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Downtown San Jose Restaurants


Published on Downtown San Jose Restaurants Guide. Find a great restaurant and read reviews right here now!

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Downtown San Jose Restaurants

  1. 1. Home San Jose Chinese Restaurants San Jose Indian Restaurants San Jose Italian Restaurants San Jose Mexican RestaurantsSan Jose Piz z a Restaurants San Jose Seafood Restaurants San Jose Thai RestaurantsSan Jose California Attractions Review Restaurant EquipmentPo sted o n June 21, 20 12 by All Major Brand Names for Restaurant Equipment, Call Now! www.EaSup p ly.c o mGood day! How are you? I would like to thank you for coming to visit my website and to read thisarticle “San Jose California Attractions Review “. The really is plenty to learn on this blog post Point Of Sale Softwareand within this website as a whole! All articles created here are thoroughly researched to provide Track Your Restaurant Wine Cellar. Great Easy- To- Use Tablet Software!you with the best and latest content on this subject! Enjoy! to p c e llarap p .c o m/Tab le tAp p Free Applebees Coupons Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights 2011 Save Up To 70% On All Applebees. (Coupon Available Today Only) Fre s hDe als .c o mWinchester Mystery HouseTM Fright Nights is a special ticketed event at one of the world’s most haunted places. On select nights in September and October the grounds of the Winchester Estate Pages
  2. 2. Pages are transformed into San Jose’s most terrifying Halloween e… San Jos e Chines e Res taurants San Jos e Indian Res taurants San Jos e Italian Res taurants San Jos e Mexican Res taurants San Jos e Piz z a Res taurants San Jos e Seafood Res taurants San Jos e Thai Res taurants Recent Posts San Jos e California Attractions Review San Jos e Bes t Res taurant San Jos e California Attractions Downtown San Jos e Res taurants Categories About San Jos e California Uncategoriz ed SearchWinchester Mystery House in San Jose, CAThe strange and quirky Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, has stairs that lead nowhere,a window built into the floor, and doors that open onto walls.
  3. 3. The Winchester Mystery House is a popular tourist attraction, especially around Halloween. It islocated at 525 South Winchester Blvd. in San Jose, California. Tours offered include the mansion,garden, behind-the-scenes, firearms and antique products museum. Special flashlight tours areoffered on Halloween and Friday the thirteenth. Read more at Suite101: Museum in San Jose CaliforniaThe Tech Museum of Innovation is the icon of downtown San Jose, visible with a mango coloredoutside and an azure roof. This museum is located in the Technology Capital of Silicon Valley. Asone of the top tourist attractions in this city, there are many things to do at this museum.A visitor will discover the interactive scienceand technology exhibits at this museum, Imaxtheater, gift shop with interactive games, and,while it’s on display, a unique specialtraveling exhibit open this fall 2008,“Leonardo 500 Years into the Future.”The Tech Museum fascinates all visitors andresidents and is open daily Monday throughWed, 9 am – 5 pm, and Thursday throughSunday, 9 am – 8 pm. Admission for thismuseum attraction and one Imax show is $8 The lo bby o f The Tech Museum o f Inno vatio n in Sanper person. (These are 2008 prices; please Jo se, Califo rnia. (Pho to credit: Wikipedia)
  4. 4. check with the museum for current times andprices.) Read more at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose, CAThe collaboration of public and university library services in downtown San Jose includes unusualmuseum exhibits of Beethoven and Steinbeck works. It’s free to everyone.California tourist attraction opportunities appear inunusual locations which local people and visitingtravelers may not always immediately find. Twoexhibits of particular interest are the Beethoven andSteinbeck collections located at the Dr. Martin LutherKing, Jr. Library, 150 E. San Fernando St, San Jose,CA, (408) 808-2000.This library is a free attraction available year-round Martin Luther King Memo rial (Pho to credit:with exception of major holidays like Christmas and alvesfamily)New Years. Remember to check for restricted hoursduring holidays posted on the Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. Library website.Read more at Suite101: Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr. Library San Jose, CA: Library with Museum Exhibits Includes Beethoven &Steinbeck Works | Villa Inn, San Diego, CaliforniaOcean Villa Inn is situated in the neighborhood community of Ocean Beach; it is close to many of
