Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010


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Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010

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Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010

  1. 1. Lo ok ing for Co nte nts ,D esi gn & Ne w 2010 Report on KOREA ELECTRONICS GRAND FAIR
  2. 2. OutLine 04 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 Outline 06 Opening & Events Smart Life 08 ICT Beyond Smart Contents, Design & New 10 LIFE STYLE 12 "A New Age, with New Goods" Convergence 14 Digital Clothing "Shop for fashion in 3D." 16 Building IT "When Smart IT meets construction!" 17 Car electronics "Automobile is also IT." 18 Medical treatment Let me introduce Dr. IT at smart hospital. 19 Broadcasting Lets go to the age of digital broadcast02 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  3. 3. Cutting-edge Trend21 3D Pictures turning into reality.24 Green IT IT is breathing.25 App World Expo Application, a new ocean to be explored.26 LED "Light up the world through Korea."28 Parts & Components Convention & events30 IMID 2010 Korean displays dominate the world.32 i-SEDEX No Power, Green Memory34 Buyer Special40 Smart korea 2010 Results42 Media Coverage44 Statistical Results46 2011 Korea Electronics Grand Fair Preview 03
  4. 4. Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 Outline ■ Summary ·Name of Event : Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 ·Date : October 12(Tue) ~ 15(Fri) 2010 / 4days ·Theme : ITs my life ·Exhibition Filed : About 25,000 items related to Multimedia, Telecommunication, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, semiconductor, display and electronics components. ·Venue and Scale : KINTEX Hall 1~5 - Area : 53,541sqm - Exhibitors : 750 companies from 12countries (2,328 booths) - Visitors : 55,242 (1,823 Foreign buyers) ■ Processing Agency ·Sponsorship : ·Supervision : ·Supported by : The Electronic Times, KBS, MBC, SBS, The Korea Economic Daily ■ Floor Plan4 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  5. 5. ■ Major Events ·Conference - Creative Futures Forum - IT Convergence Conference - IT Industry Prospect Conference - Global Cooperation Seminar - 3D Convergence Industry Global Conference - Smart Media Industry Future Prospect - Today and Tomorrow of 3DTV Camera - IT Green Growth Seminar for Switch of Low Carbon Industry - ITC Patent Suit and Mock Trial Seminar - 2010 Medical and Energy IT Convergence Technology Road show - Micro-Joining & packaging Committee MPC 2010 Symposium - Technology Seminar for Next Generation Semi-conductor Processing Equipment - SEMATECH Symposium Korea 2010 - IMID/IDMC/Asia Display 2010 Symposium ·Global Buyers Meeting - India Telecommunication Industry Buyers Meeting - Global Enterprise Invitation Sales Fair - Russia Electronics Representative Group Invitation Sales Fair - HQEW of China Distribution Dealer Invitation Sales Fair - China CECC Representative Distribution Group Buyers Meeting - USA 3D Enterprise Group Invitation Sales Fair - Broadcasting Equipment Purchase Group Invitation Sales Fair - Semiconductor Enterprise Buyers Meeting - IMID 2010 Foreign Buyers Invitation Sales Fair ·Events - APP World EXPO - Brain Racing - JOB Fair - Display Event Theme Park - Display Photo Exhibition 5
  6. 6. korea electronics grand fair 2010Opening & Events A gateway to the present and future of Korea’s electronics and IT industry, the 2010 Korea Electronics Grand Fair was held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggido, from October 12 to October 15, with the slogan: IT is my life. Hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Gyeonggido, and organized by the Korea Electronics Association; Korea Semiconductor Industry Association and Korea Display Industry Association; 2010 KEGF displayed on a 53,541m2 site, global best-sellers including mobile phones, semi-conductors, and displays, along with convergence solutions such as fashion IT, medical IT, construction IT, etc., proposing a direction for the next generation of electronics and IT industries. A total of 1,823 representative buyers of IT industries from 23 nations such as Russia, China, and India participated in the show, as well as about 750 companies including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hynix, Taiyo Yuden, Merck and others. The opening ceremony on the first day of the Show was celebrated by the popular girl band Secret, whose hit songs include ‘Magic’ and ‘Madonna’,“06 A new world opens with the 2010 Korea Electronics Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  7. 7. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Opening & Events followed by a tap dance performance with the theme of ‘communication’, which symbolizes social media and the Smartphone. This exhibition introduced the products which are ushering in the Smart age, such as Smart TV, Tablet PC, Smart phone and other various related solutions. Beside the exhibition, they greeted visitors with various and complete product portfolios including OLED, brain interface, mirror-less camera, augmented reality and eco-bubble machine. 2010 KES as the global market place in the nation’s electronic industry once again made clear its role as leading the developments in technology and changes in society to the world. Meanwhile, various events including APP World Expo, World 3D Expo, and Convergence forum were held. Specifically celebrating an era of 4 million smartphone users, App World Expo introduced for the first time at KES, interesting and useful apps and various game apps; drawing great attention especially from the young visitors. Convergence forum, which is specially held during the event, attracted keen interest from government officials, enterprise, institute, academia and others by emphasizing the side of expanding IT industry’s coverage to the Korea defense, agricultural, construction, shipbuilding industry.Grand Fair ” 07
