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Public notices for June 12, 2012


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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for June 12, 2012.

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Public notices for June 12, 2012

  1. 1. C8 MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012 POST-BULLETIN • Bargains, Merchandise Real Life Adventures / Wise and Aldrich by George! g Wanted THRIFTY Public Notices TREASURES WANTED TO BUY: Ekrones recliner chair. Good condition. Reason- able. (507)289-8311. the Court prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper and if no Mortgagee WANTED: USSET, WEINGARDEN EVERYTHING PRICED UNDER $ $200 Portable air conditioner, 8000 BTU or under. objections are filed or raised, the Personal Representatives AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. will be appointed with full power Attorneys for Call 507-281-5898. to administer the Estate, includ- Mortgagee/Assignee of 12 foot trampoline HOME Medics bath spa. TWO Antique dump rakes. ing the power to collect all as- in excellent condition. $200 for both. Mortgagee Like new. Paid over $100, sets, to pay all legal debts, 4500 Park Glen Road #300 $50.00. sell for $50 OBO. Call Please call claims, taxes and expenses, to 507-923-8805. 507-533-9416. (507)272-9358. local sell real and personal property, Minneapolis, MN 55416 and to do all necessary acts for (952) 925-688814 WHITE COMPOST TWO Gerbil cages. Two the Estate. 8-52-2012 FCDESK PLANKS. 12’ LONG HOSTAS & FERNS, Large plants. Beautiful, Hardy, gerbil balls, toys, food, Public Notices Notice is also given that (sub- ject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801) all THIS IS A COMMUNICA-X 5-1/2’ WIDE.. $150. bedding and accessories. TION FROM A DEBT MN grown. Several varie- creditors having claims against507-202-6292. $40 firm. (507)282-5717. the Estate are required to pre- COLLECTOR. (5/21, 5/28, ties. $2 & $3. Call 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25) sent the claims to the Personal 507-272-0012. Representatives or to the Court3 HP brig engine, horizon- TWO kitchen bar stools.tal old but runs good. $30 Administrator within four NOTICE OF MORTGAGE IRONRITE Mangle Ironer, Metal with padded seats. months after the date of thisOBO. Please call model 95S, Works, may 30 inches. $40 for both. Notice or the claims will be FORECLOSURE SALE507-287-6442. need new cord and oil (507)282-4914. barred. THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- change. $125 or best of- Dated: May 25, 2012 CATION OF THE DEBT41” white desk - asking fer. Call 289-2885. UPRIGHT Freezer: (COURT SEAL) AND IDENTITY OF THEprice of $50. If interested, Kenmore 6.5 cu ft., white By the Court ORIGINAL CREDITORplease contact The honorable KALORIK chocolate foun- upright freezer, excellent Debra A. Jacobson, WITHIN THE TIME PRO-507-289-5725. condition. Asking $50. Judge of District Court VIDED BY LAW IS NOT tain. Ideal for graduation and wedding parties. 507-289-6146, leave msg. Charles L. Kjos, AFFECTED BY THIS AC-5 1/2 FOOT wooden step Court Administrator TION.ladder. $10 firm. Never been used. $45. By: Darla J Busian Call 507-289-5977. Upright Sanitaire floor vac- NOTICE IS HEREBYPlease call Deputy Clerk GIVEN: That default has uum. 840 watts. Excellent Public(507)282-5717. Attorney for Petitioner condition. $40. Call Melissa A. Saunders occurred in the conditions MARINE battery. Also for 507-288-0912. of the following described Travel Trailer. Dunlap & Seeger, P.A. 5 piece bedroom set in 206 South Broadway, Suite 505 mortgage: Notices excellent condition. Dark Asking $25. Rochester, MN, 55904 DATE OF MORTGAGE: (507)286-9077. USED garage door. 16’wood. Includes headboard, wide x 7’ high. Taken apart Attorney License No: 0339519 April 26, 2002 dresser, mirror, chest of Telephone (507)288-9111 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL and stored. Asking $50. FAX: (507)288-9342 drawers and nightstand. MAYTAG Electric Range Call 507-287-0539. AMOUNT OF MORT- $200 OBO. Call with glass ceramic surface, Email: GAGE: $126,797.00 507-421-5686. white with black top, very VERTICAL blinds for glass (6/4, 6/11) MORTGAGOR(S): Daniel clean, excellent condition. sliding door. With val- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE L. Christenson, a single50 State quarter collection. Asking $150. Please call ances. All rods included. FORECLOSURE SALE NOTICE OF MORTGAGE personComplete, in folder. 