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Public notices for April 26, 2012


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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for April 26, 2012.

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Public notices for April 26, 2012

  1. 1. POST-BULLETIN • THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012 E9 local Real Life Adventures / Wise and Aldrich Public Notices Public Notices Public Notices PREMISES ARE IM- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE occurred in the conditions RESIDENTIAL DWELLING of the following described PROVED WITH A RESI- OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, FORECLOSURE SALE DENTIAL DWELLING OF mortgage: ARE NOT PROPERTY THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- DATE OF MORTGAGE: LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, USED FOR AGRICUL- CATION OF THE DEBT ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL TURAL PRODUCTION, AND IDENTITY OF THE March 31, 2008 MORTGAGOR(S): Sarah LOOKING AND ARE ABANDONED. ORIGINAL CREDITOR PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED." Dated: WITHIN THE TIME PRO- M. Truax, an unmarried woman for a Dated: March 25, 2012 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT April 26, 2012 Wells Fargo Bank N.A., as Trustee, for Wells Fargo Bank, NA AFFECTED BY THIS AC- MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Electronic Registration Home? Mortgagee TION.Public Carrington Mortgage Loan Systems, Inc. SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP NOTICE IS HEREBY DATE AND PLACE OF Trust, Series 2006-NC5 BY GIVEN: That default has RECORDING: Filed for re- Check out Asset-Backed _____________________ occurred in the conditions homes.Notices Pass-Through Certificates cord May 23, 2008, as Lawrence P. Zielke - of the following described Document No. A-1168355 Randall S. Miller & Associ- ates, PLLC Attorneys for 152559 mortgage: in the office of the County Diane F. Mach - 273788 DATE OF MORTGAGE: Recorder in Olmsted Assignee of Melissa L. B. Porter - May 3, 2002 Mortgage/Mortgagee One County, Minnesota Listings and agents 0337778 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL ASSIGNMENT(S) OF are included from: Financial Plaza, 120 South Ronald W. Spencer - AMOUNT OF MORT-PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF Sixth Street, Suite 1100 MORTGAGE: Assignment 0104061 GAGE: $107,391.00 dated March 31, 2008 toMORTGAGE FORECLOSURE Minneapolis, MN 55402 Stephanie O. Nelson - MORTGAGOR(S): Jac- Bigelow HomesSALE THE RIGHT TO Phone: 612-573-3677 Our Minnesota Housing Fi- 0388918 quelyn N. Rome and nance Agency, filed for re-VERIFICATION OF THE File No. 11MN00806-2 Attorneys for Mortgagee Clarice J.R. Schaub, both Century 21DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THIS IS A COMMUNICA- cord May 23, 2008, as 12550 West Frontage single people Document No. A-1168356THE ORIGINAL CREDI- TION FROM A DEBT Road, Ste. 200 MORTGAGEE: WellsTOR WITHIN THE TIME COLLECTOR. A-4234659 in the office of the County Coldwell Banker Burnsville, MN 55337 Fargo Home Mortgage,PROVIDED BY LAW IS 04/26/2012, 05/03/2012, (952) 831-4060 Inc., a California corpora- Recorder in Olmsted At Your Service RealtyNOT AFFECTED BY THIS 05/10/2012, 05/17/2012, County, Minnesota PURSUANT TO THE FAIR tion, n/k/a Wells Fargo Said mortgage is not Reg-ACTION. NOTICE IS 05/24/2012, 05/31/2012 DEBT COLLECTION Bank, N.A., successor by Coldwell BankerHEREBY GIVEN: That de- istered Land. Burnet PRACTICES ACT, YOU merger to Wells Fargo TRANSACTION AGENT:fault has occurred in the 12-080896 ARE ADVISED THAT Home Mortgage, Inc.conditions of the following Mortgage Electronic Regis- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED DATE AND PLACE OF tration Systems, Inc. Counselor Realtydescribed mortgage: DATE FORECLOSURE SALE TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- FILING: Filed May 16,OF MORTGAGE: July 27, TRANSACTION AGENT’S Rochester THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- TOR. ANY INFORMA- 2002 Olmsted County Re- MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA-2006 ORIGINAL PRINCI- CATION OF THE DEBT TION OBTAINED WILL BE corder; Document No.PAL AMOUNT OF MORT- TION NUMBER ON Edina Realty AND IDENTITY OF THE USED FOR THAT PUR- A-917346 MORTGAGE:GAGE: $116,000.00 ORIGINAL CREDITOR POSE. THIS NOTICE IS ASSIGNMENTS OFMORTGAGOR(S): Robert 100020000450647890 Elcor Realty of WITHIN THE TIME PRO- REQUIRED BY THE PRO- MORTGAGE: Assigned to: LENDER OR BROKERJ Keller Jr and Jennifer VIDED BY LAW IS NOT VISIONS OF THE FAIR none Rochester Inc.Keller FKA Jennifer Tho- AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- DEBT COLLECTION LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF NATOR STATED ONmas, Husband and Wife, TION. PRACTICES ACT AND PROPERTY: Keller Williamsas Joint Tenants MORT- MORTGAGE: PHH Home Public Notices NOTICE IS HEREBY DOES NOT IMPLY THAT Lot 19, Block 1, W.A. John- Loans, LLCGAGEE: Mortgage Elec- GIVEN, that default has WE ARE ATTEMPTING son Subdivision of Land New World Realtytronic Registrations Sys- RESIDENTIAL MORT- occurred in the conditions TO COLLECT MONEY within the City of Roches- GAGE SERVICER: U.S.tems, Inc. as nominee for of the following described FROM ANYONE WHO terNew Century Mortgage mortgage: HAS DISCHARGED THE Bank Home Mortgage Property Brokers STREET ADDRESS OF MORTGAGED PROP-Corporation TRANSAC- DATE OF MORTGAGE: DEBT UNDER THE BANK- PROPERTY: of MinnesotaTION AGENT: Mortgage ERTY ADDRESS: 2204 October 15, 2004 RUPTCY LAWS OF THE 1025 9th Avenue South- NW Valleyhigh Drive D104Electronic Registration ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL UNITED STATES. east , Rochester, MN Prudential LovejoySystems, Inc. MIN#: Rochester, MN 55901 AMOUNT OF MORT- (3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, representatives or assigns. Document No. 121722. 55904 TAX PARCEL ID NUM- Realty100488910092192953 GAGE: $131,362.00 5/3) TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- TIME AND DATE TO VA- COUNTY IN WHICHSERVICER: Carrington TOR. ANY INFORMA- ASSIGNMENTS OF BER: MORTGAGOR(S): Stacy CATE PROPERTY: If the MORTGAGE: Assigned PROPERTY IS LOCATED: LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Realty ExecutivesMortgage Services, LLC M. Thompson, a single TION OBTAINED WILL BE real estate is an owner-oc- Olmsted County, Minne-LENDER: New Century 12-082419 USED FOR THAT PUR- to: U.S. Bank National As- PROPERTY: UNIT D104, Top Results! person and Dennis R. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE cupied, single-family dwell- sociation. sota BUILDING D, VALLEYMortgage Corporation. Thompson, a married per- POSE. THIS NOTICE IS ing, unless otherwise pro- THE AMOUNT CLAIMEDDATE AND PLACE OF FORECLOSURE SALE REQUIRED BY THE PRO- Said Mortgage being Reg- VIEW VILLAGE, A CON- ReMax of Rochester son and Karen L. Thomp- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- VISIONS OF THE FAIR vided by law, the date on istered Land. TO BE DUE ON THE DOMINIUM, CONDOMIN-FILING: Olmsted County son, a married person or before which the mort- MORTGAGE ON THEMinnesota,Registrar of Ti- CATION OF THE DEBT DEBT COLLECTION TRANSACTION AGENT: IUM NUMBER 27, OLM- MORTGAGEE: Wells AND IDENTITY OF THE PRACTICES ACT AND gagor(s) must vacate the Mortgage Electronic Regis- DATE OF THE NOTICE: STED COUNTY, MINNE-tle , on August 8, 2006, as Fargo Bank, NA property, if the mortgage is $104,576.46Document No. T114288. ORIGINAL CREDITOR DOES NOT IMPLY THAT tration Systems, Inc. SOTA LENDER: Wells Fargo WITHIN THE TIME PRO- WE ARE ATTEMPTING not reinstated under sec- TRANSACTION AGENTS THAT no action or pro- COUNTY IN WHICHASSIGNED TO: Wells Bank, NA tion 580.30 or the property ceeding has been insti- localFargo Bank N.A., as Trus- VIDED BY LAW IS NOT TO COLLECT MONEY MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: SERVICER: Wells Fargo AFFECTED BY THIS AC- FROM ANYONE WHO is not redeemed under TION NUMBER ON tuted at law to recover the Olmstedtee, for