  8. 8. Exhibitions by ThemeSmart LifeICTBeyond Smart ▶Optimus 7 Windows PhoneAs a nod to the global craze for smart devices, the KES ICT exhibition center welcomed itsvisitors with cutting-edge smart products including smartphones and PC-related items.With the slogan ‘Smart Life, Smart LG,’ LG Electronics Samsung Electronics prepared a smart TV experienceshowcased their smartphones including the Optimus zone where visitors had the opportunity to test theOne and Optimus 7&7Q, Samsung tried to catch the applications for television. Since Smart TV is not onlyvisitors’ eye with the Galaxy K and Galaxy S, which are able to search and save the files like a computer, itcurrently their bestsellers on the market. Looking at can also preview the contents from cameras, mobilethe ICT products in front of their eyes, the visitors must phones and laptop on the big screen; as it crosses thehave realized the true concept of the 21st century digital boundaries of TV, the Smart TV improves the quality ofworld. our everyday life. ▼Samsung Camcorder booth08 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  9. 9. Exhibitions by Theme Smart Life▲Visitors look around Samsung Internet TV ▲Samsung 3D Camera ▼LG Innotek remote control system▼Samsung NX100 Camera 09
  10. 10. Exhibitions by ThemeContents, Design & New▲Samsung projector ▲LG robot cleaner, RobokingLife Style2010 KES, introducing a new and convenient lifestyle! The Living Consumer Electronics themed exhibitionattracted many visitors by displaying new, innovative home appliances that reflect a new lifestyle for homeand dining.Samsung Electronics put on the front line their smart with a digital camera with multi-display and specialhome appliances such as the Zipel refrigerator with the lens, uniquely designed PC, camcorder, MP3 player, andworld’s largest capacity; Bubble Eco drum washer which ultra-small mono-laser printer.reduces washing time and energy consumption by half;as well as vacuum cleaners and robot cleaners, along ▲Samsung Built-in home appliances booth10 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  11. 11. Exhibitions by Theme Contents, Design & New ▲LG home appliance showroomLG Electronics focused on energy-efficient and environ-mentally-friendly home appliances, exhibiting large—capacity DIOS dual-door refrigerator; Quad DIOS kimchirefrigerator; TROMM washer; WHISEN air-conditionerwith body sensor robot technology; water purifier; ionwater purifier; healthcare products such as the medicalvibrator; and DIOS built-in home appliances, introducingthe worldwide change in lifestyle.With the lowest noise level 50dB, LG Roboking isexpected to be loved by working couples. Since it doesn’tmake any noise, they can vacuum in the night time.Samsung Electronics also introduced an unusual robotvacuum cleaner that can maneuver itself all over thehouse with its CCTV.▲Samsung Bubble Echo washer▼LG Roboking and Cyking cleaner 11
  12. 12. Exhibitions by ThemeContents, Design & New"A New Age, with New Goods"Transferring audio and tape to CD nowadays institution, unveiled a fitness system whichno longer compares to the demand for sound links the realistic and virtual world. It iswhich lies in wearable audio. ‘Sonic walk’, a designed to enable walking with friends,recently released product which comprises no matter where they are, by connectingof wearable audio drew keen attention from internet solutions through treadmills. Nowvisitors at the event. you can walk the streets of Jeju Island in theETRI, the nation’s biggest state-run electronics convenience of your own home.and information communication research We are in an age where technology now com- ◀Sonic walk, wearable audio ▼3D objects printed by Inkchem systems 3D printer12 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  13. 13. Exhibitions by Theme Contents, Design & New ▲Running Machine enables ▲Nextwindows users to use Avatar touch screen board ▶NeuroSkys Mindsetmunicates and links inanimate objects with human Besides, many new technologies and new products suchbrainwaves. NeuroSky located in San Jose, USA, as Digital 3D printing technology with touch screenintroduced a product that enables users to move objects board, OLED Lighting Systems, micromini speakers andor play racing games using their mind. The technical camcorders were also on display during the exhibitioncooperation along with global companies including and drew much attention from many visitors.Google, BMW, Nintendo, and Sony is under negotiation. ▲Micromini camcorder ▲Micromini audio and speaker 13
  14. 14. Exhibitions by ThemeConvergence ▲▶ Digital Clothing systemDigital Clothing"Shop for fashion in 3D."Customers can now try on different sizes In addition, Magic Mirror helps users withof clothing through home shopping. The buying clothes via touch screen, while mobileConvergence room at the KES introduced digital clothes shopping enables them to purchaseclothing technology, by which customers can products by using the camera on mobile phonesselect a 3D avatar to put on different clothes to scan the barcode in a magazine or catalog.before purchasing the product. The application World-class technologies such as 3D virtualfor digital clothing is already developed and is fashion show and 3D avatar virtual clothingsoon to be released on the market, an official have already been recognized internationally,from the company revealed. becoming a benchmark for foreign companies and, subsequently, contributing to the globali- zation of Korean technologies.14 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  15. 15. Exhibitions by Theme Convergence Customers can select a 3D avatarto put on different clothes before purchasing the product. 15