507-288-7975. Queen spread to match. THE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGEE: Wells$25. Blue/green/pink muted. All TION OF THE DEBT AND THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- Fargo Home Mortgage, local(507)282-1451. MEDIUM size dog kennel. for $50. (507)286-9077. IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME CATION OF THE DEBT Inc., a California corpora- Public Notices Great shape. $40 firm. 5 foot fan, great for barn or shed. $150. Please call (507)282-5717. WASTE King Universal in- door/built in gas BBQ, new, PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, AND IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME PRO- tion, n/k/a Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., successor by merger to Wells Fargo Auctions Please call that default has occurred in VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Home Mortgage, Inc. 507-676-3500. never used. $200. Call MONGOOSE BMX bike conditions of the following de- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- DATE AND PLACE OF 507-289-0089. scribed mortgage: 27" 21 speed BMX Mon- TION. FILING: Filed May 8, 2002ANTIQUE wall hung DATE OF MORTGAGE: No- goose bike in mint condi- WHIRLPOOL air condi- vember 24, 2008 NOTICE IS HEREBY Olmsted County Recorder;kitchen sinks. 24 inches tion. Hardly riden. $75.00. tioner in very good condi- GIVEN, that default has Document No. A-916095 MORTGAGOR: Marilyn K.wide & 18 inches wide. 507-923-8805. Kraushaar, a single person. occurred in conditions of ASSIGNMENTS OF NOTICE OF MORTGAGE$100 for both. Call tion. 18.5” high x 12” deep THIS IS A COMMUNICA- with side extensions. 5000 MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Elec- the following described MORTGAGE: Assigned to: FORECLOSURE SALE507-421-5123 NEW 8 yard John Deere BTUs. $50. Please call tronic Registration Systems, mortgage: none THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- TION FROM A DEBT convertible lawn cart. Still (507)534-3847. Inc.. DATE OF MORTGAGE: LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF CATION OF THE DEBT COLLECTOR.BAR STOOLS: Two 30" DATE AND PLACE OF RE- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE in box $200. Phone CORDING: Filed January 9, June 1, 2007 PROPERTY: AND IDENTITY OF THEAmisco Bar Stools. Dark evenings 507-282-5542. WOMEN’S set of 12 dun- MORTGAGOR: Amber L. Lot 24, Block 4, Rolling ORIGINAL CREDITOR FORECLOSURE SALE 2009, Olmsted County Regis-brown wood/ metal/ lop clubs, also includes trar of Titles, Document No. Stammen, a single woman. Greens Replat, City of WITHIN THE TIME PRO- FORECLOSURE DATAleather. Memory Swivel. 121722 on Certificate of Title MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Rochester VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Minn. Stat. § 580.025 OUTDOOR black light to golf bag. $50. Please callHeavy Duty. Like New.$150 ea. (507) 732-4667. go over garage door. Ask- 507-288-9518. No. 33128. ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT- Electronic Registration STREET ADDRESS OF AFFECTED BY THIS AC- TION. (1) Street Address, City and Zip Code of Mort- Auction Calender ing $5. Please call GAGE: Assigned to: U.S. Systems, Inc.. PROPERTY: WORLD Book Encyclope- DATE AND PLACE OF 3404 20th Avenue North- NOTICE IS HEREBY gaged Premises (507)732-7463. Bank National Association. 