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Conflict Notes


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Conflict Notes

  1. 1. Conflict NotesA conflict is when two sides are in opposition with one another (against each other), when there is astruggle of some kind, or when there is a problem that needs to be dealt with or solved.There is basically no story without a conflict.There are five main types of conflicts found in stories. Three are external, which means they happenbetween a character or characters and something/someone else. Two are internal, which means theyhappen inside a character.External ConflictsPhysical = character vs. characterThis type of conflict is when one character or group of characters is in opposition with another group.EX: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort in Harry Potter books; The Empire vs. the Rebels in “Star Wars,” etc.Elemental = character vs. natureThis type of conflict is when the character is struggling against something in the natural world. This couldbe the weather, an animal, a disease, etc.EX: Survival stories are about this type of conflict, such as Hatchet or The Cay.Societal = character vs. societyThis type of conflict is when a character goes against the accepted values, beliefs, traditions, or goals of asociety.EX: Stories that take place in the 1960s about African –Americans living during segregation are oftenabout this type of conflict, such as Roll of Thunder, Here My Cry.Internal ConflictsMental = character vs. selfThis type of conflict happens in the character’s mind, usually when the character is struggling to make adecision about something.EX: Gollum from Lord of the Rings has a mental conflict over whether to help Frodo or hurt him.Spiritual = character vs. the DivineThis type of conflict is when the character struggles internally (in mind/soul) about or with the Divine(God or deity). This is NOT like Greek mythology or Bruce Almighty where gods and God are actualcharacters. There are not many examples of this conflict for your age group.