  16. 16. Exhibitions by ThemeConvergenceBuilding IT ▲ GS E&C showcases worlds first home networking system based on smartphones"When Smart IT meets construction"Under the slogan Smart Green Xi, GS E&C, winner of the 2010 Green Growth Industry Award, introduceda new technology that controls smart home networks via connection to a smartphone, which is the first ofits kind worldwide.The main theme of this year’s exhibition is convergence, valves, and bathtubs.which explains the interest of visitors in GS E&C’s In addition, the home network system provides navi-convergence of smartphone with home networking gation services and traffic information around theservices. Apart from the existing home network based on apartment as well as allowing users to pay maintenancewireless communication systems such as the internet, fees via phone, bringing a whole new lifestyle to users.the integration of smartphones, which is currently The virtual builders based in the convergence spacesetting a global trend, with home network systems based information technology showed future space technologyon Korea’s own technology, adds more value to it. in the field of construction IT and digital contents including topics such as 3D space information, energyGS E&C demonstrated their latest technology at the management, as well as three-dimensional space andexhibition by downloading the Android Xi application facilities management via mobile technology.via Ilsan Xi apartment’s real-time video to controltemperature, lighting, air conditioning systems, gas16 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  17. 17. Exhibitions by Theme Convergence "Automobile is also IT."Car Electronics This year’s KES showcased the integration of IT into automobiles, with many auto industry companies including Hyundai MOBIS, and Eyecar Networks, showcasing at car booths in Convergence section. Hyundai MOBIS captivated visitors with an intelligent battery sensor and fusion LED headlight, while GeoCross introduced a car video recorder. AR Vision Inc., augmented reality developer, demonstrated Korea’s augmented reality technology with their virtual auto-repair solution that provides virtual instruction in each professional area of auto maintenance. ◀Driving systems for vehicle provide safer drive based on cutting edge systems including AVM(Around View Monitor) and PGS(Parking Guide System) ▼Hyundai MOBIS intelligent battery sensor 17
  18. 18. Exhibitions by ThemeConvergence▲ETRI Fitness system ▲LG Healthcare system▼Redrovers 3D medical booth ▼Redrovers 3D medical imaging systemLet me introduce Dr. IT at smart hospitalMedical treatmentMedical technology is one of the key areas that benefit sensitivity and direction so that residents working in afrom IT convergence. In fact, the medical field is paying hospital can actually utilize the simulator to practicekeen attention to research and development of 3D image for treatment purposes. Redrover who participated in the production of theMedical practice using 3D technology was demonstrated movie, ‘Avatar’, introduced a 3D medical imaging system,at this year’s KES. The Intravenous injection simulator which, by connecting the 3D device MUX – a device thatperformed an injection on a virtual human arm produces 3D images by combining images on the leftpresented in 3D on the monitor, which provides accurate with the right – to the microscope used for the operation.18 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  19. 19. Exhibitions by Theme ConvergenceLets go to the age of digital broadcastBroadcastingThe production and transmission systems of terrestrial Especially, K2E, introducing studio signal processingbroadcasting channels will be converted from the equipment; Jinmyung Communications, producer ofconventional analog system to a digital system from Korea’s first 3D terrestrial broadest transmitter; Inter-M,2013. Accordingly, the Korea Digital Broadcasting displaying XDM-6400, digital audio mixing consoleEquipment Pavilion showcased various technologies for systems designed for broadcasting; and TV Logic,digital broadcasting production and transmission at the showcasing LCD monitoring devices were among thoseexhibition. who have shown a promising future for Korea’s digital broadcasting technology. 19
  20. 20. Exhibitions by ThemeCutting-Edge Trend end reality. e Tr o ing int -edg n res tur ting tu3D-Pic Cut n. exhibitio n any other itors tha cting more vis S, attra r subject at KE t popula he mos D was t oubt, 3 Without a d20 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  21. 21. Exhibitions by Theme Cutting-Edge Trend▲Samsung Electronics 3D LED TV booth ▲Redrovers 3D Cubic Box◀Visitors show keen interest in Samsung 3D Camera ▼DreamHans3D multimedia graphic contentsSamsung Electronics introduced large size 3D TVs offers premium sound quality in excellent design; aand ultra-realistic 3D quality as well as other latest 3D projector with ‘Single Engine Single Lens’ of active3D products including a 3D home theater set, which system, to prove their excellent technologies in 3D AV.▲Samsung 3D TV is on display 21
  22. 22. Exhibitions by ThemeCutting-Edge Trend ▲Visitors enjoy 3D Games ▲DreamHans showcases its 3D and 4D technologyLG Electronics prepared a 3D Game Zone and also 3D products including 3D underwater shootingsurprised the visitors with their world’s largest, reduced systems by Redrover and Patima UW Engineering, andthickness and frame width, 72-inch full LED 3D TV. the 3D series of space science education contents byMoreover, at the World 3D Expo Center, many interesting DreamHans to the industry experts and visitors.22 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  23. 23. Exhibitions by Theme Cutting-Edge Trend ◀ Redrover showcases its 3D camera ◀ Redrovers3D microscope 23