Carrington Mort- Bank, NA section 580.23, is 11:59 debt secured by said mort- TION. MORTGAGE: ORIGINAL PRINCIPALgage Loan Trust, Series2006-NC5 Asset-BackedPass-Through Certificates DATE AND PLACE OF FILING: Filed October 27, NOTICE IS HAS DISCHARGED THE HEREBY DEBT UNDER THE BANK- GIVEN, that default has RUPTCY LAWS OF THE p.m. on December 7, 2012. "THE TIME ALLOWED BY 100021268001825336 LENDER OR BROKER gage, or any part thereof; that there has been compli- AMOUNT GAGE: $65,800.00 OF MORT- Auctions 2004, Olmsted County Re- occurred in the conditions UNITED STATES. LAW FOR REDEMPTION AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- ance with all pre-foreclo- AMOUNT DUE ANDDated: November 14, 2011 corder, as Document Num- BY THE MORTGAGOR, NATOR STATED ON sure notice and accelera-, and recorded December of the following described (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS ber A1042432 mortgage: THE MORTGAGORS MORTGAGE: Mortgages tion requirements of said OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN-7, 2011 by Document No. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 5/24) PERSONAL REPRESEN- Unlimited, Inc. mortgage, and/or applica-T-130114 . LEGAL DE- DATE OF MORTGAGE: CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, PROPERTY: July 28, 2006 TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, RESIDENTIAL MORT- ble statutes; PAID BY ASSIGNEE OFSCRIPTION OF PROP- Lot 12, except the North 68 MAY BE REDUCED TO GAGE SERVICER: U.S. PURSUANT, to the powerERTY: Lot Twenty (20), ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 12-082420 MORTGAGEE: feet thereof and the East AMOUNT OF MORT- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- Bank Home Mortgage, a of sale contained in said $66,053.78Block Four (4), Carroll`s 1/2 of Lot 11, except the NOTICE OF MORTGAGE GAGE: $194,463.00 FORECLOSURE SALE CIAL ORDER IS EN- division of U.S. Bank Na- mortgage, the above de- That prior to the com-Second Addition, to the North 68 feet thereof, all in TERED UNDER MINNE- tional Association scribed property will beCity of Rochester, Olmsted MORTGAGOR(S): Jenni- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- mencement of this mort- Block 6, of South Addition fer L. Bond, a single per- CATION OF THE DEBT SOTA STATUTES SEC- MORTGAGED PROP- sold by the Sheriff of said gage foreclosure proceed-County, Minnesota PROP- to the City of Stewartville TION 582.032 DETERMIN- ERTY ADDRESS: 1328 county as follows:ERTY ADDRESS: 1537 7 son, and Russell A. Bond, AND IDENTITY OF THE ing Assignee of Mortgagee PROPERTY ADDRESS: a single person ORIGINAL CREDITOR ING, AMONG OTHER Elton Hills Drive Northwest, DATE AND TIME OF complied with all notice re-ONE HALF AVENUE NE, 307 3Rd Street Se, THINGS, THAT THE Rochester, MN 55901 SALE: May 18, 2012 atROCHESTER, MN MORTGAGEE: Wells WITHIN THE TIME PRO- quirements as required by Stewartville, MN 55976 Fargo Bank, NA VIDED BY LAW IS NOT MORTGAGED PREMISES TAX PARCEL I.D. #: 10:00 a.m. statute; That no action or55906-0000 PROPERTYI.D: PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- TION NUMBER: LENDER: Bank, NA Wells Fargo AFFECTED BY THIS AC- ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PLACE OF SALE: Olm- sted County Sheriff’s of- proceeding has been insti- Auction tuted at law or otherwise to CalenderCOUNTY IN WHICH TION. PROPERTY: SERVICER: Wells Fargo NOTICE IS HEREBY OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, recover the debt securedPROPERTY IS LOCATED: COUNTY IN WHICH ARE NOT PROPERTY Lot 5, Block 12, Elton Hills Rochester, MinnesotaOlmsted THE AMOUNT Bank, NA GIVEN, that default has by said mortgage, or any PROPERTY IS LOCATED: DATE AND PLACE OF occurred in the conditions USED FOR AGRICUL- Second Subdivision, in the to pay the debt then se- part thereof.CLAIMED TO BE DUE ON Olmsted TURAL PRODUCTION, City of Rochester, Olmsted cured by said mortgageTHE MORTGAGE ON FILING: Filed August 3, of the following described PURSUANT to the power THE AMOUNT CLAIMED 2006, Olmsted County