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Port of Tallinn Handbook: Cargo


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Cargo and passengers are processed in Port of Tallinn harbours 24/7.
Port operators and their co-operation partners are offering the consignor a diverse variety of harbour services – loading and unloading of vessels, shipping agency services, charter brokering, customs agent and forwarding agent services, cargo consolidation, packaging and crating etc.

The harbours of the Port of Tallinn process all kinds of goods and commodities – solid and liquid bulk goods, general cargo as well as the container and rolling stock cargo (Ro-Ro goods). Although the availabilities vary per harbour and operator, everyone should be able to find a solution best suited for them.

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Port of Tallinn Handbook: Cargo

  1. 1. 1 a r g o C Containers ● Ro-Ro ● General Cargo ● Dry Bulk ● Liquid Bulk ● Industrial Parks Port of Tallinn
  2. 2. 2 3 Port of Tallinn 5 Containers 10 Ro-Ro Cargo 13 General Cargo 16 Dry Bulk 18 Liquid Bulk 21 Мuuga Industrial Park 24 Paldiski South Harbour 25 Industrial Park Contact 27 This booklet is subject to alteration. Muuga Harbour, the biggest cargo harbour in Estonia, was established in 1986 and has been Up to date information is always available at one of the most important engines of Estonian trade and transit for a quarter of a century by now. November 2011Port of Tallinn ● Ca Cargo Port of Tallinn ● rgo
  3. 3. 4 5 Old City Harbour is one of the largest and busiest passenger harbours in the Baltic Sea region. It is also the biggest passenger harbour for both Port of Tallinn and Estonia. Port of Tallinn Port of Tallinn is the largest port authority in Estonia, and considering both cargo and passenger traffic, also the largest port on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Port of Tallinn is a state-owned limited liability company operating as a landlord port. MUUGA HARBOUR OLD CITY HARBOUR PALJASSAARE HARBOUR PALDISKI SOUTH HARBOUR Port of Tallinn consists of five constituent harbours. SAAREMAA HARBOUR Old City Harbour – Passengers (regular lines, pleasure yachts and cruises) and Ro-Ro. The Old City Harbour is predominantly a passenger harbour. At present the Old City Harbour processes mainly Ro-Ro cargo carried by passenger liners and Ro-Ro vessels. Muuga Harbour – Containers, solid bulk goods (coal, fertilisers, cereal grains, scrap iron, gravel etc), liquid bulk goods, general cargo (break bulk cargo), Ro-Ro. Paldiski South Harbour - General cargo/break bulk cargo, solid bulk goods, liquid bulk goods, Ro-Ro. The strategic focus has been shifted to the handling of rolling stock goods and to the processing of Estonian import-export goods as well as handling various goods passing through Estonia as transit. A rising trend is the carriage and pre-sales service of the new passenger cars. Paljassaare Harbour - General cargo/break bulk cargo, solid bulk goods, liquid bulk goods. Paljassaare Harbour is a cargo harbour handling break bulk cargo, coal and oil products as well as timber and perishables. Saaremaa Harbour – Passengers (recreational and pleasure crafts, cruises). The Harbour has been designed to predominantly process the passenger vessels.Port of Tallinn ● Ca Port of Tallinn rgo