  24. 24. Exhibitions by ThemeCutting-Edge TrendGreen ITIT is breathing.Low-carbon green development is a subject that Also, GS E&C adopted the slogan ‘Smart Green Xi’ toresonates not only in Korea, but throughout the globe. show the company’s commitment to building energy-KES also introduced various green products in the Green saving, environmentally-friendly houses, using energy-IT hall consisting of more than 40 booths. In the Green efficient materials, equipment, and energy controlPC room, Daeyoung Information System exhibited the systems. Furthermore, Korea Electronics Technologymulti-user solution which can use multiple computers Institute (KETI) proved their confidence in energy-using one desktop. Despite the relatively small size of the efficient technologies for the future by showing thebooth, Samsung C&T showcased 68 green technologies actual data and results in the form of home energythat were divided into three categories: Zero Energy, monitoring systems.Zero Emission, and Green IT, which focused on efficient As lighting industry is another critical part of greenenergy use through IT technologies. development, various low-carbon green development products, including OLED lighting with minimum power consumption and solar-ray LED, were exhibited.24 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  25. 25. Exhibitions by Theme Cutting-Edge TrendApp World ExpoApplication, a new ocean to be explored.Smartphones are the talk of the town these days! The Many companies have introduced various solutions suchApp World Expo & Conference showcased their latest as dance instruction using Augmented Reality; Partsapplications worldwide to provide an opportunity for app Finder which can easily search for electric components;developers to share their ideas and business models. Smart home app; and Interpreting & Translation app. 25
  26. 26. Exhibitions by ThemeCutting-Edge TrendLED ◀ ETRI LED lighting"Light up the world through Korea."LED is becoming brighter day by day. Among Koreas green energy industries, theLED business is one of the fastest-growing sectors with its strong internationaltechnological competitiveness. In fact, Korea has joined the top three countries, alongwith Japan and the U.S, in the LED industry, as the country has seen an increasingnumber of Korean companies gaining a technological edge in the global market overthe years.At this year’s KES, a host of companies have LED TV, etc. Daehan Ultravision unveileddisplayed their latest LED products with the world’s thinnest 80mm LED outdoorenergy-saving or IT convergence technologies. advertising display and Hungseo IND boastedSamsung Electronics introduced various LED the broad applicability of LED such as exteriorproducts including an LFD display, whereas interior and outdoor advertising and boothLG captured the attention from the visitors equipment by using a variety of LED designwith their 3D OLED display and Nano Full techniques.▼ Hungseo INDs LED booth ▼ LG Electronics 3D OLED booth26 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  27. 27. Exhibitions by Theme Cutting-Edge Trend▲ Samsung 65 inch Full HD 3D LED TV▼ Daehan Ultravision showcases the worlds thinnest 80mm LED outdoor advertising display ▼ LG Nano LED TV 27
  28. 28. Exhibitions by ThemeParts & ComponentsParts & ComponentsMaterial & Component SniperAs many experts have suggested, it is essential for Korea to develop its own electric componentsin order to become a true IT powerhouse, and 2010 KES introduced various Korean-made electriccomponents, ensuring a bright future for Korea as a components producer.Samsung Electro-Mechanics ranks fifth in the world friendly solar battery, and an intelligent lighting controlas a total components manufacturer and at the show system. Taiyo Yuden promoted the components industry,introduced over 30 new components for various products which is often easily dismissed, by holding variousranging from display, computer, mobile phones, chips, shows throughout the event. Also, KETI attracted visitorsand environmentally-friendly and future-oriented as they showcased the next-generation 3D touch-screentechnologies, including a new technology which emits the panel for mobile devices, whereas KICOX caught theleast amount of carbon in the MLCC field, the company’s attention of foreign buyers with their various componentmain focus. Meanwhile, LG Innotek showcased various material technologies and products.convergence technologies including optical technology Created by the collaboration among Korea, Japan, andsuch as a 3D camera module, LED, an environmentally- China, E-parts is an electric components search engine28 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  29. 29. Exhibitions by Theme Parts & Components ◀ 4.3 inch LCD module ▼ Eretecs EMC scannerwhich has established the largest e-commerce network search for a product and product information via thein the world, providing total service from purchase substantial amount of DB on components – the 2.5to export agencies and distribution. They introduced million bits of data coming from Korea, 100 million froman application named “Partsfinder”, which users can China, and 8.5 million from Japan 29
  30. 30. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Events Flexible Display ▶IMID 2010Korean displays dominate the world.Hosted by Korea Display Industry Association and Korea LCD technology with high-speed LCD panel for 3DInformation Display Society, 2010 IMID is the largest TV, monitor, and notebook PC, transparent LCD, anddisplay exhibition in Korea, held in association with virtual hologram LCD. Other exhibits from the company2010 KES, where 120 companies from ten countries included a 32-inch TV that operates at ultra-low power,laid out their new technologies. Celebrating the 10th thanks to a new pixel matrix called Pentile; New Pixelyear of 2010 IMID, a special exhibition was organized Structure Pentile LCD panel adopted built-in resistanceto commemorate the history of IMID. This year’s IMID and electro capacity system, and on-cell touch panel.introduced latest technologies of Samsung Electronics, The company also showcased the 55-inch DID withLG Display and also many display equipment, currently the smallest bezel width in the world. Thecomponents, and material makers including SFA, advertisement and public-purpose LDC products suchSamsung Corning Precision Materials, and Dongjin as ‘Outdoor LCD’, a Digital Information Display (DID),Semichem. can be used outdoors and thus signaling the businessSamsung Electronics demonstrated their unparalleled expansion to the public market.30 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  31. 31. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & Events ◀ Samsung SDI booth ▲LG Display boothLG Display focused on 3D, IPS technology, Touch, Merck Advanced Technologies, a Korean branch ofand next-generation technology to show the unlimited the German firm Merck, introduced the latest displaypossibility of their advanced display technologies. The technologies including 3D display. Mr. Koenig, presidentWindow TV adopted transparent backlight of edge-LED, of Merck Korea said, "this year’s IMID was a greatwhich allows the 47-inch screen to be used not only in chance for us to promote new display modes and trendsnatural light but also when there is no light around. The and also Merck’s latest development. IMID serves as avisitors marveled as the seemingly normal glass window very significant venue where researchers and engineersturned into a transparent display as soon as they can share innovative achievements from the endtouched the screen. Also, the exhibition included TFT- products to future technologies for semiconductor andLCD module, optimized for full HD digital broadcasting; display industry.”TFT-LCD for monitor and laptop computers; LCD Apart from the exhibition, additional events includingproduct for mobile devices. LG’s low power consumption, International Display Symposium and trade consultingenvironmentally-friendly Electrophoretic Display (EPD) with foreign buyers were organized, and over 30 buyeralong with flexible display and color paper, captivated delegates from overseas panel companies were invitedthe visitors and foreign buyers alike as the company to have one-on-one trade consulting with 70 Koreanproved themselves yet again as the global display leader. display-related businesses to create more businessAlong with these, it showcased another innovation, i.e., opportunities and promote active trade among theflexible and transparent OLED. companies. 31
  32. 32. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Eventsi-SEDEXNo Power, Green MemoryTwelfth round of i-SEDEX, the biggest semiconductor exhibition in Korea, was held at Ilsan Kintex inconjunction with 2010 Korea Electronics Show for the second time since last year. Hosted by Ministryof Knowledge Economy, this event served as a venue where the state of art products competed withone another. Total 150 corporations, including Korean semiconductor companies such as SamsungElectronics and Hynix, and 30 global companies – the likes of ULVAC, Nikon Instrument, andHADCO – from seven countries showcased their latest products at 450 booths. This exhibition yetagain proved the competence of Korean semiconductors with many products domestically produced32 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  33. 33. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & Events ▲Hynix booth guide introduces its graphics memory to Kim Hwang-sik, Prime Minister of Korea D RAM semiconductor ▶for the first time, including 40nm 2 GB DDR3 D-Ram, with surface cleaning technology seminar on the 13th.20nm 64GB NAND flash, 40nm 2Gb mobile low-power Semiconductor wiring technology seminar, ISMP2010,DDR2 (LPDDR2), digital interface for display, and power standard instruction on semiconductor equipmentmanagement integrated circuit (PMIC). system semiconductor job fair, convergence joint research workshop and analog semiconductor leadersAdditional events – namely, foreign buyer trade were held on the last day of the, business consulting, international seminar,and technology seminar - were prepared to provide an At this year’s i-Sedex, Samsung Electronics showcasedopportunity for technology and information exchange as four environmentally-friendly memory semiconductorwell as for active business trade. In the trade consulting product ranges: Green DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3);room which was specially run for two days from 13th, Green SSD (Solid State Drive); Green LP (Low Power)buyer delegates from about 20 companies abroad, DDR; and Green G(Graphics) DDR5. The company alsoincluding Intel from America, SMIC from China, ASE introduced the low-power solution with PRAM and greenfrom Taiwan, Japan’s Fujitsu and China’s BOE, were memory to tackle environmental issues and demonstrateinvited to promote active trade in global semiconductor the difference in energy consumption between normalindustry by talking one-on-one with Korean companies. memory and green memory by using a desktop PC and a server. Hynix displayed 40nm class 2Gb mobile LPDDR2There were also many academic events prepared at the and 40nm class 2Gb DDR3 DRAM, whereas Dongbuexhibition drawing in a lot of semiconductor experts. HiTek showcased 18um BCDMOS; Amkor TechnologyOn the opening day of the 12th, a seminar on future Korea introduced Chip-stacked Package that adoptedtechnologies for semiconductor processing equipment the laser drilling technology; and Semes released IRIS,was held, followed by the fall symposium of Korean BLUE ICE, the cleaning equipment suitable for allsociety of semiconductor and display technology along semiconductor processing. 33
  34. 34. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Events Buyer Special 2010 Korea Electronics Show welcomed a number of buyers from many countries including India, Russia, China, Japan, and France. The buyers showed great interest in the Korean companies that introduced innovative new technologies, and they actively participated in the business consulting as well to integrate these technologies into their own businesses. India Korea, the leader of future technology Hitech Lighted develops and manufactures environmentally-friendly energy-saving lamps in India. The managing director, Rupinder Singh Sachdeva was particularly interested in the cost- efficient lightings, saying “the exhibition was full of Korean duplexer we found at KES was only about products that captured my eyes. I was particularly a quarter of that size. So we decided to import that impressed with the IT security-related technologies product from Korea, and as a result, we could make and products. IT security-related products are very a high quality product at a reasonable price. Well, marketable as they will provide useful solution for you could say they are like a big brother for us.” all industries in general, and I am sure, with safe Another Indian buyer we met was Ratan Singh, who and professional technologies, they will make great contribution to the system-based industries.” Meanwhile, Ajay Kumar Pathak, the deputy general manager of FROG CELLSAT PVT.LTD, a company that produces GSM, CDMA, 3G Repeater in India, explained, “we cannot help but acknowledge Korea’s technological power because among the components our company imports, Korean products generate the biggest income for us. In fact, our duplexer used to be about the size of a matchbox before we began to import the components from Korea. However, the Rupinder Singh Sachdeva, managing director of Hitech Lighted Limited34 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  35. 35. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & Eventsis a consultant at Vihaan Networks Limited Co. (VNL). technology is recognized as the best even among thoseBefore commenting on the Show, Mr. Singh first advanced countries. As soon as I heard the news, Ibegan with the introduction about VNL. Ratan Singh was determined to visit KES and also to search forsaid, “I believe that South Korea already parallels mobile satellite solution companies in Korea. So, I amdeveloped countries like Denmark, Australia, Norway, currently in the middle of negotiations with reliableand Canada,” he added, “in terms of the country’s partners.”capacity to help developing countries. In fact, Korea’sUSAKorea IT Wave Sparkling the US MarketThomas Kim, Korean-American, who comes acrosssomehow likable, visited Korea Electronics Show fortwo years in a row to boost business relationshipbetween Korea and North and South America.Mr. Kim is the vice president of Dynamic KoreaOpportunity (DKO) - whose headquarter is based inPasadena, California, and a branch in Seoul – andpaid keen attention to the Show, perhaps more thananyone else did."As an international consulting firm," Mr. Kimexplained, “DKO is focused on helping small,medium, and large manufacturing enterprises that Thomas Kim, vice president of Dynamic Korea Opportunity (DKO)operate in North and South America. 2010 Korea He also said, "Korean market seems to have moreElectronics Show is a well-organized exhibition active business relationship with European andand is very convenient for small-scale buyers from Asian countries than with America. But I am veryoutside Korea," Mr. Kim added. "Also, I loved to feel happy that the trade conference at the Show thisthe beauty and kindness that are uniquely Korean at year will help bring out more business opportunitiesevery booth I visited. It might look like the Show as between the two countries." This year, Mr. Kim spenta whole has reduced in size compared to last year, a long time in Green IT exhibition room, in particular,but I would say it introduced more diverse, new, and and as a Korean-American, felt proud about Korea’suseful ideas than any other exhibition." global products and technologies.France3D Industry Going Up with KoreaStephan Faudeux is the director of Dimension broadcasting, video game, etc. by collaborating with3D-Expo, the forum that is leading the development of Korea’s 3D technologies.various technologies and contents to open up a new "Korea’s 3D Industry is rapidly growing with two3D epoch in France. He visited KES this year, seeking hardware giants, Samsung and LG. Also, I believeto catch up with Hollywood technology in movies, 2010 was the starting point for the country’s 35
  36. 36. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Events impressive growth in 3D solution industry. As far as I know, Korea, for years has developed various technologies by trying to integrate 3D into other fields. At this year’s KES as I experienced Korea’s cutting-edge 3D technology, I began to think about collaboration with KES for the 3D exhibition that will be held in France. But first I will need to share our plans for 3D Expo, perhaps?" before he went on to explain the 3D cooperation project between Korea and France. Mr. Faudeux said, "I believe the collaboration between 3D Expo and KES will bring the opportunity Stephan Faudeux, director of Dimension 3D-Expo to introduce exceptionally diverse 3D technologies takes pride in our outstanding 3D broadcasting and contents." The first step for such collaboration system technology. After this exhibition, now I am would be finding companies that possess various looking forward to see France’s cooperation with technologies including Korea’s 3D convergence Korea to host successful 3D Expo in the country. technology. "France has started to produce 3D That will definitely help to develop 3D industries of contents for movies and animations in addition to both countries," he added. concerts and theme parks. Especially, my country Peru Discovering the Best Security System at KES’ Despite the long distance, Igor Saravia Aguilar, general manager of S.A.V Ingenieros S.A.C of Peru, visited Korea with his colleague Jorge Cossio Medina, in a quest for technologies to improve Peru’s security system. S.A.V Ingenieros S.A.C is a software firm established 18 years ago, which has built its reputation as a reliable company whose technologies are used by public institutions as well as individual customers. Mr. Aquilar and Mr. Medina explained their reasons for visiting KES in saying Peru currently has poor crime prevention system compared to Igor Saravia Aguilar and Jorge Cossio Medina, neighboring countries like Colombia. Mr. Aquilar said, general manager of S.A.V ingenieros S.A.C of Peru "In Peru, there are a lot of individual crimes such as burglary, violence, and theft, rather than large- and local authorities are trying to come up with a scale crimes involving the drugs, so the government technological solution before applying legal methods is making constant efforts to solve these issues. At to address current problems. In fact, our company the moment, the level of legal punishment in Peru is is noted as possibly the most reliable one to provide very weak. Those criminals who are arrested can be such technological support within Peru, which is why released within a few hours after paying a negligible we need to have better technologies to build more sum of fine. These lenient penalties lead them to secure system. We believe that we will be able to find second and third offenses. So Peruvian government the right level of security system for us at KES."36 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  37. 37. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & Events Antoliy Shestak, General Director (left) and Andrey Dvoynyshev, Technical DirectorBest IT, and Best Manners Too!!RussiaKES becomes a business bridge between Korea and Russia.It is already the fourth time for Alexander Semeyuta through business partnership."to visit KES. With each visit, he returned home with Antoliy Shestak, general director who came withmore business opportunities and satisfying results, Mr. Dvoynshev, explained, "Normally, in anwhich explains why he did not hesitate to come international event like this, buyers who are notback again this year. Accompanying Mr. Semeyuta, familiar with English language often miss goodAndrey Dvoynshev and Aatoliy Shestak of Vetrastar business opportunities because of language barrier.expressed that they saw beyond what they expected But at KES, a Russian interpreter accompanied usfrom the opening ceremony, in their first visit to the everywhere we went, which consequently helpedShow. us build more business." Commenting on theBefore beginning the interview, the technological improvement he would like to see in 2011, he said,director, Andrey Dvoynshev said, "we have been "because of the enormous scale of the exhibition,to many exhibitions in China and Hong Kong, we could not see all the products even though webut we have never seen anything so glamorous really rushed. So, I think we would be able to seeand spectacular as the opening ceremony of KES. more products if they organize similar products andEspecially, we could not take our eyes off the girl technologies in categories."dance group, Secret’s powerful performance. It The Russian buyers expressed very optimisticwas really interesting because there are not many opinions on possible trade with Korea, saying manyexhibitions where we can enjoy the performance of an buyers from Russia will visit next year’s KES. WeA-list entertainer like this." might as well expect that 2010 KES will mark the"What my colleagues and I thought after looking watershed for the business partnership and tradearound the exhibition,” he added, “was that KES between Korea and Russia.really shows so many excellent technologiesand products. We are especially interested insemiconductor, electric components, and mobilephones, and we are planning to select some of thecompanies and introduce their products to Russia 37
  38. 38. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Events SPMashs Director Sergey I. Lapinsky has met Korean companies JSC AngeLs "business angel", Maria, is Korea-Russia trade like UKB (Unikor Battery), S&T Global, MECSTECH, and SVCo. agent. She showed a great interest in Korean cosmetic devices. SPMash is film heater maker in Russia. Their top quality film She went to the actual booths to personally test all hair dryers heaters are being widely used in Chile, Ecuador, France, and and massage beds or chairs. Maria showed a determination Korea. SPMash has stated that all meetings at KES 2010 was to examine and try out things thoroughly before going back to very significant to its company, and that he would return to his Russia. There she will start marketing these products with actual company as an active marketer for these companies back in commentaries. "It is hard to find neat things like this in Russia. Russia. He expected to reunite with Korean partners next year. Korea has many different kinds of cosmetic wares and they all are innovative and well designed. I believe these products will have a great impact to the Russian Market. If Korean companies can work with us reducing the price, my job will become much easier (grin).” The representatives of EPOS, ENERGO-SNAB, and IAT are RISDE is being introduced to Testron’s Harness tester, sharing the stories of successful buyers meeting. ENERGO-SNAB backplane tester, and fuse box tester. RISDE stated, “We best has had a good trading relationship with Korea for a long time learned about Korean companies’ products through KES 2010, now, so they were caught on the scene giving positive advices on and became aware of their quality. We are looking forward to how to succeed buyers meeting with Korea. future business with most of Korean companies we met today,” said Director Constantine.38 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  39. 39. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & EventsSTEP is meeting KIT Korea. "Frankly, I didnt expect much Francosi Barlinckoff from Hollandbefore coming to Korea. But as soon as I got here, I saw on theschedule that I had five buyers meetings set up in a row, eachlasting 45 minutes each. It was very surprising. So I met Eye Max,GeoCross, Withsolution, KIT Korea so far, and I am about to meetMocomtech. Korean products are surely impressive and I believeour customers will also be very interested to learn about thesenew products," said Director Vladimrovna. Daniela Yankova from BulgariaElleuch Samir, Mounir Ferjani, Mohamed Mahjoubi from Turkey Antonina Krasnova from Russia and her translator 39
