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On-Site Computer Solutions Case Study


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PA Server Monitor™ enables a leading provider of IT services to centrally monitor and manage multiple server issues in a manageable way.

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On-Site Computer Solutions Case Study

  1. 1. Server Monitoring Case Study | On-Site Computer Solutions™ PA Server Monitor Helped OCS Automate Management of 100+ ServersSituation SummaryAn infrastructure Support PA Server Monitor™ enables a leading provider of IT services to centrallyManager needed to monitor monitor and manage multiple server issues in a manageable way.over 100 servers.Challenge Client Profile“We needed a way to On-Site Computer Solutions provides full IT Services and Consulting to theircentrally, and accurately, clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, supporting clients inmonitor & manage multiple dozens of vertical markets needing IT assistance. They have three locations asserver issues.” hubs for services and their technicians respond quickly to client needs. They manage just about every Microsoft Server product out there in all flavors,Solution keeping networks secure and their clients happy.“PA Server Monitor offered asolid solution: a centralizedmonitoring system where Challengeengineers could monitor, OCS needed a way to centrally monitor multiple server issues in a manageablemanage and edit alerts way. “This product does that in spades”, says Oly Graham, owner of On-Sitesettings for all servers, Computer Solutions. “Its versatility in the scope of monitoring is extremelywithout the ridiculous cost broad - and accurate. Our technicians are notified of hardware/(unlike most competitors).” services/software issues usually before the client is even aware. The iPhone® app has proven invaluable for alerts and quick referencing of issues. We will beResult implementing this monitoring on every desktop/laptop we manage in the field -“PA Server Monitor now and then SNMP devices in more detail. 2013 is going to be a very busy year forhelps automate the us - and this product is a God-send. The learning curve here is NOT steep, themonitoring of many thingsthat prior were a headache, support outstanding - and the potential is ridiculously amazing - especially atime-eaters (and in turn redundant monitoring server that is now supported. And it is just beginning -money-eaters)” that is what excites me, personally, about this product.”Benefits OCS is now providing a much more focused monitoring solution to all of their- Reasonably Priced clients - which reduces technician/administrative involvement, making pin-- Super Efficient pointing issues and getting down to resolutions faster and more accurate.- Minimal Learning Curve- Versatile & ReliableFeatures The need to customize my monitoring parameters was always there. PA- Server Backups Server Monitor is the only software program that allows me to customize- Drive Free Space settings on alerts and reporting for all of my servers from one location- Event Log Errors without having to log into each one.”- Raid Health -- Oly Graham- Reports and Notifications Owner / On-Site Computer Solutions Follow us on Twitter @poweradmn #pa_tech
  2. 2. Case Study | OCS“Hands down. Its the bomb.”OCS had tried and tested most of the other monitoring information on network health, hardware and softwaresolutions available. “Cost [of competitor products] was issues, Oly states it has not only made his job easier, butridiculous and the navigation and setup was STEEP in most his life easier. “FAST, reasonably priced and super-efficient.cases to truly get a good picture of a network.” Oly said It has saved us wasted labor in tracking what wasthey tested standalone solutions and even add-ins to unbillable - that now ADDS a LOT of more BILLABLE timesolutions like ConnectWise® and all other product lines. addressing issues we just could not get to before - making“PA Server Monitor just gets it done. Simply. Elegantly. networks we manage much more stable and reliable.Professionally. And the fees make it bearable, which gives Nothing is perfect - but this gets us closer! WE do a BETTERus financial latitude to try other products from this job for our clients and capture time we basically gavecompany down the road.” away before.”“I can automate the monitoring of many things that prior “If you have been like me, looking for a solid monitoringwas a headache and time-eater. Server backups, drive free solution to your field and/or local server/desktopspace, event log errors, RAID health....on and on. monitoring needs....JUMP on this. After dozens uponAutomation - just view a report or get alerted by email, dozens of solutions tried - not to mention the years off mypager or txt message - then address the issues.” life - pricing, solidity, reliability, support response...DOWith increased confidence in the reliability of incoming this.” Current Event Log Monitoring offers a hassle free way Server Status Report gives a simple to read diagnostic to set parameters for a customized reporting system. overview any engineer can understand About PA Server Monitor™ About OCS™PA Server Monitor tracks disk space and device On-Site Computer Solutions has been serving theperformance on more than a thousand servers/devices Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area since 1998.from a single station. Combined with its scalable Please contact us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:architecture, PA Server Monitor provides the ideal www.yourocs.comsolution for enterprises looking to optimize server Oly Graham 817-975-1141efficiency while streamlining IT operations. Download a Free 30 Day Trial at |