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2011 MnDOT projects, including District 6, Rochester-Owatonna-Winona


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List of outstate construction projects for 2011 from Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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2011 MnDOT projects, including District 6, Rochester-Owatonna-Winona

  1. 1. 2011 Mn/DOT Greater Minnesota Construction ProjectsDistrict 1 – Cost: $1,481,856 12 Hwy 53 2011 Cost: $3.9 million Impacts: Bridge overpass Impacts: Lane closures withDuluth/Virginia Location: Near Cotton closures and intermittent lane flaggers Description: Resurface closures on I-35, short-term roadway, reconstruct HU1 Hwy 1 detour via Hwy 45 intersection, replace bridge s/hwy61_split_rock/index.html ULocation: South of Ely in Lake Dates: June-Sept 2011County, 15 miles 7 I-35 Cost: $3,358,321 18 Hwy 61Description: Reconstruct Location: CR 13 near Proctor Impacts: Bypass, temporary Location: Lester River in Duluthroadway Description: Repair four lane closures Description: Repair and restoreDates: July-Nov 2011 bridges historic bridgeCost: $8,625,000 Dates: July-Sept 2011 Dates: May 2010-July 2011Impacts: Detours, lane closures Cost: $1,764,761 13 Hwy 53, Hwy 169 Total Cost: $1,460,052with flaggers Location: Near Central Lakes Impacts: Single lane traffic 2011 Cost: $50,000 and Hibbing to Virginia Impacts: Shoulder closures Description: Seal roadway2 Hwy 1 8 I-35 surfaceLocation: Ely to Isabella Location: Over Willow River in Dates: July-Aug 2011 19 Hwy 61Description: Install reflective Pine County Cost: $1.5 million Location: Gooseberry Park,pavement markings Description: Repair bridges Impacts: Temporary lane Schroeder, and Cutface CreekDates: June-July 2011 Dates: June-July 2011 closures rest areasCost: $146,000 Cost: $766,000 Description: ConstructImpacts: Temporary lane Impacts: Lane closures accessibility improvementsclosures 14 Hwy 61 Dates: Aug-Oct 2011 Location: Onion River area 9 I-35 Cost: $350,000 north of Tofte, four miles3 Hwy 2 Location: Moose Lake and Description: Reconstruct Impacts: NoneLocation: At CR 62 in Cohasset Hinckley areas, 30 miles roadway and replace bridgeDescription: Install traffic signal Description: Repair concrete Dates: April 2009-May 2011 20 Hwy 61Dates: May-Aug 2011 pavement and bridges Total Cost: $12,223,202 Location: Baptism River restCost: $225,000 Dates: May-Nov 2011 2011 Cost: $50,000 areaImpacts: Minor impacts Cost: $25,329,529 Impacts: Daytime shoulder Description: Construct turn Impacts: Lane closures, closures lanes, reconfigure parking lot,4 Hwy 2, Hwy 169 bypassed traffic will run remodel buildingLocation: Hwy 2 and Hwy 169 adjacent to each other 15 Hwy 61 Dates: June 2011-Aug 2012in Itasca County Total Cost: $6,829,000 Location: Mount Josephine rest HUDescription: Install flashing s/i35southofduluth/ 2011 Cost: $2,732,000 area near Grand Marais Ulights Impacts: Minor Hwy 61 Description: Reconstruct restDates: May-June 2011 10 Hwy 37 impacts, rest area closed areaCost: $153,903 Location: Penobscott Creek Dates: Aug 2010-Aug 2011Impacts: Lane closures with near Hibbing Total Cost: $637,103 21 Hwy 61flaggers Description: Replace bridge 2011 Cost: $461,000 Location: Near Grand Portage Dates: June 2010-June 2011 Impacts: None Description: Construct turn5 I-35 Total Cost: $515,980 lanesLocation: Boundary Ave to 26th 2011 Cost: $12,000 Dates: June 2011Ave East in Duluth, 10 miles Impacts: Lane closures with 16 Hwy 61 Cost: $136,272Description: Replace and flaggers Location: Cascade River Impacts: Lane closures withrepair bridges and pavements wayside near Grand Marais flaggers(Duluth I-35 Mega Project) 11 Hwy 53 Description: Rehabilitate stoneDates: April 2010-Nov 2011 masonry wall 22 Hwy 65 Location: Miller Mall area inTotal Cost: $66,876,987 Dates: Sept 2010-June 2011 Duluth and Hermantown, one Location: Nashwauk to2011 Cost: $28 million Total Cost: $395,110 mile Hwy 1, 32 milesImpacts: Detour, traffic 