  40. 40. korea electronics grand fair 2010Convention & Events Smart Korea 2010 Hosted by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Smart Korea 2010 was held at 2010 Korea Electronics Show with the Next Decade of IT Korea as the main theme. An international forum where renowned scholars and businesspeople gather to discuss the future vision and direction of IT development, Smart Korea 2010 newly introduced Creative Futures Forum, and also hosted IT Convergence Conference with seven IT-related government departments, for the first time this year; along with 2011 IT Industry Prospect Conference and Global Cooperation Seminar, for which foreign buyers were invited to deliver a speech. Creative Future Forum IT Convergence conference After the declaration of IT Industry Vision 2020 at IT Convergence conference provided an opportunity Creative Future Forum, over 1,000 scholars, CEOs, to introduce policies regarding Korea’s IT and and experts from Korea and elsewhere discussed convergence as well as to look at relevant technologies the future of the earth, IT, and IT Korea, focusing and industries, as seven government departments on ‘convergence’ and ‘creativity’ in particular. gathered to propose specific IT convergence policies. Ministry of Knowledge Economy also proposed ten Oh Hae-seok, the President’s Special IT Adviser, said, IT Mega Trends based on three key words: Smart, “Smart Korea project will help to build a flourishing Sustainable, and Human-centric. In addition, the country, warm society, and strong nation. Korea Ministry announced their vision to level up Korea’s is leading the world with smartphones, smart status to join top three IT exporters – Korea currently cars, smart TVs, and smart robots,” declaring the ranks 5th – and top four countries in IT convergence opening of the conference with a keynote speech that by increasing the IT export from about 150 billion explained ‘Smart Korea’ vision with which to carry dollars this year to 300 billion dollars by 2020; out government agenda. focusing on projects for “dynamic IT and creative Next was Jung Man-ki, chief of information and convergence.” communication industry bureau at Ministry of40 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
  41. 41. korea electronics grand fair 2010 Convention & Events Rolf Jensen, Dr. David Cohn, Stanly Yang, Peter Sondergaard, CEO of Dream Company Director of IBM Watson CEO of Neurosky Senior Vice President research center of Gartner ResearchKnowledge Economy, who announced IT convergence recovery with the emerging developing countries asexpansion strategy. Mr. Jung explained, “Next year, the driving force, will lead the global expenditure on66.7 billion won will be invested in the development IT industry to increase by 3.9 percent, and the globalof IT convergence-related industrial technologies, 14.5 demand for IT products by 5.1 percent. We estimatebillion won in commercial technologies, and 25 billion that Korea’s IT production next year will growwon in fostering human resources in IT convergence 3.1 percent and export will go up by 5.8 percent,field. And as for the core components development, totaling about 159.6 billion dollars.” The estimatesthe government is planning to spend 15 billion on announced at the conference were based on majorsystem semiconductor technology development expert researches, data of research institutes fromand 19.1 billion won on 4th generation baseband Korea and other countries, as well as a statisticalmodem.” The conference also offered case studies and analysis models.policies regarding successful IT convergence. Global Cooperation Seminar2011 IT Industry Prospect Conference Foreign buyers from China, Russia, Japan, and India,2011 IT Industry Prospect Conference provided IT- as well as Korean businesses operating abroad and ITrelated information – such as IT technologies of Korea trade experts participated in the Global Cooperationand other countries, market outlook, and business Seminar, where they provided a guideline for Koreanstrategies - to help relevant businesses set up plans IT firms to expand the business abroad, a methodfor next year. Furthermore, 1,200 IT experts and they labeled as, “Overseas expansion and cooperationbusinesspeople from Korea and elsewhere suggested strategies.” The government expects this event to offer10 main issues of next year’s IT industry and a platform for global cooperation of IT industries bydiscussed the prospect of each IT field. sharing new ideas and information.Jeon Sang-heon, vice president of Korea ElectronicsAssociation, said, “Next year, the rapid economic 41
  42. 42. korea electronics grand fair 2010RESuLTSMedia Coverage42 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
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  44. 44. 2010 Korea Electronics Grand FairStatistical Results·Statistical Results ·Media Coverage Area/Dimension : 53,541m2 5 Cases on KBS 9:00 News, SBS 8:00 News, Yonhap News Number of Business Participants : 12 countries, 750 enterprises, 2,328 booths 321 Cases including on Hankyung Economic Daily, Maeil Business Newspaper, Number of Visitors : 55,242 (1,823 buyers) Electronics Newspaper, Chosun Newspaper, Dong-a Newspaper and Central Consultation Results : Approximately 1.6 Billion US Dollars Newspaper 500 Cases of Blog 1 Person Media·Consultations and Conferences Group Consultations : 10 cases including India, Russia and China distribution dealer invitation sales fair Conferences : 20 cases including Smart Korea 2010, 3D Expo and Green IT Events : 5 cases including App World Expo, Brain Racing and Job Fair44 Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010
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  46. 46. Korea electronics Grand fair 2011 ·Date : October 12(Wed) ~ 15(Sat) 2011, 4 days ·Venue : KINTEX ·Area : 53,541sqm46 Korea Electronicspublished by the Korea IT Times Edited and Grand Fair 2010 Tel 02) 3459-0583 Fax 02) 3459-0656
  47. 47. Exhibited Products ·ICT Tablet PC·Telecommunication·Smartphone·Net work Solutions·Antennas· Computer· Notebook PC·Server·Solution·S/W·Storage ·Imaging and Solutions Beam-projector·Imaging Machine·Digital Camera·Printer·Camcorder·Memory Solutions ·Multimedia and Home Entertainment TV·Smart TV·3D TV·IPTV·Home Cinema·Monitor·HiFi ·Loudspeakers·Games·MP3·Hands-free ·Living Consumer Electronics Refrigerator·Air-conditioner·Vacuum cleaner·Washing machine·Dish washer·Coffee machine·Electric toaster·Beauty care appliance·Kitchen appliance ·Car Electronics and Securities Navigation·Black box·Car electronics·CCTV·Network·Bio or Signal capture·Cyber security·Collision avoidance technology ·Convergence and Other applications Broadcasting equipment and systems·Green IT·U- health·Building Solution·Digital Clothing·Product design·Robot ·Modules, Parts and Materials LED·OLED·LCD·Solar·PCB·MLCC·Capacitor·Resister· SoC·Sensor·Switch 47
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