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Full Work Portfolio

  1. 1. Your Search Ends Here. The internet is an ever-growing space. As the internet evolves and gets competitive, reaching out to the right customers and retaining them gets more complex. With over 100 million internet users in 2011, India is one of fastest growing e-commerce markets for B2B and B2C industries. Hence, an effective and customer-targeted online presence becomes vital to your profits and growth.
  2. 2.  We understand that a strong online presence is critical to getting the right customers  Reaching out to the right customers is important, but retaining them is more valuable  Our expertise does not stop at making a great website; it only just begins at that.  We strengthen your website with customer-targeted content, using our Internet Marketing and SEO expertise, and continuously monitor website visitor data to ensure effectiveness
  3. 3. Boost Your Business With Our Services
  4. 4. Top Middle Mgmt Highly Skilled Semi Skilled Skilled Unskilled Labor Our Management
  5. 5. About Our Team  Started Web Designing in 2004  Started Graphic Designing in 2007  Started Professional SEO in 2008  Started Web Development in 2009  Started Internet Marketing in 2009  Started Copywriting in 2010  We are Google Adwords certified
  6. 6. Technologies We Use
  7. 7. SEO/Internet Marketing
  8. 8. Why SEO with Our Team
  9. 9. What we do in SEO/Internet Marketing On Page • Website Analysis • Number of Keywords / Phrases targeted: 10-20 • Meta Tag Creation & Website Promotion • SEO Keyword Density • Google Webmaster Tool • SEO Site Map • Link Structure • Alt Tag Optimization • Heading Tag Placement • SEO Navigation Optimization • Google XML Sitemap
  10. 10. Off Page • Manual Submission to TOP Search Engines • Manually Submissions to TOP Individually Reviewed Web Directories • Manually Submissions to TOP Social Bookmarking Websites • Manually Submissions to TOP Article Directories • Website Comment Posting • Social Networking • Local Business Listing • Forum Posting • Press Release Submission • Blog Creation & Posting • Quality One Way Links • Search Engine Ranking Report
  11. 11. Few Of Our Key Clients
  12. 12. Wishes that have come true…
  13. 13. www.24sevenlocksmiths.com.au June 13, 2012 Website Content 24 Seven Locksmith Link – Home Keywords: Locksmith Sydney, residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, emergency locksmith, mobile locksmith, master key systems, 7 days a week, care for security, care for customers, install repair and replace. Being locked out of your car, home or business can be inconvenient and unsafe for you and your family. Be prepared and call us when it does happen. 24 Seven Locksmith is ready to arrive at your location within minutes from the time you call, so you can get back in your house or car. We are both residential and commercial locksmith service providers. We have a dedicated emergency locksmiths’ team who are highly professional with latest techniques, are able to unlock almost any lock with no or minimal damage caused. 24 Seven Locksmiths have been recognized for providing top-notch services stretched throughout Sydney. Our mobile locksmith service in Sydney assists you anywhere anytime. We firmly believe that client retained is client earned. At 24 Seven Locksmith, we are committed to providing you with highest standards of workmanship and reliability. When it comes to serving the needs of our customers, you can rely on our experience. Our customers count on us to provide solutions for any of their security needs. With our fully equipped vans will cater for both residential and commercial clients. We are licensed and fully insured; our team has the experience, knowledge and capability to assist in securing your home, shop or office. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you a service of such a high standard. You will enjoy guaranteed work as well as manufacturer warranties.
  14. 14. www.24sevenlocksmiths.com.au November 9, 2012 24xSeven Locksmiths SEO Articles Article I Titles 1. What Do 24 Seven Locksmiths Do? 2. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in Manly 3. Making and Repairing Locks 4. Experts Equipped with Special Skills and Techniques Keywords: locksmith, locksmiths, 24 hour locksmith, emergency locksmith, mobile locksmith There are times when we forget our keys inside the house or we lose them somewhere. In such a situation, a duplicate key is required or you’ll be left standing outside the house! If this happens with you ever, a locksmith in Manly can help you. Locksmiths can help you by providing various services like making duplicate keys, repairing the lock and the like. Even if you fall in such a state at an odd hour, you can call for an emergency locksmith in Manly who can provide proper assistance. Just as it seems, job of a locksmith is not so easy. Locksmiths in Manly need to be equipped with special skills and techniques to perform their duty well. Locksmiths in Manly employed at 24 Seven Locksmiths are professionally trained to provide their services whenever required. You can call them at any time of the day and night as they are 24 hour locksmiths who are available throughout the day and night. The emergency….
  15. 15. http://www.abbeypallets.com.au/ November 10, 2012 Abbey Pallets SEO Articles Article I Titles Pallet for Storage Solutions Easy Storage with Pallets Pallets in Parramatta for Every Business Custom and Standard Pallets in Parramatta Keywords: pallet, pallets, used pallets, recycled pallets, pallet rack Storing and retrieving stock is one of the most important parts of logistics. There are times when improper stocking and storing leads to loss but you can’t actually invest beyond a certain limit, as it would only increase the price of goods. So what’s the solution? Yes, pallet racking system is the most functional solution here. It combines cost efficiency and easy transport without damage. Today, there are many types of pallets available in the market. As a matter of fact, majority of businesses are struggling to find space for storage and that’s where pallet racks comes in. There are many new and used pallets available in the market in standard sizes that would fit most of your stock. These pallets in Parramatta can be used for local transfers or even international transfers or exports. There are norms for standard pallet in some countries for export but you won’t have any issues finding it. In fact, many companies also offer custom pallet racks in Parramatta. These pallets are made as per your specifications of size and material. Can it get any better? These pallet racks in Parramatta are tough, yet lightweight and easily movable with the help of machinery.
