Chinese Calligraphy Abc Book


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Book Created for 6th Grade World Studies Unit on China

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Chinese Calligraphy Abc Book

  1. 1. Calligraphy ABC By Madeline Poss Photos from , under Creative Commons license
  2. 2. is for Art Chinese calligraphy is the way Chinese words are written, but it is so beautiful that it is art.
  3. 3. is for Bamboo Chinese pandas eat bamboo.
  4. 4. is for Character A character is what the calligraphy symbols are called.
  5. 5. is for Decoration The temples and homes are decorated with calligraphy.
  6. 6. is for Egg This is the Chinese character for egg.
  7. 7. is for five Over time, five main calligraphy types developed, including: -Zhuan Shu -Li Shu -Kai Shu -Xing Shu -Cao Shu
  8. 8. is for Goat The Chinese eat goat meat and drink their milk.
  9. 9. is for Horse Horses are an important part of Chinese culture, especially in the Tang Dynasty.
  10. 10. is for Ink Special ink is used in calligraphy.
  11. 11. is for Jade Jade is ground up to make green colored ink for calligraphy.
  12. 12. is for Kai Shu Kai Shu is a style of calligraphy.
  13. 13. is for Lotus The lotus flower is a favorite of Chinese gardeners.
  14. 14. is for Mandarin Mandarin is the most common form of Chinese spoken.
  15. 15. is for Name Calligraphers sign their name with a special symbol called a chop.
  16. 16. is for Olympics The Summer Olympics are being held in China this year.
  17. 17. is for Pearl Powder Pearl powder is ground up to make colored ink for calligraphy.
  18. 18. is for Queen A queen in China is called an Empress.
  19. 19. is for Red Red is a popular color for calligraphy ink.
  20. 20. is for Stroke You use brush strokes to create a character.
  21. 21. is for Tool The tools used in calligraphy include ink and a soft brush made of wolf hair.
  22. 22. is for Unicorn Unicorns are popular in Chinese myths.
  23. 23. is for Vase There are many beautiful Chinese vases.
  24. 24. is for Writing Calligraphy is the way that Chinese write their language.
  25. 25. is for Xing Shu Xing Shu is one of the 5 main styles of Chinese calligraphy.
  26. 26. is for Yellow Jade can sometimes be yellow.
  27. 27. is for Zen Zen is a Chinese word meaning enlightenment.