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SMS Based GPS - Dits

SMS Based GPS from DITS
Automotive Anti-Theft Alarm Function

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SMS Based GPS - Dits

  1. 2. The System boasts integrated GPS – GPRS combo for accurate vehicle tracking, and SMS based interface that allows remote monitoring/control of the vehicle via mobile phones. User communication with the device is text based in SMS format, given the ubiquity of mobile devices , this makes communication universal . Packed with innovative features like built in battery backup, intelligent standby, etc., this product is a class of its own, rugged , cheap and reliable meeting the tough automotive industry standards.
  2. 3. Positioning and query functions : The system supports control and position functions which can be queried by SMS enabled remote hosts like Mobile Phone . The inter device communication is SMS based. The remote host can send commands to the device and receive device response in plain text format. Ease of use being the primary criterion for user device interaction. GPS based car location as well control of the vehicle like remote door locking, stopping of the vehicle remotely are supported.
  3. 4. Non-normal displacement alarm : GPS system is helpful when somebody else is trying to move the vehicle without starting the vehicle, in such situation GPS system will inform us. Warning
  4. 5. Mobile phone emergency alarm : An emergency button is available in GPS system. If in case of accident the user can press the emergency knob so automatic dialing and message sending is done. Emergency alert
  5. 6. Burglar Alarm : GPS system will give information about anybody braking the window glasses and trying to damage the vehicle. GPS system gives information about cutting battery lines.
  6. 7. Remote control braking function : GPS system is useful in a situation where somebody has stolen the vehicle, we can stop the flow of oil to engine and there by we can stop the vehicle.
  7. 8. Multi-application interface : GPS system is helpful, if we forget to lock the door of the vehicle, it sends alarm after 30 minutes and automatically lock the doors. It is interconnected with the central locking system of the vehicle..
  8. 9. Lithium rechargeable electric circuit : GPS system contains a battery which has life of two hours. The battery contains in the GPS system is rechargeable. This enables the system to function even when the vehicle’s battery has been cut.
  9. 10. The authorized person : GPS system contains an authorized number. System will provide GPS information only through this authorized number. Authorized number Unauthorized number
  10. 11. Equipment List : 1 Host 2 RF remote control 3 Vibration sensor 4 Power cable 5 I / O cable set 6 GPS antenna 7 GSM antenna 8 Manual 9 Relay 10 Emergency button
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