  16. 16. http://www.abbeypallets.com.au/ September 6, 2012 Website Content Abbey Pallets Link - Pallets Penrith Keywords: Pallet, pallets, used pallets, recycled pallets, pallet rack Sometimes space crunch is a big problem for several warehousing companies, who have excess inventory to move out on a regular basis. The shortage or damage of pallet rack poses a big hurdle in their services. Abbey Pallets Pty. Ltd. has 15 years of experience in repairing pallets, providing new and used pallets. Therefore, we are a perfect choice for your pallet needs. Right from new pallets to used or recycled pallets, we are quick to service all your pallet requirements. Our new pallets are of a standard capacity of 1 and 2 tonne. Our manufacturing consultants will help you in getting the pallet that suits your needs. We can custom design pallets, for easy identification. This is done by stenciling the customer’s or company’s name on each side of the pallet rack. Painting services can also be included in our pallet manufacturing process. We are suppliers of recycled pallets as well. We also can help you repair your damaged pallets and replacing them with recycled, reconditioned pallets at affordable rates. We offer our wide variety of recycled pallets at a very nominal charge of $4.50 each.
  17. 17. http://www.adaptsecure.com/ July 25, 2012 SEO Articles Adapt Secure Article I Keywords: Private Investigator Sydney, Private Investigators Sydney, Private investigator Detective Sydney Titles The Best Private Investigator in Sydney For You and With You Adapt Secure – For all Your Private Investigation Needs Professional and Expert Private Investigators in Sydney Now Just A Call Away Sydney’s Best Private Investigators to Help You with All Your Decisions There are many reasons why someone would hire a private investigator in Sydney. Some hire them to track old friends from school or college, some to find out if their partner is cheating on them and some to trace evidence against a criminal. Nowadays, a lot of companies also hire private investigators in Sydney to find out about their employees and their previous track records. When you are looking to hire a private investigator in Sydney, you must make sure that the person or the company you are looking at has to be professional and at the same time cost effective. With so many companies offering private investigation and surveillance services, choosing the right company is crucial and of utmost importance.
  18. 18. http://www.adaptsecure.com/ September 19, 2012 Website Content Adapt Secure Link - Private Investigators Sydney Keywords: Private investigator, private investigators, private investigations, investigation services, investigative services, investigation companies, private investigation companies, private detective investigator, hire private investigator. Curiosity and compulsions alike could well be the trigger for using private investigators! The need of individuals and groups alike seeking the truth – which could well be out there – can be more than unearthed using the services of private investigators. PI or Private Investigators as they are better connoted are inarguably one of the more sought after of professionals within Australia in general and Sydney in particular and the reasons could well be diverse considering the plethora of services where investigative services now find application. The more typical of private investigators would invariably need to be tertiary qualifiers and having the ability to maintain confidentiality of operations. We at Adapt Secure are known to deliver quality when it comes to private investigations and updating on persons and events within Sydney – our private investigators have the expertise and we provide the technology and training so that regardless of the type of investigation services required, we ensure quality investigation services with confidentiality of operations at all times.
  19. 19. www.deluxecarpetcleaningsydney.com.au November 3, 2012 Deluxe Carpet Cleaning SEO Article Article I Title: How can a carpet be cleaned? Modern and traditional methods to clean the carpet Carpet stream bondi method to dry clean the carpet Who provides the best carpet cleaning bondi service? Keywords: Carpet cleaning Bondi, Carpet cleaner Bondi, Steam cleaning Bondi, Steam cleaner Bondi A carpet spread on the floor can make the room look more beautiful and welcoming. However, carpets become dirty and catch strains that become difficult to clean. This can further damage the quality of your carpet and make them look unpleasant. In such an hour, you need to opt for the best carpet cleaning bondi service. There are various benefits that you are entitled to when you call for the best carpet cleaner bondi. By availing the carpet cleaning bondi extends the life of the carpet and make hygienic and make them look cleaner. When it comes to the best carpet cleaner bondi, Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Company in Sydney is the leader. They provide the best carpet cleaning bondi as well as the stream cleaning bondi service to all its customers. So if you have figured out some strains, dirt and foul smell coming out from your carpet, it’s time to call Deluxe Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaner bondi and stream cleaner bondi.
  20. 20. www.deluxecarpetcleaningsydney.com.au May 11, 2012 Website Content Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Link - Carpet Cleaning Bondi Keywords: carpet cleaning Bondi, carpet cleaner Bondi, steam cleaning Bondi, steam cleaner Bondi Deluxe Carpet Cleaning, Sydney’s number one carpet cleaning company opens branch in Bondi, Australia. Carpet cleaning in Bondi is a necessity to beautify your house and make it dirt proof. If the carpet is not cleaned and sanitized regularly, it can be hazardous to the health of the family. Dirty carpet attracts sand, grit and allergens, which can bring dangerous diseases to the household. To make your house a safe place for your family, hire our world class carpet cleaning services in Bondi. Carpet is an important part of the house. The pets sleep on it all the time and the kids love to play on it. As every carpet in the house matters, our carpet cleaners in Bondi are well trained to make your carpet stain and odour free. To ensure complete safety of your house, we use 100% natural products and the best steam cleaning machine in Bondi to clean your carpet. We provide different types of cleaning depending on your need. You can choose from steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning for your house. We do not use chemicals in both the processes. In steam cleaning we use the power of steam to break the stains. The steam vapours clean, dry and sanitize to the carpet. Steam cleaning is preferred when residue from detergents have to be avoided. Our portable steam cleaners come to your house and offer their best cleaning service. Dry cleaning is preferred when moisture and dampness have to be avoided and the drying time has to be short.
  21. 21. Thank You