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Positive Revolution Audio Catalogue


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The best selling audio books and motivational audio of 2010 from Positive Revolution

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Positive Revolution Audio Catalogue

  1. 1. Positive Revolution Audio The Best seller List of 2010 People don't fail because they aim too high and miss, but because they This motivational audio empowers you to design your life through aim too low and hit. High-octane speaker Les Brown advises to stop goal setting. Learn to prioritize your plans and create momentum playing it safe and start creating what's truly possible in life by stretching through massive action plan. You can find your hidden energy to live yourself, taking risks and surrounding yourself with positive, nourishing your life with passion. This is a massive inspirational piece that will people. Discover the key to greatness through powerful and inspiring drive you to take action on anything you have set mind into. insights on how to: 1.Raise the bar and commit to higher goals 2. Recognize negative people and detoxify them from your life 3. Challenge yourself and put your fear of failure to rest. Code 001.Cash Value INR 300 Code 002. Cash Value INR 300 ‘It's Not Over’ captures the amazing spirit of Brown's electric speaking ‘Youth Gotta Be Hungry’ is one of Les Brown's credos. It symbolizes his style loaded with Smoothe Mixx provides a sure-fire empowerment youth when he refused to be defeated by life and its problems — a man listening experience that will help you take your life to a higher level of who is hungry for success and fulfillment. Les Brown's story is an satisfaction and fulfillment. Les Brown has been through countless ups inspiration to all of us. Conventional wisdom or so-called logical thinking and downs, suffering through personal and career crises including the tells us that the Browns of the world have little chance of overcoming their cancellation of his television show and the death of his beloved mother. handicaps and limiting environment to succeed in this world. But "logical In this unique audio program, Brown tells you how he rose from those thinking" doesn't always take into account a burning desire to achieve. depths and how you can, too. ‘It's Not Over’ demonstrates: • How to That's what Les Brown had. That's what allowed him to overcome cope with the loss of a loved one • How to recover self-esteem when poverty, a tough environment, and many other problems to become one you lose your job • How to keep away from self-destructive behavior. of the most successful speakers in the world. Code 003.Cash Value INR 300 Code 004. Cash Value INR 300 Whatever your unique, individual problem or situation may be, you This is a simple, fast moving, practical, and informative program, that you can learn to empower yourself and create positive solutions for the can use immediately to achieve anything you really want in life. You can most complex and difficult problems through the art of effective be, do or have anything you want in life through setting and realizing your negotiation. You can be in total control of your life, and this audio tells it goals. This program will help you: Turn your wishes into goals and your all! Remember: 1. when under pressure, stay in control. 2. Deal with goals into success: Unlock the power of your non-conscious brain: Apply difficult people in a positive manner. 3. Reach agreements that are the ten mental programming techniques: Create possibility thinking to mutually satisfying. 4. Be in command. 5. Solve disputes using your overcome limitations: Identify your unique abilities and become an expert: persuasive skills. 6. Master the skills outlined by great negotiators and Intensify your belief and increase your confidence: Take charge of your life: always try to be in a win more-win more situation 7. Move ahead in life One of the greatest goal setting programs ever created in the spoken word with a Never -say-die spirit! industry of personal development. Code 006.Cash Value INR 300 Code 005.Cash Value INR 500 The core of Hermes Trisgestimus's wise thoughts and teachings were This audio explains financial principles that make the millionaires. If encrypted on the Emerald Tablet of Toth. The tablet reads- 'As above, so you want to move to a new level of financial success quickly, listen to below; As within, so without'. This is the secret behind ‘The Secret’ which the Money Magnetism audio program. This audio will help you to: was a mystery for thousands of years. Only the few who could decode this Become financially literate. riddle found extraordinary success. The secret unveils the questions on Become a smart spender and get out of debts easily. human life, events, destiny and all that revolves around it. It gives the Learn how the rich think and acquire wealth. mankind the power to co-create their destiny. You are already Practice the 7 powerful financial habits of millionaires. experiencing this phenomenon on an unconscious level. Now master this Learn how rich make money and learn from their 8 money skills. phenomenon and co-create the life you desire from an awareness level. If And ultimately become a money magnet. you read or watched ‘The secret’,you