25 13th Avenue Southeast,BASSINET. dia. Copyright 1993 with Said Mortgage being upon RECORDING: Recorded west , Rochester, MN GIVEN: That default has$20. occurred in the conditions Rochester, MN 55904 PAIR of Acoustics 403 yearbooks from 1994 Registered Land. June 7, 2007 Olmsted 55901 (2) Transaction AgentPlease call 4-Way Speakers through 2004. Excellent TRANSACTION AGENT: County Recorder, Docu- COUNTY IN WHICH of the following described(507)282-3147. condition. $75. Mortgage Electronic Registra- ment No. A-1136671. PROPERTY IS LOCATED: mortgage: Wells Fargo Home Mort- Fully functional and in tion Systems, Inc. gage, Inc., a California cor- great condition, each 26 x 507-281-2711. TRANSACTION AGENTS ASSIGNMENTS OF Olmsted County, Minne- DATE OF MORTGAGE: MORTGAGE: Assigned sota May 16, 2003 poration, n/k/a Wells Fargo 15.5 x 12, 12 woofer, MORTGAGE IDENTIFICATION Bank, N.A., successor by Bicycle carrier 4 midrange, $60. ZOOK collector doll NUMBER ON MORTGAGE: to: Green Tree Servicing THE AMOUNT CLAIMED ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL for 2 bikes, 1-1/4 square (Goldilocks). New in box. 100021268001825336 LLC. TO BE DUE ON THE AMOUNT OF MORT- merger to Wells Fargo 507-358-1713. Home Mortgage, Inc. hitch receiver, $15. $75. Please call LENDER OR BROKER AND TRANSACTION AGENT: MORTGAGE ON THE GAGE: $110,625.00 507-634-6865. 507-288-0912. MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR Mortgage Electronic Regis- DATE OF THE NOTICE: MORTGAGOR(S): Jason (3) Name of Mortgage PAIR of black coach lights. STATED ON MORTGAGE: J. Guimond, a single per- Originator (Lender) $10. Mortgages Unlimited, Inc tration Systems, Inc. $120,723.74BRIGGS and Stratton side Sewing Machine, TRANSACTION AGENTS THAT no action or pro- son, Daryl L. Guimond and Wells Fargo Home Mort- Please call RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE gage, Inc., a California cor-shaft motor, will fit go-kart $125. SERVICER: U.S. Bank Home MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- ceeding has been insti- Linda J. Guimond, hus- (507)732-7463. poration, n/k/a Wells Fargoor mini bike. $60 cash only.Call 507-418-1065. Please call (507)282-3147. Mortgage, a division of U.S. Bank National Association TION MORTGAGE: NUMBER ON tuted at law to recover the debt secured by said mort- band and wife MORTGAGEE: Wells Bank, N.A., successor by AUCTION & CAR TOP CARRIER, Pella aluminum storm door. White, new in box, 36 MORTGAGED PROPERTY ADDRESS: 1328 Elton Hills 100075420060062088 gage, or any part thereof; Fargo Home Mortgage, merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. ESTATE LENDER OR BROKER that there has been compli- Inc., a California corpora- W/ LOCK. LIKE NEW. inches wide. $25. Call SIGNATURE 2000 air con- Drive Northwest, Rochester, MN 55901 AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- ance with all pre-foreclo- tion, n/k/a Wells Fargo (4) Residential Serv- CALENDAR ASKING 200, PAID $797 507-289-0089. NATOR STATED ON sure notice and accelera- Bank, N.A., successor by icer ditioner in good condition. TAX PARCEL I.D. #: Wells Fargo 800-416-1472 NEW. Please call 18.5” high x 12” deep with MORTGAGE: Homestead tion requirements of said merger to Wells Fargo As a public service, the 507-536-0373. PROPELLER MercCruiser side LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Mortgage Corporation mortgage, and/or applica- Home Mortgage, Inc. (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- Post-Bulletin will run a extensions. 5000 tion Number 15 1/2 x 19. EXCELLENT BTUs. $50. For more infor- PROPERTY: RESIDENTIAL MORT- ble statutes; DATE AND PLACE OF daily listing of auction &Channel master stereo CONDITION. $59. Call mation, call 507-534-3847. Lot 5, Block 12, Elton Hills Sec- GAGE SERVICER: Green PURSUANT, to the power FILING: Filed July 2, 2003 743643020778 estate sales. Every effortturntable. Priced at $20. 507 454 7365. ond Subdivision, in the City of (6) Transaction Agent’s Rochester, Olmsted County, Tree Servicing LLC of sale contained in said Olmsted County Recorder; will be made to publish thePlease phone evenings SLALOM Water Ski. Good MORTGAGED PROP- mortgage, the above de- Document No. A-976441 Mortgage ID Number calendar daily, however if Minnesota507-282-5542. Queen size hide-a-bed, condition. Asking $10. COUNTY IN WHICH PROP- ERTY ADDRESS: 311 scribed property will be ASSIGNMENTS OF (MERS number) space does not permit, the gold green, brown floral. Please call ERTY IS LOCATED: Olmsted 2ND Street Northwest, sold by the Sheriff of said MORTGAGE: Assigned to: none calendar will be omitted, orCHROMECRAFT Table $30. Please call (507)454-7365. ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL Stewartville, MN 55976 county as follows: none (5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, the latest listings will be66x40 and six Vinyl Chairs 507-289-0089. AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: TAX PARCEL I.D. #: DATE AND TIME OF LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 6/25) omitted. The list is$75 OBO Picture Available $109,137.00 SLOT machine. Asking AMOUNT DUE AND CLAIMED SALE: July 20, 2012 at PROPERTY: compiled from displayon line. 507-932 -4733. RECESSED ceiling lights. price of $200. If interested, TO BE DUE AS OF DATE OF LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 10:00 a.m. Lot 12, Block 2, Sander- auction and estate 4 lights. please contact NOTICE, INCLUDING TAXES, PROPERTY: PLACE OF SALE: Olm- sons Subdivision, in the advertisements which haveCLAY strawberry 12 hole $12. 507-951-4174. IF ANY, PAID BY MORTGA- The West 1/2 of Lot 5, and sted County Sheriff’s of- City of Rochester been or will run in this pot. 16” high. (507)282-1702. GEE: $114,104.86 all of Lot 6, Stewarts fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, STREET ADDRESS OF classification. 6 inch (and $10. That prior to the commence-Please call 507-288-9518. REMINGTON SOFA in excellent condition. ment of this mortgage foreclo- sure proceeding Mortgagee/As- Woodlawn Addition, in the City of Stewartville, Olm- Rochester, Minnesota to pay the debt then se- PROPERTY: 25 13th Avenue Southeast LOOKING greater) ads get a free listing on the auctionCOMPUTER chair mat. PET CARRIER Asking $200. 36" x 26" x 28", all-side (507)282-9083. signee of Mortgagee complied with all notice requirements as sted County, Minnesota. COUNTY IN WHICH cured by said mortgage and taxes, if any actually , Rochester, MN 55904 COUNTY IN WHICH for a calendar. Listing includes date of the sale, the seller,Good condition. Priced at$10. Please phone eve- ventilation and secure lock. $40-Like New. SOLID OAK office desk required by statute; That no ac- tion or proceeding has been in- stituted at law or otherwise to PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Olmsted paid by the mortgagee, on the premises and the costs PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Olmsted County, Minne- Home? location, time, and date(s).nings 507-282-5542. 507-280-0860. ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL and disbursements allowed sota with raised panel sides. recover the debt secured by AMOUNT OF MORT- by law. The time allowed THE AMOUNT CLAIMED June 8 & 9 - William R.COMPUTER desk with Rocking Chair. Two file drawers. Excellent condition. $200. said mortgage, or any part thereof; GAGE: $128,900.00 by law for redemption by TO BE DUE ON THE Check out (Bud) Snyder Estate,storage - asking price $30.If interested, please con- $20. (507)259-6418. PURSUANT to the power of sale contained in said mort- AMOUNT DUE AND said mortgagor(s), their MORTGAGE ON THE homes. Zumbrota, MN; 9:00 AM CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS personal representatives or DATE OF THE NOTICE: both days; Listing: 6/2tact 507-289-5725. Please call (507)282-3147. STROLLER , Kolcraft 2 in gage, the above described OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- assigns is six (6) months $137,073.97 June 9 - Consignment property will be sold by the THAT no action or pro- 1 folding kids stroller. Ask- Sheriff of said county as fol- CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, from the date of sale. Sale, Racine, MN; 9:30CORNER computer desk - ceeding has been insti- Listings and agents AM; Listing: 6/4asking price of $50. If inter- SEARS Automatic Washer: ing $50 or best offer. lows: PAID BY MORTGAGEE: Unless said mortgage is new timer, heavy duty. (507)993-0195. DATE AND TIME OF SALE: $126,814.08 reinstated or the property tuted at law to recover the are included from: June 9 - Ervin Tiede-ested, please contact debt secured by said mort- mann, Zumbro Falls,507-289-5725. Asking price $200. Call July 31, 2012 at 10:00 AM That prior to the com- redeemed, or unless the PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted mencement of this mort- time for redemption is re- gage, or any part thereof; MN; 10:00 AM; Listing: 507-287-0539. TANNING canopy. Asking County Government Center, Bigelow Homes price of $200. If interested, gage foreclosure proceed- duced by judicial order, that there has been compli- 6/2CRAFTSMAN 8” drill Civil Department, 101 4th ance with all pre-foreclo-press, table model. Asking FRAMED EAGLE print. please contact Street South East, Rochester, ing Mortgagee/Assignee of you must vacate the prem- June 9 - Curt Sie- Mortgagee complied with ises by 11:59 p.m. on sure notice and accelera- Century 21 benaler Estate, St.price $65. Please call 31x42. 