  5. 5. San Diego’s main attractions and is dog friendly too.Ocean Villa Inn is one of only a few reasonablypriced hotels located on the beach in San Diego.Although it is only a few minutes drive from SeaWorld and conveniently located to visit San DiegoZoo, Balboa Park and down town San Diego, manypeople are unaware of the eclectic neighborhoodcommunity of Ocean Beach. The emphasis is on“local”, not “big business”, in Ocean Beach and theOcean Villa Inn offers affordability and quality, with a Big Sur, Califo rnia (Pho to credit:particular welcome for dogs! Read more at Suite101: the_taho e_guy)Review of Ocean Villa Inn, San Diego, California | San Jose Blog: Wednesday Wishlist: San Jose Needs to Fall in … 6/20/12There is so much to explore here and we should all make an effort to try out new attractions andevents in our own backyard. … The only thing that I have seen advertised in San Jose andthroughout California is the Winchester Mystery House. …. san jose food review (5) san josemusicals (5) san jose news (5) san jose nightlife (5) san jose north first street (5) san joseperformance (5) san jose pro sports (5) san jose real estate (5) san jose theater (5) the 88 san jose…The San Jose Blog: Wednesday Wishlist: San Jose Needs to Fall in …
  6. 6. 6/20/12There is so much to explore here and we should all make an effort to try out new attractions andevents in our own backyard. … The only thing that I have seen advertised in San Jose andthroughout California is the Winchester Mystery House. …. san jose food review (5) san josemusicals (5) san jose news (5) san jose nightlife (5) san jose north first street (5) san joseperformance (5) san jose pro sports (5) san jose real estate (5) san jose theater (5) the 88 san jose…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose, CA: Library with … 1/2/10California tourist attraction opportunities appear in unusual locations which local people andvisiting travelers may not always immediately find. Two exhibits of particular interest are theBeethoven and Steinbeck collections located at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, 150 E. SanFernando St, San Jose, CA, (408) 808-2000. This library is a … A list of the exhibits on the fifthfloor providing an in-depth review which local people and visiting tourists find fascinating are: …Related articles
  7. 7. San Jos eAttractions :San Jos eSights eeing &Touris tAttractionsPo sted in Abo ut San Jo se Califo rnia | Tagged Califo rnia, Martin Luther King , San Jo se, San Jo se Califo rnia, TechMuseum o f Inno vatio n, Winchester Mystery Ho use | Leave a co mmentSan Jose Best RestaurantPo sted o n June 21, 20 12 byHi, and welcome to another video blog post “ San Jose Best Restaurant “! I hope you enjoy all thecontent below and benefit from it greatly, there really has been a lot of research and study put intothis article and I have done my very best to provide you with the latest information on this topic!Please remember to return after clicking any links to devour the rest of our content on this website! Agave Restaurant & Bar – San Jose Friday Night Party at Agave Restaurant & Bar in San Jose, CA. A great place to celebrate a birthday party. Agave was recently voted “Best Mexican Restaurant” by Channel 4′s Best of The
  8. 8. Bay. Check out DJ Norm’s website:
  9. 9. How to Find Good Restaurants in the SanJose CA Area for DatesExpensive restaurants can be a good way tomake a great impression on a date but it’s notthe only way. Sometimes cheap restaurants inthe San Jose Area that are also goodrestaurants can provide the best date setting.Finding Good Restaurants in the San Jose English: Steambo at Landing restaurant. San Jo se,CA Area for Business Meetings Califo rnia, USA (Pho to credit: Wikipedia)Many good restaurants in the San Jose Areawelcome business luncheons and businessdinners. Because you’ll need to find a San Jose CA area restaurant that will meet the varied tastesof your employees and clients.How to Find the Best Restaurants in the San Jose Area for Leisure DiningIn many ways, it should be easier to find good restaurants in the San Jose CA area for leisuredining or relaxed evenings out than for other reasons. But it’s still important to think about thefollowing items to ensure that you have a relaxing time at restaurants in the San Jose Area.Choose Good Restaurants in San Jose CA That Can Meet Your ExpectationsTo be sure you’ve chosen the best restaurants in the San Jose Area, it’s wise to pick one from ourlist of the Top 10 Restaurants in the San Jose Area. Researchers at The Prime Buyer’s Report havechecked licensing, verified customer satisfaction and certified these as the best restaurants in andaround Alviso, Burbank, Cambrian Park, Coyote, East Foothills, Milpitas, Mt Hamilton and SanJose CA. Check out for more info.