  4. 4. 6 7 Historical trade routes to Europe and Russia Historically the Baltic Sea region has acted as a major transport corridor on both local and global scale: during the Middle Ages the Hanseatic League, uniting towns around the Baltic Sea, formed the most dominating trading bloc in the world. Estonia has been a transit gateway for the East-West as well as the North-South connections for ages. Unique geographic position With its location on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Estonia is ideally placed for cargo transshipments between the East and West. Main trade corridors and markets served: Delivery Market size time (inhabitants) Regular sea connections 24 h 90 million There are frequent scheduled passenger and 48 h 100 million cargo ferry links from Port of Tallinn to the 72 h 450 million Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Both feeder services and ocean going vessels are hosted. 72 h FINLAND SWEDEN 48 h ESTONIA RUSSIA Ro-Ro lines SWEDEN LATVIA Container lines FINLAND Rauma 24 h LITHUANIA Uusikaupunki Kotka Gäevle UK Hamina BELARUS Kapellskär RUSSIA GERMANY POLAND Paldiski BELGIUM Södertälje UKRAINE Esbjerg Klaipeda Gdynia Immingham UK BELARUS POLAND Sheerness Terneuzen GERMANYPort of Tallinn ● Ca BELGIUM Port of Tallinn rgo
  5. 5. 8 9 Excellent hinterland Ideal natural conditions Focus on safety connections All five harbours of the Port of Tallinn are All port facilities have security plans approved practically ice-free, 100% navigable all year by the national maritime authority and are Port of Tallinn is well integrated into the road round and easily approachable with depths compliant with ISPS requirements. and rail network with links heading east, west of up to 18 meters, enabling them to receive and south through Estonia. all vessels able to pass through the Danish Estonian-Russian border is only about Straits. European service standard 270 km from Paldiski South Harbour and about 220 km from Muuga Harbour by rail. The companies of the Port community are Estonia’s railway system is directly connected Well-developed providing a wide variety of services related to the Russian ones and to those of other CIS infrastructure to cargo handling and marine business 24/7; countries. the services are on par with the highest EU Companies operating in the port are equipped service and quality standards. All major The only regular container block train to with modern infrastructure, superstructure European and global logistics companies are Moscow in Baltic States and Finland connects and technology – there are deep-water berths, represented in Estonia. Muuga Container Terminal with Moscow on secure warehouses (including cold stores), frequent basis. open storage areas, free zone, new equipment and machinery and easily accessible rail and Free zone road links at their disposal. Road network Muuga Harbour has a free zone status. This means no custom procedures within the zone In terms of density and quality, Estonian Highest quality and and simplified procedures for transit. road network can be compared to that of the environmental concern Nordic countries. Lloyds Register Quality Assurance and Land availability Main routes connect Estonia with Russia (St. Petersburg region and Moscow) in the east and with Latvia Bureau Veritas Certification have declared in the south. Via Baltica connects Central and Northern Europe with the Baltics. the management system of Port of Tallinn to In terms of land availability for expansion, be in full compliance with the requirements Port of Tallinn possesses the greatest of the international quality management development potential in the entire region. Main road and railway connections: standard ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental management system standard ISO 14001:2004 enabling to ensure the well- Competitive prices Highways being of all its clients and the surrounding FINLAND society. Port of Tallinn has the best quality-price ratio Railroads in the Baltic Sea region with clear and easy pricing. Cargo throughput 2010: ESTONIA 90 80 LATVIA RUSSIA 70 LITHUANIA 60 mln. tonnes 50 BELARUS 40 POLAND 30 20 10 0 rg k i ge bu ga ts nk in al rg s Ri ss o si ut min bo er el B r Vy et Vy H te .P StPort of Tallinn ● Ca Port of Tallinn rgo