Re- mortgage: AND ARE ABANDONED. County, Minnesota and taxes, if any actually of sale contained in saidTHE DATE OF THE NO- TO BE DUE ON THE COUNTY IN WHICH paid by the mortgagee, onTICE: One Hundred corder, as Document Num- DATE OF MORTGAGE: mortgage, the above de- MORTGAGE ON THE ber A-1108714 Dated: April 13, 2012 PROPERTY IS the premises and the costsTwenty-Five Thousand June 29, 2009 LOCATED: Olm- scribed property will be DATE OF THE NOTICE: LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL Wells Fargo Bank, NA and disbursements allowed sold by the Sheriff of saidThree Hundred $142,293.43 Mortgagee sted by law. The time allowedSeventy-Four and 59/100 PROPERTY: AMOUNT OF MORT- ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL county as follows: THAT all pre-foreclosure Lot 17, Block 1, Bearwood GAGE: $151,607.00 SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP by law for redemption by DATE AND TIME OF($125,374.59) THAT no requirements have been BY AMOUNT OF MORT- said mortgagor(s), theiraction or proceeding has Estates Fourth Subdivi- MORTGAGOR(S): Mi- GAGE: $109,137.00 SALE: May 30, 2012 at complied with; that no ac- sion, in the City of Byron chael A. Arena and Sara _____________________ personal representatives or 10:00 a.m.been instituted at law to re- tion or proceeding has Lawrence P. Zielke - AMOUNT DUE AND assigns is six (6) monthscover the debt secured by PROPERTY ADDRESS: N. Arena, husband and CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS PLACE OF SALE: The been instituted at law or 923 4Th St Ne, Byron, MN wife 152559 from the date of sale. Olmsted County Sheriff’ssaid mortgage, or any part otherwise to recover the Diane F. Mach - 273788 OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- Unless said mortgage isthereof; that there has 55920 MORTGAGEE: Wells CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, Office at the Government debt secured by said mort-been compliance with all gage, or any part thereof; PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- Fargo Bank, NA TION NUMBER: LENDER: Melissa L. B. Porter - 0337778 PAID BY reinstated or the property redeemed, or unless the Center, 101 – 4th Street SE, City of Rochester to AUCTION &pre-foreclosure notice and Wells Fargoacceleration requirements PURSUANT, to the power of sale contained in said Bank, NA Ronald W. Spencer - 0104061 MORTGAGEE: $113,556.68 time for redemption is re- duced by judicial order, pay the debt then secured ESTATE COUNTY IN WHICH SERVICER: Wells Fargo by said Mortgage, andof said mortgage, and/orapplicable statutes; PUR- mortgage, the above de- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Bank, NA Stephanie O. Nelson - That prior to the com- mencement of this mort- you must vacate the prem- taxes, if any, on said prem- CALENDAR scribed property will be Olmsted DATE AND PLACE OF 0388918 ises by 11:59 p.m. on No- ises, and the costs and dis-SUANT, to the power of sold by the Sheriff of said Attorneys for Mortgagee gage foreclosure proceed- vember 19, 2012. THE AMOUNT CLAIMED FILING: Filed July 9, 2009, ing Mortgagee/Assignee of bursements, including at- As a public service, thesale contained in said county as follows: 12550 West Frontage MORTGAGOR(S) RE- Post-Bulletin will run amortgage, the above de- TO BE DUE ON THE Olmsted County Recorder, Mortgagee complied with torneys’ fees allowed by DATE AND TIME OF MORTGAGE ON THE as Document Number Road, Ste. 200 LEASED FROM FINAN- law subject to redemption daily listing of auction &scribed property will be SALE: May 17, 2012, Burnsville, MN 55337 all notice requirements as CIAL OBLIGATION ON DATE OF THE NOTICE: A-1206276 required by statute; That within six (6) months from estate sales. Every effortsold by the Sheriff of said 10:00am (952) 831-4060 MORTGAGE: CLARICE will be made to publish thecounty as follows: DATE $192,583.32 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF no action or proceeding the date of said sale by the PLACE OF SALE: Sher- THAT all pre-foreclosure