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Public notices June 2, 2012


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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for June 2, 2012.

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Public notices June 2, 2012

  1. 1. POST-BULLETIN • SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 2012 E7 Merchandise Real Life Adventures / Wise and Aldrich Wanted WANTED: unexpired dia- Public Notices Public Notices betic test strips: up to$26/box. Prepaid shippinglabels. Hablamos espanol! 1-800-267-9895www.SellDiabetic SNA NOTICE AND ORDER OF ployees are subject to all NOTICE OF COMMON - PAID BY MORTGAGEE: HEARING ON PETITION FOR COUNCIL HEARING FOR Since 1925 we have $153,809.51 FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL employment policies and AND APPOINTMENT OF procedures established by PROPOSED CHARTER been invited into area local That prior to the com- mencement of this mort- PERSONAL the charter of the common ORDINANCE RELATING homes, and look gage foreclosure proceed- REPRESENTATIVE AND council. It shall in general TO REFERENDUM forward to continuing Public Notices ing Mortgagee/Assignee of NOTICE TO CREDITORS carry out the spirit and in- REQUIREMENTS FOR the public service of Mortgagee complied with STATE OF MINNESOTA, tent of the provisions of PAIRED ONE-WAY publishing all notice requirements as COUNTY OF OLMSTED, this charter relating to such STREETS public notices. required by statute; That DISTRICT COURT, PROBATE library board. The Rochester Common no action or proceeding DIVISION, THIRD JUDICIAL Section 13.04 (Property Council will hold a public has been instituted at law DISTRICT acquired). Said board hearing at 7:00 P.M., on or otherwise to recover the _______________________ shall have the power, when Monday, June 18, 2012, in local debt secured by said mort- ESTATE OF: the City/County Board approved by the common Auctions gage, or any part thereof; James E. Sullivan, aka Chambers of the Govern- PURSUANT to the power James Edward Sullivan, council, to purchase ment Center, for the pur- of sale contained in said Deceased. ground and erect thereon pose of obtaining public mortgage, the above de- Court File No. other suitable buildings for comment and recommen- scribed property will be 55-PR-12-3368________ the use of said library. dations concerning the pro- sold by the Sheriff of said It is Ordered and Notice is Any and all property given, posed charter ordinance to county as follows: given that on July 11, 2012 granted, conveyed, do- consider repealing Section DATE AND TIME OF at 9:00 AM a hearing will nated, devised or be- 18.00 for paired one-way SALE: June 27, 2012 at be held in this Court at the streets. 10:00 AM queathed to, and any and Olmsted County Court-Public all property purchased or Judy Scherr PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted house, 151 4th Street SE, City Clerk County Government Cen- Rochester, MN 55904, for acquired by the City of Rochester, for the purpose (6/2) ter, Civil Department, 101 the formal probate of an in-Notices 4th Street South East, strument purporting to be of a library or reading Rochester, MN the will of Decedent, dated rooms, shall vest in and be to pay the debt then se- November 12, 1996, and held in the name of the cured by said Mortgage, codicil to the will dated and taxes, if any, on said August 21, 2002, (”Will”), City of Rochester, and any conveyance, grant, dona- Auction NOTICE OF MORTGAGE premises, and the costs and disbursements, includ- and for the appointment of: Barbara Sullivan Thiel, tion, devise, bequest or gift LOOKING Calender made to the library board, FORECLOSURE SALETHE RIGHT TO VERIFI- ing attorneys fees allowed by law subject to redemp- whose address is: 4162 Rittenhouse Lane, P.O. shall be deemed and con- for a sidered as having beenCATION OF THE DEBTAND IDENTITY OF THE tion within six (6) months