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From SMBs to franchisees, from national businesses to international brands, Bing Places for Business is a free tool for businesses to create an online profile within minutes and be found by millions of searchers online.

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Bing places for business slideshare

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  2. 2. And Businesses Want to be In Front of Them SMBs online ad spend will grow 31% in 2013 Local search spend in 2013 expected at $6.7B Need solutions that bridge local purchase online research and offline commerce transaction Online will have 25% share of local ad spend in 2013
  3. 3. • Manage online presence & identity, be found by millions of Bing users • •
  4. 4. Simple Sign Up in 3 Steps – For Merchant Owners Step 1 • Find your business on Bing, OR • Create a new business listing • Support bulk upload Step 2 • Verify ownership via mail or phone • Agency verification process supported Step 3 • Listings show up on Bing search results on PC, tablet and mobile devices
  5. 5. Bulk Upload For Agencies - Definition of an Agency: companies that provide online digital marketing services such as SEM, SEO, PPC, email, social, reputation management; these companies often manage online marketing for national locals, regional locals, and franchises that have multiple business locations. o Send verification email to, once approved o Download Excel template on, HELP section/Add multiple businesses o Easy import from Google Places Retail B2C Services Health & Services Restaurant & Entertainment Auto Hotels Financial Services
  6. 6. Local Solution for Businesses
  7. 7. • Prominent promotion in Mainline or Sidebar advertising space • Click to go directly to company’s website • Click to Directions and Map • Click to Call the business
  8. 8. Microsoft Confidential Retailer Scenario – Looking for a Furniture Shop Jane is new to California and is looking for a place for contemporary furniture. Friends recommended Living Spaces. A quick search shows that Living Spaces has multiple locations in CA. Jane is in Irvine one weekend, she searches on mobile brings up the address to the Irvine store. A click to Directions brings up Bing Map. She also calls the phone # to check on store hours. Bing Places Listing Organic Results Location Extension Enabled Ads Shows Directions to Business and Phone Number
  9. 9. • - HELP o Bulk upload excel template o FAQ o Agency write email to start verification • 1-pager brief (ask your Microsoft AM) • Introduction video • Step by steps videos o Adding single business location o Adding multiple businesses o Verification • This deck is available on Slideshare
  10. 10. Get Your SEO in Order Must Do’s Benefits Create a Local Profile Enrich and Update Profile Encourage Customer Reviews
  11. 11. Consumers Seek Local Information 48% of mobile and 36% of PC searchers visit a local business 40% of offline transactions start with online search 30% of all search queries have local intent
  12. 12. Step 1 Step 2 • First, Bing will see if it already has information about your business • If Bing already has your company info, then please go ahead proceed to the verification process to confirm/claim the listing. For more information and a FAQ on Bing Places, reference the Bing Places User Guide
  13. 13. Step 3 Step 4 UX Walkthrough – Scenario 1 Customer direct input via Web UI - continued If your business is not listed in Bing Places, then the process is very straightforward, you can • Add up to 10 categories to increase the visibility of your business • Add hours of operation that helps inform your customers • Include your company’s website URL • Payments options for what you accept • Parking options • This is also where you would upload any photos or videos For more information and a FAQ on Bing Places, reference the Bing Places User Guide
  14. 14. Step 5 - OR - Step 6 • The final step is to confirm your business ownership and address by sending you a postcard with a Pin number or request a phone call to verify. • Once you receive the Pin, you can log back in to Bing Place to turn on your listing. UX Walkthrough – Scenario 1 Customer direct input via Web UI - continued
  15. 15. • Bing also supports bulk upload for businesses that have multiple locations • You can upload up to 10,000 listings from the same parent business (chains, franchises, etc.) using a spreadsheet. • Download the Excel template by clicking on Bing Places Sample link; follow the File Format Rules prior to uploading. • You can easily port listings from Google Places For more information and a FAQ on Bing Places, reference the Bing Places User Guide
  16. 16. • Bulk upload functionalities and steps are the same for agencies as they are for customers, i.e. using an Excel template, porting from Google Places • A verification process is required prior to upload to ensure that the agency is appointed to manage listings on behalf of their client • Refer to the Agency Verification doc for more details, and contact to start the verification process For more information and a FAQ on Bing Places, reference the Bing Places User Guide