can now delve deeper into this law and design the life you choose to manifest. Code 007.Cash Value INR 200 Code 008.Cash Value INR 200 Success coach Brian Tracy reveals proven methods to build your own financial freedom. This is a step-by-step formula to become a millionaire. In A life on-purpose is a life worth living! Whatever you are doing with your fact you already have everything you need to make your financial dreams life, whatever stage you think you are at or whatever circumstances come true. You need to set goals, make plans and get more of what you you believe you are currently in, you can be guaranteed that after really want in life. There are no limits. By applying practical tips and proven listening to this audio your mind will be expanded, your passion strategies explained in this audio, you will become a millionaire faster than doubled, your heart opened and your life will change – FAST! That is you ever thought possible. the promise of listening to one of the most qualified people on earth talking about living on purpose, with dreams bigger than who you are AND how to set them, go after them, achieve them and, ultimately, LIVE them! Clear your diary now for the unforgettable experience of hearing Peter in person in one of his, now rare, Smoothe Mixx audio. Code 009.Cash Value INR 300 Code 010.Cash Value INR 300 This is a blast of motivation in one CD. To the point, powerful analogies In this audio program BJ Cunningham uses his brand experiences to make it easy to understand and implement Dave’s principles for success! illustrate his straight forward brand thinking. When it comes to On this CD you will find: 1.How you can win the game of life! 2. How to branding, be sure of who you are and what you mean before you try to handle rejection! 3. How to break through self-imposed restrictions! 4. The say anything. This demands answering to two key questions: what's power of becoming a dreamer again! 5. The secrets of getting what you your point and why should I care? Learn more about Brand evolution want in life! 6. How to quit worrying and start living.. and much more! from BJ Cunningham. Code 011.Cash Value INR 300 Code 012.Cash Value INR 300
  2. 2. In this high energy recording, master motivator Jim Rohn reveals his The secrets of champions are revealed. Attitude has a lot to do with personal philosophy that has changed his life. It includes: Live an winning and life success. Champions concentrate on victory and non extraordinary life: Life is like the seasons; you cannot change the winners expect failure. Defeat is not an option for true winners. If you seasons, but you can change yourself: To be successful, work harder on harbor doubts, it will be likely to undermine your objectives. You need to yourself than you do on your job: Your income is primarily determined by think like a champion. Champions believe in their abilities, even if others your philosophies, not by the economy: This audio contains more exciting don't. Believe that you can achieve. If you are convinced your desires are life lessons that will transform your life to the better. possible and that you deserve success, then it is easy to create a concrete, practical plan to make those dreams happen. You can build your mental toughness and draw inspirations from within. Code 013.Cash Value INR 300 Code 014.Cash Value INR 300 Stress can have negative effect on body and soul. It leads not only to This program by Denis Waitely includes: 1. Build self esteem 2. Make it a restlessness, bad moods and nervousness but also to organic habit to focus on your strengths 3. Build your confidence 4. Confidence is malfunctions such as cardiovascular or stomach complaints. The believing in your potential 5. Overcome the fear of doubt and the fear of inherent necessities and strains of everyday life are often seemingly guilt 5. Train yourself to focus on your potential instead of your limitations insurmountable obstacles to equanimity. ‘The relieving stress’ program 6. Risk taking is security making 7. To be a winner is to be a beginner. by Dr. Arnd Stein can drastically reduce your stress level through ‘deep relaxation therapy’. Code 016.Cash Value INR 300 Code 015.Cash Value INR 300 This application is a guided meditation intended to help you overcome A colorful variety of charming melodies and imaginative sounds creates insomnia and get to sleep. The pace of life and change can be golden autumnal forests in your sub-conscience. Concert-like string overwhelming. We all need to slow down sometimes, to relax, to unwind passages give you a feeling of width and freedom. Piano, guitar, flute and - yet after a hectic day at work, a terrible commute, or a nightmare hautboy enhance the pleasant tranquility of a sunny autumn day. A shopping trip it may seem impossible. The vast majority of people have charming, contemplative musical journey through an Indian summer never had any relaxation training and therefore find it difficult to switch scenery. A musical specialty! A continuous arrangement lasting 30 off, be still and fall deeply asleep. A good night sleep is vital for your minutes each, the harmonious balance between melody and sound health and well being, affecting not only you but also the loved ones spectrum, the psychologically selected dramaturgic sequence as well as around