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1. Realschule Uetze Germany


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Where is Uetze and how does the school look like? Here, you can get more information.

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1. Realschule Uetze Germany

  1. 1. Realschule Uetze Realschule Uetze
  2. 2. Uetze is in Lower-Saxony
  3. 3. The school centre This is the school centre in Uetze. There are three different types of schools. Altogether, about 1.600 students have lessons here. Our school, the Realschule, has got about 650 students.
  4. 4. The school building outside Around the school building there are a lot of oak trees. During the break, the young students play on the playground.
  5. 5. The school building inside Inside,there are long corridors and many classrooms.
  6. 6. The students
  7. 7. The teachers
  8. 8. How do the students come to school? The students are from 8 different villages. They are picked up by buses. The pupils from Uetze come by bike or on foot.
  9. 9. Canteen
  10. 10. Classrooms Each class has a classroom and the teachers come to the pupils. We have special rooms for music, biology, physics, computer science and chemistry
  11. 11. Timetable • The lessons start at 7.55 am and end at 1pm or sometimes at 3pm • Compulsary subjects: German, English, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economy, Art, PE, Religion, Geography, History and Politics
  12. 12. Timetable • Special subjects from grade 9 on: French, Technology, Social Science and Health • Extracurricular activities in the afternoon: sports, theatre, chess, first aid, computer technology and video
  13. 13. Special offers • Orchestra from grade 5 on • Bilingual courses in politics, history and geography • Trip to Paris in class 9
  14. 14. The municipality of Uetze Uetze consists of 8 different villages: •Altmerdingsen •Dedenhausen •Dollbergen •Eltze •Hänigsen •Obershagen •Schwüblingsen •Uetze
  15. 15. Pictures of Uetze
  16. 16. Pictures of Uetze
  17. 17. Sports clubs There are many sports clubs in uetze, for example football, handball, volleyball, horse riding and shooting clubs
  18. 18. Onion Festival Uetze is famous for growing onions. Every year in September, there is a festival with music, dancing and lots of food made from onions.
  19. 19. Erse Park The Erse Park is a leisure park with many different attractions.
  20. 20. Horses The region around Uetze is famous for horse breeding and riding.
  21. 21. This presentation was created by the Erasmus+ Study Group of the Realschule Uetze / Germany in 2014 Direction: Rosa Maria Andersch Students: Rieke Bonde Franziska Pietrek Vivien Degner Fenja Roggensack Lia van Ditzhuyzen Henriette Schaper Luke Dowe York Lennart Scheidat Fabienne Esposito Hendrik Schumann Hannah Luciana Evers Eva Schwarz Talea Fichtner Lea Siebentaler Corinna Fricke Marie Stahlhut Hendrik Gring Meryem Talu Victoria Hasenjäger Emily Marlen Teichert Johannes Hennies Daniela Ulrich Lea Hessenmüller Justin Kevin van Wanrooij Lee-Ann Hytrek Lara Oehlmann Katharina-Sofia Meyer