2011 Cost: $33,000 Description: Reconstruct Description: Resurfacecrossovers, lane restrictions Impacts: None connector roads, intersections roadway and replace culverts and roadways Dates: July 2010-June 2011gaproject/U Dates: July 2007-June 2011 17 Hwy 61 Total Cost: $10,478,934 Total Cost: $23,499,261 Location: Split Rock River to 2011 Cost: $2 million6 I-35 2011 Cost: $75,000 Chapins Curve south of Beaver Impacts: Lane closures withLocation: At Hwy 33 and Hwy Impacts: Shoulder closures Bay, four miles flaggers23 near Cloquet and Sandstone Description: ReconstructDescription: Re-deck bridges roadway and replace bridgeover I-35 Dates: April 2010l-July 2011Dates: April-June 2011 Total Cost: $10,706,276 1
  2. 2. 23 Hwy 65 30 Hwy 169 2011 Cost: $40,000 45 Hwy 64 Impacts: MinorLocation: Near Silverdale in Location: West of Chisholm, Location: South junction toKoochiching County one mile north junction of Hwy 87Description: Replace bridge Description: Replace and 37 Hwy 1 Description: ResurfaceDates: July 2007-July 2011 strengthen pavement Location: Oslo to Warren Dates: Sept 2011Total Cost: $4,411,070 Dates: June 2009-July 2011 Description: Resurface road Cost: $550,0002011 Cost: $60,000 Total Cost: $7,408,407 and replace culverts Impacts: Lane closures withImpacts: Lane closures with 2011 Cost: $325,000 Dates: June-July 2011 pilot carflaggers Impacts: Intermittent lane Cost: $2.5 million closures Impacts: Minor 46 Hwy 7124 Hwy 65, Hwy 73 Location: CR 9 to CR 404Location: Aitkin County 31 Various Highways 38 Hwy 2 south of BemidjiDescription: Install rumble Location: Hwys 1, 2, 70, 169, Location: East of Crookston Description: Resurface, installstrips 200, 332 in northeast Minnesota Description: Resurface road turn lanes and traffic signal,Dates: May-June 2011 Description: Replace culverts Dates: May-June 2011 construct bridgeCost: $278,512 Dates: June-Nov 2011 Total Cost: $6.6 million Dates: June-Sept 2011Impacts: Minor Cost: $1,263,092 2011 Cost: $10,000 Cost: $3.3 million Impacts: Lane closures with Impacts: Minor Impacts: Temporary bypass25 Hwy 70 flaggers and minor lane closuresLocation: Hwy 107 to Hwy 361, 39 Hwy 2nine miles 32 Various Highways Location: Crookston 47 Hwy 71Description: Resurface road, Location: Hwys 1, 6, 135, 217 Description: Construct curb Location: Northome to Margiereplace culverts in northeast Minnesota ramps, install signals Description: Resurface,Dates: July-Oct 2011 Description: Replace culverts Dates: July-Aug 2011 replace culvertCost: $3,384,818 Dates: June 2010-July 2011 Cost: $500,000 Dates: May-June 2011Impacts: Lane closures with Total Cost: $2,192,600 Impacts: Minor Cost: $5.5 millionflaggers, detour 2011 Cost: $50,000 Impacts: Lane closures with Impacts: Lane closures 40 Hwy 9 pilot car26 Hwy 73 Location: South of BorupLocation: Hwy 73 in Floodwood 33 Various Highways Description: Replace culvert 48 Hwy 72Description: Replace bridge Location: Hwys 23, 53, 61, I-35 Dates: June 2011 Location: Waskish to 11.4deck in northeast Minnesota Cost: $200,000 miles northDates: June-Oct 2011 Description: Seal cracks Impacts: Detour Description: Resurface road,Cost: $1,072,217 Dates: July 2010-June 2011 replace culvertsImpacts: Single lane traffic Total Cost: $1,558,606 41 Hwy 9 Dates: July-Aug 2011 2011 Cost: $800,000 Cost: $4.06 million Location: Polk/Norman county27 Hwy 169 Impacts: Lane closures with Impacts: Lane closures with line to Hwy 2 flaggers flaggers and pilot carLocation: Taconite to Description: Resurface,Nashwauk, 15 miles replace culvertsDescription: Resurface road 34 Various Highways Dates: June-Aug 2011 49 Hwy 75and replace culverts Location: Hwys 23, 65, 210 in Cost: $4.56 million Location: Stephen toDates: July 2010-June 2011 Aitkin and Carlton counties Impacts: Detour DonaldsonTotal Cost: $7,678,605 Description: Install reflective Description: Resurface road2011 Cost: $100,000 pavement markings 42 Hwy 11 Dates: Sept 2011Impacts: Intermittent lane Dates: May-July 2011 Cost: $1.1 million Location: Hwy 72 