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Alleviating the Biggest Fears and Frustrations in Your Business


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There are 5 things that business owners feel are their biggest frustrations. This video explains what they are and how to alleviate them!

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Alleviating the Biggest Fears and Frustrations in Your Business

  1. 1. What is the Biggest Fear or Frustration That you have in your business???
  2. 2. About Michael Barbarita  30 Years of business ownership experience  Owned Retail, Manufacturing and Service companies  Truly understands the risks and opportunities of business ownership!!!
  3. 3. What We Do We give you, the small business owner the information and analysis you need that allows you to make more informed and more accurate business decisions ultimately eliminating your fear and frustration.
  4. 4. Key Objective and Strength  Identifying the need and want of the business owner  Determine your desired outcome
  5. 5. 90% of the time the client’s needs and wants come down to one or more of 5 key categories!! To which I can Help!
  6. 6. Need and Want #1 Accurate and timely Financial Statements!  More accurate business decisions  Get a better frame of reference  The Scoreboard of your business
  7. 7. Know Your Numbers!!  Balance Sheet  P & L  Cash Flow Statement When you know your numbers you know your business!!! Current client increased profit 200% by simply having accurate and timely financials!!!!
  8. 8. Need and Want #2 Where is Cash Going?  Accounts Receivable  Excess Inventory  Capital Expenditures A client improved cash flow by $100k per Year because we discovered cash hiding in Inventory and I committed him to an inventory purchase plan!
  9. 9. Need and Want #3 Strategic Plan!  Defines direction of the business  Allocates company resources properly  Identifies Key Drivers of your business Since implementing a strategic plan a client has increased their bottom line an average of 20% in last two years!!
  10. 10. Need and Want #4 Working on your business instead of in your Business!  Increases business  Smooth's out revenue flow  Increases Value of the Business (no one wants to buy a job! They want to buy a business!!) I taught a client how to work on their business instead of in it and as a result the client has increased sales an average of 50% in last two years!!
  11. 11. Need and Want # 5 Accountability!! The most successful business owners I know make people accountable throughout The entire organization
  12. 12. What happens When we Don’t Address these Frustrations!
  13. 13. My Promise I promise that I will address the biggest fear and frustration that you have in your Business. I will identify your needs and wants and achieve your desired outcome!!
  14. 14. Michael Barbarita Next Step CFO Tel: 781-326-3822 Email: Web: