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Public notices for Sept. 29, 2012


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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for Sept. 29, 2012

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Public notices for Sept. 29, 2012

  1. 1. POST-BULLETIN • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 E5 2, 2010 NOVE MBER TUESD AY, stbullet mobile Four sections • 50¢ FOR CONVENIENT HOME TION DAY » www.po » www.po stbullet DELIVERY, CALL Always online AT LAST, ELEC ELECTION 2010 WEA THER | 34° 52 52° y Wednesday in Olmsted Count ee ballot turnout 8 p.m.; strong absent Polls open until 1 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 a.m. 43° 38° 50° B6 507-285-7676 Full forecast J. Carlson By Heather FREE hcarlson@post today as a to the polls Voters head season INSID E furious and comes to a lengthy campaign close. Minne- y Pub lication Compan 50+ for southeastern 0+ S On the ballot choices for Congress, sota voters and a host are governor, legislators, A mayors, sheriffs were questions. of school funding expected LOCA STORIES thousands LOCAL STORIE AL And while across Minnesota today, to cast ballots have registered their 61+ , 20 1+ many already more absentee ballots 6 10 votes. It appears County this in Olmsted midterm elec- elec- ICES . o 800-562-1758 or will be cast the last tion than during be r 29 O ADVERTISERS E CH tion in 2006. Elections Adminis- Oc to Olmsted County said more than 3,500 MOR Fuller as of Monday. trator Pam been countedpeople waiting WHAT’S THE LATEST? ballots had line of with a steady she expected plenty ES. ice s M • Serv And E HO to vote absentee, in to push ballots to come operty more absenteewho voted early in 2006. MOR in areas UPDATE | Residents past the 4,000 to have at September we are goingshe said. hit hard by the cial Pr a n. frustrated by “I would say / jolson@postbu lletin. lletin flooding are 1,000 ballots,” first time Jerry Olson at 7 a least another lack of answers. B3 marks the This year also are responsible for er in Rochester • Comm offices Senior Campus a great day.” the past, Shorewood “It’s that county ballots. In judges first voters at miss a vote,” she said. counting absentee the election among the ages center, was inded and wouldn’t Mon.-Fri. 8-6:30 up to The count- Katarina Garry, SPORTS that was left • Acre polling places. at the local under way, with election today. “I’m definitely American-m Less than a Sunday ts ing is already Saturday and s • Lo month after workers working the absentee ballots Day Today is Election all Once the a trade to to tabulate : Who is Minnesota’s Home of 5 p.m. Friday. received as 8 p.m. today, county work- A guide to homes for sale in Southeast Minnesota. Wednesday votes reacquire at sure about voting? See How did the Randy Moss, polls close will be to make new governor? sheriff, Rochester ers’ first priorities casts a ballot Today: Questions Vikings coach Olmsted County school’s levy Brad Childress no one who voted absentee beginning to as Page B3. com for and the Day, as well with Postbulletin. School Board will jettisoned on Election Later, check in polling places and as out? P-B reporters full add up the final tallies. was request turn a the wide of Rochester for updates from follow story. Plus, find receiver after r Marcia Fergusoncity-county Govern- rolling in. If you updates have the full national outcomes. returns begin Sat. 8-3 com. only four Moss at the among those to cast an absentee ballot. for Post-Bulletin rundown of the survey at Postbulletin. games. D1 very Twitter, look on the Backtalk ment Center did not have to wait #pbvote. results? Click She said she always makes an effort with the hashtag the election long, and she prediction for she What’s your to vote. ANSWER MAN “I believe it is a great privilege,” ncil vote convictions CITY COUNCIL How many DUI to get have said. ROCHESTER ride Split cou does a person issues before the state The PRAIRIE “whiskey plates”? A2 BLOOMING Cars take a wild Man reports. n Answer HEARD ON Vehicles stolen from OKs tree ordina Every Friday in the Post-Bulletin! THE STREET firm for Ghana New tree lot are found on ship Developers say measure requirements The management housing a new student Rochester costs will add to housing complex downtown A2 x has a local connection. bound for Africa AFRICA Developers, as t a condit • u By Jeffrey Pieters approval, mu By John Weiss development city o the weiss@postbul — A jpieters@postb requiring streetside agreement with FACTOID G PRAIRIE a 2005 An ordinance Roches- plans. ww the Gover- BLOOMIN Sebring and added in new council their planting The Palace of N.M., is the 2009 Chrysler returned Monday trees to be nts won city e have Fe, ter developme vote. • New trees would ye nors in Santa Toyota Corolla Korner — a 4-3 two e occupied Koster Car approval on be planted within oldest continuously United to the lot at found on a ship Monday ended a six-year permit t in the The vote on public building after they were Africa. the ordinance, receiving building built in 1610. headed to western process of developing the city avoid n States. It was chief operating to help five years of developmen Reeves Koster, never which is intendeddeficit” that currently be spaced d “tree dealership, officer of the see the cars again Rick Dahl / rdahl@postbull adding to a potential plant- • Trees must about 27,000 based on n thought he’d five amounts to apart — that’s OBITUARIES stolen about after they were online scam. He they ing areas that are vacant. opposed the ordinance, canopy size of an averag averag months ago in an loss. “They figured City builders it will add to housing Page B2 had written off the $20,000 ago, the cars could take advantage on grounds that consumer choice. and tree. costs and limit LeRoy Juliet Ault, Chatfield But a few weeks ship headed wn extolled the health several l Dorothy Bailey, were found in the are of a small-to Proponents benefits of having more Rochester had o Coleraine stolen cars tal shade over before constructio to Ghana, where and auctioned dealership.” Alice Buske, environmen that trees’ minimize years slow pace. Joseph Day, Rochester frequently shipped trees, and said current to news accounts. — Reeves Koster pavement helps ground d Sharon Heinen, Rochester off, according houses and commonly “We have lost now from Blooming island” effect said. “And Brownsdale The vehicles the “heat Keith McDonald, random found in a a ship found in urban areas. of flug Borer is Marian Row, Rochester Prairie were the best interests Emerald Ash container on take “This is aboutns This is about trees coming.” search of a i to leave the d they could ti i f Wanted: Household Miscellaneous Garages Sales RVs RVs Snowmobiles Boats Antiques & Art Vehicles Goods For Sale NE $$200 -$$ 7,500 Grass Drags ATTENTION Joint & Large Multi-Family Sale ON MOST VEHICLES NEW 5th Wheel POP UP Sept. 23rd! NEW FISH-SKI Muscle Pain Sufferers: ANNUAL M.O.O.N. Lots of nice furniture, Junkers & Repairables 2013 Model Clinically proven all-natural 2012 Coin Show kitchen items, nice MORE IF SALEABLE supplement helps reduce