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Europass is highly regarded as a complex modern initiative which enables people
that someone has undergone as a result of spending a definite period of time in a
European country with the aim of studyin...
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Europass a definite asset in any domain


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Europass a definite asset in any domain

Published in: Education
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Europass a definite asset in any domain

  1. 1. EUROPASS – A DEFINITE ASSET IN ANY DOMAIN Europass is highly regarded as a complex modern initiative which enables people from European Union Member States to provide prospective (international) employers or universities with valuable insight into their competences and skills in different fields as well as the qualifications they have obtained after finishing a course of study, the educational and career accomplishments to date, the work experience gained and last but not least, a thorough documentation as proof of the aforementioned information. Europass represents an easily accessible electronic format based portfolio made up of five complex documents which have been specifically drawn up with the aim of empowering any European citizen with the possibility to make a record of the skills, training and work experience acquired, in addition to allowing the targeted educational, training or work institution to have access to a coherent accurate flow of information on someone’s educational and professional background. Two out of the five documents which the Europass portfolio consists of are accessible to everybody and are to be completed by the citizens themselves: The Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV) and The Europass Language Passport. The Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV) gives information on someone’s skills and qualifications and helps the targeted employer, training company or educational institution to have access to a detailed description of their academic and professional achievements. It is worth mentioning that there is a standard format for the Europass CV so that every European citizen should present themselves in the same pellucid and straightforward writing. The Europass Language Passport enables European citizens to provide details of their foreign language command or linguistic capabilities and takes the form of a document that is more precisely an objective self-assessment of someone’s foreign language proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (which is used to render language mastery in a universally accepted standardised format throughout the entire continent and not only). The other three documents which make up the Europass portfolio (The Europass Mobility, The Europass Certificate Supplement and The Europass Diploma Supplement) are completed by competent education authorities, training institutions or companies. The Europass Mobility takes written notice of the knowledge and skills which someone develops in another European country and describes a mobility experience
  2. 2. that someone has undergone as a result of spending a definite period of time in a European country with the aim of studying, training or researching, irrespective of age or educational level, and proves extremely useful for students who have carried out a part of their studies in another European country as well as for those who have done a school, work or voluntary placement abroad. The Europass Certificate Supplement supports citizens who have vocational education or training certificates or diplomas and gives further information on the knowledge, competence and skills acquired throughout the course. Such information is not available on the official certificate issued by the institution and The Supplement proves its handiness especially in the case of prospective education centres or employers abroad who are not familiar with the state of affairs in the issuing country. The Europass Diploma Supplement is granted to holders of higher education courses of study together with the parchment and detailed results obtained at all the subjects studied throughout the university years. It provides information which is not available on the official parchment but is nonetheless necessary for institutions outside the issuing country for a better understanding of the skills and competences acquired by the holder, the qualifications achieved as well as the entry requirements for admission to the next level of higher education. In conclusion, taking all the aforementioned into account and considering the fact that it follows the same procedures throughout Europe and evokes the same accepted standard of accuracy and reliability, it can be clearly stated that Europass simplifies and forwards the successful mobility of both learners and workers on a European scale, promoting a much clearer shaping of the content of curricula in addition to fostering not only admittance to foreign colleges, universities or other types of higher education, but also facilitating productive insertion on the European and global labour market. Bibliography:         