from the date of said sale Box 558, Skippack, PA 19474 as personal repre- made directly to the City of Home?ORIGINAL CREDITOR by the mortgagor(s), their sentatives of the Estate of Rochester for libraries andWITHIN THE TIME PRO- personal representatives or the Decedent in an UNSU- reading rooms. Check out Public NoticesVIDED BY LAW IS NOT assigns unless reduced to PERVISED administration. ParkAFFECTED BY THIS AC- Five (5) weeks under MN Stat. §580.07. Any objections to the peti- tion must be filed with the Section 14.01. (Organiza- homes.TION.NOTICE IS HEREBY TIME AND DATE TO VA- Court prior to or raised at tion). Each person so ap- pointed shall file a written postbulletin.comGIVEN, that default has CATE PROPERTY: If the the hearing. If proper and if oath and acceptance withoccurred in conditions of real estate is an owner-oc- no objections are filed or the city clerk before enter- Listings and agentsthe following described cupied, single-family dwell- raised, the personal repre- are included from: ing upon the discharge ofmortgage: ing, unless otherwise pro- vided by law, the date on sentative will be appointed with full power to adminis- the duties of his office. AUCTION &DATE OF MORTGAGE: Bigelow HomesJuly 28, 2006 or before which the mort- ter the Estate, including the resentatives of the Estate of the Decedent in an UNSUPER- Recorder; Document No. A-1086666 MORTGAGOR(S) RE- The park commissioner at ESTATE MORTGAGOR: Bazi A. gagor(s) must vacate the power to collect all assets, LEASED FROM FINAN- large shall, by virtue of hisNoor, single and Tori J. property if the mortgage is pay all legal debts, claims, VISED administration. Any objections to the petition ASSIGNMENTS MORTGAGE: Assigned to: OF CIAL OBLIGATION ON office, be the president of Century 21 CALENDARKellner, single. not reinstated under sec- taxes and expenses, to sell must be filed with the Court MORTGAGE: NONE the said board. They shall, tion 580.30 or the property real and personal property, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. by Coldwell Banker As a public service, theMORTGAGEE: Mortgage prior to or raised at the hearing. written assignment re- THE TIME ALLOWED BY as soon as this charterElectronic Registration is not redeemed under and do all necessary acts If proper and if no objections LAW FOR REDEMPTION takes effect, choose from At Your Service Realty Post-Bulletin will run a section 580.23 is 11:59 for the Estate. are filed or raised, the personal corded on December 23, daily listing of auction &Systems, Inc.. 2005 as Document No. BY THE MORTGAGOR, the members thereof a DATE AND PLACE OF p.m. on _December 27, Notice is also given that representative will be appointed THE MORTGAGOR’S estate sales. Every effort 2012_, unless the redemp- (subject to Minn. with full power to administer the A-1086667 secretary, and at the first Coldwell Banker will be made to publish theRECORDING: Recorded Estate, including the power to LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PERSONAL REPRESEN- BurnetAugust 2, 2006 Olmsted tion period is reduced to 5 524.3-801) all creditors TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, meeting thereof in June in calendar daily, however if collect all assets, pay all legal PROPERTY:County Recorder, Docu- weeks under MN Stat. having claims against the debts, claims, taxes and ex- MAY BE REDUCED TO each year thereafter, the space does not permit, the Secs. 580.07 or 582.032. Estate are required to pre- penses, to sell real and per- Lot 6, Block 1, Baihly members shall again so Counselor Realty calendar will be omitted, orment No. A-1108589. Meadows Third Subdivi- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGOR(S) RE- sent the claims to the per- sonal property, and do all nec- CIAL ORDER IS EN- elect a secretary. The Rochester the latest listings will be LEASED FROM FINAN- sonal representative or to essary acts for the Estate. sion, City of Rochester omitted. The list isMORTGAGE: Assigned Notice is also given that (sub- STREET ADDRESS OF TERED UNDER MINNE- board may appoint, em-to: U.S. Bank, National CIAL OBLIGATION ON the Court Administrator ject to Minn. 524.3-801) all SOTA STATUTES, SEC- ploy and remove a director Edina Realty compiled from display MORTGAGE:None within four months after the PROPERTY: auction and estateAssociation. creditors having claims against 2023 Fox Valley Drive SW, TION 582.032, DETER- of parks and recreation TRANSACTION AGENT: "THE TIME ALLOWED BY date of this Notice or the the Estate are required to pre- MINING, AMONG OTHER subject to any employment Elcor Realty of advertisements which have LAW FOR REDEMPTION claims will be barred. sent the claims to the personal Rochester, MN been or will run in thisMortgage Electronic Regis- 55902-0001 THINGS, THAT THE procedures as may be Rochester Inc.tration Systems, Inc. BY THE MORTGAGOR, Dated: May 21, 2012 representative or to the Court MORTGAGED PREMISES classification. 6 inch (and THE MORTGAGORS /s/ The Honorable Administrator within four COUNTY IN WHICH established by this greater) ads get a free TRANSACTION AGENTS months after the date of this PROPERTY IS LOCATED: ARE IMPROVED WITH AMORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- PERSONAL REPRESEN- Debra A. Jacobson, Notice or the claims will be RESIDENTIAL DWELLING charter of the common Keller Williams listing on the auction TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, Judge Olmsted County, Minne- council. The board shall calendar. Listing includesTION NUMBER ON barred. sota OF LESS THAN FIVEMORTGAGE: MAY BE REDUCED TO Charles L. Kjos, (COURT SEAL) UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- conduct the director’s an- New World Realty date of the sale, the seller, FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- Court Administrator /s/ The Honorable THE AMOUNT CLAIMED nual performance evalua- location, time, and100021278908008316 TO BE DUE ON THE ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- LENDER OR BROKER CIAL ORDER IS EN- Darla Busian, Debra A Jacobson, TURAL PRODUCTION, tion and establish the di- Property Brokers date(s). TERED UNDER MINNE- Deputy Clerk Judge MORTGAGE ON THEAND MORTGAGE ORIGI- June 1, 2012 DATE OF THE NOTICE: AND ARE ABANDONED.” rector’s compensation con- of MinnesotaNATOR STATED ON SOTA STATUTES, SEC- Filed May 21, 2012 Charles L. Kjos, sistent with the council-ap- June 1 & 2- Estate of TION 582.032, DETER- (COURT SEAL) $225,406.02MORTGAGE: U.S. Bank Court Administrator Dated: April 26, 2012 proved compensation pa- Keith Bartlett; 450 GasNational Association MINING, AMONG OTHER Attorney For Personal June 1, 2012 THAT no action or pro- WELLS FARGO BANK, Prudential Lovejoy Engines & Shop Eqip- THINGS, THAT THE ceeding has been insti- rameters. The board may RealtyRESIDENTIAL MORT- Representative Darla Busian, N.A. ment. Listing 5/19 MORTGAGED PREMISES Sonny F. Miller (#0278075) Deputy Clerk tuted at law to recover the delegate the performanceGAGE SERVICER: U.S. debt secured by said mort- Mortgagee June 3 - Spring ValleyBank Home Mortgage, a ARE IMPROVED WITH A Dorsey & Whitney LLP June 1, 2012 REITER & SCHILLER, review and compensation Realty Executives Sales, Antique, House- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING 50 South Sixth Street, Attorney For gage, or any part thereof; setting authority to the citydivision of U.S. Bank Na- Personal Representative that there has been compli- P.A. Top Results! hold Tool, Spring Val-tional Association OF LESS THAN FIVE Suite 1500 Raymond L. Hansen By: /s/Rebecca F. Schiller, administrator if it deems ley, 9 A.M. Listed 5/30 UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- Minneapolis, MN ance with all pre-foreclo- that appropriate. The di-MORTGAGED PROP- O’Brien & Wolf, L.L.P. sure notice and accelera- Esq. ReMax of Rochester June 8 & 9 - William