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Abhi monal


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Published in: Technology
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Abhi monal

  1. 1. By A . S. Powar & M . S . Salunkhe Guide Dr. B. P. Ladgaonkar Prof. S. K.Tilekar VLSI Design and Research Center Post Graduate Department of ElectronicsShankarrao Mohite Mahavidyalaya, Akluj Tal - Malshiras , Dist. - Solapur – 413 101
  2. 2. 1. IntroductionA) Origin of the ProblemB) Aim & Objectives2. Designing of the System Hardware Co-design3. Result and Discussion4. Conclusion
  3. 3.  It is found that, the humidity, CO2 in the polyhouse is not measured precisely with the help of unskilled person. This may adversely affect the yield of the crops. Therefore, it is found that this agriculture field is mostly demanding the sophisticated instrument to monitor the parameters of polyhouse. Hence considering this fact and the social demands, it is proposed to develop an electronic system to measure the environmental parameters of polyhouse.
  4. 4.  To study the architectural details of PSoC1. To study the PSoC designer IDE. To configure the hardware using PSoC1. Co development of necessary software. Implementation of the system. Interpretation of result.
  5. 5. Polyhouse or Green house provides a controlled andfavourable environment for the crops to grow in allseasons. The important parameters are: Humidity CO2
  6. 6. Weakanalog Buffer Amplifier ADC FPGAsignal
  7. 7. Weak analog signals PSoCP rogrammableS ystemo nC hip
  8. 8. Block Diagram.Configuration blocks for our system.
  9. 9. CO2 sensor (MG- 811) & PSoC 1 Device LCDHumidity sensor CY8C29466 - (SY-HS-220) 24PXI
  10. 10. 1) Humidity sensor(SY-HS-220).2) CO2 sensor(MG-811).
  11. 11. Features:-1)Highly precise andreliable.2)Exhibit linearity over30%Rh to 95 % Rh.3)The humidity sensor isofCapacitive type.4)Provides DC outputvoltage.
  12. 12. Features:-1)Good sensitivity andselectivity to CO22)Low humidity andtemperaturedependency.3)Long stability andreproducibility.
  13. 13. Overall chemical reaction:Li2CO3 + 2Na + = Na2O + 2Li + + CO2EMF = Ec - (R x T) / (2F) ln (P(CO2))Where, P(CO2) - CO2 partial Pressure, Ec - Constant Volume, R - GasConstant volume, T - Absolute Temperature (K), F- Faraday constant
  14. 14. PSoC Device Features:• Configurable Analog BlocksImplement ADCs, DACs, filters,amplifiers,comparators, etc.• Configurable Digital BlocksImplement timers, counters, PWMs,UART, SPI, IrDA, etc.• 4KB to 32KB of Flash memory forprogram storage• 256B to 2KB of SRAM for data storage• M8C Microcontroller: 4 MillionInstructions Per Sec
  15. 15. Inputs :  Each pin can sink 25mA  Programmable filters  Flexible sensor interface I/O  3 types of ADCs, up to 4Processing :  Fast M8 Microcontroller Core  Multiply AccumulateOutputs :  Each pin can source 10mA  Up to 16 PWMs, Timers, Counters  Up to 9-bit DACs, 14-bit ADCsSupport Functions :  EEPROM  Sleep Options  Watch Dog Timer  Low voltage detect
  16. 16. i = V/R Q = CV I average = Q/T = Qfs = CVfsR equivalent = V/I average = 1/Cfs
  17. 17.  Determine system requirements Choose User Modules Place User Modules Set global and User Module parameters Define the pin-out for the device Generate the application Review generated code Demonstrate working configuration
  19. 19. Block Diagram of ADCINCVR
  20. 20. Vo =(VIN –VGND).(Ra/Ra+Rb)+VGND
  21. 21. B) Application programme routine A) Boot programme algorithm Void main() { Start system timers;Execute boot program: Initialise application specific--initialise general purpose resources; modules;--configure application specific Initialise global variables;modules; Initialise application specific--initialise run time environment; channels;--disable interrupt; Enable interrupts;call main application routine; While(1) { Wait for events(Enabled interrupts); Read values from input channels; Execute control procedure & compute actuation data; output actuation data to output channels; } }
  22. 22. Start Initialization of all modules Get ADC reading SoftwareHumidity for Flow Of Design Calibrate data Our System Convert in ASCII Display reading Get reading for CO2 If count<0x65( Yes 200mv) NoDisplay as Undetected Display as Detected STOP
  23. 23. A Initialize ADC1NO When ADC 1 Data Available YES Calibrate the Data Convert in to ASCII Display B
  24. 24. BInitialize ADC2 When ADC 2 Data Available YES If Count <0x65(200m v) NO Display as Display as Undetected Detected Return Return
  25. 25. c Initialize LCDSet LCD Position Send Data To Disply Return
  26. 26. Humidity(%Rh) Output(mV) 120 30 794 35 860 100 40 958 y = 0.0288x + 11.315 45 1092 80 50 1258 55 1458 60 Series1 60 1709 Linear (Series1) 65 1894 40 70 2064 75 2224 20 80 2383 85 2547 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 90 2729 95 2935
  27. 27. System is designed for measurement of humidity and CO2 gasThe humidity observations shown by the system are highly reliable andprecise. Moreover, the presence of CO2 gas is also exhibited by thepresent system.System works successfully and gives the data regarding environmentalparameters very precisely.
  28. 28. Particularly for measurement of carbondioxide (CO2) gas concentration, thecalibration in the respective units isrequired. However, presently due tounavailability of CO2 gas chamber thecalibration of carbon dioxide gasconcentration is left as future work.