  10. 10. The San Jose area is also home to many romanticrestaurants. Some of the more popular and well likedrestaurants in the area include Bella Mia, Emille’s , andBlake’s Steakhouse and bar . As you may have guessed,Bella Mias is one of the top restaurants to go for fineItalian cuisine. It is a relatively new restaurant and wasbuilt in a classic brick building that dates back to the PAESTUM – Restaurant Le Nettuno (Pho toearly 1900s to give it a historical charm. The restaurant credit: Michel27)was voted the Best New Restaurant in Downtown SanJose, and not only features excellent award winningfood, but also soothing music from live performers. The restaurant also has private rooms as wellas a new program, Jazz Brunch, which offers lively jazz music during the late morning and earlyafternoons on certain days.Emille’s is a fine restaurant for contemporary European food from France, Italy, Switzerland, andvarious other countries. The chef and founder of the restaurant, Emile Mooser, came to Americafrom Switzerland and is internationally known for his cooking. His restaurant has won variousawards including Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence”, the “Best of the Best Award ” fromCondZ Nast magazine, and off course, the much coveted “Distinguished Restaurants of NorthAmerica Award.”Blake’s Steakhouse and Bar is a great restaurant to visit for a fun night out. It is more casual thansome of the other romantic restaurants in the area, but is home to some of the best steak in all ofCalifornia and all those who like steak, often make an attempt to visit Blake’s when they are in thearea. The restaurant features over 13 types of steak so you can be sure to find what you arelooking for. Article Source: San Jose Blog: Dine Downtown San Jose – June 20- July 1
  11. 11. 6/11/12SAN JOSE , Calif . – Take a culinary expedition through Downtown San Jose during DineDowntown restaurant week, June 20-July 1. Some of downtown’s best restaurants providegourmet three- and four-course prix-fixe …Happy Hour Specials San Jose – Birk’s Restaurant 6/20/12Ceviche. Buttermilk Onion Rings. Grilled Artichoke. Spicy Shrimp Tacos. Almond Wood GrilledFlatbread. and $1 Oysters on Fridays! Spicy Tacos · San Jose Happy Hour Birks Restaurant.Please enter your name & comment …Louisiana Cooking in San Jose, CA: Roux Restaurant Cooks Up … 3/24/09If you’re in the mood for some gumbo, live jazz and a smokin’ Hurricane cocktail, look no furtherthan Roux Louisiana Kitchen in San Jose, CA. … Roux Restaurant Cooks Up Cajun Grub inUpscale Santana Row … Good Eats. For a taste of what the Big Easy has to offer, start withfriend green tomatoes, hush puppies, fried okra or Cajun fries. In place of bread and butter, agenerous helping of cornbread is served. For the main meal, sink your teeth into some soulful …Related articles
  12. 12. San Jos e A Brand New Morocco’s Boiling Crab,Attractions : Res taurant and Res taurant San Jos eSan Jos e Sports LoungeSights eeing & to HitTouris t Downtown SanAttractions Jos e!Po sted in Abo ut San Jo se Califo rnia | Tagged Restaurant, San Jo se, San Jo se CA, San Jo se Califo rnia | Leave aco mmentSan Jose California AttractionsPo sted o n June 21, 20 12 byThanks for visiting my blog post “San Jose California Attractions” below you will find plenty ofinformation right at your finger tips on this subject, including video, article, and links to a varietyof websites on the same topic. If you do visit another website through our links please rememberto return to finish reading the article and view more content through the website. Enjoy! Municipal Rose Garden Video Historical Landmark garden located in San Jose, California IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I hope you enjoy!
