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Programming a Rotary Encoder

  1. No Sofware, No Apps, No Installations! Learn How to Program your Encoder with the UBIFAST Configuration Tool
  2. Program your Encoder in 8 Easy Steps! Try it! Quick and Easy!
  3. Step 1 Connect the Hardware Power Device
  4. Step 2 Use a WiFi Enabled Device Works with PC‘s, Tablet‘s and Smartphone‘s WiFi
  5. Step 3 Configuration Instructions for Smart Phones Connect to Wifi Hotspot Choose POSITAL Configuration Tool at the network list Open the Webbrowser Go to ubifast.fraba Click Next and Start Configuration
  6. Step 4 Configure Desired Incremental Parameters Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) Any value between 1 and 16384 pulses Incremental Pulse Direction „A before B“ or „B before A“ Incremental Output Driver Push-Pull (HTL) / 8 – 30 V Supply Voltage RS422 (TTL) / 5 V Supply Voltage or RS 422 (TTL) / 8–30 V Supply Voltage Click Next
  7. Step 5 Enter Absolute Parameters Singleturn Resolution 256 steps (8bit) to 65536 steps (16 bit) Number of Turns 1 turn (singleturn) to 65536 turns (16 bit multiturn) Code Binary or Gray Code Output Preset Value 0 to maximum resolution Click Next
  8. Step 6 Review Parameters Verify the Incremental and Absolute parameters Click „Configure“ to start programming the encoder
  9. Step 7 Your Configuration was Successfull
  10. Step 8 Email Parameter to POSITAL for Future References