Positive Revolution Corporate Training 2011


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Positive Revolution Corporate Training Brochure for 2011

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Positive Revolution Corporate Training 2011

  1. 1. POSITIVE REVOLUTIONCORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAM 2011Over the years, we have developed a number of coreprograms to deal with specific issues and challengesthat our clients have presented. Each and every onegets tailored to fit our clients exactly. Here are someof the key corporate training programs conducted byPositive Revolution. 1. Advanced Presentation Skills Advanced Presentation Skills Once youre over the initial hurdle of getting your confidence up and some experience of presenting, Advanced Presentation Skills is the workshop that will turn you from a basic presenter into a brilliant presenter. Present with flair and impact, overcome nerves and design compelling presentations. Here you can learn tips to develop business presentation skills, the effective use of PowerPoint and how to be a better public speaker at conferences, meetings, summits and other social events. Topics Covered: By How to be an effective public speaker? PAUL ROBINSON How to make dashing presentations? How to prepare for keynotes? How to prepare and execute business agenda? The Psychology of business communication Body language and articulation skills Building charisma Ideal for: Business Mangers CXOs 2. Business Networking Skills Business Networking Most people share an uneasiness of walking into a group of strangers and socializing with charm and wit. Learn how to be more at ease in the networking arena and build the Skills kind of relationships that will develop your company and take the sting out of events. Become an expert in business development and business networking. Topics include: Business communication The art of influence Personal Branding Social & media networking paul robinson Attracting more clients: Ideal Customer profiling Lead generation strategy Internet marketing Business Communication and cross cultural etiquettes Business Relationship Management Public Relations Customer relationship management Ideal for: Junior and senior management Business development managers Senior Marketing and sales professionals
  2. 2. 3. Change Management Training There is a specific neuroscience to change. There are conflicting parts in our brain that resist change and embrace change. This makes change a difficult process at all times. That is why, what we think we know is preventing us from learning or doing something new. But there is a way to understand and manage change effectively and easily. paul robinson’s Change Management How smart organizations execute CHANGE Most companies are either preparing for change, in the middle of managing change or just simply having a hard time recovering from some previous change. while others are overwhelmed by it? PRP2M TM Program Overview Psychology of Change Discover the foundational principles for managing change. Core Theories and Perspectives on change acceptance and change resistance 5 steps to creating change –the PRP2M model Change Management Process Executing change The execution gap Connecting Change Management to Business Projects 4. Creativity & Innovation Training: The words vision, strategy, mission and values are words bandied around a lot in the corporate world. But what do they actually mean and how can you make them more than just words? This program gives an introduction to the idea of strategic thinking and more importantly provides some practical tools and techniques for turning strategy into reality. Learn to be creative and innovative in every arena of work.PAUL ROBINSON Topics include:Creativity& How to be creative?Innovation The power of super-conscious mind-Creating the flow of creativity Strategic thinking Possibility thinking Tapping your inner net of creativity Thinking big Problem solving skills Three types of innovation: Open space innovation Breakthrough innovation Competitive Innovation Implementing innovationPAUL ROBINSON 5. Customer Service Training:theHOWof The how of wow - the secrets of outstanding customer service. WOW Recent research studies have shown that 65% of those customers you lose dont return because of bad or poor customer service. Our training is focused on improving and mastering the art of customer retention through the development of world class customer service. Modules Working with your customer service standardsthe secrets of OUTSTANDING Building rapport – face to face and on the phone customer service Listening and questioning skills Handling awkward situations Dealing with difficult customers Customer negotiations and resolving conflicts Understanding customers hot buttons Customers value chain and needs Communication and Telephone Skills Tension Management Strategies to outstanding customer services Principles and practices of outstanding customer service
  3. 3. 6. Team Building skills: Most team training courses focus on the mechanics of effective teams – problem solving, meeting skills, and decision-making. Although these skills are critical to team success, they ignore a major issue for all teams – how to interact with each other. To work together, team members must develop their interactive, communication, and interpersonal skills. This workshop focuses on team building, team communication and team management.Builder 2.0 Learning Objectives Identify and practice new methods of dealing with others that promotes team spirit,BY PAUL ROBINSON cooperation, and open communication. Develop simple techniques for creating cohesive work groups by recognizing and complementing each other. Practice and perfect active listening skills Learn to take feedback from others without becoming defensive or angry. Learn the feed forward techniques to improve work efficiency Gain skills that allow positive action to be taken on group performance problems without causing conflicts or tension. Audience This course is specifically designed for team members, team leaders, team sponsors and facilitators. A single team can attend this workshop together, learning and practicing these crucial skills on each other and dealing with their specific team issues or individual members from several different teams can attend the course at the same time, allowing them to learn and practice the skills in a nonthreatening, confidential atmosphere. Also, members of management can attend this course to learn to “model” the behaviors that will be expected of employees throughout the organization. Course Outline Creating a Positive Team Environment Listening for Team Effectiveness Feedback and feed forward analysis Team communication strategy Dealing with Conflict and Criticism on the Team Joint Problem Solving skills Interpersonal behavior modification Empowerment and group performance Relationship and communication Strategies for Team Selection and training Team management 7. Leadership Skills TrainingPAUL ROBINSON High High performance Leadership Performance Learn about the psychology of high performance leadership. Understand the psychology Leadership of influencing the thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors of those you lead. Become a high performance leader to create transitions, transformations and changes through behavioral and team skills. Highlights of the program: Identify and internalize leadership qualities and skills. Transform yourself into a high performance leader by adapting to new behavioral kinetics and change. Learn about the leadership based on action, people and strategy. Create a clear and compelling vision of the future Become a leader who empowers others and brings out their best Find your leadership intelligence and build a learning organization. Achieve stress free productivity in an organization. Build result oriented high performing teams.