PROPERTY: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR J.R. SCHAUB mortgagor(s), their per- calendar daily, however ifAND TIME OF SALE: iffs Main Office, 101 4th has been instituted at law “THE TIME ALLOWED BY requirements have been Lot One (1), Block Four DEBT COLLECTION or otherwise to recover the sonal representatives or space does not permit, the10:00 AM on June 11, Street SE, Rochester, MN PRACTICES ACT, YOU LAW FOR REDEMPTION calendar will be omitted, or2012 PLACE OF SALE: complied with; that no ac- (4), Elton Hills North Fourth debt secured by said mort- assigns unless reduced to 55904 tion or proceeding has Subdivision, in the City of ARE ADVISED THAT BY THE MORTGAGOR, five (5) weeks under MN the latest listings will beSheriff`s Office, Main to pay the debt secured by gage, or any part thereof; THE MORTGAGOR’S been instituted at law or Rochester THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED PURSUANT to the power Stat. §580.07. omitted. The list isLobby of Government Cen- said mortgage and taxes, if TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- PERSONAL REPRESEN- compiled from displayter, 101 4th Street SE, otherwise to recover the PROPERTY ADDRESS: of sale contained in said TIME AND DATE TO VA- any, on said premises and debt secured by said mort- 3401 9Th Ave Nw, Roch- TOR. ANY INFORMA- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, CATE PROPERTY: If the auction and estateRochester MN 55904-3710 the costs and disburse- mortgage, the above de- gage, or any part thereof; ester, MN 55901 TION OBTAINED WILL BE scribed property will be MAY BE REDUCED TO real estate is an owner-oc- advertisements which haveto pay the debt then se- ments, including attorneys USED FOR THAT PUR- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- been or will run in thiscured by said mortgage PURSUANT, to the power PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- sold by the Sheriff of said cupied, single-family dwell- fees allowed by law, sub- of sale contained in said TION NUMBER: POSE. THIS NOTICE IS county as follows: CIAL ORDER IS EN- ing, unless otherwise pro- classification. 6 inch (andand taxes, if any actually ject to redemption within 6 REQUIRED BY THE PRO- TERED UNDER MINNE- greater) ads get a freepaid by the mortgagee, on mortgage, the above de- DATE AND TIME OF vided by law, the date on months from the date of scribed property will be COUNTY IN WHICH VISIONS OF THE FAIR SALE: June 1, 2012 at SOTA STATUTES, SEC- or before which the mort- listing on the auctionthe premises and the costs said sale by the DEBT COLLECTION TION 582.032, DETER- calendar. Listing includesand disbursements allowed sold by the Sheriff of said PROPERTY IS LOCATED: PLACE OF SALE: gagor(s) must vacate the mortgagor(s) the personal county as follows: Olmsted PRACTICES ACT AND Olm- MINING, AMONG OTHER property if the mortgage is date of the sale, the seller,by law. The time allowed representatives or assigns. DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THINGS, THAT THE location, time, andby law for redemption by DATE AND TIME OF THE AMOUNT CLAIMED sted County Government not reinstated under sec- TIME AND DATE TO VA- SALE: June 7, 2012, TO BE DUE ON THE WE ARE ATTEMPTING Center, Civil Department, MORTGAGED PREMISES tion 580.30 or the property date(s).said mortgagor(s), their CATE PROPERTY: If the TO COLLECT MONEY ARE IMPROVED WITH Apersonal representatives or 10:00am MORTGAGE ON THE 101 4th Street South East, is not redeemed under real estate is an owner-oc- PLACE OF SALE: Sher- DATE OF THE NOTICE: FROM ANYONE WHO Rochester, MN RESIDENTIAL DWELLING section 580.23 is 11:59 April 28 - Floyd Larsonassigns is 6.00 months cupied, single-family dwell- HAS DISCHARGED THE OF LESS THAN FIVEfrom the date of sale. If iffs Main Office, 101 4th $158,710.23 to pay the debt then se- p.m. on November 30, Estate, Cannon Falls, ing, unless otherwise pro- Street SE, Rochester, MN THAT all pre-foreclosure DEBT UNDER THE BANK- cured by said Mortgage, UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- 