  6. 6. 10 Weekly operated container routes: Operator: Route: Representative: APL Bremenhaven - Muuga - Bremenhaven APL Agencies OÜ Muuga - Rauma - Gävle - Zeeburgge - CMA CGM CMA CGM Estonia Hamburg - Gdynia - Riia - Muuga Muuga - Kotka - Hamina - Helsinki - MSC MSC Eesti AS Antwerpen - Bremerhaven - Muuga Muuga - Riia - Hamburg - Bremerhaven - Team Lines Team Lines Estonia OÜ Muuga Muuga - Esbjerg - Immingham - Rotterdam Tschudi Lines Baltic Sea - Helsinki - Muuga - Klaipeda - Immingham - Tschudi Logistics AS Finbest Rotterdam - Muuga Unifeeder Container Muuga - Bremerhaven - Hamburg - Helsinki - Pirita Marine OÜ Service Kotka - Muuga * The list has been provided as of November 2011. Up to date information is always available at Representatives: APL Agencies OÜ Peterburi tee 2F, 11415 Tallinn Ph: +372 605 1280, fax: +372 605 1281 E-mail: Containers New container CMA CGM Estonia OÜ Tammsaare Business Centre Container terminal: t operation erminal Tammsaare tee 47 - A4, 5th Floor Tschudi Logistics AS al 2013: 11316 Tallinn Sadama 4, 10111 Tallinn ● Capacity 3 Ph: +372 666 0540, fax: +372 666 0549 Ph: +372 640 9751, fax: +372 640 9786 Capacity about 450 000 TEUs 50 000 TE ● Us E-mail: E-mail: ● Terminal a rea 27 ha ● Теrminal area 21.3 ha ● Quay leng th 378 m ● 3 quays with lengths respectively 219 m, 200 m depth -14 ,5 m , Team Lines Estonia OÜ Pirita Marine OÜ (Unifeeder) and 298 m and depth 12.4 - 14,5 m Pirita tee 20, 10127 Tallinn Ahtri 12 - 73, 10151 Tallinn Ph: +372 605 4645, fax: +372 605 4648 Ph: +372 611 6606, fax: + 372 611 6609 ● Sheltered warehouses 8000 m² E-mail: E-mail: ● Reefer container depot for 375 units ● Loading equipment: 3 Ship-to-Shore gantry cranes, 1 mobile crane, 4 Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes, MSC Eesti OÜ Maersk Eesti AS 6 Shuttle Carriers, 7 Reach-Stackers, port trucks and multitrailers Ahtri 6A, 10151 Tallinn Järvevana tee 9, Tallinn 11314 Ph: +372 666 3888, fax: +372 666 3899 Ph: +372 679 9000, fax: + 372 679 9049 ● Railway loading station for 60 railcars equipped with Rail Mounted Gantry crane E-mail: E-mail: www.maerskline.comPort of Tallinn ● Ca Containers rgo
  7. 7. 12 13 64 ha Development of container terminal 27 ha Total new quayline 2030 m Total new territory 137 ha Developments in Muuga Harbour Muuga Harbour has a perfect location for container terminal with good connections to roads, railways and hinterland logistic Alongside with new terminal development, hinterland terminals and logistic centers are developed granting smooth transshipment of Ro-Ro Cargo terminals. containers. The development of a new terminal Frequent shuttle train traffic has been Port of Tallinn provides a wide range of services for every type of wheeled cargo. About 3 million tons infrastructure completed in mid 2010, launched on Tallinn-Moscow route. (or, correspondingly, more than 1,000,000 units) of Ro-Ro traffic has passed through the port in a year increasing the port’s container capacity up to and the volume keeps growing constantly. 800 000 TEUs. Ro-Ro cargo handling is available in 3 constituent harbours of Port of Tallinn: Old City Harbour, Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour. Port of Tallinn has the widest network of Ro-Ro lines in the Baltic States with connection to ports situated Container capacity (TEU) Terminal operator: in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. 2009 350 000 Muuga CT AS There is also a direct Con-Ro line from US to Paldiski South Harbour operated by Spliethoff on the route Veose 16, 74115 Maardu Baltimore - Jacksonville - Paldiski - Hamina. 2011 450 000 Ph: +372 631 9593, fax: +372 631 9696 E-mail: In co-operation with Estonian Railways and local forwarding companies this corridor has an extension 2013 800 000 to Russia, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian Countries. This direct line gives the customers a time and cost advantage in the transportation of cargo from US to the above mentioned regions.Port of Tallinn ● Ca Ro-Ro Cargo rgo
