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Google apps


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Google apps

  1. 1. Google Apps Lets Collaborate! Jeff Comstock Twitter: @jeff_comstock Phone: 512.206.2802
  2. 2. Why Google Apps? Collaboration Revision Control Stability & Security Cost Savings
  3. 3. Collaboration Online documents with real-time collaboration Web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations provides anytime, anywhere access to your work
  4. 4. Collaboration: Demonstration Blessing vs. Munoz (Yes he is really that slobbery)
  5. 5. Revision Control Works across operating systems Easily upload and share files Mobile Email, Calendar and IM Access Provides productivity while away Over-the-air mobile access
  6. 6. Revision Control Full administrative and data control and customization
  7. 7. Stability & Security Synchronous replication provides simultaneous preservation in multiple secure data centers Translation: more productivity less system downtime.
  8. 8. Stability & Security Customizable security " Its like having a Desktop features Bouncer!" Mail filtering Information sharing rules Password requirements Email archiving up to 10 years
  9. 9. Cost Savings Requires no hardware or software & needs minimal administration More storage Each employee gets 25 GB for email storage
  10. 10. Summary Collaboration Revision Control Stability & Security Cost Savings Questions ????