R.ERTY ADDRESS: 3842 ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- 55402-1498 206 South Broadway, Suite 611 Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. rector shall employ and re- (Bud) Snyder Estate, TURAL PRODUCTION, Phone: 612-492-6813 PO Box 968 tion requirements of saidSouthwest 9th Avenue, mortgage, and/or applica- N. Kibongni Fondungallah, move such other employ- Zumbrota, MN; 9:00 AM AND ARE ABANDONED." Fax: 612-340-8827 Rochester, MN 55903-0968Rochester, MN 55902 (507) 289-4041 ble statutes; Esq. ees as are authorized by both days; Listing: 6/2TAX PARCEL I.D. #: Dated: April 19, 2012 (5/26, 6/2) 0281785 PURSUANT, to the power James J. Pauly, Esq. the common council to per- ROCHESTER TOWNSHIP June 9 - Consignment642333025102 U.S. Bank National Asso- (6/2, 6/9) of sale contained in said Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. form the functions of the PLANNING COMMISSION Sale, Racine, MN; 9:30LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF ciation, Mortgagee/As- AMENDED NOTICE AND mortgage, the above de- Steven R. Pennock, Esq. department. These other NOTICE OF PUBLIC AM; Listing: 6/4PROPERTY: signee of Mortgagee NOTICE OF MORTGAGE Curt N. Trisko, Esq. HEARINGS PRELIMINARY June 9 - Ervin Tiede-Lot 5, Block 2, Willow USSET, WEINGARDEN ORDER OF HEARING ON FORECLOSURE SALE scribed property will be Attorneys for Mortgagee employees are subject to mann, Zumbro Falls, AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. PETITION FOR PROBATE THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- sold by the Sheriff of said all employment policies AND FINAL PLAT MN; 10:00 AM; Listing:Hills, in the City of Roches- county as follows: 25 North Dale Street The Rochester Township Plan-ter, Olmsted County, Min- Attorneys for OF WILL AND APPOINT- CATION OF THE DEBT DATE AND TIME OF St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 and procedures estab- ning Commission will hold two 6/2nesota. Mortgagee/Assignee of MENT OF PERSONAL AND IDENTITY OF THE SALE: June 22, 2012 at (651) 209-9760 lished by the charter or the public hearing(s) at the Roch- June 9 - Curt Sie-COUNTY IN WHICH Mortgagee REPRESENTATIVE AND ORIGINAL CREDITOR (E8356) common council. ester Town Hall, 4111 11th Ave benaler Estate, St. 4500 Park Glen Road #300 WITHIN THE TIME PRO- 10:00 a.m. SW, Rochester, MN on Tues-PROPERTY IS LOCATED: THIS IS A COMMUNICA- Utility Charles, MN; 8:30 AM; Minneapolis, MN 55416 NOTICE TO CREDITORS VIDED BY LAW IS NOT PLACE OF SALE: Olm- TION FROM A DEBT day, June 12, 2012 after 7:00 Listing: 6/2Olmsted STATE OF MINNESOTA, sted County Sheriff’s of- Section 15.05. PM regarding:ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL (952) 925-6888 COUNTY OF OLMSTED, DIS- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- COLLECTOR. Subd. 2. The public utility June 10 - Spring Valley 19-453 FC1 TION. fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, An application for a preliminaryAMOUNT OF MORT- TRICT COURT, PROBATE Rochester, Minnesota board may create such de- plat to develop four lots on ap- Sales, Gun, Coin, An-GAGE: $128,976.00 THIS IS A COMMUNICA- DIVISION, THIRD JUDICIAL NOTICE IS HEREBY NOTICE OF MORTGAGE proximately 13.98 acres in Sec- tique, Household, 9:00 TION FROM A DEBT DISTRICT GIVEN: That default has to pay the debt then se- partments and divisions forAMOUNT DUE AND cured by said mortgage FORECLOSURE SALE tion 16, T106N, R14W; each AM; Listing: 6/6CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS COLLECTOR. occurred in the conditions FORECLOSURE DATA the administration of its af- proposed lot is over 2 acres in June 11 - Harold More- (5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26, 6/2, ESTATE OF: of the following described and taxes, if any actually fairs as it may deem nec- size. The property is presentlyOF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- Delford D. Anderson, paid by the