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Genesis Capital brochure v12 1-16_2012

  2. 2. GENESIS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT DELIVERING HIGH VALUE OFF MARKET OPPORTUNITIES TO OUR CLIENTS. Genesis Capital Management (“Genesis”) is an association of more than 40 Off Market professionals across the country. Our members source assets directly from Banks, Servicers, Lenders and Private Clients. The members of Genesis have participated in commercial real estate transactions totaling nearly $7 billion. The professional backgrounds of the Genesis team range from commercial real estate brokers and bank consultants to asset managers and senior bankers. Using our combined experience, we have aggressively built our presence in the commercial real estate and lending communities.ELITE PROGRAMThe flagship program of Genesis is the ELITE PROGRAM. Genesis leverages its relationships with lenders for the advantage of ourclients, serious Elite Program buyers. Instead of sourcing assets for any number of Genesis buyers to bid on, we take Elite Programbuyers directly to the “front of the line” with lenders to source specific assets for acquisition. Buyers accepted to this program musthave a minimum of $150M (USD) to deploy for acquisitions, be a serious and proven buyer, and be ready to follow the protocolsoutlined by the lender and Genesis. A questionnaire and interview help assess acquisition criteria.Genesis will assist Elite Program clients in a full service program: from sourcing the assets, providing due diligence in an encrypteddeal room, assisting in review of valuations, interfacing with the lender, and all aspects through to closing. From time to time, assetswill be presented from non-bank sources (off market private sellers.) ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 2 of 10
  3. 3. FREQUENTLYASKED QUESTIONSWHAT is the Elite Program? The Elite Program at Genesis accepts asmall number of clients who are serious about buying assets, whowant to cut through the competition and difficulties getting to assetsat the banks or off market, and who want first-class service to meettheir goals. This is an historic period of opportunity purchases forcommercial real estate, but access to assets has not been easy overthe last few years. Genesis helps break down barriers with the EliteProgram. This is not a generic program whereby Genesis sourcesassets that many clients can bid on; it is a personalized program thatsources assets only for its specific client, one by one, in order toenhance closings.WHY did you develop the Elite Program? Banks are sitting on manyopportunities but they are often poorly equipped to be in the realestate or note sale industry and are overwhelmed by massivedefaults. Some do not understand realistic valuations and others arenot serious about selling assets. Genesis creates a win-win situationfor the buyer and the bank, finding specific target assets from banksthat are willing to sell and deal in reality. Genesis Capital found that WHO can most benefit from the Elite Program? Groups orsimply sourcing assets to present to any number of buyers is not an individuals who do not have staff to source assets, or perhaps do haveideal scenario – buyers compete against each other, banks are less a small staff but cannot cover all banks, or those who need high-levelserious and less motivated to close as “a better offer” may be around bank contacts to access the right kinds of assets will strongly benefitthe corner, and the environment can become frustrating. By from the Elite Program. Some wealthy individuals or trusts who wantpresenting serious Elite buyers to our strong bank relations, Genesis is to take advantage of access to opportunity investments can clearlyable to pull specific assets for the Elite client only. It is a market reality benefit from the Elite Program services. The Genesis programs,that lenders will share first choice assets with a few preferred buyers include the Elite Program, are for principals only. Sorry, no brokers.before offering them to others. The Elite Program leverages ourrelationships for that kind of access. ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 3 of 10
  4. 4. FREQUENTLYASKED QUESTIONSWHO is a typical Elite Program candidate? What is the criteria to be accepted?One of the biggest problems that banks have faced over the last years is goinginto contract on an asset but not closing because the buyer is unable toperform. The buyer couldn’t come up with the funds or find an equity partner,or perhaps the buyer tied up the asset to try to find another buyer in order toflip the asset. Banks in fact have been besieged with many opportunity buyers,though many are not buyers at all. Banks today want to know that a buyer canperform and has a track record. Elite Program candidates must have at least$150M USD ready to deploy with proof of funds; the candidate will typicallyhave a track record of closing on assets and will provide a profile of thecompany, group or individual goals. The bank wants to be sure you are ourclient and that we are authorized to pull our assets for your review, so a simpleMandate letter will be required.HOW can I be accepted? Complete the confidential application packet. Elite Program members must sign the confidentiality agreement, mandateletter, provide proof of funds and follow any specific bank protocol. Genesis will review the candidature and make a decision within 5 businessdays; a telephone interview is typically part of the process.WHAT are the fees? Genesis believes in keeping fees as low as possible. There is a sliding scale between 1% to 3% based on the deal size. The fee ispaid at closing. No brokers allowed.WHAT is the process once I am accepted? The Genesis team will evaluate asset criteria more deeply. A profile and packet will be prepared, andtarget banks will be identified (based on your acquisitions criteria and their inventory.) Our professional Area Managers or Executive Team willthen meet with the top bank officials, present you as a serious Elite Program buyer, and the process to source assets begins. Genesis will reviewpotential assets and discuss any inconsistencies and valuation guidance with the lender, and then present the assets to the Elite buyer. If there isinterest, due diligence materials will be provided in our encrypted deal room to help in the formulation of an offer, the offer will be presented (ourGenesis attorney will review the materials), and then move into contract and closing. ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 4 of 10