  8. 8. 14 15 Operator: Route: Representative: Tallink Grupp AS Autolink Baltics AS (new cars) Tartu mnt 13, 10145 Tallinn Rae põik 10B, 76806 Paldiski Eckerö Line AB OY Eckerö Line Tallinn (Old City Harbour) - Helsinki - Tallinn (Old City Harbour) Ph: +372 640 9800, fax: 640 9810 Ph: +372 679 1520, fax: +372 605 4171 Eesti Filiaal E-mail: E-mail: Paldiski - Hanko - Uusikaupunki - Emden - Grimsby - Zeebrugge - KESS Malmö - Paldiski Scanrapid Eesti OÜ Mann Lines Paldiski - Turku - Bremerhaven - Harwich - Cuxhaven - Paldiski Mann Lines OÜ Mann Lines Paldiski - Haraholmen - Terneuzen - Vlissingen (Flushing) - Paldiski Mann Lines OÜ Transfennica OÜ Rae põik 10, 76806 Paldiski OLD CITY HARBOUR Spliethoff Baltimore (USA)  – Jacksonville (USA)  – Paldiski – Hamina Transfennica OÜ Ph: +372 631 8870, fax: +372 674 2422 E-mail: Tallink Paldiski - Kappelskär - Paldiski Tallink Grupp AS HTG Invest AS (Ro-Ro) Tallink Tallinn (Old City Harbour) - Helsinki - Tallinn (Old City Harbour) Tallink Grupp AS Uus-Sadama 19-13, 10120 Tallinn Tallinn (Old City Harbour) - Mariehamn - Stockholm - Mariehamn - Ph: +372 631 8463, fax: +372 631 3034 Tallink Tallinn (Old City Harbour) Tallink Grupp AS Viking Line Eesti OÜ E-mail: Hobujaama 4, 10151, Tallinn Transfennica Paldiski - Hanko - Lübeck Transfennica OÜ Ph: +372 666 3966, fax: +372 666 3939 Transfennica Paldiski - Hanko - Antwerpen Transfennica OÜ E-mail: ESTEVE Stevedoring OÜ (Ro-Ro) Transfennica Paldiski - Hanko – Antwerpen – Zeebrügge - Bilbao Transfennica OÜ Rae põik 10, 76806 Paldiski Transfennica Paldiski - Hanko – Tilbury Transfennica OÜ Ph: +372 654 1500, fax: +372 654 1502 E-mail: Transfennica Paldiski - Hanko – Lübeck – St. Petersburg Transfennica OÜ Transfennica Paldiski – Gdynia - Lübeck Transfennica OÜ Terminal operators: Viking Line Tallinn (Old City Harbour) - Helsinki - Tallinn (Old City Harbour) Viking Line Eesti OÜ PALDISKI SOUTH HARBOUR MUUGA HARBOUR * The list has been provided as of November 2011. Up to date information is always available at Assistor AS (new cars) Muuga CT AS (containers, Ro-Ro) Rae põik 11, 76806 Paldiski Veose 16, 74115 Maardu Transshipment of new cars Representatives: Ph: +372 651 0888, fax: +372 651 0889 Ph: +372 631 9593, fax: +372 631 9696 E-mail: E-mail: There are three terminals with a total of Eckerö Line AB OY Eesti Filiaal 25 ha terminal territory in Paldiski South Sadama 6/8, 10111 Tallinn Harbour to serve the growing volume of new Ph: +372 661 4714, fax: +372 661 4715 ESTEVE Terminal AS (Ro-Ro, new cars) Refetra AS (general cargo, Ro-Ro) cars transshipped through the port to the E-mail: Rae põik 10, 76806 Paldiski Koorma 17, 74102 Maardu Estonian and the Baltic States markets and Ph: +372 654 1500, fax: +372 654 1502 Ph: +372 631 9408, fax: +372 631 9113 also to Russia. E-mail: E-mail: The capacity for transshipment of new cars MannLines OÜ through Port of Tallinn is up to 300 000 Rae põik 10, 76806, Paldiski units. Ph: +372 679 1450, fax +372 679 1455 E-mail: Storage, transportation by trucks and rail and also PDI and PPO services are rendered. Port infrastructure is ready to serve regular Scanrapid Eesti OÜ Ro–Ro lines with new cars on board as well Mõisa str. 4, P.O. Box 9, Tallinn as PCC vessels. Ph: +372 633 8824, fax: +372 633 8967 E-mail: www.scanrapid.eePort of Tallinn ● Ca Ro-Ro Cargo rgo
