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ELD Product Line up


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Product line up of ELD co., ltd.

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ELD Product Line up

  1. 1. ELD High-Elasticity Backrest Cushion ELD SMART High-Elasticity Chair Backrest Cushion is ergonomically designed and produced withhighly elastic urethane memory foam to ensure the maintenanceof stable posture and comfort. • Product Feature 1. Maintains correct postures by securing the waist (prevents spinal disorders) 2. Maintains an “S-line” from the neck to the waist 3. Can be used easily on any chair 4. Easy to fold and carry (can be used anytime, anywhere) • Product description 1. Somssi’s High-Elasticity Chair Backrest Cushion reduces pressure exerted on the waist when sitting down, and increases comfort by maintaining a stable posture. 2. It prevents the bending of the spine to help you maintain correct body shapes. 3. The cervical vertebrae acupressure effect increases productivity and eliminates fatigue. 4. It is made with highly elastic urethane memory foam to ensure excellent restitution and softness. 5. It uses Air-mesh materials to ensure superior air-permeability. Helps students, office workers and long-distance drivers maintain correct postures. • Product Function 1. Unlike ordinary cushions, it secures the waist. 2. It has an ergonomic, curved design that supports the waist, which ensures that the spine does not bend to the sides and pressure on the waist is minimized. 3. The spine and back muscle support’s bumpy design distributes pressure and helps you maintain optimal conditions by creating an acupressure effect. 4. It secures the waist to the inside of the highly elastic urethane mold and supports back muscles to ensure comfort at the waist 5. Increases students’ productivity 6. Reduces once workers’ fatigue 7. Prevents spinal disorders in long-distance drivers
  2. 2. ELD Hip-up sitting Cushion ELD Hip-up Cushion that pulls the legs together Hip-up Sitting Cushion pulls your legs together and supports your hips tocreate a curvy hipline• Product Feature 1. Volume-up 2. Hip correction 3. Hip-up 4. Posture correction 5. Leg shape correction(prevents spreading of the legs) 6. Suitable for hemorrhoids sufferers 7. Suitable for urinary incontinence sufferers• Product description 1. The Hip-up cushion pulls the legs together to maintain correct postures and to improve leg shapes. 2. It maintains beautiful body shapes by supporting the hips. 3. It is made with highly elastic urethane memory foam to ensure excellent restitution and softness. 4. It uses Air-mesh materials to ensure superior air-permeability. 5. Helps students, office workers and long-distance drivers maintain correct postures. 6. Size can be altered to suit different body shapes• Product Effects 1. Protects the spine through hip correction. 2. Maintains optimal conditions through weight distribution. 3. Simply sitting down raises the hip line. 4. Pulls the thighs together to crease a slim figure. 5. Creates a polite and elegant posture. 6. When sitting down, the hips naturally move into the inside of the memory line to create a snug, comfortable feeling, and creates a weight distribution effect. 7. It has a function that secures the hips and the legs to the inside of the memory line.
  3. 3. ELD Smart Double Mat .Anywhere, anytime, versatile and easy to use Smart Mat • Product description One side consists of two combined and two separate mats that are available. Consist of a number of holes in the top of this hole is to be the dust and debris flows. Flowed through the top of debris collects in the bottom. To join the top and bottom number is composed of two projections protruding out of the debris and prevent the escape of two to prevent secondary pollution keeps giving comfortable indoor space. • Product Feature1. Remove dust and dirt2. Creating a pleasant indoor space3. Washable with water and are easy to maintain the cleanliness4. No modification or alteration in temperature5. Massage is effective6. Varied To uses (Car Mat, Interior mats, door mats, bathroom mats, health mats
  4. 4. EDDAS Travel Luggage BagClassic modern carrier bag leaving with travel in my mind Product descriptionVintage Style BagAppearance: Carrier bag characterized by luxury color schemes and European style design.Placed top priority on safety with a strong locking device.Contained the practicality and stylishness of a travel bag at a glance.Inside: Designed in detail so that small things can be organized even more safely featuring a luxuryinner lining, practical storage space, and convenient pocket."Carrier bag in which stylish design of a luxury European style classic bag stands out.Handle bar is in the bag, making a back line clean.Designed in detail so that small things can be organized even more safely featuring a luxury innerlining, practical storage space, and convenient pocket.European style modern carrier bag which is the combination of luxury design and convenience.Cover to make things in the bag unshaken.Strong carrier handle: There is a strong handle which is easy to carry in width and length.Strong floor support: There is a floor support which allows the bag to stand stably.Low-noise polyurethane wheel: Loud noise must not happen while pulling a carrier bag with wheels,does it? It is made from polyurethane for reduced noise.Vintage Pop BagAppearance: Premium hand-made carrier bag featuring luxuriousness and a touch of vintage style.Accentuated color and luxuriousness by using glossy quality synthetic leather (PU), adding a sense ofdimension to a touch of a basic vintage carrier bag by using the dotted double-layered fabric.Travel is also fashion. Have it if you want to travel greatly.Classy travel! Even if you travel once!Strong floor support: Accentuated convenience in order to be easy to carry in both directions andmade to stand more stably.Inside: Designed in detail in order to allow practical storage space to keep belongings organized moresafely and easily, adding stylishness by using an excellent color and a finished luxury inner lining.Low-noise polyurethane wheel: Made with polyurethane wheel which causes less noise, making itpossible to move easily.Strong carrier handle: Strong handle which is easy to carry anytime and anywhere in width and length.Travel is also fashion. Have it if you want to travel greatly.
  5. 5. Golfer glove dryer- Stretches and dries the gloves in the shape of the dryerafter use- Far infrared emission from the yellow soil has anexcellent antibiosis,deodorant and dehumidification effect and thus preventsformation of various bacteria.Hardwood charcoal has excellent restoring force due toanti-oxidation and reducing process which maintains theproduct in a fresh condition.Its radiation of anion controls active oxygen and helpsmaintain the freshness of the golfer glove.Golf swing checker- A trainer recommended by lesson pros- A trainer that leads to ideal swing and address- Check of correct address- Check of correct body turn