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Perception : Its Role During Conflict Resolution


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The PPT provides with information about perception and how can it affect the conflict resolution.For more information , you can visit :

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Perception : Its Role During Conflict Resolution

  1. 1. Perception : Its Role During Conflict Resolution Presented By :
  2. 2. Definition Of Perception According to Robertson Davies “ The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend” Thus perception is always what we think or what we see about others. It can play a great role in instigating a conflict as well as resolving them.
  3. 3. Gender Differences Male and female can perceive different situations differently. The problem solving conflict resolutioncan be different for different gender.
  4. 4. Culture And Ethnicity Different people comes from different culture. But if there is an effort from all the different cultured group towards a single aim, then it can definitely gain a success.
  5. 5. Knowledge Is Power ! When any person is in a dilemma, knowledge and experience can solve the problem. The General Knowledge can help you win a debate or resolve your past mistakes.
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