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Romanian food


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romanian traditional food

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Romanian food

  1. 1. Our gastronomic customs have mostly a traditional character, they are kept since the ending of the communist period in Romania. Although, consequences of the globalization can be easily observed in people’s lifestyles when it comes about food. Children and youngsters are usually those who have breakfast and it consists in eggs, meat based products or toast with marmalade. Adults prefer having a cup of coffee before starting work. The extended working times and the constant hurry people find themselves into are the main causes of skipping lunch. Each of the family members prefers eating lunch in places like fast food restaurants. That’s why dinner became the main meal of the day. People usually have meat- based dishes, stakes, meat rolled in cabbage leaves or peppers filled with minced meat. Dinner is the moment when the whole family is gathered. In the older, traditional families, people usually say grace before eating. Romanians prefer cooking their meals rather than eating in a restaurant. The main causes are the traditional character of our gastronomy and the care for natural food.