toclosures Cost: $366,885 Impacts: Single lane closures Clementson Impacts: Mobile lane closures Description: Resurface, widen28 Hwy 169 with flaggers 50 Hwy 75 shoulders, replace culvertsLocation: From Grand Rapids Dates: Sept 2011-Aug 2012 Location: Hwy 75 bypass atto Coleraine, five miles 35 Various Highways Cost: $7.5 million CrookstonDescription: Resurface road Location: Hwys 53, 61,169 in Impacts: Detour Description: Railroad crossingand replace culverts northeast Minnesota upgradeDates: June 2010-June 2011 Description: Install intersection 43 Hwy 11 Dates: July-Aug 2011Total Cost: $1,790,989 lighting Cost: $150,000 Location: Clementson2011 Cost: $30,000 Dates: May-July 2011 Impacts: Detour Description: Construct bridgeImpacts: Intermittent lane Cost: $150,000 deck, turf and erosion controlclosures Impacts: Minor traffic impacts 51 Hwy 75 Dates: May-June 2011 Total Cost: $2.95 million Location: Climax to Crookston29 Hwy 169 2011 Cost: $80,000 Description: Resurface road,Location: Hibbing and District 2 – Impacts: Lane closures install turn lanes, replaceGrand Rapids Bemidji/Crookston culvertsDescription: Construct 44 Hwy 34 Dates: July-Aug 2011accessibility improvements Cost: $3.4 millionDates: June-Oct 2011 36 Hwy 1 Location: Park Rapids to Impacts: Detour Location: West of Clearwater Akeley, Hwy 226 to DorsetCost: $489,000 County line in Red Lake Description: Resurface, installImpacts: Temporary lane Description: Replace bridge turn lanes, replace culvertsclosures (2010), paint, clean, landscape Dates: June-Sept 2011 Dates: April-May 2011 Cost: $7.95 million Total Cost: $2.1 million Impacts: Detour 2
  3. 3. 52 Hwy 75 59 Hwy 10 Description: Construct four- Dates: Aug-Sept 2011 lane highway, access roads, Cost: $250,000Location: South of Shelly Locations: East of Little Falls to bridge, frontage roads, install Impacts: Intermittent laneDescription: Replace bridge south of Royalton (11 miles); utilities, resurface Hwy 25 in closures(2010), apply final surface on Hwy 210 - Golf Course Rd to Foleybridge deck, paint, landscape, 3rd St NW in Brainerd Dates: June 2011-Oct 2012 72 Hwy 65Dates: May-June 2011 Description: Micro-surfacing Total Cost: $28.5 millionTotal Cost: $1.5 million Dates: Aug-Sept 2011 Location: Mora Lake to Hwy 27 2011 Cost: $14.5 million2011 Cost: $25,000 Cost: $1.2 million in Woodland Impacts: Lane closures,Impacts: Detour Impacts: Intermittent weekday Description: Road repairs, flaggers, detour lane closures, reduced speeds landscape Dates: July 2010-June 2011 HU53 Hwy 89 index.html Cost: $7.2 millionLocation: Grygla to eight miles 60 Hwy 10 2011 Cost: $20,000west of Fourtown Location: 4.5 miles north of 66 Hwy 23/Hwy 70 Impacts: Intermittent laneDescription: Resurface Hwy 115 to east end of Little Location: Hwy 55 in closures, flaggersDates: TBD Falls bypass Paynesville to Richmond; HwyCost: $750,000 Description: Resurface 70 – Hwy 65 to Hwy 107 73 Hwy 71Impacts: Lane closures roadway, construct/extend turn Description: Seal coat road lanes, install or repair culverts Location: Owens Street to Hwy surface Dates: May-Aug 2011 55 in Belgrade54 Hwy 220 Dates: June-July 2011 Cost: $9.7 million Description: Replace drainage Cost: $481,180Location: Hwy 1 to Hwy 11 and Impacts: Lane closures, system Impacts: Lane closures,Hwy 317 reduced speeds Dates: June-Aug 2011 flaggers, pilot carDescription: Resurface, Cost: $183,000 (Mn/DOTreplace culverts 61 Hwy 10 share)Dates: June-Aug 2011 Location: Big Lake to Elk River 67 Hwy 25 Impacts: Shoulder closuresCost: $5.6 million Locations: Intersections at Description: LandscapeImpacts: Lane restriction, Sherburne CR 11 / CR 14 and 74 Hwy 71 Dates: Aug 2010-May 2011detour Sherburne CR 17 east of Cost: $6.8 million Location: Stearns CR 186 in Monticello 2011 Cost: $75,000 Sauk Centre55 Various Highways Description: Widen Impacts: Intermittent lane Description: Install traffic signal intersections, install turn lanesLocation: Multiple closures Dates: May-June 2011 Dates: June-Aug 2011Description: Install