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8 Ways You Need to Be Using Facebook Live For Your Business

Facebook Live let's you broadcast in real-time. No more creating fancy videos. Or hours spent editing for that perfect look and feel.

With Facebook Live, you can connect with your audience at the touch of a button.

And in this Webinar replay, we're sharing 8 ways to use it to grow your business!

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8 Ways You Need to Be Using Facebook Live For Your Business

  1. 1. Rebekah Radice Vincenzo Landino @RebekahRadice @vincenzolandino Amy Schmittauer @schmittastic
  3. 3. WhyFacebookLiveVideoIsaMustforYourBusiness • People spend 3x longer watching Live video • People post 75% more video to Facebook than they did 1 year ago • The number of videos showing up in people’s news feeds has increased by 360% since 2015
  4. 4. sharewhat'shappeninginyourindustry1
  5. 5. •Share important and newsworthy facts •Share interesting updates or industry trends •Tell your story •Become a resource Source:
  6. 6. TeaseNewProducts2
  7. 7. Give your fans a sneak peek of a product or service you’re about to release.
  8. 8. Share unique ways to use your product. Build hype!
  9. 9. Announce special events or new products - give viewers a sneak peek!
  10. 10. Ask your viewers questions - acknowledge them!
  11. 11. ShareQuickTips3
  12. 12. Talk about a useful tip your followers can use. It should be practical and actionable.
  13. 13. Make these short, bite- sized, and easy to implement. Source:
  14. 14. Create something that’s short, easy to share and embed. Source:
  15. 15. Giveabehindthescenes lookatyourbusiness 4
  16. 16. Your audience loves to go behind the scenes. Share what might be typically “off limits.”
  17. 17. Show how the team works, plays, and interacts with each other and the community. Source:
  18. 18. PromoteYourUpcomingEvent5
  19. 19. Build up audience anticipation through a countdown to your Facebook Live event.
  20. 20. Start promoting the event a few days before it starts.
  21. 21. Streamliveevents6
  22. 22. If you’re at a conference, a concert, or live event - share a glimpse into your world. Source:
  23. 23. ● Be clear in your description ● Tell viewers what to expect ● Don’t forget to engage with the audience while you’re Live ● Keep an eye on comments - answer live
  24. 24. AnswerFAQs7
  25. 25. Answer common questions your fans and customers ask all the time. Source: /
  26. 26. ALWAYS - end your broadcast with a CTA.
  27. 27. Hostinterviews8
  28. 28. Create an interview series to discuss hot topics and invite industry experts.
  29. 29. YOUR BONUS! Download our step by step guide to increasing Facebook organic reach by 193%!