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5 Intriguing facts about SEO


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5 facts about Search Engines, SEO and rankings you didn't know.

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  • Wow that was a a very professional presentation. A lot of skill and effort went in to that. Will anyone ever topple google? Thanks for sharing.
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5 Intriguing facts about SEO

  1. Intriguing factsabout SEO5
  2. Google isn’t aSearch Engine...
  3. And Google isn’ta technology company either...
  4. Google is PRIMARILY anadvertising company
  5. Google closed 2012 with$50.2 BILLIONIN ANNUAL REVENUE
  6. AND 67%of Google’s income comes fromAdvertising and the AdWords platform.
  7. Rankings aren’tthe goal of SEO...
  8. Neither is the gained traffic...
  9. They are the prizes for your marketingefforts.
  10. They are the results of:- building great content- effective distribution via various online channels- communicating with users- building trust and a community around your brand
  11. Organic traffic isn’t free...
  12. Organic traffic also isn’t paid,but...
  13. Either you put yourinto developing your brand
  14. or put your moneyinto hiring a SEO professionalpaying for ads
  15. SEO isn’t about focusing oncontent...
  16. It’s not about focusing onkeywords...
  17. And it’s not about puttingyour content in every place you seeand therefore spamming.
  18. SEO is about putting allthese elements together
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