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Boulton & Watt engine: pre-visit exhibition slideshow


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This pre-visit exhibition slideshow for Boulton and Watt engine provides an overview of the:
- Physical layout and exhibition sections
- Key objects and interactives students will see in the exhibition
- Relevant online teaching and learning resources
It thus provides students with greater context for their learning during their visit to the Powerhouse Museum.

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Boulton & Watt engine: pre-visit exhibition slideshow

  1. 1. Pre-visit exhibition walkthrough The Boulton and Watt engine
  2. 2. Go on a journey to discover this amazing steam engine, engineer James Watt, entrepreneur Matthew Boulton, and the world in the late 1700s. Boulton & Watt engine Galleries behind the engine
  3. 3. This exhibition walkthrough provides an overview of the: • Physical layout and exhibition sections • Key objects • Audiovisual and interactive • Relevant online teaching and learning resources Exhibition entrance Boulton & Watt
  4. 4. Boulton and Watt engine The oldest surviving rotative engine in the world. • See it in action (live or on screen) – work out how the parts act together using energy in steam to turn the drive wheel, which can turn other machines • Find out how this 1785 engine got here from London’s Whitbread brewery • Find out how engines such as this transformed the way people lived and worked
  5. 5. connecting rod beam/rocking arm planet gear fly wheel cylinder condenser (in tank) piston rod Boulton and Watt engine drive wheel sun gear
  6. 6. 1. the separate condenser -reducing fuel use by 85% 2. the parallel motion mechanism -allowing the piston to push the beam up as well as pulling it down 3. the sun and planet gears - turning the up-and-down motion of the beam into rotative motion 4. the governor -automatically controlling the speed of the engine Innovations that Boulton and Watt introduced: 3 4 2 1
  7. 7. James Watt was also the first to surround the cylinder with wood to keep it hot the ‘original’ piston and piston rod
  8. 8. What’s behind the Boulton and Watt engine? Visit the galleries behind the engine.
  9. 9. Gallery 1: Explore the lives of Boulton and Watt Making money with steam Boulton applied steam power to coin making, one example was the Imperial Bank Mint at St Petersburg
  10. 10. James Watt: the Scottish instrument maker who was the creative genius behind the engine Some of the original Boulton and Watt engine parts Octant
  11. 11. Matthew Boulton: the entrepreneur who saw the potential of the engine and supplied the finance and manufacturing know-how Medals, tokens, plaques and coins made in mints such as Boulton’s Soho Mint, Birmingham, England Samuel Whitbread: the progressive brewer who used the steam engine to revolutionise the brewing industry
  12. 12. Discover more about Boulton, Watt and their world in the levels above, using the stairway next to the Strasburg Clock Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4
  13. 13. Gallery 2: Explore the lives of Boulton and Watt The governor interactive Boulton saw a governor in a grain mill and asked Watt to apply the idea to control engine speed Engine indicator This is another invention of James Watt. Learn more about it on your way down from the galleries above using the other stairway
  14. 14. The governor interactive See how the governor works
  15. 15. Gallery 3: Find out why Boulton, Watt and their friends were known as ‘lunatics’
  16. 16. Jasperware jewellery made by Matthew Boulton and Josiah Wedgwood
  17. 17. The Soho Manufactory Soho Foundry Soho Insurance Co
  18. 18. Union certificate Birmingham riot 1792 Birmingham
  19. 19. Coffee pot This belonged to Joseph Banks, the botanist who sailed to Australia with Captain Cook. Banks met Boulton and Watt at meetings of the Lunar Society
  20. 20. Gallery 4: Experiment with more of Watt’s inventions and catch a glimpse of life in the 1700s. The parallel motion mechanism interactive The sun and planet gear interactive
  21. 21. From single acting to double acting interactive See how the parallel motion mechanism (right) allows the top of the cylinder to be sealed while letting the piston push the end of the beam up as well as pulling it down (double acting)
  22. 22. Bear baiting Gin lane The cockpit
  23. 23. The blacksmith’s shop Discussing an orrery Bird in an air pump
  24. 24. From up and down to round and round interactive • See how the planet gear drive the sun gear and the flywheel as you move the beam up and down • To move the beam, you will need to give the flywheel a little push if one of the gears is directly above the other • Count the number of turns the sun gear and flywheel make for every stroke of the beam
  25. 25. The engine indicator another of James Watt’s invention You can see this on the way down the other stairs
  26. 26. Online resources:- • Boulton and Watt engine at the Powerhouse Museum - this includes an 11-min illustrated talk by curator, Debbie Rudder, and panorama view of the engine • Boulton and Watt engine, Powerhouse Museum online collection database • 225th Birthday of our Boulton and Watt engine, Object of the week blog of the Powerhouse Museum • Science Museum’s online animation showing the motion of the Boulton and Watt en • The Boulton and Watt collection, Birmingham City Council • Matthew Boulton: Bicentenary celebrations 2009, Birmingham City Council Relevant Museum programs:- • Steam revolution exhibition • Locomotive No 1 exhibition • Transport exhibition • Marvellous Machine Drawing Adventure, a self guided program for yrs 3-5 Image credit: All images used are from the Powerhouse Museum -: Powerhouse Museum Learning :-