mortgagee, on Minn. Stat. § 580.025 land Estate, West Con- 6/9) essary and from time to zoned R-1 Low Density Resi-CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, Amended mortgage: (1) Street Address, City cord, MN; 6:30 PM; DATE OF MORTGAGE: the premises and the costs time alter their duties and dential District. DECEDENT and disbursements allowed and Zip Code of Mort- The second public hearing Listing: 5/26, 6/9 November 18, 2005 gaged Premises organization. The board would be to consider the final June 12 - Sealed Bid Court File No. 55-PR-12-3012 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL by law. The time allowed by law for redemption by 2023 Fox Valley Drive SW, may appoint, employ and plat of the same subdivision if Land Auction, bids due CITY OF ROCHESTER It is Ordered and Notice is given that on June 20, 2012, at AMOUNT OF MORT- said mortgagor(s), their Rochester, MN remove a general manager, the recommendation is to ap- prove the preliminary plat. 6/6; Listing: 6/2 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BEST VALUE PROPOSALS 9:00 AM a hearing will be held GAGE: $232,900.00 personal representatives or 55902-0001 subject to any employment Proposed subdivision name: June 12 - Sealed Bid The City of Rochester, Minnesota, the Owner, will receive in this Court at Courtroom #2, MORTGAGOR(S): (2) Transaction Agent procedures established by Land Auction, Bloom- Deneen M. Anderson, a assigns is six (6) months Mayowood Hills South Third sealed Best Value Proposals for the furnishing of all labor, mate- Olmsted County Government from the date of sale. Homeservices Lending, The Planning Commission will ing Prairie, MN; 10:00 rials, equipment, etc., necessary to complete construction of the single person this charter or the common A.M. Listing: 5/5, 5/12, Center, 151 4th Street SE, Unless said mortgage is LLC a Delaware limited li- make recommendations on following local improvement project: Rochester, Minnesota, for the MORTGAGEE: Homeserv- ability company, d/b/a Ed- council. The board shall both applications to the Town 5/19, 6/2 City No: J7777 formal probate of an instrument ices Lending, LLC a Dela- reinstated or the property conduct the general mana- Board. Title: “Extension of Sanitary Sewer and Watermain to Serve Len- redeemed, or unless the ina Realty Mortgage June 13 - Nordvold purporting to be the will of De- ware limited liability com- ger’s annual performance Partial Legal Description: Part wood Heights.” cedent, dated June 5, 1998, time for redemption is re- (3) Name of Mortgage Trust, Zumbrota, MN; evaluation and establish of the SE 1/4 of Section 16, Said Construction generally consists of Sanitary, Watermain, and for the appointment of pany, d/b/a Edina Realty Originator (Lender) 6:00 PM; Listing: 6/2 Mortgage duced by judicial order, T106N, R14W, Olmsted Service Connections, Culverts and Street Mark E. Anderson whose ad- you must vacate the prem- Homeservices Lending, the general manager’s County, MN June 16 - Spring Valley Reconstruction in an existing residential neighborhood. The work dress is: 2200 Hampton Rho- DATE AND PLACE OF LLC a Delaware limited li- compensation consistent Located on the east side of the Sales, Rudy Bakken includes the following approximate quantities of work: des Court NW, Rochester, Min- FILING: Filed December ises by 11:59 p.m. on De- cember 26, 2012. ability company, d/b/a Ed- with the council-approved roadway known as Headland Estate, Rochester, MN nesota 55901 as personal rep- 23, 2005 Olmsted County ina Realty Mortgage Court SW; east of Mayowood 9 A.M. listed 6/13 Furnish & Install 8in Alternate Pipe Sewer compensation parameters. Hills South Second Subdivision 2606 LF (4) Residential Servicer The board may delegate and adjacent to Mayowood Hills Wells Fargo 800-416-1472 the performance review South Subdivision. Furnish & Install 8in Alternate Pressure Pipe Sewer (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- 