  4. 4. 8. Communicating vision How leaders communicate? PAUL ROBINSON Effective leadership has a unique strategy while communicating their vision and ideas toCommunicating Vision their followers. Few exceptional leaders have mastered the inside out communicationHow leaders communicate their vision with followers strategy. This program unravels the core of human motivation and how leaders tap into the vast pool of talent through leveraging collective human beliefs. Learn what truly motivates people. Discover the forces that drive us, shape our actions, emotions and decisions. Once you understand why people do what they do, you can begin to influence them to create changes they desire the most. Modules Communicating vision- The inside out communication strategy Building Resonance- the new paradigm in leadership communication Managing Vision- How effective decisions are taken?-The neuropsychology of decision making The science and practice of Cognitive linguistics for leaders Ideal for: Leaders who are looking for the ultimate competitive edge Leaders who want to adapt a Motivational leadership style 9. Negotiation Skills Training:Paul Robinson MASTERY IN NEGOTIATION TACTICS MASTERY INnegotiation TACTICS Everything in life is about negotiation - whether you are buying a house, asking your boss for a raise, or persuading your child to do his homework. The world you live in is a giant negotiation table where everyone is interested in guarding their interests and getting the best deal for themselves. So what do you do if your interest clash with those of others? Will you resort to confrontation or will you negotiate to achieve mutual satisfaction? How can you resolve conflicts and avoid chaotic situations. This program will help you to master the art of Negotiation, which is the ultimate solution to any indifferent human interactive processes. Highlights of the program: The psychology behind all human power behavior Stay in control even during pressurizing moments Deal with difficult, rigid people in a positive manner Reach agreements that are mutually satisfying Be in command Solve disputes using your persuasive skills Master the skills outlined by great negotiators and always try to be in a win more-win more situation Move ahead in life with a Never -say-die spirit! Modules: Various Negotiation styles Mastery in negotiation Conflict negotiation Sales negotiation Dealing with difficult peoplePAUL ROBINSON 10. Sales Training: Super Selling Everybody sells either their product or services. Your ability to sell will put you on the top of the game. Now you build outstanding selling and marketing skills along with PR and branding. Entrepreneurs need to sell their brand, their integrity and their ability to provide the right products and services to meet the needs of their customers. Business owners need to sell super the viability of their business model to investors. Service providers need to sell their solutions to target prospects. Professional salespeople need to effectively close the sale. Everybody has the need to sell their ideas, to convince others of their convictions, whether it is to selling motivate their teens or to lead committees. Now you can master super selling skills.
  5. 5. What you will learn: Learn the psychology of selling Understand your customers world Understand your ideal customer. Learn how to build trust and loyalty with customers. Train yourself to see big picture. Overcome the myth of rejection forever. Develop interpersonal intelligence. Gain superior selling mastery and become the person others always want to deal with. Master the art of closing a deal Learn about business prospecting and identify your customers Modules: New paradigms in sales The psychology of consumers purchase behavior 5 steps to selling 11. Stress Management Training: Stress free productivity Some Stress can be good for you. Pressure helps you focus and gives you direction. So a little more pressure and stress will make you even more productive wont it? Well the thing about stress is that too much makes things and people fracture. Not slowly, but instantly. Stress Management Training Program Highlights Controlling information overload STRESS FREE The tools for stress free productivityPRODUCTIVITY Mastering the choice and change challenge Reduced stress through improved organization and time management skills Paul Robinson Saving time and reducing stress with improved listening How to reduce stress in others More stability & happiness from areas you can control Avoiding the "As Soon As Trap" Mind programming techniques for stress reduction 12. EmployeepreneurshipEmployeepreneurship Most entrepreneurs would love to have employees as passionate about the business asPaul Robinson they are. But creating an environment where employees feel like owners doesnt happen magically. You have to carefully breed a culture where employees feel they can take risks, implement their ideas without discouraging amounts of bureaucracy, and benefit personally from the outcome of their actions. One of the few times when most employees actually view themselves as entrepreneurs is when marketing themselves to prospective employers. They put together an impressive résumé. They go out and market their services. They put on their best behavior during the interview process as they describe their services with confidence. Then once they get the job, they are back to thinking like an employee. This workshop will help your employees think and behave like entrepreneurs. Now it is your chance to pass on the fire of an entrepreneur to your employees. This program heavily borrows the latest research in employee motivation and work place productivity. Modules: Entrepreneur mindset Building you inc. Principles and practices of employeepreneurship: Interdependent work culture Employee motivation Micro managing & empowerment Collective leadership Idea generation & pro-active risk management Customer focus and organizational growth