Downtown Monroe Main Street Presentation


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Downtown Monroe Main Street Presentation

  1. 1. Downtown Monroe Past, Present and Future
  2. 2. Historic Downtown Monroe
  3. 3. Historic Downtown Monroe Humble Beginnings Monroe traces its origins to Fort Miro and its associated Spanish Post. In 1782 Spain Commissioned Don Juan Filhiol to establish a fort along the Ouachita River. Fort Miro was built in 1790, and became the center of commerce and activity for residents. In 1811 Filhiol donated a parcel of land to serve as the courthouse site. The town began to develop around the courthouse square. Major processing center for cotton and cotton products.
  4. 4. Historic Downtown Monroe A City is Formed Monroe was granted a charter as a town in 1820 and incorporated as a city in 1871. History books provide two theories on how Monroe adopted its name. President James Monroe -Steamboat Monroe Two pre-1890 buildings remain in the district, Clerk of Court’s office and the Isaiah Garrett Law Office
  5. 5. Historic Downtown Monroe Period of Industrial and Economic Growth Railroad Construction Population Growth Mayor Andrew Forsythe “Father of Municipal Ownership Ouachita Coca-Cola Bottling Company Monroe Natural Gas Field Municipal Street Railway System St. Francis Medical Center Delta Air Lines
  6. 6. Downtown Trolley
  7. 7. Bustling Business District
  8. 8. A View Down Desiard St.
  9. 9. What Happened to Our Downtown? Increased Automobile ownership led to the relocation of many businesses. Twin City Shopping Center. Sears Roebuck and JC Penny where the first to relocate Eastgate Plaza. One by one businesses began moving from Downtown to other lying shopping centers on Louisville Avenue
  10. 10. Downtown Monroe (Present)Vacant Lots
  11. 11. Downtown Monroe (Present)Vacant Buildings
  12. 12. First Floor Vacancy
  13. 13. Second Floor Vacancy
  14. 14. Underutilized Space
  15. 15. Infill Space
  16. 16. What Will Save Our Downtown?
  17. 17. How can this Program Help? Supports Current Community Efforts Preserve our Historic Treasures Complements our Current Efforts Base for Future Growth and Development
  18. 18. Proposed Main Street District
  19. 19. Two Story Mixed Use BuildingsOffice, Residential, Art Galleries
  20. 20. Old Ouachita Bank Building/Vantage Health Plan
  21. 21. Old Sears and RoebuckBuilding/Willstaff Worldwide
  22. 22. JS Bloch Building (Ferd-Levi Building) National Register
  23. 23. The Boardwalk Building
  24. 24. Preserving Downtown’s Historic Character
  25. 25. Downtown Trolley Line
  26. 26. Support our Local Artist
  27. 27. Events and FestivalsDowntown Art Fest
  28. 28. Cultural Events Committee ‘Tis the first weekend in December and all through the town several events are happening everywhere you look around.  Working to create a calendar of events.  Promotional Process  Support Existing Events  Attract Tourist
  29. 29. Beautification Committee Litter Prevention Regular Maintenance Paint Curbs and Sidewalks Spotter
  30. 30. Downtown News Star Ad
  31. 31. Downtown News Star Ad
  32. 32. Downtown MonroeLooking Towards the Future
  33. 33. Support Our Cultural Assets
  34. 34. Our Time is Now! (Support Organizations) City of Monroe Downtown Economic Development District Monroe Chamber of CommerceMonroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau Monroe Renaissance University of Louisiana at Monroe Northeast Louisiana Arts Council Louisiana Tech School of Architecture Monroe Jaycees CenturyTel Opus Broadcasting The News Star Historic Preservation Commission North Delta Planning and Development
  35. 35. Presentation Created and Performed By Cynthia Crosby 678-600-4316