629 LF and compensation setting Applicant & Property Owner: Bidda tion Number CDPC Rochester Development, authority to the city admin- Classified Works! Furnish & Install 10in Alternate Pipe Sewer 3365 SW Mayowood Road, 1519 LF (6) Transaction Agent’s istrator if it deems that ap- Rochester, MN 55902 doo Mortgage ID Number propriate. The general Consulting Engineer: McGhie & Furnish & Install Manhole Betts, 1648 3rd Avenue SE, 29 Each (MERS number) manager shall employ and Rochester, MN 55904. ebita none remove such other employ- All interested parties are en- Furnish & Install 8in Ductile Iron Pipe Class 52 (4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26, ees as are authorized by couraged to attend or send writ- 6/2) ten comments to Township Co- 5653 LF {Saying goodbye has never been so easy.} the common council to per- Furnish & Install 6” Hydrant form the functions of the operative Planning Association, 4111 11th Avenue SW, Room dee 12 Each NOTICE OF COMMON department. These other 10, Rochester, MN 55902, or Furnish & Install 4in Sewer Service Connection 53 Each COUNCIL HEARING FOR PROPOSED CHARTER employees are subject to all employment policies you may call 507-529-0774. Rochester Township By, Gary Swenson, Clerk $2.50 do and procedures estab- (6/2) Furnish & Install 1in Water Service Connection ORDINANCE AMENDING lished by the charter or the 54 Each SECTIONS 13.03, 14.01 & common council. Furnish & Install RCP Culverts w/ Aprons (various sizes) 600 LF kiss it SUBDIVISION 2 OF SEC- TION 15.05 RELATING TO Judy Scherr City Clerk NOTICE OF COMMON COUNCIL HEARING ditty THE CHARTER BOARDS’ (6/2) TO CONSIDER ROCHESTER do g dbye Furnish & Install Box 8’ x 5’ Culvert w/ Aprons CITY LINES’ PROPOSED 68 LF AUTHORITY RELATIVE ROUTES AND SCHEDULES Common Excavation (P) TO ITS EMPLOYEES The Rochester Common NOTICE OF COMMON BEGINNING JULY 1, 2012 The Rochester Common Coun- cil will hold a public hearing at gimme 3250 CY COUNCIL HEARING FOR Aggregate Base (CV) Class 2 (P) 3250 CY Council will hold a public hearing at 7:00 P.M., on CREATING SECTION 18.002 OF THE 7:00 P.M., on Monday, June 18, 2012, in the City/County Board Chambers of the Gov- $3.00 Monday, June 18, 2012, in Wearing Course Mixture 3366 Ton the City/County Chambers of the Govern- Board ROCHESTER HOME RULE CHARTER RELATING TO ernment Center, 151 Fourth Street S.E., for the purpose of receiving testimony on Roches- gimme Sod Type Mineral 23304 SY ment Center, for the pur- pose of obtaining public THE PROCEDURES FOR A ZONING MAP ter City Lines’ proposed contin- ued use of its current routes and schedules for the time pe- gimme AMENDMENT Plan, Specifications and Contract Documents may be examined at the Department of Public Works, 201 4th St. SE, Room 108, Rochester, MN 55904, (507) 328-2400 or the City’s website at comment and recommen- dations concerning the pro- The Rochester Common Council will hold a public riod beginning July 1, 2012. Judy Scherr City Clerk gimme posed charter ordinance All work shall be in accordance with the Plans and Specifications for said project as prepared by WHKS & Co., 2905 South Broad- amending Sections 13.03, 14.01 & Subdivision 2 of hearing at 7:00 P.M., on Monday, June 18th, 2012, (6/2) $2.50 goin in the City/County Board It’s simple! way, Rochester, MN 55904. Section 15.05 Relating to Chambers of the Govern- THE BOARD OF BEST VALUE TRAINING MEETING (MANDATORY): the Charter Boards’ ment Center, for the pur- DIRECTORS OF Date: Time: Location: Thursday, June 14, 2012 9:00 AM, CDT Rochester Public Works and Transit Authority relative to its em- ployees, to read as follows: pose of obtaining public comment and recommen- SOUTHERN MINNESOTA REGIONAL LEGAL SERVICES once Place your ad by calling 507-285-7777 or 800-562-1758 Library dations concerning the pro- WILL MEET Operations Center, Crew Room 4300 East River Road NE, Section 13.03. Subd. 2. Said board