intersection Cost: $210,000 Cost: $3.3 millionlighting 62 Hwy 10 Impacts: Intermittent lane Impacts: Intermittent laneDates: Sept-Oct 2011 closures Location: Clear Lake to Big closures, flaggers, detourCost: $325,000 LakeImpacts: Minor lane restrictions 75 I-94 Description: Install temporary bypass lanes for 2012 68 Hwy 28 Location: Wright and Stearns56 Various Highways pavement replacement Location: North of Swanville counties; Hwy 10 – St. Cloud toLocation: Multiple Dates: Sept 2011-Nov 2012 Description: Replace Swan Little Falls; Hwy 15 in BentonDescription: Upgrade signing Cost: $10.6 million River bridge CountyDates: Sept-Oct 2011 Impacts: Intermittent lane Dates: July-Sept 2011 Description: Replace roadCost: $30,000 closures Cost: $641,677 signsImpacts: Minor lane restrictions Impacts: Detour Dates: Sept-Nov 2011 63 Hwy 10 Cost: $850,000 Location: Hwy 10 / Hwy 25 69 Hwy 47 Impacts: Intermittent Location: North of Bradford at lane/shoulder closuresDistrict 3 – intersection in Big Lake Description: Widen and 317th AveBaxter/St. Cloud resurface Hwy 10; realign and Description: Repair frost- 76 I-94 reconstruct Hwy 25 to the RR damaged pavement Location: East of Albany to Dates: Sept 201157 Hwy 10 tracks; replace traffic signal Cost: $400,000 Stearns CR 159 at CollegevilleLocation: St. Cloud to Clear system/lighting Description: Resurface Dates: May-Oct 2011 Impacts: Detour roadwayLakeDescription: Landscaping on Cost: $2.1 million ($618,000 Dates: Aug-Nov 2011WB lanes Mn/DOT share) 70 Hwy 55 Cost: $5.3 millionDates: June 2010-May 2011 Impacts: Intermittent lane Location: Stearns CR 66 / Impacts: Intermittent laneTotal Cost: $14 million closures, detours CR 181 in Paynesville to east of closures2011 Cost: $20,000 Hwy 4Impacts: Periodic lane closures 64 Hwy 23 Description: Resurface road, 77 I-94 Location: East of Wilson Ave in shoulders Location: Stearns CR 2 at St. Dates: July-Aug 201158 Hwy 10 St. Cloud Cost: $1.2 million JosephLocation: Wadena Description: Replace Description: Install lighting pedestrian bridge Impacts: Periodic lane Dates: May 2011Description: Resurface, install Dates: July-Oct 2011 closures, flaggers, reduced Cost: $350,000turn lanes, pedestrian access Cost: $1.3 million speeds Impacts: Intermittent laneimprovementsDates: Sept 2011 Impacts: Detours, lane closures closuresCost: $1.5 million 71 Hwy 65Impacts: Intermittent lane 65 Hwy 23 Location: Anoka CR 24 to Hwyclosures, flaggers Location: Hwy 95 east of St. 23 in Mora Cloud to Foley Description: Replace road signs 3
  4. 4. 78 I-94 Description: Resurface road, Impacts: Intermittent lane 98 Hwy 28 shoulders, repair or replace closures, flaggersLocation: Wright CR 75 in Location: West state line culvertsMonticello through Beardsley Dates: May-June 2011Description: Paint overpasses, Description: Resurface road Cost: $3.6 millionlandscape District 4 – Dates: June-July 2011 Impacts: Intermittent laneDates: July 2009-May 2011 Cost: $1.1 millionCost: $11.1 million closures, flaggers, pilot car, Detroit Lakes/Morris Impacts: Lane closures detour2011 Cost: $100,000Impacts: Intermittent lane 91 Hwy 9 99 Hwy 29closures 85 Hwy 169 Location: Norman/Clay county Location: Hwy 71 in Wadena to Location: Garrison Concourse line to Hwy 10 Hwy 21079 I-94 at Mille Lacs Lake Description: Resurface, Description: Resurface road, Description: Restore historical replace three bridgesLocation: St. Augusta to St. replace culverts masonry wall Dates: May-Aug 2011Joseph; Hwy 24 - Clearwater to Dates: July-Oct 2011 Dates: Oct 2010-Nov 2011 Cost: $6,094,108Clear Lake; Hwy 25 - Buffalo to Cost: $6,791,600 Cost: $851,000 (Mn/DOT Impacts: Detour, lane closuresMonticello Impacts: Lane closures, detour share)Description: Resurface Impacts: Overlook wall closed;roadway parking and walleye statue open 92 Hwy 9 100 Hwy 29Dates: July-Oct 2011 Location: Morris to to public Location: McKay Ave to 3rdCost: $1.3 million Stevens/Pope county line, Hwy Ave in AlexandriaImpacts: Lane closures, 329 86 Hwy 169 Description: Resurface road,flaggers, pilot car Description: Resurface road, add northbound lane Location: SB Hwy 169/ repair culverts Dates: Sept-Oct 201180 I-94 Hwy 101 - Hwy 10 in Elk River Dates: May-June 2011 Cost: $1 million Description: Resurface bridge Cost: $3,127,019Location: Stearns and Wright Impacts: Lane closures deck and upgrade railings Impacts: Lane closures, detourcounties Dates: June 2011Description: Upgrade guardrail Cost: $600,000 101 Hwy 29, Hwy 12Dates: June 2011 Impacts: Lane closures, bridge 93 Hwy 10Cost: $360,000 Location: 1.5 miles west of Location: Hwy 210 to Carlos closure, detoursImpacts: Intermittent lane Glyndon and Hwy 59 to Bensonclosures Description: Install weigh-in- Description: Sealcoat shoulder 87 Hwy 227 motion system Dates: Aug-Sept 201181 I-94 Location: Seven miles east of Dates: June-July 2011 Cost: $1.5 million Sebeka Cost: $132,000 Impacts: Lane closuresLocation: Wright CR 137 to Description: Replace Cat River Impacts: Lane closuresWright CR 19 in Albertville bridgeDescription: Install interchange Dates: July-Aug 2011 102 Hwy 32access improvements Cost: $357,802 94 Hwy 10 EB Location: Hwy 10 toDates: June 2011-Spring 2012 Location: Hawley to Detroit Hwy 34 Impacts: Road closure, detourCost: $5.7 million (Mn/DOT Lakes Description: Replace guardrailshare) Description: Resurface road Dates: Fall 2011Impacts: Intermittent lane 88 Hwy 241 Dates: May-June 2011 Cost: $320,000closures Location: EB I-94 ramp at St. Cost: $1,944,054 Impacts: Lane closures Michael Impacts: Lane closures82 Hwy 95 Description: Install traffic signal system 103 Hwy 59Location: Isanti CR 14/CR 70 Dates: June 2011 95 Hwy 10 WB Location: Sand Lake to Prairiein Cambridge Location: Frazee to Detroit Lake Cost: $160,000Description: Install traffic signal Lakes Description: Construct outlet Impacts: Intermittent lanesystem Description: Resurface road Dates: April-Sept 2011 closuresDates: Aug-Sept 2011 Dates: May-June 2011 Cost: $750,000Cost: $70,000 Cost: $800,000 Impacts: Shoulder closuresImpacts: Intermittent lane 89 Hwy 371 Impacts: Lane closuresclosures Location: Baxter to Nisswa Description: Resurface 104 Hwy 75 roadway, upgrade traffic signals, 96 Hwy 10 EB, I-94 WB Location: 7th Ave S in83 Hwy 95 construct turn lanes, improve Location: Detroit Lakes to MoorheadLocation: Mille Lacs CR 29 in Frazee and from Douglas CR 17 Description: Replace signal, pedestrian accessPrinceton to Hwy 27 improve accessibility Dates: May-Aug 2011Description: Paint bridges, Description: Resurface road Dates: Mid-summer 2011 Cost: $8.4 millionlandscape Dates: Aug 2011 Cost: $260,000 Impacts: Periodic laneDates: June 2010-June 2011 Cost: $1.6 million Impacts: Lane closures closures, flaggers, accessCost: $5.9 million Impacts: Lane closures closures, night work2011 cost: $100,000Impacts: Intermittent lane HU 105 Hwy 75closures 1baxter-nisswa/ 97 Hwy 27 Location: Clay CR 12 (60th Location: Herman to Hoffman Ave South)84 Hwy 107 90 Various Highways Description: Resurface road Description: Construct Location: Multiple Dates: July-Aug 2011 roundaboutLocation: Kanabec/Isanti Cost: $5,163,972 Dates: June-Aug 2011 Description: Install rumblecounty line in Braham to Hwy 23 Impacts: Lane closures, detour Cost: $2.2 million strips and chevron signswest of Brook Park Impacts: Detour Dates: Sept-Oct 2011 Cost: $400,000 4
  5. 5. 106 I-94 WB District 6 – Description: Install Intelligent 127 Hwy 52 Transportation System devicesLocation: Hwy 34 in Barnesville Rochester/Owatonna Location: Olmsted County, Dates: June-Oct 2011to Downer exit 65th St NW to Pine IslandDescription: Resurface road /Winona Cost: $1.1 million Description: Install cable Impacts: MinimalDates: May-July 2011 median barrierCost: $5,762,850 113 Hwy 14 Dates: May-July 2011Impacts: Lane closures, Location: Hwy 52 to Marion Rd 120 I-35 Cost: $872,778crossover in Rochester Location: Various locations in Impacts: Intermittent lane Description: Resurface Freeborn, Rice and Steele closures107 I-94 Dates: May-Sept 2011 counties Cost: $5,965,824 Description: Clearing trees 128 Hwy 52Location: Lake Iverson rest Impacts: Long-term lane Dates: April-Oct 2011area Location: Olmsted County, closures Cost: $97,279Description: Demolish building 85th St NW to Vintage Rd NW Impacts: MinimalDates: Aug-Sept 2011 HU Description: LandscapeCost: $300,000 s/hwy14inrochester/ U Dates: Spring 2011Impacts: Rest area 121 I-35 Cost: $125,000permanently closed 114 Hwy 14 Location: I-35/I-90 interchange Impacts: Minimal Location: Kasson to Byron Description: Install tower108 I-94 Description: Repair concrete lighting 129 Hwy 52 Dates: May-July 2011 Dates: June-July 2011Location: Over Douglas CR 1 Location: Olmsted County, Cost: $2,595,978 Cost: $410,620Description: Resurface and Hwy 63 to I-90 Impacts: Long-term lane Impacts: Minimalpaint bridges Description: Upgrade signsDates: May-Oct 2011 closures Dates: April 2011Cost: $1 million 122 Hwy 43 Cost: $70,371Impacts: Lane closures 115 Hwy 14 Location: Rushford to I-90 Impacts: Minimal Location: Winona County Description: Resurface road109 I-94 EB, Hwy 210 Description: Install pedestrian Dates: May-July 2011 130 Hwy 52Location: Rothsay to Hwy 59 ramps for accessibility Cost: $2,381,130 Location: Near Pine Islandand from I-94 to Otter Tail CR Dates: June-July 2011 Impacts: Daily lane closures Description: Construct new82 (Pebble Lake Rd) Cost: $99,673 with flaggers interchange and frontage roadDescription: Resurface road Impacts: Intermittent lane systemDates: Fall 2011 closures Dates: 2011-2012Cost: $4,317,716 123 Hwy 43 Cost: $34.3 million Location: Franklin St and HwyImpacts: Lane closures 116 Hwy 14 43 (Sarnia St) in Winona 2011 Cost: $20 million Location: Waseca CR 5 to Impacts: Lane closures Description: Install traffic signal110 Various Highways Steele CR 7 Dates: June-July 2011 HU UHLocation: Hwys 9, 27, 28, 75 Description: Construct I- Cost: $127,385Description: Instlal rumble 35/Hwy 14 interchange Impacts: Minimal 131 Hwy 60strips and pavement markings Dates: July 2009-June 2012 Location: Stream nearDates: Aug-Sept 2011 Cost: $51,744,412 WabashaCost: $500,000 2011 Cost: $23,284,985 124 Hwy 43 Description: Replace bridge Impacts: lane closures, traffic Location: Fillmore CountyImpacts: Lane closures and approach road delays, intermittent lane Description: Install pedestrian Dates: June-Sept 2011 closures ramps for accessibility111 Various Highways Cost: $1,269,284 Dates: June-July 2011 HU Impacts: Road closure, detourLocation: Hwys 55, 108, 113 s/i35owatonna/index.html U Cost: $143,060210 Impacts: Intermittent laneDescription: Seal coat, closures 132 Hwy 61resurface road 117 Hwy 16 Location: Gilbert Creek in LakeDates: Late summer 2011 Location: Rushford to Houston 125 Hwy 44 CityCost: $2.5 million Description: Resurface road Description: Replace bridge Location: Spring Grove toImpacts: Lane closures Dates: Aug-Oct 2011 Dates: April-Sept 2011 Caledonia Cost: $4,840,500 Cost: $3,485,996 Description: Resurface road,112 Various Highways Impacts: Lane closures, Impacts: Intermittent lane culvert replacement. flaggers closuresLocation: Hwys 7, 12, 28, 54 Dates: May-Oct 2011Description: Replace, repair Cost: $5,415,097culverts 118 Hwy 30 Impacts: Lane closures with 133 Hwy 63Dates: Sept-Oct 2011 Location: Steele and Waseca flaggers, detour Location: Hwy 63/6th StCost: $1 million counties, Hwy 13 to Twp Rd 50 intersection in StewartvilleImpacts: Detour Description: Resurface 126 Hwy 52 Description: Intersection safety Dates: July-Oct 2011 improvements and traffic signal Location: Willow Creek and Cost: $2,512,025 revisions Olmsted CR 1 Impacts: Lane closures, Dates: April-July 2011 Description: Reconstruct flaggers Cost: $472,679 bridges, bridge deck Impacts: Minimal Dates: June-Oct 2011 119 I-35 Cost: $2,487,402 Location: Various locations in Impacts: Lane closures Freeborn, Rice and Steele counties 5