  9. 9. 16 Warehouses: Refetra AS (general cargo, stevedoring and warehousing) Koorma 17, 74102 Maardu Storage area (m2) Ph: +372 631 9408, fax: +372 631 9113 E-mail: /Capacity (tons) Covered 120 000 m² Opened 345 000 m² Sankotrans AS (general cargo, Reefer warehouse 6 900 m² warehousing) /up to Hoidla tee 4, 74115 Maardu 13 000 tons Ph: +372 631 9735, fax: +372 631 9489 E-mail: Terminal operators: Tridens AS (warehousing) Lõõtsa 2, 11415 Tallinn Ph: +372 603 1800, fax: +372 603 1801 E-mail: MUUGA HARBOUR ArcelorMittal Tallinn OÜ (product. of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet in coils, warehousing and logistic of metal products) PALDISKI SOUTH HARBOUR Koorma 5, 74115 Maardu Ph: +372 605 6600, fax: +372 605 6601 E-mail: ESTEVE Terminal AS (general cargo, stevedoring & warehousing) Rae põik 10, 76806 Paldiski Ph: +372 654 1500, fax: +372 654 1502 Komerk AS (general cargo, warehousing) E-mail: General Cargo Virna 6, 74115 Maardu Ph: +372 631 9542, fax: +372 631 9033 E-mail: PALJASSAARE HARBOUR All our constituent harbours have an availability for the handling of general cargo, i.e. any break bulk cargo such as bags, cartons, cases, rates, and drums – either individually or in unitised or MTT AS (general cargo, warehousing) palletised loads. Vilja 5, Muuga port, 74115 Maardu KS Holding AS (general cargo) Ph: +372 631 9446, fax: +372 631 9447 Valge 13, 11415 Tallinn Stevedoring companies operating in the harbours of Port of Tallinn are equipped with modern E-mail: Ph: +372 6100 999, fax: +372 6100 990 infrastructure, having sheltered warehouses, open storage areas, reefer warehouses, modern E-mail: equipment and machinery, and easily accessible rail and road links at their disposal.   In addition to traditional stevedoring services, a variety of warehousing, consolidation and distribution(value-added) services (including packing, unpacking and repacking, combining of cargo for consolidated shipments, weighing services, etc.) are provided. Free zone in Muuga Harbour grants more flexible customs procedures for the companies rendering transit and distribution services. Simplified customs procedures, easy transfer of ownership rights and value-added operations allowed in the zone are designed to promote the development of distribution centres. No import VAT is applied to goods imported to be processed and exported from Estonia.Port of Tallinn ● Ca General Cargo rgo
  10. 10. 18 Dry Bulk: Grain With the silo capacity of 300 000 tons, Terminal capacity (tons) the grain terminal in Muuga Harbour is the Coal 7 500 000 largest grain terminal in the Baltic Sea Fertilizers 2 300 000 region and one of the largest in the world. The terminal is designed and established for Grain 5 000 000 transit grain cargo handling with the inbound turnover capacity of 5 million tons and outbound of 2-3 million tons a year. Two deep-water berths of the terminal permit Fertilizers to receive vessels of up to 120 000 dwt. The 48 silos provide for vessel handling irrespective Fertilizers are mainly transported by rail from of the railcar supply and for intermediate the main fertilizer producers in Russia for storage of different types of grain cargo. Also, onward shipment by sea to Central, South grain cleaning and laboratory analyses are and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and carried out in the terminal. Australia. Stevedoring, storage, transport and forwarding services, also value added Scrap metal services like blending and bagging are provided using modern and environmentally Scrap metal processing is mainly performed friendly technology. in Paldiski South Harbour and Muuga Harbour. Estonia’s export and also transit Covered storage capacity for bulk cargo volumes are transported to the port by rail (mineral fertilizers) enables to store up to and land vehicles. Dry Bulk 165 000 tons in total (17.185 m²). A large part of scrap metal is reloaded as inner port transit, where metal transported to the harbour on board of small vessels is Coal reloaded to big vessels. The share of dry bulk cargo is around one fourth of the total cargo volume passing through Port A dedicated coal terminal (Muuga Coal of Tallinn annually, comprising mostly of transit cargoes, e.g. fertilizers