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE TEAMTerry Robinson Dan BealFounder, Chief Operating OfficerChief Executive OfficerTerry Robinson is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Genesis Daniel R. Beal is a general contractor and a real estate developer. A nativeCapital Management. Mr. Robinson has over 20 years of experience Californian, Daniel has been educated and has resided in this dynamicin principal investing, real estate, private equity, and technology growth state, California, his entire life. He has been involved in itsdevelopment. Mr. Robinson has held a variety of senior level construction industry since his college years. Daniel earned his bachelor’spositions with large companies such as Norwest Bank, Wells Fargo degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing fromBank, and Countrywide. Mr. Robinson revolutionized outdated sales California State University at Fullerton in 1976.and operation platforms by creating state of the art systems utilizing During the recent decade, Daniel has contracted as an independentcutting edge technologies he developed. He has pioneered the new project/construction management consultant. His clients have includedmarket of “Off Market” transactions and continues to lead the way major developers throughout Southern California.with new developments. see more here: see more here: ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 5 of 10
  6. 6. EXECUTIVE TEAMBob Bright Tony Walker Kathy HeshelowFounder, National Sales Director Managing Director,Chief Executive Officer Investor Relations Tony Walker has more than 15 years as aBob Bright is General Counsel and an successful entrepreneur, and a track Kathy has more than 14 years ofExecutive Vice President for Genesis record of building large teams in both the experience in commercial real estate withCapital. residential and commercial real estate transactional experience in all asset types. industry. His teamwork and relationship She owns a commercial real estate firmBob is dual-qualified as a California Lawyer building approach has proven to be very specializing in NNN investments. Inand a Solicitor in England and Wales. With successful. He was so successful with his addition, she has numerous securitiesmore than 17 years experience as a unique marketing and business building licenses, focusing on real estate relatedlawyer, his experience has included the insight he co-founded a customer investments such as REITs, DSTs and funds.successful prosecution and defense of relationship building company.complex real estate related claims,. see more here: see more here: see more here: ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 6 of 10
  7. 7. SERVICESIn addition to our flagship Elite Program, Genesis specializes in off In addition, Genesis also offers, a web basedmarket deals that are not found on commercial listing services exchange for defaulted residential loans. Listings may be for an(Loopnet, Costar, Propertyline, etc.) and not listed through individual loan or pools of loans and may be for any type oftraditional brokerage. Although the types of offerings are similar to residential or commercial loan.those found publicly, typically the deal terms and ROI are betterwith off-market listings. Genesis sources assets through banks, Finally, the Genesis Small Balance Multi Family Solutions, due toservicers and private clients. demand, will deal with multifamily projects below $5 Million in value.Below is a sample of the type of properties our Elite Clients have access to: ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 7 of 10
  8. 8. Genesis Capital Management is private consulting firm that assists in thefacilitation of real estate and note transactions Genesis believes that offmarket is the new market. We are focused on delivering off market assetsfrom our lending and private sources to our screened buyers, for thesuccess of all. Genesis Capital offers a broad spectrum of knowledge andexpertise in real estate, corporate finance and capital markets and bringsefficiency to transaction closing. Our goal is to deliver sound and tacticalreal estate acquisition services to meet the investor’s acquisition goals.Genesis Capital’s association is comprised of experienced individualsoperating in distressed asset environments. Some of the more seasonedteam members have experience spanning more than 30 years back to theResolution Trust Corporation (RTC) days. The team members haveparticipated in transactions with a total value in excess of $7 billion. TheGenesis team has successfully originated single small balance assets andpools in excess of $65 M.Genesis Capital sources assets discreetly and markets them discreetly to aclosed circle of qualified Genesis buyers. Genesis will never go to the openmarket. We guard strict confidentiality in the off market arena for ourclients, and make data security a priority. Strict protocols are in place toprotect clients and the transactional information. Genesis Capital’sfounder, Terry Robinson, started in the off market arena in 2004 and hasbuilt a successful new method of acquisitions and dispositions. ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 8 of 10
  10. 10. CONTACT USGenesis Capital Management"Where Off Market is the NewMarket"101 California Street, Suite 2450San Francisco, CA 94111p. (415) 967-0709f. (415) 963-3537Dan BealChief Operating Officerdirect (415) ELITE WHERE OFF MARKET IS THE NEW MARKET 10 of 10