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Power Specialties Process Control Line Card January 2018


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Established in 1967, Power Specialties was founded on the concept that customer service is of primary importance. Our staff of Sales Engineers are well trained in the application and selection of instrumentation and control products. Specializing in providing instrumentation and control solutions for industry:

Ethanol / BioFuel
Agricultural and Specialty Chemical
Oil and Gas Production

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Power Specialties Process Control Line Card January 2018

  1. 1. Representing: Kansas City 9118 E. 72nd Terrace Raytown, MO 64133 816.353.6550 Fax: 816.353.1740 Omaha 1509 S. 152nd Ave. Circle Omaha, NE 68144 816.412.9507 Wichita 404 Sweezy Halstead, KS 67056 816.412.9509 toll free: 800.432.6550 Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection  Gas-Plus Universal Transmitter  Sentinel IR and Catalytic Bead Combustible Transmitter  Scout Portable 4 gas monitor with VOC Monitor Pneumatic Damper Drives: 90 to 10,000  Exact Retrofit of Existing Floor Mounts, Direct Mounts and Other Mounting Variations  K-Tork Vane Actuator.  Rotork Electric Drive Products Coriolis Mass, Vortex and Magnetic Flow Meters  EJA/EJX Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature Transmitters  DAQStation Video Recorders and Data Acquisition  EXA O2, pH, ORP and Conductivity Analyzers  GC8000 Gas Chromatograph  Gas Density  TruePeak TDLS  UT/UP Single Loop Controllers, Digital Indicators and Signal Conditioning  Centum VP Production Control System  Portable Test Equipment Iowa City 553 Dakota Ave. Tiffin, IA 52340 816.412.9512 Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Free Total & Combined Chlorine  Conductivity, Cation Conductivity, Degassed Acid Conductivity  Low Level Dissolved Oxygen  Hydrazine  pH  Phosphate  ORP  Resistivity  Silica, Trace Silica  Sodium, Trace Sodium  Total Organic Carbon  Turbidity Air Flow Measurement Stations  Fan Inlet, Round or Rectangular Duct Flow Stations Process Weighing Systems  KIS Weigh Modules  Load Cells  Web Tension Measurement Infrared Moisture and Thickness Gauges  Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Digital Panel Meters  Rate/Totalizers  Temperature Indicators and Controllers Direct Insertion and Full Body Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters Continuous and Point Level Measurement for Solids and Liquids Magnetostrictive Float Type Tank Gauging Systems  Level Indicators Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Sensors and Thermowells  Temperature Transmitters Bi-Metallic Temperature Gauges  RTD and Thermocouple Sensors and Thermowells  Pressure Gauges, Switches and Remote Seals Water and Air Eductors  Steam Jet Vacuum Systems  Desuperheaters Particulate and Opacity Monitoring Systems  FLOWSIC Ultrasonic Flow measurement for Flare and Stack  Extractive and Insitu Gas Analysis including CO, CO2, NH3, NO2, NO, SO2, O2 and Hg  Industry solutions for Cement and Power Industries