from Russia, coal and Value added services (sorting, pressing, Terminal) with the capacity of 5 to 5.5 million mixing, etc) are available for the reprocessing grain from Russia and Kazakhstan. tons a year renders a wide spectre of high of scrap metal. quality services on composition of optimal Also, noteworthy amounts of scrap metal are handled, both as export and as transit flows. There logistical chain from consigner to the end are several dry bulk terminals in Port of Tallinn, each offering its own advantages and special consumer, including also stevedoring services capabilities. Transit bulk cargoes are mainly processed in Muuga Harbour, whereas Estonian of the terminal. Other export of dry bulk is mainly handled in Paldiski South Harbour. Up to 350 000 m³ of coal can be stored In addition to the aforementioned four major simultaneously. Coal is also transhipped by dry bulk cargo groups, gravel, peat and other Stivis operating in Muuga Harbour. dry bulk cargoes are transported through Port of Tallinn.Port of Tallinn ● Ca Dry Bulk rgo
  11. 11. 20 21 Terminal operators: Baltic Scrap Terminal OÜ (scrap) Maardu tee 57, 74115 Maardu Ph: +372 634 5353, fax: +372 634 5858 E-mail: MUUGA HARBOUR Coal Terminal AS (coal) Hoidla tee 15, 74115 Maardu Ph: +372 602 6200, fax: +372 602 6210 PALDISKI SOUTH HARBOUR E-mail: ESTEVE Terminal AS (scrap, peat, gravel and others) DBT AS (fertilizers) Rae põik 10, 76806 Paldiski Koorma 13, 74115 Maardu Ph: +372 654 1500, fax: +372 654 1502 Ph: +372 631 9389, fax: +372 631 9189 E-mail: E-mail: Kuusakoski AS (scrap) MGT Muuga Grain Terminal AS Betooni 12, 11415 Tallinn (grain) Ph. +372 625 8600, fаx +372 601 2745 Maardu tee 57, 74115 Maardu E-mail: Ph: +372 631 9232, fax: +372 631 9179 E-mail: Estscrap OÜ (scrap)   Rae põik 10b, 76806 Paldiski Stivis AS (coal, peat, gravel and others) Ph. +372 67 22 758, fax +372 67 22 759 Koorma 1, 74115 Maardu E-mail: Ph: +372 600 3872, fax: +372 600 3873 E-mail: Liquid Bulk The capacity of oil products handled at Port of Tallinn makes up a notable amount of the total product capacity of the port. The proximity to Russia and the infrastructure of harbours enable the terminals to offer good transit conditions for liquid oils from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. The terminals have a good railway connection with Estonian Railways as well as Russian Railways. The Port of Tallinn is processing oil and oil products at Muuga Harbour and Paldiski South Harbour. The transit of oil products is concentrated mainly to Muuga Harbour, where three large liquid bulk storage and transhipment terminals are located: Vopak E.O.S., Vesta Terminal Tallinn and Oiltanking. In addition to the aforementioned, Neste Eesti and Nynas terminals are operating at Muuga Harbour. Alexela Terminal is processing oil products in Paldiski South Harbour. The handling of oil products is performed at Muuga Harbour on nine berths, the longest and the deepest berth being 340 m long and 18 m deep. This berth enables to receive and load vessels with the deadweight exceeding 300 000 tons. The tank park of liquid products at Muuga Harbour exceeds 1.55 million m³. The loading speed of oil products is up to 8000 tons of cargo per hour. The handling of oil products is performed at Paldiski South Harbour on two berths: berth no 1 – length 193 m, depth 12.0 m and berth no 7 – length 249 m, depth 13.5 m. The tank park of liquid products at Paldiski South Harbour amounts to 345 900 m³ and the tank park of LPG is 12 000 m3.Port of Tallinn ● Ca Liquid Bulk rgo