you. Play this Deep Sleep program and get the rest that you the natural rhythm of 60 beats per minute will exert a positive influence on deserve. the entire physical and psychical well-being. This CD includes a special version of 30 minutes with nature effects- extra. Created by Dr. Arnd Stein Code 018.Cash Value INR 300 Code 017.Cash Value INR 300 Pregnancy can be a challenging time. Self doubt, and concerns may Deep-relaxation therapy connects the essential basic concepts of overwhelm you. Positive Pregnancy will give you the confidence and autogenic training as well as hypnosis and music therapy with an positive attitude to help you have a better pregnancy. innovative and unique suggestion technique unparalleled worldwide. Deep suggestion is a proven procedure which enables the listener to find inner peace and balance. Numerous positive suggestion patterns open up your subconscious powers and help you to tackle everyday life and stress. Code 020.Cash Value INR 300 Code 019.Cash Value INR 300 Exams can be a difficult time, and one of the first times that you may Motivational master Jim Rohn speaks from his experience about: have to experience real pressure. Even revision can be taxing if you Awakening to the Opportunity in network marketing, Profits Are Better have doubts in your own mind about your ability. Exam Help is one of than Wages, The Magic of Part time, The Set of the Sail, The Law of our new hypnosis CD is designed to give you the help you need to be Averages, The Law of Sowing & Reaping, Developing New Skills, positive and do your best at exam time. It's like having a personal Working Together: let's Do It, Communication, presentation & exam coach available 24 hours a day! testimonials, Deserve v/s Need, Your Skills Determine Your Future, Living a Good Life. Code 022.Cash Value INR 300 Code 021.Cash Value INR 300 Never be afraid to dream big dreams. Be bold and allow your thinking to Many people hold themselves back with negative thought patterns. get way out there. Take a step outside of the norm, where most people These thoughts manifest themselves in reality very quickly. The negative fear to tread. When you are dreaming, allow your mind to take that leap patterns soon become an accepted part of your life, and you hold into the realm of the impossible. Believe you are capable of anything your yourself back from achieving your true potential. This hypnosis CD will heart and mind can agree upon. Do not second-guess yourself. Have no give you the tools to change your thinking and access the incredible doubt in your personal potential and remember that each and every one of power of your unconscious mind. When you can learn to create success, us has a great wealth of potential that is often lying dormant and just happiness and wealth within you, you can manifest it in reality. Used waiting to be tapped. Wake up and realize your Big Dreams with your daily, this will change your life. Far more powerful than simple mantras or coach Vic Johnson. positive thinking, this Success and Goal Setting MP3 uses the power of hypnosis to reprogram your mind to believe in yourself. Code 023.Cash Value INR 300 Code 024.Cash Value INR 300 Hypnosis as an aid to recovery has been tested in clinical conditions, and This application is a guided audio meditation intended to help users found to have benefits in many areas. The University of Washington's adopt a more positive mindset. A positive outlook can increase the Regional Burn Center uses hypnosis to help patients cope with pain. quality of your life, and the lives of those around you. This application Several hospitals associated with Harvard Medical School are also using will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation and learn to avoid hypnosis to speed up recovery time after surgery. This hypnosis MP3 negative thinking. takes the listener down into a relaxed hypnotic state, and then into a visualization of healing white light flowing through the body. Whilst it is currently not clear how hypnosis aids recovery and body healing, it is clear from many studies that it can be beneficial. This hypnosis CD is for anyone dealing with physical, emotional or spiritual “blockages” dis-ease or dis-comfort. Use daily for maximum benefit. Code 025.Cash Value INR 300 Code 026.Cash Value INR 300 Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the world With greater and greater demands placed upon us, stress is a common today... Are you uncomfortable in social situations? Do you panic if you part of our every day lives. But when it comes to unwind after a hectic or think you are becoming the center of attention? You are not alone! This difficult day, it can be difficult to unwind. Rather than reach for the glass of social phobia hypnosis recording is designed to guide you down into wine, listen to DeStress. relaxation and break apart the negative thought processes that are holding you back. You can learn to feel comfortable in all situations, socially or professionally. Code 027.Cash Value INR 300 Code 028.Cash Value INR 300