507-951-4174. MN to pay the debt then secured by all notice requirements as January 22, 2013. tion requirements of said Charles, MN; 8:30 AM;507-289-2196. $50. mortgage, and/or applica- Coldwell Banker (507)282-1702. TELESCOPING Flag Pole, said Mortgage, and taxes, if required by statute; That MORTGAGOR(S) RE- Listing: 6/2 any, on said premises, and the no action or proceeding LEASED FROM FINAN- ble statutes; At Your Service Realty June 10 - Spring ValleyCUPBOARDS 12 feet tall. Includes all ac- costs and disbursements, in- has been instituted at law CIAL OBLIGATION ON PURSUANT, to the power Sales, Gun, Coin, An-for garage storage. FutuRest full futon, with cessories! Asking price cluding attorneys fees allowed or otherwise to recover the MORTGAGE: NONE of sale contained in said tique, Household, 9:00$25. coil springs for superior $169. Call 507-289-2196. by law subject to redemption mortgage, the above de- Coldwell Banker(507)282-1702. within six (6) months from the debt secured by said mort- “THE TIME ALLOWED BY AM; Listing: 6/6 support. Excellent condi- gage, or any part thereof; LAW FOR REDEMPTION scribed property will be Burnet June 11 - Harold More- date of said sale by the mortga- tion. Original price: $269. TELEVISION, Montgomery gor(s), their personal represen- PURSUANT to the power BY THE MORTGAGOR, sold by the Sheriff of said land Estate, West Con-DEWAULT table saw. Ask- Bought in 2010 in Roches- Ward’s portable 13” tatives or assigns unless re- of sale contained in said THE MORTGAGOR’S county as follows: Counselor Realty cord, MN; 6:30 PM;ing price of $200. If inter- ter. Great for cabin or colored tv. Works fine, duced to Five (5) weeks under mortgage, the above de- PERSONAL REPRESEN- DATE AND TIME OF Rochester Listing: 5/26, 6/9ested, please contact college dorm. $95 or best needs conversion kit for MN Stat. §580.07. scribed property will be TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, SALE: July 13, 2012 at June 12 - Sealed Bid507-951-4174. offer. 507-358-9116. digital use. $10. Call TIME AND DATE TO VACATE 507-288-2387. PROPERTY: If the real estate sold by the Sheriff of said MAY BE REDUCED TO 10:00 a.m. Edina Realty Land Auction, bids dueDINING Table and Chairs: is an owner-occupied, county as follows: FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- PLACE OF SALE: Olm- 6/6; Listing: 6/2 GAS TANK, Outboard Mo- TENT. 9 x 16. Two rooms single-family dwelling, unless DATE AND TIME OF CIAL ORDER IS EN- sted County Sheriff’s of- June 12 - Sealed Bidtable with 2 leaves, 2 cap- tor Boat. 6 gallon. OMC in back, large screen room Elcor Realty of otherwise provided by law, the SALE: July 20, 2012 at TERED UNDER MINNE- fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, Land Auction, Bloom-tain chairs, and 2 mates. Johnson Evenrude. Per- in front. Assembly instruc- date on or before which the Rochester, Minnesota Rochester Inc.$125.00. Please call 10:00 AM SOTA STATUTES, SEC- ing Prairie, MN; 10:00 fect. $45. (507)454-7365. mortgagor(s) must vacate the to pay the debt then se-507-285-1651. tions included. $75. property if the mortgage is not PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted TION 582.032, DETER- A.M. Listing: 5/5, 5/12, 507-281-2711. County Government Cen- MINING, AMONG OTHER cured by said mortgage Keller Williams 5/19, 6/2 reinstated under section 580.30DIXEN lawn mower, #308. GEORGE Foreman 9” or the property is not redeemed ter, Civil Department, 101 THINGS, THAT THE and taxes, if any actually June 13 - Nordvold32”. Needs battery, runs Champ grill. TRIFECTA folding 3 wheel under section 580.23 is 11:59 4th Street South East, MORTGAGED PREMISES paid by the mortgagee, on New World Realty Trust, Zumbrota, MN;good, priced at $150. $10. bicycle. Like