  12. 12. 22 23 Liquid bulk terminal capacities: Terminal operators: AS Oiltanking Tallinn AS Nynas Light oil products and petroleum chemicals Bitumen, transformer oils Tank park (m3) Storage capacity 78,550 cubic metres Storage capacity 14,600 cubic metres MUUGA HARBOUR Muuga Harbour 1 551 150 Oiltanking Tallinn is owned by Oiltanking Nynas is owned by Swedish Nynas AB. Nynas Paldiski South Harbour 357 900 GmbH – one of the world’s largest independent has four own refineries: two in Sweden and Total: 1 909 050 AS Vopak E.O.S. terminal operators. two in the UK. Crude oil, light oil products and fuel oil Storage capacity 1,026,000 cubic metres Oiltanking Tallinn terminal is located at Nynas terminal is located at Muuga Harbour. Muuga Harbour. Vopak E.O.S. is a joint venture established by Address: Õli 5, 74115 Maardu, Estonia Royal Vopak (Netherlands) and Global Ports. Address: Õli tn 7, 74115 Tallinn, Estonia Telephone: + 372 6 319 422; Of processed goods, the heavy fuel oil makes Global Ports is a leading container and oil Telephone: +372 6 319 403; Fax +372 6 319 423 up the largest share – up to 80% of the total products terminal operator in Russia and the Fax +372 6 319 406 E-mail volume processed, and 10% of the total Baltics, respectively, by gross throughput. E-mail volume amounts to the light petroleum Royal Vopak is the world’s largest independent products and 10% to other liquid bulk. terminal operator, owning 80 terminals in 31 countries. The Port of Tallinn has set a goal to penetrate the LNG and/or LPG logistics market in AS Neste Eesti PALDISKI SOUTH HARBOUR Vopak E.O.S. terminals are located at Muuga Light oil products 2010‑2015 by creating suitable environment Harbour and in the proximity of the harbour, Storage capacity 26,000 cubic metres for the construction of gas terminals into the at Maardu and Iru. Eastern part of Muuga Harbour. AS Alexela Terminal Neste Eesti is owned by NesteOil. NesteOil of Light oil products, petroleum chemicals, LPG Address: Regati pst. 1, 11911 Tallinn, Estonia today is a production and retail sale company. Telephone: +372 6266 100; Storage capacity 345,900 cubic metres NesteOil runs businesses in 10 countries. petroleum and petroleum chemicals + Fax: +372 6313 096 NesteOil is operating two refineries in Finland, Value Proposition E-mail: at Porvoo and Naantali. 12,000 cubic metres LPG ● Express rail transportation, advanced Alexela Terminal is located at Paldiski South Neste Eesti terminal is located at Muuga Harbour. technologies for discharging rail tank cars Harbour. and quick loading of vessels in the ice free OÜ Vesta Terminal Tallinn ports result in the shortest transshipment Crude oil, light oil products and fuel oil Address: Rae põik 6, 76806 Paldiski, Estonia Terminal address at Muuga Harbour: Telephone: +372 679 0999; times and most efficient routes in the Storage capacity 405,000 cubic metres Lasti tee 18, Muuga küla, Viimsi vald, 74001 region. Fax: +372 679 0998 Harjumaa, Estonia E-mail Vesta Terminal Tallinn is owned by Mercuria Telephone: + 372 6 319 330; ● Depth at the quays allows to load and Energy Asset Management BV, which in turn Fax +372 6 319 329 discharge vessels up to VLCC loaded until is part of the Mercuria Energy Group. Mercuria Head Office in Estonia: 18 m draft (or up to 15 m draft limitation Energy Group is one of the world’s largest Sõpruse pst 155, 13417 Tallinn, Estonia at the Danish Straits which is equal to trading companies. Telephone: +372 6 285 500 VLCC intake up to 170 000 tons). Fax +372 6 285 507 Vesta Terminal Tallinn terminals are located E-mail: ● Unique value added services and at Muuga Harbour. high flexibility of the terminals enable customers to trade globally in wide variety Address: Õli 3, 74115 Maardu, Estonia of oil products. Telephone: +372 6 319 861; Fax: +372 6 319 949 ● Modern technologies used and various E-mail: control systems enable to maintain the highest operational performance standards. ● Application of specific techniques in order to guarantee safety of all processes and to preserve the required quality of products.Port of Tallinn ● Ca Liquid Bulk rgo
