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Holiday gift list for the visual thinker books for learnin'


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Gift idea list for the visual thinker.#2 Books.

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Holiday gift list for the visual thinker books for learnin'

  1. For theThe Manifestofor Change.Dan Roam’sBlah, Blah,Blah.
  2. For theWho likes plainspeaking.Brian Fugere,Chelsea Hardawayand JonWarshawsky’sWhy BusinessPeople SpeakLike Idiots.
  3. For theWorking withPowerPoint.Practical Tipsand PointersfromBruce R.Gabrielle’sSpeakingPowerPoint.
  4. For theAnd designer inall of us.Nancy Duarte’sSlide:ology.
  5. For theAnything byEdward Tufte.The man’s agenius. And(mostly) right.Edward Tufte’sBeautifulEvidence.EnvisioningInformation.The VisualDisplay ofQuantitativeInformation.
  6. For theWho wants theprimer for TypeEllen Lupton’sThinking withType.
  7. For theWho learns fromeverywhere.Usabilitydoesn’t justapply tosoftware.SteveKrug’sDon’t make meThink.
  8. For theData visualizerand part-timechartoholic.Stephen Few’sInformationDashboardDesign.
  9. For theWho knows youstill have toconnect withpeople.Jimmy Carr &Lucy Greeve’sOnly Joking.(Not a singlepicture in thebook)