Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS


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Learn about Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino's book, Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS. Get your copy today on, through Barnes and Noble,, through Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries, Healing Centers, and more!

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Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS

  1. 1. A new book by<br />Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, <br />Ph.D., D.D.<br />Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS<br />Already hailed as one of the most important books available today about HIV/AIDS care, treatment, education, counseling, and ministry…A must-read for HIV/AIDS workers, volunteers, ministers, <br />friends, family, educators, <br />teenagers…anyone interested in HIV/AIDS information, education…and everyone touched by this disease. <br />AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON.COM, BARNES & NOBLE, AT, <br />, AND WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD <br />ISBN 10: 0984590455<br />ISBN 13: 978-0984590452<br />
  2. 2. About Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS<br />At the current rate of HIV infection, statistics suggest one out of every two people will be infected with HIV by 2025. With such a staggering realization, the world has responded with education, information, and disease prevention. Despite expanded care and treatment for HIV/AIDS patients, most note a lack of spiritual response toward HIV/AIDS education and treatment. Patients are too often treated as a disease, rather than as people in need of healing, love, and compassion. With a lack of spiritual response, the question remains...what is the appropriate spiritual response to HIV/AIDS? In Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. takes the reader on a fascinating, educational, and compassionate journey toward a complete understanding of HIV/AIDS patient care. Purposed to awaken Christian response through healing, trust, and love, Compassionate Care educates Christian believers, ministers, and leaders about the essentials of healing response to HIV/AIDS. Designed to make medical, educational, and spiritual responses to HIV/AIDS practical and understandable, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann gives a unique, powerful, and anointed perspective to this very sensitive and often overlooked issue of our times. In this book lies the challenge, information, and empowerment to overcome bias, superstition, religious barriers, and bigotries to stand as agents of God's healing touch to a sick and dying world. As the reader focuses in on Jesus' call in Matthew 25 as a witness to Christ, HIV/AIDS becomes an opportunity to minister life and health instead of judgment and fear. <br />
  3. 3. About the Author<br />Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. is Apostle in Office for Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. Her teaching, preaching, conference hosting, education, and covering ministry encompasses ten churches and ministries worldwide, many conferences, and thousands of ministry friends and partners. Apostle Dr. Lee Ann is also Chancellor for Apostolic University, founder of Women of Power Conferences, host of Power For Today radio and podcast programs, editor-in-Chief of Power For Today Magazine, and author of numerous writings. As a long-time women's health educator and HIV/AIDS educator, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann is blessed to be co-founder of Healing Centers, an organization dedicated to facilitate divine healing among HIV/AIDS patients, their families, and friends, and educate communities about the essentials of HIV/AIDS. She is founder of Compassionate Care HIV/AIDS Ministry Training, which trains churches and ministries for effective HIV/AIDS ministry. Her website is<br />