  13. 13. 24 New terminal area and quayline Access road (under construction) INDUSTRIAL PARK AREA INDUSTRIAL PARK AREA 21 ha 55 ha DEVELOPMENT AREA 10 ha Muuga Industrial Park Paldiski South Harbour Muuga Industrial Park is located at Muuga Harbour, the largest and deepest cargo harbour in Industrial Park Estonia. The total area of the industrial park is 75 ha. The port has prepared approximately 50 ha of plots with the size of 0.3-21 ha for its potential clients. Plot borders and size can be changed according Paldiski South Harbour Industrial Park is located 45 km west of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. to the need of operators. Plot formation expenses shall be borne by Port of Tallinn. The total area of the industrial park is 21 ha. With direct connection to many Western European ports, Paldiski South Harbour has become an important stop for the Baltic Sea Ro-Ro shipping lines. This Muuga Industrial Park offers the following: generates excellent possibilities for the future clients of the industrial park to transport the production/ raw material promptly and safely. ● Good location, immediate closeness of the harbour ● Good access to berths and terminals Due to its growth potential, a significant part of the investments of the Port of Tallinn is directed towards ● Good access to main roads (Peterburi road, Tallinn circuit) the development of the Paldiski South Harbour and adjacent land units. ● Great connection to other countries by sea, rail, as well as mainland ● Long-term land use contracts and reliable partner – state enterprise Port of Tallinn Paldiski South Harbour Industrial Park offers the following: ● Location within the free zone ● All necessary communications up to plot borders: ● Good location, immediate closeness of the harbour water supply and sewerage, gas supply, power supply and telecommunications. ● Good access to berths and terminals ● Good access to main roads (Peterburi road, Tallinn circuit) To lease the industrial park areas to its clients the Port Authority concludes a long term (up to 99 ● Great connection to other countries by sea, rail, as well as mainland years) building title agreements. Building title gives the lessee a possession of the land but is also a ● Long-term land use contracts and reliable partner – state enterprise Port of Tallinn transferable right for a specified term to own a construction permanently attached to the immovable. ● Potential to be included in the free zone in the future Muuga Industrial Park is an ideal location for warehousing and distribution services providers and The positioning at the port area next to the car and other Ro-Ro terminals enables the businesses to commodities producers whose target market is the Eastern Baltic region, including the Russian Federation. significantly reduce transport costs. The Industrial Park is also suitable for businesses producing EU commodities from Russian raw materials. The positioning at the port area next to the container, general cargo and other modern terminals enables Paldiski South Harbour Industrial Park is an ideal location for warehousing and distribution services businesses to reduce the transport costs significantly. providers and commodities producers whose target market is the Eastern Baltic region, including Russian Federation. The Industrial Park is also suitable for businesses producing EU commodities from Russian Additional value can be created by using the commodities handled at the harbor as an input to the raw materials. production (metals, galvanizing plant, fertilizers, chemicals, etc).Port of Tallinn ● Ca Industrial Parks rgo
  14. 14. 26 27 Port of Tallinn Sadama 25, 15051 Tallinn, Estonia Ph: +372 631 8555 Fax: +372 631 8166 E-mail: www.portoftallinn.comPort of Tallinn ● Ca Cargo Port of Tallinn ● rgo
  15. 15. 28 ftall .porto wwwPort of Tallinn ● Ca rgo