2012. If the foregoing date MN; 9:00 AM; Listing:Mortgage is not reinstated vided by law, the date on RUPTCY LAWS OF THE ERTY USED IN AGRICUL-under Minn. Stat. §580.30 55904 requirements have been and taxes, if any, on said is a Saturday, Sunday or 4/21 or before which the mort- to pay the debt secured by complied with; that no ac- UNITED STATES. premises, and the costs TURAL PRODUCTION, legal holiday, then the date April 28 - Allen L.or the property is not re- gagor(s) must vacate the (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, AND ARE ABANDONED.”deemed under Minn. Stat. said mortgage and taxes, if tion or proceeding has and disbursements, includ- to vacate is the next busi- Hamilton, Seargent, property, if the mortgage is any, on said premises and been instituted at law or 5/24) ing attorneys fees allowed ness day at 11:59 p.m. MN;10:30 AM; Listing:§580.23, the Mortgagor not reinstated under sec- Dated: March 27, 2012must vacate the property the costs and disburse- otherwise to recover the by law subject to redemp- MORTGAGOR(S) RE- 3/31, 4/21 tion 580.30 or the property ments, including attorneys debt secured by said mort- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE tion within six (6) months WELLS FARGO BANK, LEASED FROM FINAN- April 29 - Charles W.on or before 11:59 p.m. on is not redeemed under FORECLOSURE SALE N.A.December 11, 2012, or the fees allowed by law, sub- gage, or any part thereof; from the date of said sale CIAL OBLIGATION ON O’Connell, Rochester, section 580.23, is 11:59 ject to redemption within 6 PURSUANT, to the power THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF by the mortgagor(s), their Mortgagee MORTGAGE: None MN; 12:00 Noon; List-next business day if De- p.m. on November 19, THE DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THE personal representatives or REITER & SCHILLER,cember 11, 2012 falls on a months from the date of of sale contained in said THE TIME ALLOWED BY ing: 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 2012. said sale by the mortgage, the above de- ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE assigns unless reduced to P.A. LAW FOR REDEMPTION 4/25Saturday, Sunday or legal "THE TIME ALLOWED BY TIME PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT Five (5) weeks under MN By:/s/Rebecca F. Schiller,holiday. "THE TIME AL- mortgagor(s) the personal scribed property will be BY THE MORTGAGOR, May 1 - Jack & Kathy LAW FOR REDEMPTION representatives or assigns. sold by the Sheriff of said AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. Stat. §580.07. Esq. THE MORTGAGOR’S Kohrer, Zumbrota, MN;LOWED BY LAW FOR RE- BY THE MORTGAGOR, NOTICE IS HEREBY TIME AND DATE TO VA- Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq.DEMPTION BY THE TIME AND DATE TO VA- county as follows: PERSONAL REPRESEN- 5:00 PM; Listing: 4/28 THE MORTGAGORS CATE PROPERTY: If the DATE AND TIME OF GIVEN, that default has CATE PROPERTY: If the N. Kibongni Fondungallah, TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, May 1 - Meat Process-MORTGAGOR, THE PERSONAL REPRESEN- occurred in conditions of real estate is an owner-oc- Esq.MORTGAGOR`S PER- real estate is an owner-oc- SALE: June 7, 2012, MAY BE REDUCED TO ing equip. public Auc- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, cupied, single-family dwell- 10:00am the following described cupied, single-family dwell- James J. Pauly, Esq. FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- tion. Rushford, MN;SONAL REPRESENTA- MAY BE REDUCED TO mortgage: ing, unless otherwise pro- Brian F. Kidwell, Esq.TIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY ing, unless otherwise pro- PLACE OF SALE: Sher- CIAL ORDER IS EN- 10:30 AM. Listing: 4/28 FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- vided by law, the date on iffs Main Office, 101 4th DATE OF vided by law, the date on Steven R. Pennock, Esq. TERED UNDER MINNE- May 5 - Antiques Auc-BE REDUCED TO FIVE CIAL ORDER IS EN- MORTGAGE: No- or before which the mort- Attorneys