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Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO - Roadmap to SEM


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Inbound Marketing, Conent Marketing and SEO - a presentation about what do they have in common and how to use them

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Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO - Roadmap to SEM

  1. 1. InboundMarketingContentMarketingSEOROADMAPTO SEM 2013
  2. 2. Inbound MarketingInbound marketing is more about a strategy or process,that aims to attract visitors via numerous channels, usingvarious types of content
  3. 3. StrategyStrategy, in terms of Inbound marketing, is planning aninformational path for the users in various stages of theconversion funnel1. Inbound Marketing
  4. 4. Attracting VisitorsInbound marketing is about providing informative content1. Inbound Marketing
  5. 5. Converting Visitors to LeadsInbound marketing focuses on providing usefulinformation, getting a visitor familiar with the brand andconvincing him to leave contact information1. Inbound Marketing
  6. 6. Converting Leads to SalesInbound marketing aims to build trust and confidencearound a brand and convince a visitor to finalize apurchase1. Inbound Marketing
  7. 7. Conversion OptimizationInbound marketing is also about improving the landingpage elements to achieve higher conversion rates1. Inbound Marketing
  8. 8. Content MarketingContent marketing is a process of creating and improvingthe content to make it attractive and engaging
  9. 9. HEADLINE CREATIONContent marketing is about creating a headline thatcatches users attention2. Content Marketing
  10. 10. Providing ValueContent Marketing is based on writing about a topic thatprovides valuable information to users and backing it upwith data, to gain credibility2. Content Marketing
  11. 11. User ExperienceContent marketing focuses on creating content, which iseasy to read, has actionable items and is published invarious forms, for example - videos or infographics2. Content Marketing
  12. 12. EngagementContent marketing aims to attract the usersto share content2. Content Marketing
  13. 13. SEOSEO is a more technical process aimed to attract morevisitors from search engines
  14. 14. Website OptimizationWebsite optimization, in terms of SEO, is a one timeoptimization aimed to make a particular website moreaccessible for search engines3. SEO
  15. 15. Content OptimizationSEO focuses on content optimization as well. It is used tomake content relevant with keywords. it mostly focuses onmaking it findable in search engines3. SEO
  16. 16. Link BuildingLink building, as a part of SEO, focuses on providing trafficthrough referral links and achieving higher positions insearch engine rankings3. SEO
  17. 17. Inbound Marketing in Relation to SEOInbound Marketing differs from SEO. It not only focuses on search engines, but alsoother traffic sources. Still, they’re using the same methods to gain higher trafficvolume, like blogging or social mediaLink BuildingInbound marketing is used to communicatewith the audience and distribute contentSEOSEO is used to acquire new backlinks andbuild up search engine ranking, also based onsocial ranking factors4. Inbound Marketing in Relation to SEO
  18. 18. Content Marketing in Terms of SEOKeyword OptimizationMaking the content keyword-optimized to make it findable insearch enginesSocial Media OptimizationMaking the content social media optimized to make it shareableand to achieve social ranking factorsLink BuildingIn terms of link building, the content is used to acquire backlinksto your website5. Content Marketing in Terms of SEO
  19. 19. Content Marketing in Relation toInbound MarketingContent MarketingContent marketing is used only to attracttraffic and often is used outside a particularwebsite to attract visitorsInbound MarketingInbound marketing focuses on attractingtraffic to a website, but also convertingvisitors to leads and customers6. Content Marketing in Relation to Inbound Marketing
  20. 20. THESUMMARYInbound Marketing is about the strategyContent Marketing is about userinteractionSEO is about optimization
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