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The Psychology of a Winner

"The psychology of a winner"-Peak Performance Strategies by Paul Robinson.
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The Psychology of a Winner

  1. 1. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A workshop on A WINNER By Paul Robinson Author of ‘the Psychology of a Winner’ Peak Performance Strategies Winners are only 1% of the population; other 99% Unlike any self help programs, this workshop will help you is still striving to be a part of this cult. to identify and alter your mind set completely. It is not just your WHYs, but also your HOWs will be answered. Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We help you to fill the GAP between, where you are and And many more...... You may have come across many of where you want to be. This workshop will teach you mind this factual and inspirational quotes. How far is this applicable conditioning methods to create a life inside you first and live a on practical grounds? Has any of this really helped you or are life in coherence to your inner drive. you still digging into those biographies to figure out how some became outstanding achievers? What makes some people You need to release your brakes that are sabotaging you extremely rich, successful or fulfilled in their life wherein many and you must accelerate with more confidence to achieve are still having the job they hate or living a situation they anything that you dream of. Winning is an inner game whether loathe? Is it the family background, education, qualification, it is in sports, business, exams or career. All winners see it in talents, abilities, experiences, hard work or mere luck which the inside whatever they want to experience on the outside. creates this differentiation? Many off springs have gone bankrupt in spite of inheriting a fortune, many scholars are What you have learned so far can only take you till here. If poor and broke, many talented people are still leading a you want to tread further on the exciting journey of an extra mediocre life and many hard workers are still struggling to be a ordinary life, you need to equip your self with more winner. empowering attitudes and skills and this workshop teaches you all. Is there a definite formula for an outstanding life? Are there any specific reasons or conditions that limit us? The answer is Paul Robinson, the author of the audio book and YES. There is an extra ordinary mind set and a psychology to coaching program THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A outstanding and fulfilling successes. WINNER has created a winning formula based on the ancient Indian practices on Mantra, Tantra and Yantra SUCCESS is a relative term, definition differs as per the that if you can strategically apply them, it will take definer. But a WINNER is absolute; he/she stands out in your performance in any field to new height of whatever he/she does. All winners, irrespective of whichever accomplishments. Winners are peak performers. field they have emerged in, think alike and work alike. There is a They maximize their resources, strengths and inner particular behavior pattern, psychology and mind set attached drive to rise above their own expectations. They have to it. a disciplined and yet more demanding standards to strive more every time. They are not static like others. We are constantly challenged to meet our own expectations They constantly expand and update information and to stick to our own rules and standards, but often we are about how they can do more and be more. They unable to keep that commitment. We need a real strategy that never stop learning and they never stop improvising. works to take our life into the fast lane and this workshop will show you how. PAGE 1 OF 2
  2. 2. Who can attend this workshop? If you are already a winner, you need skills to be consistent to be a winner for life. You need to brush up some skills; you need the latest information in psychology to leverage your skills. Any one who wants to take their career and business forward by applying certain mind over matter techniques. Any one who wants to leverage their inner powers, which they still haven't figured out as to how much they possess. Those who have the highest drives but still not meeting their standards. Those who feel they are stuck at this moment and living in their past glory and success. Those who lost their mojo through the demands of the family, It takes a slight edge of difference friends and colleagues. to experience an outstanding life. Those who have buried their passion and waiting for the right It takes a little difference in performance time that never comes. to become a champion. Those who are still wondering- how the ----- did he/she do it? It takes a little more extra effort, perseverance and strategy to perform at a peak level. Those who want to push beyond their limits. WHAT DO YOU WANT? Your key benefits from this workshop Do you want to be an outstanding achiever in your field? Identify and overcome all the obstacles that stop you from being super successful. Do you want to release the breaks that have ? psychology of a winner. Master the been sabotaging your growth both personally ? confidence Improved and professionally? ? limiting beliefs Overcome ? Apply positive stress to stretch beyond your limits Do you want to maximize your potential by ? Apply Optimum Performance Technology in squeezing more juice out of you? maximizing your resources ? and practices of peak performance in Principles Do you want to be a peak performer? career, relationship, finance, health and business ? comfort zone and grow as a fuller person Break the Do you want to master mantra, tantra and ?day to day frustrations, rejection, pressure Manage yantra? and failures. ? apply a scientific approach to lasting Learn and Do you want to be fulfilled? success through ancient Indian success practices of MANTRA, TANTRA & YANTRA If the answer is YES.The psychology of a ?a sense of certainty and control over life. Develop winner has much more in store for you. ? Build a success system that supports your peak performance ? Create opportunities in obstacles and get the winner's edge. To participate in this workshop. please write to Know more about Paul Robinson Get a copy of The Psychology Of a winner

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"The psychology of a winner"-Peak Performance Strategies by Paul Robinson. Workshop brochure


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