  13. 13. San Jose is safe and beautiful area for yourvacations in the Bay Area in California. Thereis more adventure and more attractions aregathered inside. In San Jose many places tovisit like museums, parks, hotels, restaurants ,historical places and other shopping mallwhich put some enthusiasm in the vacations. English: The San Jo se Center fo r Perfo rming Arts is a general purpo se venue fo r several perfo rming arts o rganizatio ns in San Jo se, Califo rnia, ho sting Museums: The Tech Museum , San Jose sympho nies, musicals, and ballet. (Pho to credit: Museum of Art, Rosicrucian Egyptian Wikipedia) Museum Shops : Valley Fair, Santana Row,
  14. 14. Oakridge Mall, Moon Zooom Events : Cinequest, San Jose Jazz Festival, Starlight Cinemas, Downtown Ice Arts: Repertory Theater, Opera San Jose, Teatro Visin, Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley.These are the attractions of the San Jose and the night life of the city is the one of the positivepoint of the city. Read more: The Major Attractions Of San JoseLocated at the southern end of the SanFrancisco Bay Area, San Jose is the third-largest city in California and the capital ofworld-renowned Silicon Valley. Blessed withpleasant climate and ethnic diversity, San Joseoffers a wide variety of recreational, cultural The San Jo se (Califo rnia) Museum o f Art. The to wer o n the left was San Jo se’s first po st o ffice in 18 9 2and educational activities to the tourists. Here and is no w o n the Natio nal Register o f Histo ricis a list of some of the most prominent Places. (Pho to credit: Wikipedia)attractions and landmarks in San Jose:Tech Museum of InnovationLocated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Tech museum contains 240 hands-on exhibits to showhow technology works and how it affects our day-to-day life. You must take your kids to thiseducational museum. The museum also contains a caf, gift store and IMAX Theater. Catch someeducational films at the IMAX Theater which can seat up to 295 people in one go.Rosicrucian Egyptian MuseumHead to this amazing museum if you are interested in Egyptian artifacts and mummies. This
  15. 15. museum has a breathtaking collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back to pre-dynastictimes. There is also a planetarium adjacent to the museum. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.Children’s Discovery Museum of San JoseRanked as one of the top 10 children’s museums in the U.S. by Child Magazine, this museumattracts thousands of visitors each year. Interactive exhibits, games, programs and puzzles are alsoattractive features of this exciting place.San Jose Museum of Quilts & TextilesContaining an amazing collection of quilts and textiles, this museum is one of its kind. Founded in1977 with an aim to promote the art of textiles and quilts, it was formerly known as AmericanMuseum of Quilts and Textiles.Alum Rock ParkSpread across 720 acres, Alum Rock Park is the first and the largest park in San Jose. It is a greatplace to spend an evening with your family and indulge in a variety of activities such as biking,hiking, horseback riding, bicycling and lots more.Kelley ParkThe green lawns, groves of trees, flowers and picnic areas will surely rejuvenate you. And KelleyPark is not just restricted to lawns and picnic spots. In fact within the park there are otherattractions such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, History Park andeven two museums – Portuguese Historical Museum and Viet Museum. For any nature lover, avisit to the tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden is a must. Check out the lovely koi-filled pondshere.
  16. 16. San Jose Flea MarketFounded in 1960, this 120 acres flea market is the largest open air market and one of the majorlandmarks in California with millions of tourists visiting each year. Here you would find everythingunder the sun right from art and crafts, jewelry, clothing, shoes, furniture, comic books, lamps,paintings. And there are restaurants selling a variety of delicacies to suit all kinds of taste buds.San Jose is too big to be explored by a public transport. In fact a sleek and luxurious limo is idealfor transporting you and your family to the various attractions in San Jose so that you can traveland explore in complete luxury, style and comfort.There are various competent limo rental companies which provide great San Jose Limo Service,San Francisco limo services as well as Oakland Airport Limo Services utilizing which you can addto your pleasure of exploring this sprawling city. Read more: articles
  17. 17. San Jos e San Jos e, Attractions : California and San Jos e Slutty Meccas Sights eeing & Touris t Attractions Po sted in Abo ut San Jo se Califo rnia | Leave a co mment Downtown San Jose Restaurants Po sted o n June 21, 20 12 by Po sted in Uncatego rized | Leave a co mmentJet Blue t o San Jose No first bag fee, TV at every seat, lots of legroom & more on JetBlue. je tb lue .c o m/SanJ o s eSan Jose, CA Hot els Experience Our New Look & Feel. Space To Work, Relax, and Have Fun! www.Ho lid ayInn.c o mFree Soda Coupons Soda Coupons Available Here! Coupons Verified & Updated Daily. Sho p AtHo me .c o m/So d aCo up o ns Proudly powered by WordPress.
  18. 18.