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Korea Electronics Show 2011 Brochure (English ver.)


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Introductiory brochure of the Korea's biggest Electronics

Fair : 42nd Korea Electronics Show 2011

Date : Oct. 12th ~15th, 2011

Venue : KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Show Size : 53,541 square meter floor space, 800 participating firms with 2,500 booths (approx. 60,000 visitors expected)

Sponsored by Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, GyeongGi Province

Organized by Korea Electronics Association,

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Korea Electronics Show 2011 Brochure (English ver.)

  1. 1. KES 2011 Oct.12 Wed 15 Sat KES 20111599, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, KoreaT : +82-2-6388-6060 8 / F : +82-2-6388-6069 / E : Korea Electronics Show
  2. 2. Korea s Since 1969 Future Always Starts at KES ! The 42nd Korea Electronics Show With 42 years behind them, KES is preparing for the next 40. As the emergence of competitive industries such as major discount stores and the internet, KES has been thinking about its role among the foreign marketplace regarding its participating companies. Last year, KES was very well-received by its clients for introducing new approaches centering on the value of networking. In addition to the WE ARE WITNESS TO THE ARRIVAL OF A NEW PARADIGM products, we also focus on the design, R&D, content and distribution. The hall is divided into various themes and we are covering imperative issues pertinent to the next generation such as OUR METHOD OF COMMUNICATION WILL BE AS IT NEVER WAS Green IT, next generation computing, digital broadcasting, and 3D. TECHNOLOGIES CONVERGE TO GIVE BIRTH TO AN AS YET UNSEEN POWER This year, KES has enhanced their distinguished role in the marketplace as well as the concept Show in Show We will create a vast atmosphere for businesses to divulge their products, ideals MANKIND GREETS THE FORCE WITH RAPT ANTICIPATION and insight as well as catering to the interest and intentions of buyers, exhibitors and many other stakeholders. HOPE FOR A NEW LIFE DAWNS AS WE EMBRACE THE FUTURE2 Korea Electronics Show 3
  3. 3. Exhibition Field ICT Tablet PC Telecommunication Smartphone Network Solutions Antennas Computer Notebook PC Server Solution S/W Storage Imaging and Solutions Beam-projector Imaging Machine Digital Camera Printer Camcorder Memory Solutions Multimedia and Home Entertainment TV Smart TV 3D TV IPTV Home Cinema Monitor HiFi Loudspeakers Games MP3 Hands-free 3D Display Device 3D scanner Living Consumer Electronics Refrigerator Air-conditioner Vacuum cleaner Washing machine Dish washer Coffee machine Electric toaster Beauty care appliance Kitchen appliance Car Electronics and Securities Navigation Black box Car electronics CCTV Network Bio or Signal capture Cyber security Collision avoidance technology Convergence and Other applications Broadcasting equipment and systems Green IT U-health Building Solution Digital Clothing Product design Robot Modules, Parts and Materials LED OLED LCD Solar PCB MLCC Capacitor Resister SoC Sensor Switch Floor Plan4 Korea Electronics Show 5
  4. 4. Participation Rental Fees Booth Type 9m2(1 Booth) Information Block Booth (Space Only) US$ 2,600 Standard Booth (Shell Scheme) US$ 3,200 Space Only KES provides booth space, but not more. Participants are responsible for installing any other facilities at their booth Shell Scheme KES provides the basic facilities of a booth, which includes basic electricity, a desk, a signboard, and a light Rental Fee Discounts Early Application Discount 10% Discount till 31 March, 2011* 5% Discount till 31 May, 2011* Discount is available for participants who pay more than 50% of the entry fee before the deadline Additional Discount for VIP customers An additional 5% discount is being provided for small and medium-sized firms which have been participating in KES for 3 years straight. How to Apply for KES Submit Application Submit an application online at Submission Deadline The deadline of submissions is 30 June 2011, or when all booths are sold out Payment information 30 June 2011 Bank Account Info. Bank Name : Kookmin Bank Account # : 598668-08-100416 Swift Code : CZNBKRSEXXX Beneficiary : Korea Electronics Association (KEA) Make sure to pay the fee with a bank account that has the company name of the participating company. Also, each participating company must pay bank transfer fees. Shell Scheme6 Korea Electronics Show 7
  5. 5. Exhibition Outline Name of Exhibition 42nd Korea Electronics Show 2011 Theme Be Smart! Date Wednesday 12 Oct, 2011 to Saturday 15 (4 days) Place KINTEX Show Size 53,541 square meter floor space 800 participating firms with 2,500 booths 60,000 Visitors Sponsored by Organized by Supported by Cooperating organizations CEAC, CCPIT, CECC, HQEW, TEEMA, JESA, Chip1Stop, HKTDC, AEECC, IFA, CES, RATEK, CMAI, TEMA KES 2011 52km8 Korea Electronics Show 9
  6. 6. Official Cooperating Organizations Our Contributor Stand Construction Gayadns NeosysTechnology Dongshin Design APEX Design Tel : +82-2-477-0264 Tel : +82-2-558-4415(300) Tel : +82-2-752-2744 Tel : +82-2-556-3361 Fax : +82-2-477-0283 Fax : +82-2-558-0307 Fax : +82-2-756-6986 Fax : +82-2-554-6140 Email : Email : Email : Email : Contact Person :LEE, Hyun-Sung Contact Person : LEE, Hyo-Jin Contact Person : KIM, Jae-Wook Contact Person : SEO, Hye-Jung Excom International HungSeo Ind. Tel : +82-2-6000-1712 Tel : +82-70-8672-5856 Fax : +82-2-551-4905 Fax : +82-2-508-2622 Email : Email : Contact Person : CHOI, Jeong-Hoon Contact Person : JOO, Hyung-Joong Furniture Rental Rental119 Module Sejong E&R Tel : +82-31-528-3119 Tel : +82-2-6000-7560 Tel : +82-31-916-3330 Fax : +82-31-572-8119 Fax : +82-2-6000-7566 Fax : +82-31-918-8615 Email : Email : Email : Contact Person : CHOI, Jae-Woo Contact Person :HAN, Young-Ho Contact Person : LEE, Jin-Yong Freight Forwarders Electric Carpet SAMJEON HANADECO Expo Logis Inc. KUNG Sam Jeon Electric HANADECO Tel : +82-2-551-5805 Tel : +82-2-6352-5300 Tel : +82-31-750-9222 Tel : +82-2-6352-5300 Fax : +82-2-551-5200 1 Fax : +82-2-6352-5304 Fax : +82-31-750-9224 Fax : +82-2-6352-5304 Email : Email : Email : Email : Contact Person : CHO, Won-Sang Contact Person : KIM, Yu-Kyung Contact Person : LEE, Chang-Gyu Contact Person : KIM, Yu-Kyung Travel Management system Travelria Sysforu Tel : +82-2-3673-1155 Tel : +82-2-539-3313 Fax : +82-2-3673-1100 Fax : +82-2-539-0900 Email : Email : Contact Person : PARK, Sung-Hwan Contact Person : KIM, Gyu-Tae10 Korea Electronics Show 11