  3. 3. Want to speak confidently at the next work presentation? Need greater The sound of gentle waves on a beach, relaxing music on an acoustic confidence to improve sporting performance? Want to do your best at guitar and powerful hypnotic suggestion combine to provide a level of the next exam or assessment? We all know people who exude relaxation you may never have experienced before. Deep Relaxation confidence, and seem comfortable in any situation. This confidence can is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress and it also has great be developed in you. If you feel like you need more self confidence in success in therapeutic settings. The Hypnosis CD teaches easy life, then the "Boosting your Confidence" hypnosis CD is for you relaxation techniques, which can help you to overcome pain, .Whether it's in the workplace, school, in relationships or in the sporting insomnia, post traumatic stress anxiety and worry habits. arena, this Hypnosis CD will help build your self confidence and self- esteem and will also help to dissolve negative thought patterns and self defeating behaviors. Code 029.Cash Value INR 300 Code 030.Cash Value INR 300 Many weight problems start in the mind. This 33 minute self Hypnosis This 33 minute Hypnosis CD is designed to help dissolve the habits CD is designed to help dissolve the bad habits associated with associated with smoking and help you stop smoking for good. Most overeating, eating too fast, eating at the wrong times and "yo-yo" people need help to stop smoking and this hypnotherapy CD is one of dieting etc. Hypnosis can help you achieve sustainable weight loss by the easiest and most relaxing ways to do it. This program dissolves the re-programming your mind with new messages about food and eating. smoking habit that has been built over the years and the powerful This audio has helped thousands of people world-wide to lose weight, hypnotic suggestion within this CD help you with the de-addiction improve their health and well being. Start a brand new journey with a process. Stop smoking CD helps increase your motivation, boost your positive relationship with food today. confidence and maximize your will power to break the smoking habit. It induces a deep state of relaxation allowing your subconscious mind to absorb messages to enable you to give up smoking. Code 031.Cash Value INR 300 Code 032.Cash Value INR 300 This program will teach you to: Discover your selling strength. There is a specific psychology that determines the success of Train yourself to see big picture. extraordinary individuals. They face adversities and failures different Overcoming the myth of rejection. from everyone. They have their winner’s edge that separates them from Master the corporate games people play. the ordinary. You can now learn from the clues that are left by the world’s Create a winning team. greatest achievers, super athletes, billionaires and inventors who Building hot prospects. defined the winner’s edge. Learn The psychology of a winner. Learn the Building trust with customers. ultimate secret formula of MANTRA, TANTRA & YANTRA. Developing interpersonal intelligence. Effective selling techniques. Master skills of super sales man Code 033.Cash Value INR 600 Code 034.Cash Value INR 600 Find your unique, sustainable pathway to high performance and provide This is a psychological breakthrough approach on the vision and motivation for others. Understand what it takes to be high subject of happiness, based on the cutting edge research performance leader. on neuro psychology, metaphysics, positive psychology Discover your individual leadership path. and a deeper the account on man’s quest for happiness Increase self knowledge and mastery. through all spiritual traditions.Happiness is an art that can Learn about various performance matrix like action based leadership, be learned. It is a state of mind that can be attained through strategy based leadership and people based leadership. Learn about a change in perspective and attitude. this audio tells it all. HPL accelerators and master the attitude and aptitude of high performance leadership. Code 035.Cash Value INR 600 Code 036.Cash Value INR 600 POSITIVE REVOLUTION The importance of motivational audio. Here are seven reasons why you must absolutely listen to a Positive Revolution Audio. #1 Use your NET (No Extra Time) time effectively. The first and best benefit is definitely the fact that you can listen to audio books anytime and anyplace. It does not matter if your day is filled with errands and housework, you can still improve your mind and inspire your soul by taking time to listen to a good motivational audio book. Moreover an average working Indian spends over an hour a day driving or on public transport. In the worst traffic conditions prevalent in most of the metros, there are at least 500 hours a year each person could use to learn and stimulate their imaginations instead of being bored and uninspired, waiting to reach their destination. And of course the complaining habit on the diminishing traffic conditions. All you need is your audio player, or your car stereo if you are driving one, your mobile phone mp3 player or your ipods which are convenient to carry anywhere, and listen to a Positive Revolution audio. Imagine being amid the hustle and bustle of a busy train trip, totally detached from the stress and discomfort around you as you disappear, listening to a Positive Revolution audio? #2.Motivational audio CDs tap into the power of your mental focus. There is a specific law that states what you focus on