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Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring by Renowned Company


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Power Dekor Ltd is a certified products and service provider company of wooden flooring in New Zealand. Our products & services are inexpensive, durable and stylish.

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Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring by Renowned Company

  1. 1. Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring by Renowned Company
  2. 2. Are you looking for a flooring material that has similar properties to hardwood flooring? Bamboo is an excellent choice for you for it shares the same benefits as hardwood flooring. However, before you install this material, it is best that you get informed about this material. Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd
  3. 3. Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd Flooring is very important to every property owner out there. The choices you make concerning your flooring material will have an impact on the value of your home. That said, the more you understand what you are getting into, the more knowledgeable you will be before making a final decision. Read on for some exciting benefits of having bamboo flooring installed in your property.
  4. 4. Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd • Natural bamboo flooring is pretty easy to maintain. Cleaning small particles of dirt is always taxing. With bamboo, these particles are quite easy to get rid of. You can either sweep the floor or mop it with high quality bamboo floor cleanser and you are good to go. The best part is, the cleaning part will be effortless and quick. • Bamboo is an extremely hard and strong material. It is one of the most durable flooring materials that are worth spending your money on. Due to their durability, wooden floors in Auckland have become the trend. In fact, they not only last long but also transform your space into a beautiful haven. • Engineered flooring which is made using natural bamboo, cork and oak is also resistant to humidity and heat. • Though exotic, attractive and durable, bamboo flooring is less expensive compared to other options.
  5. 5. Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd • It is somewhat possible to refinish bamboo flooring. Just in case your floors discolor or get scratched or dented with time, it is good to know that you can easily refinish them when need be.
  6. 6. Contact Us:-  Address: 6C Link Drive, Glenfield  Auckland, New Zealand  Pin Code: 0627  Tel: +64 9-444 8288 ,0800 668 288  Email:  Web: Prepared By: Power Dekor Ltd