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Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment
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Hair and beauty supplies melbourne


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At Direct Salon Equipment, you’ll find Australia’s most innovative & competitive range of salon furniture at unbeatable everyday low prices. Over 200 items to choose from with several ranges to make Direct Salon Equipment your “One Stop Shop”. Whether you need a one off item or a full salon refurbishment, DSE is there for you. Our staff have been professionally trained only to give you free expert advice but more importantly honesty & our main aim is for you to pass the word around and share the experience you received at Direct Salon Equipment.

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Hair and beauty supplies melbourne

  1. 1. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Salon
  2. 2. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment UsWelcome Hairdressing/Beauty Professional.Direct Salon Equipment (DSE) is your ultimate source of Furniture and Equipment forhairdressing & beauty salons Australia wide. Our world class furniture and equipment isunsurpassed in quality, design and value. Our mission is to offer the most beautiful andexclusive salon furniture and equipment at the most convenient price, direct from themanufacturer to the Salon Professional.Our head office in Melbourne is located just 15 mins from the CBD & allows us to ship ourproducts to you, our valued customer within one business day. We welcome you to visit ourshowroom located at Unit 20, 25-27 Hocking Street, Coburg North, (strictly by appointmentonly) where you will find the finest selection in design furniture for your salon.Our complete confidence in our product allows DSE to offer you a 12 month warranty on allitems we manufacture. This offer excludes electrical items which are instead backed by a 6month warranty. As always, when you order a DSE product, you pick the colours, size, accentsand options. We do the utmost to make it to your specifications & needs.Our experienced sales & design team can assist you in the lay out of your floor plan thatmaximizes space, incorporate new services such as styling chairs, wash basins,styling wall units,front counters & more. This complimentary service ensures that we can turn the sometimesdaunting task of creating a new salon into an enjoyable experience.Whether it be the purchase of a minor refurbishment or maybe even a complete fitout for yoursalon, DSE can also provide a broad range of finance alternatives to meet your needs. Newequipment can be the lifeblood of any salon. Why buy this equipment outright when you canhave the cashflow and tax benefits associated with leasing the equipment you need? Terms &Conditions apply.We look forward to assisting you in turning the salon of your dreams into a reality.Kind Regards,Managing Director
  3. 3. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment and BeautySupplies: Get Only theBest to GainSignificant ProfitCustomers are important for everybusiness. They are the ones who fuelsit to be successful, that is why theyneed to be happy with what you offerto make them comeback for yourservices. It is also about how thebusiness treats them for it is essentialto have good relationship with themand provide them with their needssuch as relaxing ambience and skillfulas well as friendly staff. There aremany things to consider in makingsure that the business is in the rightpath. Running a salon may not beeasy at first, but if it aims to succeedit must provide quality hair andbeauty supplies and good service toeach and every customer.Every salon has its own specializationand some of its tools and gadgets arethe same as a regular one. Somefocuses on hairstyling, facial servicesand pampering indulgence. To satisfythe clients, the salon supplies mustbe top of the line to ensure customersatisfaction. There should also beenough of the products and must bein every kind because each client hastheir own preferences in terms ofproducts and brands. It will beconvenient for you and for them ifyou have everything on hand. Thereis also the constant change in hairand beauty trends which every ownermust be aware to keep up with therivals. It will always attract theclientele if you have something newto offer to enhance their looks.It is the duty of the owner to ensurethat the clients only receive the bestcare in the house. The employeesmust be properly trained and must beprovided to attend seminars ortrainings to update their knowledgeabout their work. Skills are not onlythe important thing that needs to belearned. They must know how totreat their customers and be
  4. 4. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment of their welfare. Some ofthem may have allergies aboutcertain product or chemicals. This willearn the shop the trust of the peoplewho they depend on in order fortheir business to run. Since they arethe one who puts in the money, theydefinitely deserved to be treatedwell.Regular inventory must be practicedto ensure that the stocks are still intheir best condition because if notyou can contact your trusted beautysuppliers to replenish your stocks.You do not want your clients tocomplain about bad service for thiscould lead to losing them which youcould greatly suffer. The employeesshould also be aware of this becausetheir safety is your priority. If you areaware of these your business will beknown for the importance that yougive to your clientele which will leadto your success.Hair SalonEquipment:Providing High-Quality ServicesYou may have noticed that not allbeauty parlors are the same. Somediffers with the services that theyoffer although, you can be sure thatmost beauty salon have hair services.One is only different from the otherbecause of the quality of service thatthey provide. The quality is oftenaffected by the staff and also by thekind of hair salon equipment thatthey are using. The stylist will be ableto provide better service if he doesn’thave any problem and has acomplete set of tools needed to givethe service the customers is askingfor.If you are planning to run a business,the hair salon equipment is one ofthe first things that customers notice.When they decide to try your service,you only get that chance to impressthe customer. You can start bymaking sure that all of your tools arein good shape so make sure that the
  5. 5. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment will be smooth and perfect.It’s embarrassing to witness yourstaff scrambling, looking for otherblower because the one he is holdingwon’t work. Imagine the reaction ofthe customer as this scenariounravels. Do you think there’s achance that he’ll return for your hairsalon services again?A successful business means having acomplete tools including the chairs,blow dryers, bin and sinks for hairwashing, mirrors, straightening andcurling iron, and more. You musthave enough workstations and eachshould have all the necessary gels,powder, sprays, scissors of differentstyle and sizes, capes, and the likes.They should also have a place of theirown, placed neatly and in order sothat the staff won’t have a hard timelooking for them when they areservicing a customer. Make sure thatall of the electrical appliances haveenough outlets for each workstation.Every part of your business isimportant, even the tiniest bit. To getthe best from the bunch, start byscouting first before you buyanything. Ask around salon suppliesstores, and compare their prices.Take your time in doing a bit ofresearch and ask about what thecustomers would mostly like. Taketheir idea into consideration becausethey will be the life of your business.Make a list of the salon equipmentthat you will need, read reviewsabout them, and take a look at thequality.Always remember that customerscomes first and to give them the bestsalon service there is, make sure tohave complete beauty salon suppliesand equipment in yourestablishment. Visit your local storeor shop online. Whatever you do, youwill surely get what you need if youtake your time to look up the best.
  6. 6. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Factors:Marketing, Location,Salon Supplies, Skill,and CleanlinessIn order to become successful inyour salon business, there are fivethings that you need to consider first.You need to consider the marketing,location, skill, cleanliness, and salonsupplies.MarketingLike any other businesses, salonsneed to be marketed as well. It needsto make itself known to the public sothat people will visit it. You can’thope the people to travel for manymiles for your shop when they arenot even aware of your existence.Making use of marketing techniquescan help introduce your business topeople who needs it.LocationIf you want the customers to go toyour salon, then at least find a placewhere they can easily locate it. Malls,popular streets, and near marketplaces are the best location to put upthis type of business. You cannot putyour salon in tight alleys since no onebut a few locals will be able to getthere. There’s also a risk of gettingburglarized since the police won’t beable to respond fast.SuppliesBe sure to get the necessary supplieswhen putting up a beauty shop. Youcan purchase them over the web oryou can get them from your localsupplier. How can you work on yourcustomer when you don’t even havethe right tools? How can you cut theirhair when you don’t even have theright scissors? How can you washtheir hair when you don’t haveshampoos?SkillIf you have the skill, then people willsurely start flocking into your shop.You need to possess the rightknowledge and skill in order to getgood comments from the customers.Watch new techniques being doneover the web and introduce them toyour shop. There will always be newtechniques to learn in the internet.Your customers will be thrilled of thevariety of choices you introduce.
  7. 7. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment thing that you need toconsider is the looks of your shop.How can you hope people to go toyour place when it’s not even wellmaintained? Ensure that the stationis clean before you decide to work onanother customer.All in all—in order to becomesuccessful in this particular business,you need to incorporate goodmarketing techniques, choose thelocation wisely, purchase a completeset of salon supplies, acquire newskill, and observe cleanliness. Do thisand the customers will surely loveyour place. They will go to your shopfrequently and this means moremoney for you.