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신착자료 20130125


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신착자료 20130125

  1. 1. No. 제목(Title) 저자(Author) 청구기호(Call#) 1 Signal and image processing for remote sensing G70.4 .S536 2012 2 한 권으로 끝내는 축구전술 70 서부겸사, 西部謙司, 1962- GV943 .서46 2012 3 The practice of statistics for business and economics HF1017 .P735 2011 4 금난새의 클래식 여행 금난새 MT90 .금192 2012 5 아스테리오스 폴립 Mazzucchelli, David PN6727.M2476 .A77 2010 6 십브레이커 :세상과 온몸으로 부딪쳐 자신의 길을 찾는 소년의 이야기 Bacigalupi, Paolo, 1972- PS3602.A3447 .S55 2012 7 Scientific writing and communication : papers, proposals, and presentations Hofmann, Angelika H., 1965- Q223 .H63 2010 8 Linear algebra and its applications Lay, David C. QA184.2 .L39 2012 9 The embedding problem in Galois theory Ishkhanov, V. V. (Vladimir Vaganovich) QA214 .I8413 1997 10 Introduction to the theory of computation Sipser, Michael. QA267 .S56 2013 11 Probability and statistics DeGroot, Morris H., 1931-1989. QA273 .D35 2012 12 Introduction to probability models Ross, Sheldon M. QA273 .R84 2010 13 Numerical analysis and optimization : an introduction to mathematical modelling and numerical simulation Allaire, Grgoire. QA297 .A52513 2007 14 Numerical analysis Burden, Richard L. QA297 .B84 2011 15 Vector calculus Marsden, Jerrold E. QA303 .M338 2012 16 Frchet differentiability of Lipschitz functions and porous sets in Banach spaces Lindenstrauss, Joram, 1936- QA322.2 .L564 2012 17 Differential equations, dynamical systems, and an introduction to chaos. Hirsch, Morris W., 1933- QA372 .H67 2013 18 Discrete mathematics and its applications Rosen, Kenneth H. QA39.3 .R67 2012 19 Data structures and algorithms in C++ Goodrich, Michael T. QA76.73.C153 .G63 2011 20 Fluid mechanics Kundu, Pijush K. QA901 .K86 2012 21 Relativity : special, general, and cosmological Rindler, Wolfgang, 1924- QC173.55 .R563 2006 22 Molecular driving forces :statistical thermodynamics in biology, chemistry, physics, and nanoscience A. Dill, Ken QC311.5 .D55 2011 23 Multiphysics modeling using COMSOL 4 :a first principles approach Pryor, Roger W. QC52 .P7933 2012 24 Mathematical analysis of deterministic and stochastic problems in complex media electromagnetics G. F. (Gary Francis) Roach, QC760.4.M37 .R63 2012 25 Organic chemistry :structure and function Vollhardt, K. Peter C. QD251.3 .V65 2011 26 Study guide and solutions manual for organic chemistry :structure and function Schore, Neil Eric, 1948- QD251.3 .V651 2010 27 Organic chemistry. Jones, Maitland, 1937- QD253.2 .J66 2010 28 Organic chemistry as a second language :first semester topics Klein, David R., 1972- QD256 .K54 2012 29 Organic chemistry as a second language :second semester topics Klein, David R., 1972- QD256 .K5415 2012 30 Techniques in organic chemistry :miniscale, standard taper microscale, and Williamson microscale Mohrig, Jerry R. QD261 .T44 2010 31 Chemical principles :the quest for insight Atkins, P. W. (Peter William), 1940- QD33.2 .A74 2010
  2. 2. No. 제목(Title) 저자(Author) 청구기호(Call#) 32 Atkins Physical chemistry :students solutions manual to accompany Trapp, C. A. QD453.3 .A741 . 2010 33 Student solutions manual to accompany Physical chemistry, sixth edition Levine, Ira N., 1937-. QD453.3 .L481 2009 34 Quantum chemistry :a unified approach Cook, David B. (David Branston) QD462 .C68 2012 35 Neural networks in chemical reaction dynamics QD501 .N48 2012 36 Supported metals in catalysis QD505 .S78 2012 37 Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy. QD96.M65 .A38 V.16 38 Campbell biology QH308.2 .C34 2011 39 Life :the science of biology QH308.2 .L565 2013 40 Biology QH308.2 .R38 2011 41 A first course in systems biology Voit, Eberhard O. QH324.2 .V65 2013 42 Biological physics :energy, information, life Nelson, Philip Charles. QH505 .N37 2008 43 Biology of plants Raven, Peter H., author. QK47 .R25 2013 44 Basic neurochemistry : principles of molecular, cellular, and medical neurobiology QP356.3 .B27 2012 45 Computational finite element methods in nanotechnology T174.7 .C668 2013 46 나노 기술의 이해 :보이지 않는 과학의 세계 T174.7 .N3735 2004 47 Dynamic programming and optimal control Bertsekas, Dimitri P. T57.83 .B4751 V.1-2 48 Optical, acoustic, magnetic, and mechanical sensor technologies TA165 .O64 2012 49 Fundamentals of engineering numerical analysis Moin, Parviz. TA335 .M65 2010 50 ANSYS Workbench Tutorial :structure & thermal analysis using ANSYS workbench release 14 environment Lawrence, Kent L. TA345.5.A57 .K4 2012 51 Finite element simulations with ANSYS Workbench 14 :theory, applications, case studies Lee, Huei-Huang. TA345.5.A57 .L4 2012 52 Dimensionless physical quantities in science and engineering Kune, Josef. TA347.D52 .K86 2012 53 Introduction to fluid mechanics Fox, Robert W., 1934- TA357 .F69 2009 54 Theory of plasticity Chakrabarty, J. TA418.14 .C48 2006 55 Biological wastewater treatment Grady, C. P. Leslie, 1938- TD755 .G72 2011 56 Solid state ionics for batteries TK2942 .S67 2005 57 Foundations of MEMS Liu, Chang, Ph.D. TK7875 .L48 2012 58 Elementary principles of chemical processes TP155.7 .F44 2005 V.1-2 59 Process systems analysis and control LeBlanc, Steven E. TP155.75 .C68 2009 60 Viewing library metrics from different perspectives : inputs, outputs, and outcomes Dugan, Robert E., 1952- Z669.8 .D84 2009