new. Ridden p.m. on January 31, 2013, un- Rochester, MN ARE IMPROVED WITH A the premises and the costs 6:00 PM; Listing: 6/2 Please call 507-288-9518. about 3 times. Was $350 less the redemption period is to pay the debt then se- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING and disbursements allowed Property Brokers June 16 - Spring ValleyPlease call 507-365-8405. reduced to 5 weeks under MN new. Now $200. Call Stat. Secs. 580.07 or 582.032. cured by said Mortgage, OF LESS THAN FIVE by law. The time allowed of Minnesota Sales, Rudy BakkenEAGLE Fish Locator. Port- Give to loving home, sweet 507-367-4922. Will deliver MORTGAGOR(S) RELEASED and taxes, if any, on said UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- by law for redemption by Estate, Rochester, MNable Fish Locator Mod. 320 little kittens. Litter box locally. FROM FINANCIAL OBLIGA- premises, and the costs ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- said mortgagor(s), their 9 A.M. listed 6/13 trained, 9 weeks old. Free. TION ON MORTGAGE:None and disbursements, includ- TURAL PRODUCTION, personal representatives or Prudential Lovejoy June 17 - Spring Valley“D” Cell Battery operated.New condition. $50. Ph: Call after 11:30 AM. TROLLING Motor: Minn "THE TIME ALLOWED BY ing attorneys fees allowed AND ARE ABANDONED.” assigns is twelve (12) Realty Sales, Antique, Collecti- 507-202-2094. LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY by law subject to redemp- Dated: May 25, 2012 months from the date of ble, Household, Farm,507-459-3781. Kota 36lb thrust, transom THE MORTGAGOR, THE mount, tilt tiller, with new MORTGAGORS PERSONAL tion within six (6) months WELLS FARGO BANK, sale. Realty Executives 9:00 AM; Listing: 6/13FOR sale: ab-lounger exer- HAYFIELD insulated low E weedless wedge propeller. REPRESENTATIVES OR AS- from the date of said sale N.A. Unless said mortgage is Top Results! June 18 - Consignment cise chair. $40 or best of- window (49 1/2” 47 1/2”). Older model in exc. condi- SIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED by the mortgagor(s), their Mortgagee reinstated or the property Sale, Online Only; Be- fer. Please call Asking $150. Please call tion. $60 OBO. 288-1444 TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- personal representatives or REITER & SCHILLER, redeemed, or unless the ReMax of Rochester gins endint 6:00 PM; 507-843-4892. (507)732-7463. or CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED assigns unless reduced to P.A. time for redemption is re- Listing: 6/13 UNDER MINNESOTA STAT- Five (5) weeks under MN By: /s/Rebecca F. Schiller, duced by judicial order, June 19 - Marie Haver- UTES, SECTION 582.032, DE- you must vacate the prem- TERMINING, AMONG OTHER Stat. §580.07. Esq. landt Estate & Don THINGS, THAT THE MORT- TIME AND DATE TO VA- Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. ises by 11:59 p.m. on July Lillesve, Zumbrota, MN; GAGED PREMISES ARE IM- CATE PROPERTY: If the N. Kibongni Fondungallah, 15, 2013 The Post-Bulletin 5:00 PM; Listing: 6/16 PROVED WITH A RESIDEN- real estate is an owner-oc- Esq. MORTGAGOR(S) RE- TIAL DWELLING OF LESS cupied, single-family dwell- James J. Pauly, Esq. LEASED FROM FINAN- offers the lowest legal THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT ing, unless otherwise pro- Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. CIAL OBLIGATION ON rates for any daily PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- MORTGAGE: JASON J. newspaper in Olmsted ANNOUNCE CULTURAL PRODUCTION, vided by law, the date on Steven R. Pennock, Esq. AND ARE ABANDONED." or before which the mort- Curt N. Trisko, Esq. GUIMOND County. Dated: May 24, 2012 gagor(s) must vacate the Attorneys for Mortgagee “THE TIME ALLOWED BY U.S. Bank National Association property if the mortgage is 25 North Dale Street LAW FOR REDEMPTION We appreciate the Mortgagee/Assignee of not reinstated under sec- St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 BY THE MORTGAGOR, opportunity to work Mortgagee USSET, WEINGARDEN AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. Attorneys for Mortgagee/ Assignee of Mortgagee tion 580.30 or the property is not redeemed under section 580.23 