for MortgageeWEEKS IF A JUDICIAL or before which the mort- Street SE, Rochester, MN SOTA STATUTES, SEC- tion Olmsted Cty Fair- TERED UNDER MINNE- gagor(s) must vacate the 55904 vember 24, 2008 gagor(s) must vacate the 25 North Dale Street TION 582.032, DETER- grounds; 9:00 AM 5/4;ORDER IS ENTERED UN- SOTA STATUTES SEC- MORTGAGOR: property if the mortgage is St. Paul, MN 55102-2227DER MINNESOTA STAT- property, if the mortgage is to pay the debt secured by MINING, AMONG OTHER listing: 4/28 TION 582.032 DETERMIN- not reinstated under sec- said mortgage and taxes, if Mar- not reinstated under sec- (651) 209-9760 THINGS, THAT THE May 5 - Kathleen Brom-UTES, SECTION 582.032, ING, AMONG OTHER ilyn K. Kraushaar, a single tion 580.30 or the property (E7447)DETERMINING, AMONG tion 580.30 or the property any, on said premises and MORTGAGED PREMISES mer, Estate, Rochester, THINGS, THAT THE is not redeemed under the costs and disburse- person. is not redeemed under THIS IS A COMMUNICA- ARE IMPROVED WITH A MN; 10:00 AM; Listing:OTHER THINGS, THAT MORTGAGED PREMISES MORTGAGEE: section 580.23 is 11:59 TION FROM A DEBTTHE MORTGAGED section 580.23, is 11:59 ments, including attorneys RESIDENTIAL DWELLING 4/18, 4/28, 5/2 ARE IMPROVED WITH A p.m. on December 7, 2012. fees allowed by law, sub- Mortgage Electronic Regis- p.m. on December 3, 2012, COLLECTOR. May 5 - Real Estate tration Systems, Inc.. OF LESS THAN FIVE "THE TIME ALLOWED BY ject to redemption within 6 unless the redemption pe- UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- Auction, Plainview, MN; DATE AND PLACE OF riod is reduced to 5 weeks NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 10:00 AM; Listing: 3/28 LAW FOR REDEMPTION months from the date of RECORDING: Re- ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- BY THE MORTGAGOR, said under MN Stat. Secs. FORECLOSURE SALE TURAL PRODUCTION, and 4/11 City of Rochester - sale by the corded Olmsted County 580.07 or 582.032. THE MORTGAGORS mortgagor(s) the personal FORECLOSURE DATA AND ARE ABANDONED. May 5 - Jim & Pam COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM Recorder January 9, 2009, MORTGAGOR(S) RE- Minn. Stat. § 580.025 PERSONAL REPRESEN- Dated: April 5, 2012. Black, Northfield, MN; Amendment to the 2010 & 2012 Action Plans TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, LEASED FROM FINAN- (1) Street Address, City 9:00 AM; Listing: 4/28 CIAL OBLIGATION ON MINNESOTA HOUSING MAY BE REDUCED TO and Zip Code of Mort- FINANCE AGENCY May 5th - Scott and The Rochester City Council will consider an amend- MORTGAGE:None gaged Premises Judy Smith, St. Char- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- "THE TIME ALLOWED BY Assignee of Mortgagee ment to the 2010 and 2012 Action Plans for the Com- CIAL ORDER IS EN- 1025 9th Avenue South- les, MN, 10:30 AM; List- Agri News munity Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. LAW FOR REDEMPTION east, Rochester, MN TERED UNDER MINNE- BY THE MORTGAGOR, Marinus W. Van Putten, ing 4/28. The City of Rochester has completed the accessible SOTA STATUTES SEC- 55904 Jr., Reg. No. 11232X May 6th - Phyllis Brack- connection from the 2nd Street Parking Ramp. A bal- THE MORTGAGORS (2) Transaction Agent TION 582.032 DETERMIN- PERSONAL REPRESEN- BEST & FLANAGAN LLP enbury, Estate, Roch- ance of $17,026.71 remains in the City’s Accessibility ING, AMONG OTHER Wells Fargo Home Mort- 225 South Sixth Street, ester, MN. 12:30 PM. Improvement CDBG activity. TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, gage, Inc., a California cor- THINGS, THAT THE MAY BE REDUCED TO Suite 4000 Listing 5/3. Staff is recommending that the City Council re-allocate MORTGAGED PREMISES poration, n/k/a Wells Fargo Minneapolis, MN 55402 May 6th - Gun Coin Toy the $17,026.71 CDBG funding as follows: FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- 2318 City Accessibility Improvement Activity ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING Minnesota & CIAL ORDER IS EN- TERED UNDER MINNE- Bank, N.A., successor by merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. (612) 339-7121 Attorney for Assignee of Antique Auction, 9 AM; Listing 5/2. OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, Mortgagee May 7th - Live & Online Project completed, close activity. ARE NOT PROPERTY USED FOR AGRICUL- Northern Iowa’s SOTA STATUTES, SEC- TION 582.032, DETER- MINING, AMONG OTHER (3) Name of Mortgage Originator (Lender) THIS IS A COMMUNICATION FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. Auction. 