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Position2 Brand Monitor Tutorial - Getting Started - Adding a Search Topic


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This is a quick tutorial on how to create a search topic in Position2 Brand Monitor, a social media monitoring and engagement platform.

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Position2 Brand Monitor Tutorial - Getting Started - Adding a Search Topic

  1. 1. Getting started with Brand MonitorTM
  2. 2. What do you want to track?Apple, Siri (For example: Enter your company/ product name or a competitor’s name here)
  3. 3. • Please separate each search phrase or keyword with a comma.• Brand MonitorTM automatically creates a boolean query based on what you enter in the next few steps. There’s no need to enter “AND” “OR” and “NOT” operators.• Please do not repeat keywords in any of the search boxes.
  4. 4. Track at least one of these keywords tooApple, Siri (For example:iPad, iPod, iPhone to get posts with Apple iPod OR Apple iPad OR Apple iPhone)
  5. 5. Keywords you don’t want to trackApple, Siri (Keywords thatiPad, iPod, iPhone have no connection withFruit what you’re tracking, but can show up in search results)
  6. 6. Name your search topic (Give a name toApple, Siri your search topic - this williPad, iPod, iPhone be used toFruit identify the search topic in Apple Products your dashboard)
  7. 7. Submit yoursearch topic (You can edit the keywordslater you do not see relevant search results)
  8. 8. Brand MonitorTM will Apple Products take about 3 to 15 minutes to populate all the graphs A dataset specific to your and charts search topic is being built, with relevance for your filters, sentiment analysis, demographicsand geographic locations etc. The first time search topicthis happens takes a little time to execute.
  9. 9. Community Powered Support: bmsupport@position2.comTwitter: 800-725-5507