expands, it gets bigger and energy flows eventually. Whatever we focus on consistently we move towards. If you are focused on goals, you need that pep talk everyday, in the form of positive thoughts or self talk. The situation is that even the internal dialogue of a person is programmed. If it is programmed negative, you will get negative results. The science of neuroplasticity according to neuro-psychologists claim that whatever is programmed in a human mind can be reprogrammed. Motivational audio is one of the effective tools in mental programming. A habituated listening to a motivational audio can change the neuroplasticity of the brain and can eventually create behavioral modification in a person. The magic of motivational speakers is that they help you find reasons within yourself to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals. #3.Motivational audio is also the perfect antidote to procrastination. Motivational audio will provoke you to take action. Listening to motivational audio CDs as part of your daily routine will help to keep your mind positive. Every one knows for a fact that having a positive mental attitude is absolutely critical if we want to lead a happy and fulfilled life. It is even more important in achieving success as noting good can ever spring from a mind that is constantly focused on negative and destructive thoughts. There are more than enough negative influences around us all the time to grow a wonderful garden of weeds in our minds. If you want to keep away from weeds, stay inspired all the time, play a motivational audio.
  4. 4. #4. Transformational education Positive Revolution imparts transformational education. In transformational education a person learns as well as goes through a complete changing phase towards the better. He or she develops new attitudes and aptitudes to become more successful in life. This is the soul of learning. Normal education does only the “brain work”, and that differentiates the transformational education which works on an individual's attitude to life. Positive revolution has created several effective transformational and educational tools for motivation, let be it for optimum performance, emotional management, stress reduction or any social skills. #5 Passive Learning You can learn and listen to an audio whether you are commuting, running on the treadmill, relaxing and even while you are sleeping. What? Listen to motivational audio while I'm sleeping?, you may ask. The answer is Yes! Remember that your subconscious mind never sleeps. It's always "awake" and always absorbing whatever it is "fed" by the environment, our conscious minds and thoughts. The recorded messages get infiltrated in to the subconscious mind even as you sleep. This is passive and subliminal learning that has deeper subconscious impact. #6.Motivational audio programs improve our brain frequency. These audio is scientifically proven that it can be used to influence your brain into specific 'states'. They can be used to Increase Motivation, Energy, Focus, Creativity, Learning, Happiness, Relaxation, Decrease Stress, Stop Panic Attacks and more. So if you are feeling tired… then you have a particular low brain wave frequency at that time. What you do then. You need to listen to something that pumps up that energy for you. The power of Motivational audios is that it can lift those brain wave frequencies and within 5 minutes make you more alert and active, all by just listening to an audio with a set of stereo headphones. As Peter Davies said it once "Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough of it in one sitting. It needs continual and regular refills." The mental feeding becomes constant that mind stay alert and active stimulating all the creative side of you. #7 Learn and Grow When you listen to coaching audio, you have the opportunity to learn and grow everyday, with little or no interruption to your normal lifestyle pattern. Positive Revolution audio series in management and business give you an in-depth knowledge and information to learn and grow. So what are you waiting for? Walk in to your book store and ask for a motivational audio from Positive Revolution or order one from the website, Audio books are also fantastic for those times when you are just hanging around the house looking for something to do or waiting for your next favorite television program to begin. You will be amazed, once you start getting into a positive revolution audio, how often you will make time to listen, and how quickly it could even replace other less inspiring activities for you. If you know anyone who spends a lot of time sitting around doing nothing, buy them a motivational audio book you think they would enjoy. You could initiate a whole new world of inspiration and education they never knew was possible. Whether it is a child you know who is advanced for their age and needs extra stimulation or an elderly person who lives alone or in a retirement village, or geriatric care they will love listening to a good inspirational audio. Why you need to feel low, and be let down, when you can be your higher self. All it takes is the willingness to listen. The willingness to grow and expand as better individuals for a better tomorrow. Positive Revolution, India’s first and the largest selling motivational audio Links: