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Greek comics for healthy lifestyle


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Greek comics for healthy lifestyle

Published in: Education
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Greek comics for healthy lifestyle

  2. 2. A simple definition is that a comic is a series of drawings narrating a story. The development of the story is achieved through a series of pictures accompanied by short text or by a dialogue among the characters.
  3. 3. Are simple Scitch life Are cleverly presented Have action Have information that has to be interpreted Have communicative power
  4. 4. Web tool for the creation of comics Easy to use We divided into work teams
  5. 5. Teenagers often don’t care for a healthy lifestyle. Junk food has replaced a cooked meal, alcohol, cigarettes and even experiments with illegal drugs may belong to their everyday life. Physical fitness fades into the background because sports is often only watched on TV but not practiced. The new media dominates their life. They usually spend hours in front of the TV, computers or smartphones.
  6. 6. Watching films, playing computer games, phoning, writing SMS or listening to loud music often takes most of their time. Although everybody is connected to lots of other people via the social networks and is available day and night, teenagers are often isolated because the contacts are virtual and not real. The long-term consequences are a lack of physical and social competence and an enormous effect on the psyche of young people.