is 11:59 p.m. on January 22, 2013, (651) 209-9760 (E8297) THIS IS A COMMUNICA- TION FROM A DEBT THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESEN- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TO with you on any of your public notice needs including: SELL 4500 Park Glen Road #300 unless the redemption pe- COLLECTOR. FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- Minneapolis, MN 55416 riod is reduced to 5 weeks NOTICE OF MORTGAGE CIAL ORDER IS EN- •Divorce & Dissolution (952) 925-6888 under MN Stat. Secs. FORECLOSURE SALE TERED UNDER MINNE- 19-3139 of Marriage THIS IS A COMMUNICATION 580.07 or 582.032. FORECLOSURE DATA SOTA STATUTES, SEC- •Government meetings FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. MORTGAGOR(S) RE- Minn. Stat. § 580.025 TION 582.032, DETER- LEASED FROM FINAN- (1) Street Address, City MINING, AMONG OTHER •Contracts & bids (6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9) CIAL OBLIGATION ON and Zip Code of Mort- THINGS, THAT THE •Unclaimed property MORTGAGE:None gaged Premises MORTGAGED PREMISES •Township notices NOTICE AND ORDER OF "THE TIME ALLOWED BY 3404 20th Avenue North- ARE IMPROVED WITH A •Assumed names HEARING ON PETITION LAW FOR REDEMPTION west, Rochester, MN RESIDENTIAL DWELLING •Probates FOR PROBATE OF WILL BY THE MORTGAGOR, 55901 OF LESS THAN FIVE •Mortgage foreclosures AND APPOINTMENT THE MORTGAGORS (2) Transaction Agent UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- - Bethany OF PERSONAL PERSONAL REPRESEN- Wells Fargo Home Mort- ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, gage, Inc., a California cor- TURAL PRODUCTION, Since 1925 we have REPRESENTATIVE AND AND ARE ABANDONED.” been invited into area NOTICE TO CREDITORS MAY BE REDUCED TO poration, n/k/a Wells Fargo FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- Bank, N.A., successor by Dated: May 18, 2012 homes, and look • State of Minnesota • County of Olmsted • District Court • Third CIAL ORDER IS EN- merger to Wells Fargo WELLS FARGO BANK, forward to continuing Judicial District • Probate Division • Court file No. 55-PR-12-3533 Estate of Irene E. Jensen, It is Ordered and Notice is Decedent. TERED UNDER MINNE- SOTA STATUTES, SEC- TION 582.032, DETER- MINING, AMONG OTHER Home Mortgage, Inc. (3) Name of Mortgage Originator (Lender) Wells Fargo Home Mort- N.A. Mortgagee REITER & SCHILLER, P.A. the public service of publishing public notices. ADVERTISE By: /s/ Rebecca F. Schil- RECRUIT THINGS, THAT THE gage, Inc., a California cor- given that on July 11, 2012, at ler, Esq. 9:00 A.M., a hearing will be MORTGAGED PREMISES poration, n/k/a Wells Fargo held in this Court at 151 4th ARE IMPROVED WITH A Bank, N.A., successor by Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. Street SE, Rochester, Minne- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING merger to Wells Fargo N. Kibongni Fondungallah, sota, for the formal probate of OF LESS THAN FIVE Home Mortgage, Inc. Esq. an instrument purporting to be UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- (4) Residential Servicer James J. Pauly, Esq. the Will of the Decedent dated, ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- Wells Fargo (800) Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. December 30, 2002, (”Will”), Steven R. Pennock, Esq. TURAL PRODUCTION, 416-1472 and for the appointment of Vir- ginia Ladsten and JoAnn Drum- AND ARE ABANDONED." (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- Curt N. Trisko, Esq. Classifieds mond, whose address is 501 - Dated: May 11, 2012 tion Number Attorneys for Mortgagee 10th Avenue SE, Rochester, Green Tree Servicing LLC 25 North Dale Street CALL 507-285-7777 MN 55904 and 415 - 31st Mortgagee/Assignee of (6) Transaction Agent’s St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 Street NE, Rochester, MN Mortgage ID Number (651) 209-9760 or 800-562-1758 55906 as Personal Representa- (E8934) tives of the Estate of the Dece- (MERS number) 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] dent in UNSUPERVISED ad- none ministration. Any objections to (5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, the petition must be filed with 7/2) /classifieds • • • • • • • •