Retirement planning


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Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Your financial independence and future quality of life are vital issues that should not be left to chance. We understand this and can help you secure your future by providing tailored financial strategies designed to create and preserve wealth.

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Retirement planning

  1. 1. Mercury Wealth Management: Financial Planner Melbourne Insurance We make sure you and your family are protected against life’s misfortunes. Superannuation We can assist you to save tax and have more super at retirement. Investment We can help you to grow your wealth and realise your financial dreams.
  2. 2. Retirement We can help you retire when you want on the income you desire. About Mercury Wealth ManagementCompany Directors automatically liable – legislative changes to SGCregime before parliament.The government recently introduced tax legislation which is designed to protectworkers superannuation and prevent the establishment of ‘phoenix companies’which are deliberately designed to defraud workers of their entitlements.Importantly directors will be personally liable for their company’s failure to paySuper Guarantee Contributions (SGC)The ATO will be able to make an estimate of unpaid SGC where a company fails tomeet its reporting obligations.What is interesting is that the ATO will be able to commence recovery proceduresand pursue company directors if a company fails to comply with its reportingobligations for a period of more than 3 months and its PAYG or SGC liabilityremains unpaid.Now more than ever company directors need to ensure that they pay both theirSGC and PAYG on time to avoid fulling fowl of the new rules.
  3. 3. good investments, your wealth will certainlyAvoid Risk by Having an increase. Depositing them in the bank mayEffective Financial not be enough. You need to look for other beneficial ways on how to grow yourPlanning current savings.Rich people can effortlessly buy the things Why not put up a business so that yourthey want. Having a lot of money can make money will be multiplied? If you don’t havesomeone’s life convenient and free from any experience in managing a business,monetary dilemmas. Indeed, money is such then you must seek advice from a skilleda powerful tool that everybody wants to financial consultant. You should be afraid tohave. If you have plenty of cash in the bank, invest your funds in a certain enterprisethen you do what you want with ease. But if because there is someone who could helpyou don’t know to properly manage your you to properly manage your capital. Hiringwealth, then someday you will just be someone who can give an assurance insurprised to know that your funds have delivering economic security is always adrifted away from your hands. So the right good decision to make.thing for you to do is to have surefirestrategy to protect your wealth. Look for Don’t just keep your money in the bankthe systematic financial planning which is because there are many ways on how to augment its value. Have a proper capitaloffered by a professional accountant or an allocation with the help of an accountant orindependent finance consultant. a finance consultant whom you can trust. Financial advisors help individuals to reachYour hard earned money must be secured their goals by providing them the bestat all times so that you will have something option regarding fiscal management. Thisto use whenever you need it. It is crucial to way, the risk of losing your money will bedig hard so that you will continue to live a greatly with abundance. It is enjoyable to live aworry-free life. Whenever you or your Talk To One of Ourfamily members get sick, you don’t need toworry about the expenses since you have Advisers Todaysufficient funds in the bank. Getting a life (03) 9326 1722and health insurance is also beneficial toyou and your family. These are favorableoptions that worth considering.By using effective financial management,your dreams and future plans will surelycome into reality because you know how totake care and grow your assets. By having
  4. 4. Different Financial Services Apart from loans, there are several banking establishments who would also provideOffered in Banks investment service to their clienteles. This type of offer is going to give people a chance to allowWe can never deny the fact that in almost every the value of their money to grow by investingaspects of our living, money is always an them in shares as well as in the stock market. Inindispensible matter. For this very reason, there order to be safe, beginners are highly advised toa lot of individuals tend to work their double start investing in stocks or companies in whichtime in order to earn an ample amount of they are familiar with. The growth may be slow,income that would sustain their present and but the client is going to have an assurance thatfuture needs. Due to the fact that a lot of these his investment is not going to plummet in themen and women are very busy with work and drain.other responsibilities, a majority of them wouldmore often than not rely on financial services in These are only a few of the many otherorder to deal with their monetary assets. monetary services these financial institutions provide. In addition to this, bankers would oftenBusinesses that deal with money management time use jargons that may sound alien toare often times offered by financial ordinary people. For this very reason, it is goingestablishments. The most common one would to be advantageous if a person should first seekbe government and private banks. Basically, assistance from financial advisers. Thesethese organizations function as a shelter and professionals are often times found in banks insecure place for men and women to keep their order for the clients to easily seek properfinancial savings. These institutions would then consultation.invest the pooled cashes from their clients todifferent markets. Likewise, the banks would inreturn give their customers a little interest fortheir checking or savings account as a form of Talk To One of Ourpayment. Advisers TodayIn addition to this, these fiscal organizations (03) 9326 1722also provide other financial services. Probablythe most common service they provide wouldbe their loaning packages wherein they allowinterested men and women to borrow a certainamount of money from them. On the otherhand, people cannot simply avail this type ofservice due to the fact that banks have set a listof requirements and qualifications. These set ofpre-requisites will serve as a protection for thefiscal institutions and their employees. Financial Advisers- Practical Tips to Save Money
  5. 5. Financial Advisers- Practical Tips since you will be able to set aside a fixed amount for Save MoneyManaging monetary assets may soundpretty a uncomplicated perception. On the 3. Know how much you are willing to saveother hand, it is not as simple as it appears and tick to it. If you wish to save moneyto be, most especially for the young earning efficiently, a lot of financing gurus wouldmembers of the society. Financial advisers more often than not suggest to their clientsare professionals, who provide different to come up with a particular percentage ofproducts and services, to these men and your salary that you are willing to set aside.women in order as a form of assistance to This percentage does not necessary have tomanage their savings in an efficient be fixed since you have the freedom tomanner. Find below is a list of simple tips adjust it every once in a while. Keep inthat are greatly recommended by a mind, though, that your main goal is to savemajority of these fiscal experts for effective and not handling. 3. There are a couple of individuals who1. In order to save cash, the first and would sometimes keep what is left fromprobably the most important thing that you their salary after a day of splurging in theshould do is to be aware of your income banks. Money experts do not advice thisevery month. In order to determine this, practice since it is not helpful in attainingyou have to make use of your pay stubs in your main objective to save. Rather, expertsorder to get the average of the total who give financial services highlyamount of money you earn on a monthly recommend a balance formula that willbasis. The reason as to why financial help individuals to allocate their savings andadvisers would like you to be aware of this expenses accordingly. This formula wouldis due to the fact that it is going to help you be thirty fifty percent needs, thirty percentknow your limits when it comes to your wants, and twenty percent savings. Thisexpenditures. scheme is very effective if you want to save big; but if you are a big spender, then self-2. Figure out your list monthly expenses. discipline is going to be very important.When we say list monthly expenses, we aretalking about the invoices and bills you getevery end month. This would normallyinclude utility bills and loans. Grocery needsand medical maintenances, if you have one, Talk To One of Ourare also included in this list. Determining Advisers Todaythe average of your overall expenses for (03) 9326 1722these necessities is greatly recommended