able to tell exactly LiveClick™ Reporting industry’s friendliest admin how you are performing at a LiveClick™ Screenshots tools because we listened. glance. The digital dashboard LiveClick™ Chat Tools Great admin tools should makes this process easy with LiveClick™ Phone Calls simplify your day. critical reporting data. Dynamic Session Numbers Enhanced CRM Information Call Recording Manager LiveClick™. Fanatical support. Call Quality Scoring System This is the first report your Lots of companies talk about Popular Add-Ons GM will look at each day. great support. It is embedded Upgrade to ADMIN Pro™ into our company culture. We LiveClick™ Chat Tools to receive live phone lead are truly fanatical about giving LiveClick™ Phone Calls tracking per session, call expert advice and support as 15-Minute Demo? quality scoring, chat and your partner and Internet 888-518-5513 dynamic session numbers. Marketing Consultant. 888-518-5513 *Subject to change. Confidential © v041311