10:30 AM; Wa- terloo, IA. listed: 4/28. 2081SE MN Center for Independent Living (SEMCIL) Wells Fargo Home Mort- Provide $17,000 to SEMCIL’s Home Modification and Accessibility Ramp program. TURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. Leading Agricultural THINGS, THAT MORTGAGED PREMISES THE gage, Inc., a California cor- poration, n/k/a Wells Fargo (4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10) ARE IMPROVED WITH A 1996 City’s Contingency Activity Dated: April 13, 2012 Wells Fargo Bank, NA Newspaper RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE Bank, N.A., successor by merger to Wells Fargo Provide $26.71 to City’s 2012 Contingency Activity Mortgagee Home Mortgage, Inc. UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- (4) Residential Servicer SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- The Rochester City Council will consider the above amendment to the CDBG 2010 and 2012 Action Plans BY _____________________ ✘National News TURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED." Wells Fargo 800-416-1472 (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- at their May 7, 2012 meeting, beginning at 7:00 pm in tion Number the Council/Board Chambers at the Government Cen- ter located at 151 Fourth Street SE, Rochester, MN Lawrence P. Zielke - 152559 ✘Markets ✘Food Dated: March 15, 2012. 64-01-34-011228 Diane F. Mach - 273788 U.S. Bank National Asso- (6) Transaction Agent’s 55904 The Public is invited to attend this meeting or submit Melissa L. B. Porter - 0337778 ✘Regional Farm News ciation Mortgagee/Assignee of Mortgage (MERS number) ID Number written comments regarding the proposal. Written Ronald W. Spencer - none comments should be addressed to: Theresa Fogarty, CDBG Administrator, Rochester-Olmsted Planning De- 0104061 ✘Classified ✘Weather Mortgagee USSET, WEINGARDEN (3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3) Stephanie O. Nelson - AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. partment, 2122 Campus Drive SE, Suite 100, Roches- ter, MN 55904, you may call her at 507-328-7123 or 0388918 Attorneys for Mortgagee ✘Editorial Attorneys Mortgagee/Assignee for of NOTICE OF MORTGAGE email her at . 12550 West Frontage Mortgagee FORECLOSURE SALE Citizens who are interested in attending the meeting 4500 Park Glen Road #300 THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION and may have hearing or visual impairments or who Road, Ste. 200 Burnsville, MN 55337 For more information on how to Minneapolis, MN 55416 OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY are non-English speaking may contact Theresa Fo- garty, CDBG Administrator. She will guarantee the (952) 831-4060 get Agri News delivered to your (952) 925-6888 OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR PURSUANT TO THE FAIR 19-3139 WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED availability of the necessary accommodations needed. DEBT COLLECTION home, call 1-800-533-1727 THIS IS A COMMUNICATION BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY FOR CONVENIENT HOME DELIVERY, CALL La information antedicha disponible en español – en- PRACTICES ACT, YOU FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. THIS ACTION. 507-285-7676 or 800-562-1758 tre en contacto con Theresa Fogarty en 328-7123. ARE ADVISED THAT ext. 17676 or 507-285-7676 (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, NOTICE IS HEREBY (4/26) THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED 5/24) GIVEN, that default has • • • • • • • •