shall posed new charter section relating to the procedures FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012 1:30 - 4:30 P.M. goin Rochester, Minnesota 55906. Try our FREE AD LINE: 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333 ALLIANCE BANK PROPOSAL CLOSING: Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 or log onto have power to lease and provide appropriate rooms for a zoning map amend- ment to read as 55 EAST FIFTH STREET, SUITE 1000 twice follows: ST. PAUL, MN 55101 Time: Location: 11:00 AM, CDT City Clerk’s Office, City of Rochester, 7:30-5:00 [24/7 Online] for the use of said library. The board may appoint, SECTION 18.002. (Proce- dure for zoning map (6/1) –THIS IS AN OPEN MEETING– SOLD! employ and remove a amendments). Notwith- 201 4th Street SE, Room 135, library director standing any law to the Translate Rochester, Minnesota 55904-3742. subject to any employment contrary, a request for a All proposals shall be addressed to the City Clerk at the above procedures established by zoning map amendment address and shall have the following endorsed thereon: this charter or, the com- shall be considered under The Post-Bulletin offers the lowest legal This & More. City No: J7777 criteria and subject to the Auctions Title: “Extension of Sanitary Sewer and Watermain mon council. The board rates for any daily to Serve Lenwood Heights.” shall conduct the director’s procedures found in Roch- Proposals will be publicly opened and the names of the compa- ester Code of Ordinances newspaper in Olmsted annual performance County. nies who submitted proposals will be read aloud immediately fol- evaluation and establish Chapter 60, as the same lowing Proposal Closing. Proposals will be reviewed at that time may be amended from for responsiveness only. the director’s compensation time to time, except for any We appreciate the PROPOSAL SECURITY AMOUNT: Not Required. consistent with the council- BONDS: Performance Labor & Materials Payment Bond in an rezoning of residential opportunity to work amount equal to 100% of Contract amount are not required as a condition of award but ARE required as a Condition of Contract. approved parameters. compensation property to a non-residen- with you on any of your tial district or a central de- Classieds COMPLETION TIME: Per the requirements of Project Special Pro- The board may delegate velopment core district, a public notice needs vision, Section 13. the performance review two-thirds vote of the coun- including: CALL 507-285-7777 AWARD OF CONTRACT: Shall be to the Contractor whose proposal is responsive, responsible and is the best valued Contractor. The Owner reserves the right to accept any proposal or reject any or all proposals. The Owner shall have the right to waive in- Classieds and compensation setting authority to the city admin- istrator if it deems that ap- cil shall be required. Judy Scherr •Divorce & Dissolution City Clerk of Marriage or 800-562-1758 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] formalities or irregularities in a proposal received and to accept propriate. The director (6/2) •Government meetings the proposal which, in the Owners judgment, is in the Owners own best interest. CALL 507-285-7777 or 800-562-1758 shall employ and remove •Contracts & bids /classifieds TIME LIMIT: Proposals shall be effective for 90 days after date of such other employees as •Unclaimed property proposal opening. 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] • are authorized by the com- •Township notices Dated at Rochester, Minnesota this 30th day of May, 2012 mon council to perform the •Assumed names _________________________ FREE AD LINE: JUDY K. SCHERR, CMC, City Clerk FREE AD LINE: 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333 functions of the depart- •Probates 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333 (6/2, 6/9) ment. These other em- •Mortgage foreclosures • • • • • • • •