  6. 6. 134 Hwy 63 Dates: June-July 2011 Description: Construct 156 Hwy 30 Cost: $87,632 interchange with Nicollet CR 41Location: Wabasha CR 78 to Location: Westbrook and Hwy Impacts: Intermittent lane and two miles of expansionHwy 61 62 by Fulda closures (Design-build)Description: Resurface road Description: Resurface road Dates: Aug 2011-Aug 2012Dates: Sept-Oct 2011 Dates: Sept 2011 142 Hwy 248 Cost: $15-18 million ($3 millionCost: $1,820,384 Cost: $340,000 local share)Impacts: Lane closures, Location: Altura to Hwy 61 Impacts: Minor delays, pilot 2011 Cost: $3 millionflaggers Description: Resurface road cars Impacts: TBD Dates: June-Sept 2011 Cost: $4,114,897 HU135 Hwy 76 Impacts: Road closed, detour s/14northmankato/ U 157 Hwy 60Location: Houston County, Location: Bigelow toHwy 44 to Hwy 16 149 Hwy 19 WorthingtonDescription: Resurface road, 143 Various Highways Location: New Prague by Hwy Description: Expand to four-culvert replacements Location: Fillmore, Houston lanes, replace railroad bridge 13 northDates: May-Sept 2011 and Wabasha counties Dates: March 2011-March 2013 Description: Resurface roadCost: Include in Project 125 Description: Install guardrail Cost: $45 million Dates: Oct 2011Impacts: Road closed, detour Dates: April-Oct 2011 2011 Cost: $8 million Cost: $125,000 Cost: $262,152 Impacts: Detours Impacts: Minor delays, pilot car136 Hwy 76 Impacts: Minimal HU s/hwy60/Location: Houston and Winona Ucounties, Hwy 16 to I-90 144 Various Highways 150 Hwy 22 Location: Gaylord to Hwy 212 158 Hwy 83Description: Resurface road Location: Dodge, Fillmore, Description: Resurface roadDates: Aug-Oct 2011 Freeborn, Goodhue, Mower, Location: Hwy 30 to Hwy 22 Dates: Sept-Oct 2011Cost: Included in Project 117 Olmsted, Rice, Wabasha and Description: Restore Cost: $2,989,000Impacts: Daily lane closures Winona counties pavement, resurface road Impacts: Minor delays, pilot carwith flaggers Description: Seal cracks Dates: June-July 2011 Dates: April-Oct 2011 Cost: $9,989,567137 I-90 Cost: $473,273 151 Hwy 22 Impacts: Detour Impacts: Lane closures, Location: LeSueur RiverLocation: Hwy 63 to Olmsted flaggers Description: Bank stabilization 159 Hwy I-90CR 19 Dates: Aug-Sept 2011Description: Resurface WB Location: West of Hwy 71 145 Various Highways Cost: $568,000lanes Description: Resurface road, Impacts: Lane restrictionsDates: July-Oct 2011 Location: Dodge, Goodhue, approximately one mileCost: $3,042,331 Mower, Olmsted and Steele Dates: Sept 2011Impacts: Lane closures, counties 152 Hwy 22 Cost: $200,000flaggers Description: Seal coat Location: New Auburn and Impacts: Lane restrictions Dates: April-Oct 2011 Hwy 30 in Darfur138 I-90 Cost: $1,424,424 Description: Install pedestrian 160 Hwy I-90 Impacts: Lane closures, rampsLocation: Winona County, Hwy Location: Rest areas at Adrian flaggers Dates: Sept 201143 to Hwy 76 and Jackson Cost: $160,000Description: Resurface EB Description: Plant prairies Impacts: Brief sidewalklanes (continuation of Prairie closuresDates: May-Sept 2011 District 7 – Passage)Cost: $8,667,467 Dates: 2011-2013Impacts: Long-term lane Mankato/Windom 153 Hwy 25 Cost: $405,000closures, interchange closure Location: Belle Plaine Impacts: None 146 Hwy 4 Description: Reconstruct139 Hwy 218 Location: South of Sleepy Eye bridge railing Description: Replace bridge Dates: April-May 2011Location: Mower County,IA/MN state line to I-90 over the Little Cottonwood River Cost: N/A District 8 – Dates: May-Sept 2011 Impacts: Lane restrictionsDescription: Resurface road Willmar/Marshall/Dates: July-Sept 2011 Cost: $1,763,000Cost: $3,533,598 Impacts: Detour 154 Hwy 30 HutchinsonImpacts: Lane closures, Location: Amboy to Mapletonflaggers 147 Hwy 14 Description: Restore pavement 161 Hwy 9 Location: Waseca bypass Dates: June-Aug 2011 Cost: $5,629,000 Location: Hwy 23 to 1st Ave140 Hwy 246 Description: Grading, construct Impacts: Two-stage detour to North in New LondonLocation: Northfield to bridges and four-lane expansion Description: Resurface Dates: April-Sept 2011 local roadsNerstrand roadway, install accessibleDescription: Resurface Total Cost: $56 million pedestrian ramps and sidewalkDates: July-Sept 2011 2011 Cost: $8 million 155 Hwy 30 Dates: Aug-Oct 2011Cost: $3,092,248 Impacts: None Location: Watonwan River Cost: $550,000Impacts: Lane closures, HU west of Darfur Impacts: Detourflaggers, pilot car s/14owatonna/ U Description: Replace bridge Dates: July-Aug 2011141 Hwy 247 148 Hwy 14 Cost: $860,000 Location: Lookout Drive in Impacts: DetourLocation: Wabasha CountyDescription: Install pedestrian North Mankato to Nicollet CR 6ramps for accessibility 6
  7. 7. 162 Hwy 12 169 Hwy 59Location: 6th St E to 24th St in Location: South of Clarkfield to 176 Various HighwaysWillmar Lyon CR 3 Location: Hwys 14, 15, 59 andDescription: Resurface Description: Widen shoulders 274 in Lincoln, Lyon, Meeker,roadway and line culverts McLeod, Murray and YellowDates: May 2011 Dates: June 2011 Medicine countiesCost: $389,049 Cost: $1,051,279 Description: Replace roadImpacts: Intermittent lane Impacts: Minor delays signsclosures Dates: June-September 2011 170 Hwy 59 Cost: $313,554163 Hwy 19 Impacts: Intermittent lane Location: North of Lyon CR 33 closuresLocation: Bruce St to jct of Hwy to Yellow Medicine CR 323 in Marshall Description: ResurfaceDescription: Construct roadway 177 Various Highwayssidewalk and trail, install Dates: June-Aug 2011 Location: Hwys 4, 9, 14, 19,accessible pedestrian signals Cost: $1,419,157 24, 40, 59, 67, 68, 119, 275Dates: Aug-Oct 2011 Impacts: Intermittent lane Description: Install enhancedCost: $225,000 closures curve delineation and chevronsImpacts: Intermittent lane at 47 locationsclosures 171 Hwy 67 Dates: June-Sept 2011 Cost: $80,000 Location: Hwy 23 to Yellow164 Hwy 19 Impacts: Intermittent shoulder Medicine River Bridge closuresLocation: West jct of Description: Resurface roadHwy 71/Hwy 67 Dates: Summer 2011Description: Restore historic Cost: $2.9 million 178 Various Highwaysretaining wall and guardrail Impacts: Detour Location: SouthwesternDates: May-Aug 2011 MinnesotaCost: $300,904 172 Hwy 212 Description: Install lighting atImpacts: Minor delays 22 locations and flasher at Location: Renville CR 16 near Marshall High School Hector to Hwy 22 near Glencoe165 Hwy 23 Dates: June-Sept 2011 Description: Grade, resurface, Cost: $330,000Location: West of Kandiyohi construct turn lanes Impacts: Minor delaysCR 6, west of 263rd Ave, east of Dates: May-Nov 2011Paynesville Cost: $14,379,112Description: Construct four- Impacts: Detour Legend: Ulane 7.7 mile divided highway HU CR – County Roadbypass around Paynesville s/hwy212hectorglencoe/ Jct – JunctionDates: April 2010-Aug 2012 ml U SB – SouthboundTotal Cost: $32,204,311 NB – Northbound2011 Cost: $12,570,000 173 Various Highways WB – WestboundImpacts: Minor impacts, detour EB – Eastbound Location: Hwys 23, 71, and 212 in Kandiyohi, Lincoln, LyonHUs/paynesvillebypass/ Contact Info: and Pipestone counties U U Description: Install pavement District 1 - John Bray166 Hwy 23 markings 218-725-2708Location: Hwy 71 to Kandiyohi Dates: April-Aug 2011CR 31 near New London Cost: $353,583 District 2 - Karen BedeauDescription: Seal coat roadway Impacts: Minor delays 218-755-6552Dates: Aug 2011Cost: $441,891 174 Various Highways District 3 - Judy JacobsImpacts: Minor 218-828-5706 Location: Bird Island, Lyon, Marshall, Olivia and Renville167 Hwy 23 District 4 - Dana Hanson counties 218-846-3609Location: Spicer Description: Install accessibleDescription: Refurbish light pedestrian signals District 6 - Kristin Kammuellerpoles Dates: May-Aug 2011 507-286-7684Dates: June-Nov 2011 Cost: $225,759Cost: $117,918 Impacts: Minor delays District 7 - Rebecca ArndtImpacts: Intermittent lane 507-304-6106closures 175 Various Highways Location: Hwys 22, 59, 91, 212 District 8 - Diane Beck168 Hwy 23 and 275 in Lac qui Parle, Lyon, 320-214-6421Location: East jct of Hwy 212 McLeod, Meeker, Murray andto Hwy 7 in Clara City Yellow Medicine countiesDescription: Repair concrete Description: Replace roadpavement signsDates: June-Aug 2011 Dates: April-June 2011Cost: $2,147,154 Cost: $211,886Impacts: Detour Impacts: Intermittent shoulder closures 7